Swaragini 25th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Swaragini 25th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sanskar and Swara coming to plot no. 211. Karthik feels someone is keeping an eye on him and thinks it might be his doubt. He leaves on his bike. Swara tells Sanskar that Karthik have some file in his hand and says she will follow him, and asks Sanskar to go inside the house and check as she is afraid of darkness. She follows Karthik and comes to some place. Sanskar sees a woman sitting on chair and thinks Kavya is here. He goes to her and turns the chair, but finds dummy sitting on chair. Karthik meets Kavya. Swara sees Kavya. Kavya asks him to show the file and says Swara was waiting for you at plot no. 211. She says she is far ahead of Swara. Sanskar calls Swara and tells her that it was a trap and a dummy was kept. Swara says she will call Police. Sanskar asks her to be careful

and get some proofs against them. Swara takes their pic. She gets hurt as nail gets pierced in her feet. Kavya and Karthik hear some noise and see behind the sofa, but Swara hides. She comes out and calls Inspector asking him to come there. Kavya and Karthik try to come out and see the door locked. Kavya sees Swara and holds her by her neck. Swara hits on her head. Karthik manages to open the door. Sanskar comes there. Swara hugs him and tells him that she has managed to lock them in the house. Police comes there. Swara tells Inspector that Kavya is alive. She opens the door and asks Karthik where is your sister? Karthik tells Inspector that his sister is dead.

Swara asks him not to lie and shows the pic. Karthik sees the pics and says it is 10 day old pic, and asks Swara to send those pics. Constables check the place and says Kavya is not here. Inspector says you have made fun of someone death and asks her to come. Karthik asks Swara to send those photos and says I have defeated you. He says Tania is here and no one will find her. Kavya’s blood falls on her as she is on terrace, but she didn’t see and goes. Sanskar tells Swara where did Tania go? He finds blood on her shoulder and asks if she got hurt. Swara says no. She says it must be of Kavya and looks up.

Swara tells Sanskar that she is hidden here, but we couldn’t get her caught. Sanskar says everyone will be fine? Swara says everything is ruined. I thought we will take Ragini and laksh out. Constable comes and gives two plates of food to laksh. He asks what happened to your brother? He is not speaking since morning? Once Constables goes, Laksh asks Ragini to have food. She picks chilli from Laksh’s food and says you gets hiccups because of it, sorry. Laksh is teary eyes. Ragini asks him not to think that she needs something from him inexchange of her help. She says this time I don’t need anythin from you. Kavya and Karthik see Sanskar. Kavya says we will prove that we are more smarter than them.

Precap: Karthik informs Inspector that Sanskar is eloped from jail. Inspector comes to the lock up and asks Laksh to show Sanskar’s face. Laksh refuses. Ragini is seen escaping from there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. They r just dragging… Dnt knw wen this Kavya drama is gonna end… Today saw true love in Laksh eyes for Ragini ? Waiting for Raglak love track… Just waiting this Kavya drama for them…

  2. Just watching this Kavya drama for Raglak…

    1. me too yaar
      they are not showing us any swasan scenes now
      just watching for raglak

      1. Hey they did. We got to see our Swasan as detective in action today. Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

  3. Thankyou very much !!! H Hasan for Faster uploading

  4. They r making us mad…

    1. mad nai dimag ka dahi karre ..feels like crime patrol… ek sal mai ita band baja rahe hai toh aage kya hoga…!!
      oh god

  5. Shraddha Sharma

    Ha ha ha such a dumb scene….. Kartik ne kaha ki 10 days purani pics hai or police or sawara dono mann gye…. dono pic ki details check nhi kr skte the ki kb li thi pics…. or kya police ko ullu banna rehe sanskar ki jagha ragini baithi h fir bhi kisi ko nhi pta…. ?????????

    1. really. Watching this serial i feel the writers absolutely dumb, and like in cinema the characters cannot see what the viewers can easily guess. too much. Only seeing for swasan and the costumes.

    2. Shraddha Sharma

      I am watching for laksh and ragini scenes… as finally ragini ko bhi show me importance milne lgi hai..

  6. Wow we get our swasan together in today’s episode I love it swasan rocks vahe rocks

    1. Hi there. Yeah Swasan rocks.?

  7. Bearing only for raglak

  8. kash aaj ka episode na deka hota ….!!

  9. according to latest spoilers, sanskar will take his position in jail..laksh realizes his luv fr rag n runs out of jail..immediately after de elope he falls in kavya,s trap..u might hav seen de ad in which laksh ws surrounded by bricks..swara saves him finally n kavya goes to jail taking all blame on herself saving karthik..der will b a chng in kartik as he bcums gud..raglak viewers will hv to wait fr a leap..as fr a long tym laksh will remain lyk a rowdy romeo fr rag..n rag will b getting close to karthik..so raglak fans 😛 der will b a leap taking place

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      Agr aisa kuch bhi hai to I think yeh sb kartik ka drama hoga…
      But ab show me ragini and laksh ko mila dena chiye…

    2. chalo acha hai finally aapne acha news dia nai toh ff se kam chalana padta

  10. Aaj ka epi bohot mast tha..maja aaya..swasan ki masti tum mujhpar boss giri kyu dikhati ho aww bt boss is afraid of the dark?baby badi chalak hai bt love second baby dialogue darwajjjjaa kholo..? upar chamagadad ki tarah latak rahi thi baby Tanya..plot wale scene me laga me aahat dekh rai hu..bt interesting tha..aajtak mujhe lgta tha ki filhal SR me sirf luxji ke pass dimag nai hai..bt ye inspector toh gadho ka leader nikla..usse bhi bada bewakoof..koi kaam thikse nai krta..isko hatao or swara ko rkhlo 2 days bhi criminal fasi pr hoga?bt Jo bhi ho..aaj ka epi achha tha..precap toh inki purani aadat hai..koi nai aaj maaf..interesting tha epi..

  11. Uff!! Kavya kavya kavya what the heck!! Okay the writers firstly have to get rid of this track because I am damned annoyed and second what is swara’s problem God spoilers said that kavya will bury laksh into the bricks and swaragini will come to save him but at the end swara is the only one who will find laksh and save him!!! This is about raglak omg swalak ended long back why do these writers keep showing swara as a savior god this is some b******* and laksh if he lives ragini or if he started loving ragini I don’t understand why ragini will reject him!! I know it will be hard for her to forgive laksh because of his betrayal but if laksh forgot all of ragini’s deed’s and has forgiven her and wants to move on with her then why does ragini have a problem she is the one who insulted his family which made laksh this bad!!!! I know that once raglak are out of jail and get kavya arrested and expose her then the love triangle drama will start between laksh, karthik, and ragini. I don’t understand that when that love triangle will start then I know laksh will start falling for ragini seeing her with another guy and he will realize he loves her but ragini here will not forgive him!!!! If laksh is ready to move on and forgave you then why is she showing so much ego to him!!! Just let this kavya track finish then I’ll be waiting for raglak Union which will take another 6 months!!!!!

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      As writers had forgot that show is about both sawara and ragini but they always high light sawara…. same bilkul jaise sapne suhane ladkpan me show was about both rachna and gunjan but hmesha gunjan ko high light krte the… i think dono show k writers same hai….
      And rehi ragini and laksh ke unite ki baat to usme 6 months kya pura 1 yr bhi lga skte hai writers…

      1. aap toh jldi Kara kar inka business band karaoge…!

      2. Shraddha Sharma

        Baat jaldi ki nhi hai… baat sahi krne ki hai… or jis tarha se drag krne lgte uss se show ka interest katam ho jaata hai…
        Same as kumkum bhagya ko kb se drag krte hi jaa rehe hai or aise mera interest too kaai week se katam ho gya or maine dekhana tk bannd kr diya hai….

  12. Wow I’m so happy today. Finally we get to see our Swasan together. But still the current track is boring though.
    And yeah Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

  13. already stopped watching it..

  14. wow today’s episode is so nice

  15. lots of love swaragini

  16. I think we r watching CID or crime petrol… really….no SWASAN scenes I m feed up now…just dragging n dragging….plz some SWASAN scenes plzzzz….

    1. Hey at least we get to see them as detectives in action ?
      Love their chemistry and love Swasan.
      They rock.?

  17. RagLak *-* How will Kartik meet Ragini? I mean will he say that he want to marry her or dadi searched a guy like him and said that he should marry ragini?

    Sorry if my english is not good enaugh. I’m from Germany 🙂

  18. Now d only thing we can say dat is ‘BAND KARO YE BKWASSS…….’ Agr kuch bcha bhi h dikhane ko to show band kr do.

    1. Hi there nik How are you?

  19. Hey enemy ( anjum)
    hiiii m the same lee who used to comment …srry m replying u now …just saw …
    Yr m dying to see their ronance …
    Dont test our patience else u know cvs what swasan fans can do…so plzzz .show us our swasan n stop this shit of urs..
    That bl**dy b*t*h kavya how dare she arrrgggggg…
    Ya nik ur right rishtey they r showing previous epi of swaragini .. So u can watch that..cant take risk na becoze we swasan fans r dying to see our swasan n this cvs in pe mutti ratti bhar bhi bharosa ni…so u can go for that….
    Hii all swasan fan nik shuva bhuvi angel neha enemy guyyy where r u m missing our bonding how we used to comment here on our swasan….
    I hope u guyy remember me
    …missing u alllllll….plzzzz replyyyy..

    1. Hi Lee I’m so happy to see your comment. Yeah me too want to see some romantic Swasan scenes but no All they are showing utter nonsense. But I’m happy that finally we got to see our Swasan as detective today. Anyways please keep on commenting here. And yeah Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

    2. Hi Lee and nik, nik I replied you in ff Tu Meri Mannat by bhanu check that and Lee yeah in rishtey swasan scenes have started and you know what I became SR regular viewer from this only I’m missing my swasan stopped watching only reading updates but today’s 10min part I’m gonna watch as it contains my swasan and yeah ONLY SWASAN ROCKS

      1. Hi there neha How are you? It’s good to see you back commenting here. I remember you used to comment here as Swasan fan.

      2. And yeah Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

      3. Good to see u agn Neha. N ya many fans specially swasan fans stopped visiting dis pj coz of d crap trk. So u read swasan ffs so I ll suggest u to read ffs on Fb too ,link u ll gt under true love never dies episode 13 tellyupdate. I would like to suggest ffs both written by neha on fb one is “true love never dies “,r8 its first season ended n second season is starting from tomorrow n d odr one is” from darkness to light” which has completed its 9 episodes n many nice ffs r dr on dat pj.

      4. Yeah nik I read all ff on fb and yeah I liked each and every ff Neha is truely an amazing writer and from ?to ?became my fav and others also I read them infact they are too good than this real SR

  20. Whoa! U CALL IT A SERIAL? Good god save us! Did any1 ever see, the acting seems unnatural! And kavya n her brother were behaving like nuts. OVERACTING! And their dialogues were repeatations of same thing again n again! And being a medical student i assure u no person wud be conscious within 5mins after losing litres of blood dat too from a simple gash! How contradicting, untruly, unrealistic and overdone serial. My goodwishes 4 all out there for this serial!

  21. after a long time..a swasian epi loved it..

  22. swaragini,IKRS and KKB is just an blo*dy f**king serial with best f**king leading actor and actress just go to hell always YHM rocks swaragini,IKRS and KKB is the worst serial forever
    swaragini are craziest and man fans
    IKRS they are the foolish fans
    KKB very much dragging but the fans are spending there times to comment

  23. Guys new segment gonna air today 2:30
    Everyone in Mm crying for laksh death 😮
    I saw the pic in saas bahu aur suspense

    1. He is nt died..its a trap don’t worry..swaragini me twist koi nai baat nai hai..

  24. Sbs seg..lksh ka death drama..bt trap of swaragini..ragini,AP,swara n all mm family ro rahi hai..n ghunghat me ek lady aati hai Jo Tanya hai jb wo lksh ke paas jati hai swara usse pakad leti hai aur isme police bhi mm ke saath mili hui hai..wo mm mai hi chhipe hue the..lksh uth jata hai..aur baby kavya ko ek jordar chamat maarta hai swara bhi chance Marti hai aur bajati hai..fir police arrest krke le jati hai baby ko bt chalak baby gun leti hai aur ap ko pakad leti hai..to escape frm there..vo says Tanya shayad bhagne me successful ho jayegi..bt in IV roop said Tanya ka dhamaal abhi baki hai..and in heltej IV dey said rag said at the end jeet sach ki hoti hai..big twist..
    Chalo ab drama khatam krke achhi wali holi dikhado Sb shows ki holi khatam hoke bhaang ka nasha bhi utar gaya..Hume bhi holi chahiye..

    1. Hi angel how are you? Thanks for the update angel ?

  25. AGL u r jst f**k…blo*dy f**k don’t know anything….stupid…dumb nthng more 2 sayas wrds r less 4 uh…blo*dy f**k.

  26. Hi H Hasan. Is there going to be a swaragini episode today. ?

    1. Well hello Anjum
      What’s up how are you? We may not get to see our Swasan’s romantic moment but at least we got to see them together in yesterday’s eppi.
      Love their chemistry and their bond. And yeah Swasan rocks.?

      1. Hi nafisa
        How are you. Yeah you’re right at least we got to see Swasan together. Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

  27. Hi shuva nik rids neha n all others.. M commenting on this page after a couple of months…m really fed up now with the current track I wish we get some positive scenes afterwards n now I noticed that the no. Of comments are decreasing day by day ?
    I didn’t even watch the last epi I was not able to…
    Anyways swasan frvr n ever they rock#?

    1. Hi cherry. How are you? You used to comment here as a Swasan fan I remember. Anyways good to see you back commenting here.?

      1. Hi enemy (anjum) Thanx dear..you remember..good to see u commenting too…I think you even used to comment on nagin page m I right?
        Anyways swasan rocks?

      2. Hi there cherry. Yes I used to before. Yeah Swasan rocks always ?

    2. Hi cherry yeah u know SR became so boring yaar and it doesn’t give our fav swasan scenes also I have also stopped watching dear I only read and when I get any swasan scenes then watch that part only and you know San’s character is so much side lined dear I hate cvs for that and I missed you all so I also stopped commenting but I wanna suggest u one thing if you’re on fb then pls go to S&S Fan Fiction /OS page and read the ff posted there they are fabulous just give a try ?

  28. Hey if writer of ” u r mine only” ff visited this page then plzzzz itsss a request plzzz update ur ff plzzzz m dying t0 read it plzzzz post it… M waiting for ur ff why r u not upadating .. If u thought it is boring then plzzzz ur wrong i m waiting for ur ff plzzzz update it plzzzzz

    1. Hi Lee How are you ?

  29. I agree with lee plz update it soon

  30. Yrr CVS show someone’s birthday in the show

  31. Hey hi enemy i m fine how r u.????

    1. I’m all good thanks ?

  32. daves myrandah

    Hare bavwan! Wen will all dese end? I mean troubles dat are hindering swasan story.Jiz i cnt wait anymore i need to see dém cute together ek chance he

  33. swaragini fan

    swasan and raglak, why these writers always give them problems yaar. Jab bi kuch accha honole lagta hai swaragini k saath tabi koi na koi aa hi jata hai.

  34. swaragini fan

    swasan and raglak, why these writers always give them problems yaar. Jab bi kuch accha honole lagta hai swaragini k saath tabi koi na koi aa hi jata hai. We r missing and praying for r swasanraglak

  35. swaragini fan

    swasan and raglak, why these writers always give them problems yaar. Jab bi kuch accha honole lagta hai swaragini k saath tabi koi na koi aa hi jata hai. We r missing and praying for r swasanraglak. Well I see the sbb or sbs, interesting to tha pr swasanrag k awesome plans ko fail krne k baad is really strange plan me kese fas gye(kavkar). ufffffffffff missing u swasan

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