Swaragini 25th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 25th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone seeing the video footage and sees Ragini broken bangles. They see white car in the footage. Swara opines that Ragini is kidnapped and wonders who has kidnapped her. Dadi gets worried. Ragini gets weak and asks for water. Someone with mask on his face puts water through the ceiling opening. Ragini asks who are you and what did I do with you? She asks him to tell? Ragini sees the masked person wearing woman’s clothes and thinks she is Swara. She calls her asking to free her and says she is very scared. She is shown held captive in isolated area like a jungle. Ragini cries being scared.

Dadi and Sumi see the news about Ragini on TV. Sumi calls Annapurna and talk to her. Swara tells Durga Prasad that Police couldn’t figure out about that white car. Annapurna

blames Swara for Ragini’s condition. Sanskar takes Swara’s side and says she didn’t say anything wrong. He says I have full faith that this is all done by Ragini. Annapurna asks what are you saying? Sujata says my son is saying right and says Ragini changes color every min. Annapurna asks what you are saying and says you are changing colors now. Sujata says this is today’s talk. Durga Prasad asks them to stop it and says he doesn’t want them to fight infront of them. He tells Sanskar that they shall find Ragini anyhow.

Swara says we shall find Ragini and once we get her, we will get all answers. She tries calling and prays for the network to come. She prays to God to help her. She finds network in her phone, but then it goes. She cries. She tells that it is more than 24 hours and she is hungry. She asks Swara to take her out and thinks Swara is the kidnapper. The kidnapper comes and gives roti to Ragini. Ragini eats it and asks her to stop. She asks her to take her out and says I will do as you says Swara…………..Swara prays to God to help her find Ragini. Ragini asks her not to punish her for her sins. Swara is seen praying to God and asks Ragini to return home. Ragini cuts the rope tied to her hand. Swara asks her to sign them so that they could reach her. Ragini opens the rope and frees her hand and legs. She opens the tunnel through a bamboo stick, and comes out. She runs from there.

She calls for help. The phone rings at Maheshwari house. Annapurna attends the call and says Ragini didn’t come till now. She says we can’t talk now. She tells they got more than 100’s call since morning. Ragini is still in jungle and tries to reach network. She calls on Shekhar’s number. Shekhar picks the call and asks if you are fine? Ragini tells she is in the jungle with trees and sand. She faints. Swara asks what did she say? Shekhar says Ragini said that she is in some hole and says he heard some aeroplane voice. Swara says may be it is near the court. Sanskar says I will tell Police and they can trace Ragini. Swara says we have to reach there soon else goons might reach there. Laksh says okay. Sumi prays for Ragini’s safety.

She calls for help. The phone rings at Maheshwari house. Annapurna attends the call and says Ragini didn’t come till now. She says we can’t talk now. She tells they got more than 100’s call since morning. Ragini is still in jungle and tries to reach network. She calls on Shekhar’s number. Shekhar picks the call and asks if you are fine? Ragini tells she is in the jungle with trees and sand. She faints. Swara asks what did she say? Shekhar says Ragini said that she is in some hole and says he heard some aeroplane voice. Swara says may be it is near the court. Sanskar says I will tell Police and they can trace Ragini. Swara says we have to reach there soon else goons might reach there. Laksh says okay. Sumi prays for Ragini’s safety.

They go there and search for Ragini. Swara calls for Ragini. Someone tells Police that a girl is unconsciously lying there. They go there and find Ragini unconscious. Swara cries seeing her. Laksh and others try to wake her up. Sanskar asks Swara not to panic. Swara looks on.

Precap:Ragini hugs Dadi and tells Swara had kidnapped her. Annapurna finds red shawl in Swara’s room and doubts on her. Swara is seen taking out mask from her face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. anu

    in today sbas segment they showed swasan and laksh searching for her and they finds white car and wig and some spray in car according to police with the evidence he tells that the kidnaper might be man…. whats this who is the kidnaper? is it sanskar or laksh?

    and in telly masala video intrvw namish says that “mujhe kaas shak toh nahi hai, par sanskaar kuch aise harkate kar rahe hai ki uske upar shak kiya jaa sakta hai, ki kahi jaana hai toh sabse pahle bolna, explain karna saari cheeseand night 11pm went out from home and come and telling car ka spark lagne par gaya telling all lies.. laksh doubting sanskaar.. you have to see khon bhi ho sakta hai..”
    guys it means is sanskaar is the kidnaper.. but in spoilers teling its uttara.. and it may be laksh who kidnaped her and tries to puting blame and evidence against on sanskaar and acts normal infront of swara… in one spoiler they told swara doubts sanskaar… what all this??
    who is the kidnaper ? is it ragya plan? please if anyone knows tel me..

      • AS

        In today sbas segment they showed swasan and laksh are searching for proof and they find the white car and wig and some spray in car so according to police the evidence suggest that it is a man. whats this? who is it sanskar or laksh.
        Namish told that he have little doubt on sanskar bcoz of his behaviour as he is explaining everthing before going out and at 11pm he went out. After coming back he told that he went out bcoz of car’s spark. that is the reason laksh is doubting sanskar. though it could be anyone.

  2. jo

    is show may only in oneday they finds kidnaped person… wow!!! mndy episode they showed ragini missing and tdy she came back home…

  3. joya

    ragini ne jab kidnapper ka hath pakda tha to us hat pe hairs the aur ek dhaga bhi….
    koi ladke ne kidnappe kiya h kya ragini ka????

  4. Divya

    It’s laks who kidnapped rags! From today’s episode! V got to know many clues! The kidnapper is a male+he has a mauli tied in his hand liks laks n sans have! So it either laks r sas! But from the skin tone its like laks! His behavior is little abnormal! And every possibilites are ther to accuse laksh for kidnapping! Am damn sure its laksh!

    • ss

      as you said it may be laksh.. but in tely masala iv he said its he having doubt on sanskaar as he is lieing all times.. is he tries to put blame on sanskar or is sanskaar is kidnaped her for hurting swara?///
      who the kidnaper they showing like its men.. who is that person? totally confusing yaar.. in yesterday epi they showed ragini want to go home but she try to call and in her hand there is no phone.. today she got phone how it came.. when she went frm hme she dont have pn in her hand.. nw how she got… mostly its laksh and tries to put blame on sanskaar and want to seperate swasan..
      and mouli on kidnaper wrist and somebody framing swara… if its sanskar then he want to take revenge on her for hurting his love and if it laksh he its ragya or laksh plan and tries to seperate swasan.

    • fanofgoodserials

      Ya i am also saying laksh 4 sure.. his reactions, abnormal behaviour, ragini’s nails scrached a man’s hand & it bleeded, it left mark evn. he nly ran 1st 2 ragini. Laksh do tis 2 separate sanskar nd swara. He is making ragini 2 blame swara so tat swara finds true kidnapper nd framing sanskar as d kidnapper by keeping red shawl n their bedroom. . It is laksh

  5. Divya

    It’s laksh who kidnapped rags! From today’s episode its clear the kidnapper is a male+ he has that mauli tied in his hand! Yeah it may be sans r laks! But at least scene where laks holds rags the same mauli v could see tied in his hand! And the skin tone also resembles laks! So I have a big doubt on laks! But I guess the blame will go against sans! And all the proofs ll be against sans! This is plan of laks to create misunderstanding BTW swara n sans! Wawwwwe wat a plan laks @chepooo

  6. Saba

    Full of waste of time is today’s episode! But I think iske peeche laksh ya sanskar ka hath hai!! Is anyone notice this, jo hath ragini ko khana daine barha Tha, us main moli ka dhaga tha, but Swara jab mask hatati hai to us ne yesterday wala dress pahna hota hai aur aj uska dress change hai! Akhir kya drama hai? Bomb blast wala scene Kahan hai? And I hope k swara Ki koi twin sister ya duplicate na nikal lain yeh psycho writer!!

  7. anu

    international business times..
    swaragini: not swara, but uttara kidnapped ragini?
    colors popular show swaragini has been keeping its viewers glued to their tv sets with intresting twists and turns.
    in the latest development on the show, ragini’s wrong intentions have been exposed infront of swara. swara, who trusted ragini, was shocked to find out that the latter plotted to spoil her image infront of ap and sujata.
    enraged with ragini’s wrong deeds swara slapped her and broke all relations with her. she then ask her to leave the house, after which the latter went missing.
    in the upcoming episodes, ap will be seen getting worried for ragini and while both sanlak will be seen looking for her.
    swara would try to pacify ap, but it seems the damage has already been done as ap and sujata will hold swara is responsible for her kidnapping..
    according to a reporter in bollywood life, in the upcoming episodes, the mm family will be stunned to find ragini returning home. while narrating the incident, she would mention a girl in red shawl, who supposedly kidnapped her. later she would find the red shawl in swara’s cupboard.
    meanwhile, the buzz is that not swara, but uttara kidnapped ragini.
    it now remains to be seen if uttara kidnaped ragini to punish her for ruining swara’s image or is there another reason for the abduction. also, will swara be able to prove her innocence?? only time will tell…

  8. Vinu

    My doubt is only on laksh…. feeling bad for ruining his character… its no need to watch the show for next two days or till the next spoiler… Ragini’s melodrama will start anyhow from tomorrow…. which is totally intolerable.

    • alenamoses

      yes!Absolutely …… Laksh is the one who behind all these scene… the reason only Swara with her decision will not back to him again….To gain gd name and separate swara from Shanskar this is best chance …i will not watch this drama for 2days…

  9. Sandya

    This serial day by day becoming scrap now everyone will blame swara and she will prove she is innocent, I think kidnapping is done by ragini herself and blaming swara, hope the trp falls they end this bakwas soon, always swara has prove but ragini doing so many negative things gets respect

  10. arch

    there is mouli on kidnapers hand who is it?? is laksh or sanskaar both have mouli in hand?? if person is men why in that segnt said who is the person is utara behind this?? whose hand is that?

  11. arch

    dont want sanskaar to be turned negative and please dont turn him negative.. frm yestday episode some what i guess sujatha kidnaping her dont know… just guessing may be its sujju and laksh plan… please cvs dont try to sanskaar in negative again..

  12. Veena

    Agree with u Joya and Divya,had noticed the hair on the kidnapper’s hands,but all were present in the house,so if scenes were simultaneously shot then how come they reach the forest,may be Adarsh’s gf must have arranged kidnapper to take revenge on Swara…total confusion…

  13. Jahanazan

    The writers have killed a nice story. Now this serial is a bullshit always some are kidnapped I really don’t have words to describe this bakwas disgusting serial which has no logic or love these writers have degraded love which is very pure and Godly

    • Ridz

      Exactly.I do not watch this story. Now it’s getting boring to read the update also. Utter bullshit. First of all tat dud head annapoirna who thinks she is Einstein. Lakshya nd ragini both have PhD in selfishness. Swaa nd sanskaar without reason. Targets. Can they show something more. Or vil they keep spinning the story around these 4.

  14. Divya

    I don’t think it’s sanskar! But am damn sure it’d laks! Even first scene when kidnapper was giving water and suddenly getting disappeared and in next shot v could see all are present in MM except uttara she came late! (Therei had doubt on her)then next when rags caught hold of the kidnappers hand I had doubt on laks seing the mauli +hair+skin tone!atlast even on sans I had doubt how come he gets to know there I well! It’s just to confuse us! So that v couldnt figure out exactly kidnapper! But am damn sure! From that red clot in swara room! Sans is not so dumb to keep the ref cloth in swara cupboard! If he want to escape! But its clear that its jus to create confusion an to blame either swara r sans! Planning is against sans n swara! Am damn sure its laksh

    • Saba

      You right dear! Sanskar is not a dumb but writer and director is dumb! If they wanna turn him negative! They do without the reason

  15. kirti

    Hey jahanazan even i feel da same dats da reason dat m not watching dis show
    Moreover guyz i cant switch on my tv at 9:30 as da tv connection is cut so m fully dependent on my wifi
    If swra doubts sans i wud lyk 2 kill her n wats da reasn dat swasan wud kidnap rags n wat wud dey gain by doing dis ???

  16. Ridz

    I think it’s lakshya. Nd he is not trying to trap sanskaar but I think he s trying to trap swara. Because if that happens. Swara nd ragini vil hate each other . nd then swara vil get back to him … Right. His thinking. He was even smiling wen swara nd ragini fought remember. Makes sense now. O worst still yes by trapping sanskaar he can separate then . it is guy but. With all the hair we can make out

  17. annie

    Divya I’m sorry but you are wrong because it is uttara the reason why uttara kidnapped ragini is because ragini will try and kill sanskaar by placing a bomb in his car

  18. Saranya

    If kidnapper is Laksh then he will try to seperate Swasan. If ii’s Sans then he will try to make Ragini as positive for Swara.

  19. Hi guys
    I haven’t watched swaragini yet but I read the update and it’s confusing. I mean when will ragini put a bomb in sanskar’s car? I read somewhere that ragini puts a bomb in sanskar’s car then uttara knows about it and she kidnaps ragini to take revenge. But the thing is that ragini didn’t plot any bomb in sanskar’s car yet then why would uttara kidnap her, I thought uttara kidnaps ragini after the bomb blast. I don’t know man I’m confused right now. I’m just gonna wait and see what happens.

  20. Nina

    Hi guys
    I watched today’s ep and I was full of guessing the culpirit and what I reached was that
    First I doubted Laksh when he was smiling while swaragini confrontation and the hair,mauli,and skin tone bt then I noticed that uttara was not seen during the family union to search rag & then she just enter and ask about what they get from searching and that was repeated twice 1st time in the past ep when rags fainted in the phone cabine & 2nd one when they were playing the cctv and on that last one notice sanskar’s face when he looked at uttara who just arrived, he was damn worried so I think for some or other reason uttara was planning to kidnap rag and then sanskar by luck get to know about it so he tries to solve the matter and get his sister out of all this then when he realised that it’s too late so he on purpose appears with red cloth on cctv which he obtain for everyone to watch and then reached the place where rag was kept to help her by givin her food and water bt couldnot set her free not before he could wipe away all the evidence that uttara is the kidnapper and the evidence of that is when they reach the jungle to search rag he separated for a second from them then we get to watch his worried face when come back to join the others & then when he saves swara from the will as he knew about it before and finally when he was pretty sure that rag wasnot injured anywhere and she was just unconscious and told that to swara
    But from the bottom of my heart I hope that my sanskar wasnot in any relation to the kidnapping and my whole thinking is wrong
    Finally for god’s sake unite SWASAN without more dragging

    • tara

      Writers ll make us 2 doubt by giving some clues directly nd ll latee reveal d person v didn’t evn imagine. Tey ll find d kidnapper n nxt r upcumng weeks thn

    • ani

      Ur guess might be right… thats why prob even sujatha changed her stand by saying “kal or aaj mein bahout farak hai” .
      Even i hope sanskar is not in kidnap planning/execution, coz he loves Swara now and hoping he will not do anythin that will hurt her further.

  21. ammu

    hi guys ..Ragini goes missing? nice its total put on blame swara head ? I guess dat person laksh.. last time laksh ney kaha ek word oh swara ki liye ragini ki second chance deydeyi but its not true… becoz he want back swara… he is critive new problem to swara n he still love swara only.second person I guess Annapurna ji she want swara rain our son life so dats y she put on blame swara doing dis all things.I dnt know wt happening now…I think laksh r Annapurna ji n uttara not actually? keep rocking guys…..love u all team members

  22. leku

    Its waste of time to watch this serial.
    But I’m sure this drama going to create many misunderstanding between swasan….

  23. nik

    I totally agree with u DIvya n Ridz , I also think that its lak… Coz he want to revenge rag… as hr memory drama brought swara n sanskar Lil more closer n if u guys remember during the investigation when sanskar holded swara’s hand how he is watching them so he is also trying to create rift between swasan by creating circumstances so that swara can doubt on sanskar. N for sanskar , why will he kdnpr rag….??? Coz he knows by doing this he will break swara’s trust, n I think he will never do that as he told hr that trust is the base of our relation. So I don’t think its sanskar.

  24. nik

    I thought ragini will b kdnpd for atlest 3-4 weeks n ghar me thodi shanti rahegi , BT wo to ek hi din me kdnprs ke kaid se bhag nikli. Actually usene socha hoga ki me itni aasni se ghar me shanti nhi rhene doongi.

    • Hi nik
      How are you? Swaragini is getting crazy day by day. I haven’t watched swaragini yet but I read the update. It’s really confusing. All I want is swasan to unite that’s all, but why is it taking so long. I’m not liking this kidnapping drama. And that annapurna what’s her problem, she’s keeps on blaming swara for ragini going missing. And now I hear that when ragini comes back her drama starts, she acts that she’s scared of swara. This will make everyone doubting on swara.

  25. tara

    Either it ll sanskar nd uttara together OR Laksh. Since d car bimb blast didn’t happen till now it ll b nt d reason 4 uttara 2 kidnap. She may hav kidnapped ragini for her false molestation accuse on sanskar few months back wch swara proved him innocent. May b coz f which uttara might hav planned. Morg wen she ran nd askd family (after sum1 gave water 2 ragini) whether tey found ragini. May b sanskar got doubt nd confronted her thn got 2 knw truth. He might hav thot 2 sav uttara nd kept d shawl n his cupboard. Msy b sum1 wud hav called hm @ tat time. So he cud hav forgotten nd kept t n swara’s cupboard. But if all blame swara 4 kidnapping thn sanskar ll surely cum forward nd wud take blame on him saving uttara. But evn after swara accused sanskar didn’t say anything n upcumng episodes. So t ll not be sanskar. If sanskar means he wud hav taken blame on him bt not allowed 2 say any1 against swara.
    Ma 99.99% doubt is on nly laksh. Sanskar s nt a fool 2 hide red shawl n his room wen he knws swara cud c coz she s arranging his cupboard too. Sum1 wantedly did tis 2 create misunderstanding betwn swasan. He cud have kept wig wch d police said while giving water 2 ragini. So tat ragini thinks t s swara nd blames swara. He wanted ragini 2 escape tats y kept tat kind of materials n her kidnapped so tat she can use t nd escape. If she blames swara thn she ll try 2 prove herself innocent by searching proofs wch he made against sanskar nd both ll get separated.
    Tis s ma thot

  26. tara

    Swara wearing mask s shown n spoilers.. surely it ll b coz of investigation. Police might hav asked every1 2 wear mask nd ask ragini 2 chk whether d kidnapper was lukng lik tis or tat. Or it might b ragini’s imagination. Spoilers r showng swara removing mask ll b 4 investigation purpose i think

  27. nik

    One mr thing guys u all noticed that when ragini holded kdnpr hand to release hr during that tm the kdnpr got scratches on his wrist by ragini nails . One more clue that the kdnpr will b hvng scatches on his wrist.

  28. Vinay Karthik

    hello swasanians….. i m new to this group …. but i m a diehard fan of swaragini ….. from sterday episode i had a clue regarding who is the real kidnapper…… everyone is telling that kidnapper is having a mouli… s he had a mouli not a single mouli but more than one… but sanskaar is having only one mouli while laksh has more than one….. could u all watch the following scenes u can concluded that it s laksh…1)from sterday episode kidnapper giving food to ragini(plz pause the scene when mouli is shown 2)laksh and sanskaar hand during diwali pooja……. from this v can easily guess that kidnapper is none another laksh… everybody plz go check the video and reply to me whether i m right r wrong……………

  29. Neha

    Yeah u r right vinay karthik I too noticed it this laksh I tell you I feel like killing him and if swara doubted sanskar I will surely kill her atleast after this much time she should trust and stand with him like he always do

    • Vinay Karthik

      me too… i m gonna kill swara if she has any doubt on sanskar…… if it happens then i want sanskar to divorce swara bcoz she doesn’t deserve him…….

  30. nik

    Online info’s r agn n agn saying that utara is the real culpit , there is a news 1 hours ago that utara is the real clpt, bt how it can hpn????? None of the clues r incating towards hr.

  31. nik

    Ya Tara I too blv that the prsn who kdnpd rag… (99%. It is laksh) would hv kpt the shawl in swasan cupboard so that it can create rift between swasan

  32. Ya u r ryt vinay karthik..maine v ntce kya tha..n m sure wo laksh hi hai..rmmbr laksh k hand me bht sare mouli h bt sanky k hnd me sirf ek h..n lksh bar bar smle kr rhi thi

  33. Saba

    adrija Mukherjee, Nik and rupsikha! I agree with all of you, but what about writer, we all doubt on laksh but writer maybe, giving us clues about laksh but when they want to prove him innocent, they put all accusation on another person! They’re such a dumb! As I think in swaragini, we should expect anything! We’ve proof against laksh but at the end, writer will do what they want to do without any reason

  34. nik

    Ya Saba u r rt, the writers should not reveal sanskar as kdnpr n about other mmbrs I really don’t bother n swara if she is the kdnpr then its very good if ragini can trn negative why not swara , bahen hone ka theka sirf swara ne le rkha h kya??????????

  35. s

    guys atlast when one person came and said lady lieing there… laksh 1st run after that all went and swasan at a time run when they run suddenly her hand hit him and swara leg slipped when she about fall he catched nd save her he also dont no waha gadda hai ya nahi that time only he saw and saaid.. when she get panic he ask her to dont cry and nothing hapen to rags.. because he cant see her like that and she is seeing him.. at that time wen he console her how laksh is seeing them…

  36. nik

    Swara Bose or Swara Maheshwari ?????? Which u all like the most?? I know to us swasan fans it is SM bt now a days Swara Bond is trending. Isn’t it?????? Bt writers don’t overuse the “James Bond” series otherwise James will also b nt able to save yr show. Mk it over soon n show us what we want ……….swasan.

    • Yeh nik
      She is and she’s really getting on my nerves. At first she was supporting swara when sujata was accusing swara about 2 timing both laksh and sanskar. And now all of a sudden she’s accusing swara her self and showing concern for that psyco ragini.

  37. sanju

    swaragini: ap finds evidence against swara for kidnap.
    in colors show swaragini the much hyper kidnaping drama has now become center of the focus in the curent track.
    ragini is taken as captive by unknown person wearing mask.
    ragini thinks that the person behind the mask is none other than swara , since it is woman.
    however, swara is shown praying for ragini return which clearly means that she is not involved in ragini’s kidnap.
    she some how manages to escape from the place and finally she gets traced by the family members.
    it will be now seen that she will come back home and will blame swara for kidnapping her.
    ap will also gets evidence against swara in her room since she finds a red shawl there.
    who is real kidnapper? will swara be able to prove her innocence?
    lets wait and watch.

  38. nsb

    just dragging now..ragini is always saved whatever lies/plans she makes n blame comes on swara..swara does too much of my sister my sister…become boring n losing interest..

  39. sanju

    swaragini: uttara is the real culprit behind the ragini kidnapping…
    colors show sr is now going through major drama of ragini’s kidnapping and rescue these days..
    it is seen that swara slaps ragini for her wrong doings on the same day and ragini gets abducted by unknown person.
    after lot of search swara, sanskaar, laksh manage to find ragini in jungle and bring her back home.
    in the upcoming episode ragini will accuse swara for kidnapping her and will point out at the red shawl worn by the kidnaper.
    ap will come across the same red shawl in swara’s room and will suspect swara.
    swara will be shown determined to prove ragini wrong by finding out the real culprit behind ragini’s kidnapping.
    as per the sources sanskaar’s sister uttara is the real culprit.
    in attempt to take revenge uttara has taken the drastic step of abducting ragini .
    let’s see how swara will unveils the truth infront of the family.

    • sanju

      post this swar will now decide to find out the real culprit behind ragini’s kidnap. if sources are to be believed in all probabilities it is sanskar sister uttara behind all the incidents and there is a reason for revenge on ragni..

      • Hi sanju
        Thanks for the information,
        If it’s uttara then I’m sure she has a reason for kidnapping ragini. Maybe it’s because ragini accused sanskar of molesting her.

  40. appu

    I think its Adarsh because in the yesterdays episode if u will see it keenly, den u can see that even adarsh has mauli ka dhaga on his hand moreover it can also be seen der is a red mark on his hand wich might have happened wen ragini scratched his hands. and lastly wen all went to search ragini even adarsh went too but while searching only he was not seen rest everyone were present.

    • Hi appu
      Maybe you’re right. So now it’s either laksh, sanskar, Adarsh or uttara. You know what I really don’t care if any of them kidnaped that psyco ragini Because she deserves it after what she did. And even if sanskar or uttara did kidnaped her then I’m sure there’s a reason for it.

  41. Hi nick and everyone.
    I’ve watched swaragini today.
    I think the kidnaper Could be either laksh or uttara or it could be ragini her self for syphathy. I guess we just have to wait and see who is the real culprit behind ragini’s kidnapping. It was good to see that sanskar supported swara when annapurna was blaming swara. Even sujata was saying that ragini is always acting and changing colours.

  42. princess swara

    hello .. I think uttara is the real culprit because she might feeling like taking revenge on ragani because she (ragini) is hurt her (uttara’s) family a lot of times and she wants everyone to suspect swara because she(swara) hurt her(uttara’s) brother(sanskar) ‘s feelings by not accepting him ……… so it’s like killing two birds with one stone

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