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Annapurna asks Laksh, where are you going? Laksh says Swara has always supported me, when she need me, I should be with her. Annapurna asks him to call and talk to her. Laksh says I didn’t know that you hate her so much. Annapurna says I like that girl and she helped us a lot. Laksh says I have promised you and Papa, then what is the problem. Durga Prasad says your mum is afraid that Swara might have some intentions about her doings. He says Annapurna is afraid of his values. She asks him to let Laksh go, if he wants to. He says don’t doubt him. Sanskar tells Sujata that he changed some plan, and got Nakul arrested. He says he will work on his plan to ruin Laksh and Annapurna. Durga Prasad tells Laksh that he believes that he won’t break his trust. He says for the first time I will change

my belief and words. He asks do you love Swara.

Laksh feels helpless and stays silent. Durga Prasad says I am keeping my values and rules aside and declares to accept his love Swara. Everyone is shocked. Durga Prasad says I don’t have any objection with this alliance. Swara will become bahu of this house, she will become Swara Laksh Maheshwari. Everyone is shocked. Laksh looks at him surprisingly. Sanskar fumes. Sujata tries to interfere, but Sanskar stops her. Ram asks how can you take this decision? Durga Prasad says she might be modern, but her values are just like us. He says she stood by Laksh forgetting the enmity about us. The community member asks, how can you take such a decision being head of community. Durga Prasad says he is a father first and decides to resign from the president of community position. Everyone is shocked.

Ragini is sitting at Nani’s bedside and says you didn’t give me a chance to explain the things. She says I did this to get my love. I love Laksh very much and asks her to understand. Swara comes and asks what you are talking to Dida.

Durga Prasad removes the pagdi (Turban) and says he is happy with his decision. He apologizes to the community members. Laksh asks what you have done Papa? I don’t want you to break your relation with community for my relation with Swara. Durga Prasad says I didn’t do this for you, but for that Durga Prasad who made me belief that trust is important in any relationship. She has changed my perception. Everyone has stopped trusting you, but she stood by you. He says when she stood by you in your testing time, then how shall I make her stay away from you in happier times. Annapurna tells that Swara is a bengali, and has different culture and habits. Durga Prasad says her thinking is same as us. She has same values, respect, honesty like us. He says she deserves to be bahu of this house with her thinking. He asks Annapurna to have patience, and asks Laksh to go and enquire about Swara’s nani. Laksh gets emotional and hugs Durga Prasad. Sanskar gets angry.

Ragini says she didn’t say anything. Swara cries looking at Nani’s condition. She says why this is happening. Ragini says Nani is suffering because of someone’s bad deeds ( didn’t say her name). Swara cries and asks Dida to wake up. She insists to tell her secrets to her and urges her to wake up. She promises to give her time, and have enjoyment. She says I need you Dida. She asks Ragini, if you were there when she slipped? Ragini says yes, and then says I was at home, but not on stairs. Swara says she never misses any step on stairs, and she is never clumsy. She might be worried about something. Ragini gets tensed. Sumi comes and informs them that Laksh and Durga Prasad ji came to talk to them. Swara says let’s go.

Sanskar thinks he couldn’t do anything and heard his decision. He says he took decision about me being president, and now he took decision for Laksh as his dad. Sujata says I need to ask him question, but you stopped me. Sanskar says he can’t let this happen and have lost many things for this. He says he will not accept it so easily.

Laksh greets Dada ji and Dadi. Ragini thinks why they have come here? Durga Prasad says they have come here to see Dida and offers help. Dada refuses to take his help. Durga Prasad says your anger is justified, and I am very apologetic. He says you and your family never disrespected me, and with this I started trusting you much. He apologizes to everyone with folded hands, and requests for forgiveness. He tells that he has resigned from the president’s job, and his thinking changed. He says this change happened in him because of one person. He says that person made me understand that a person becomes big with his deeds(karma/work) and values, and not because of religion. He says I am very thankful to your daughter Swara. Swara is surprised, while everyone is shocked. Ragini is very much shocked and teary eyed. Durga Prasad goes to Swara and apologizes with folded hands. Swara holds his hands and asks him not to apologize. Durga Prasad asks her to think him like her father. He tells Shekhar and Sumi that he want Swara’s hand in marriage with Laksh. Laksh smiles happily. Ragini is shocked and looks on.

Missed the precap.

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  1. Jus one word “awesome”…….bt y no precap 🙁 :'( so sad

  2. Do anyone know the precap.. Pls post…

  3. Interesting episode.

  4. In precap
    Ragini will tell swara you are going to become marwadi bahu so u should dress like one. She makes swara like her and she dress like swara and says now i will win laksh

  5. Suupperrrbbbb!!!!! Luv swaluk……n happy that durgaprasad accepted swara!!!! N ragini……..ur plan will fail of dressing lyk swara n then getting laksh……..he will start hating you more_…huhh

  6. Rajkumari Irina

    precap: Ragini make wear swara as like her dress and Swara was surprise&Shock!!! to see Ragini dress like modern dress as Swara!!
    M so soo happy to Durga prasd mind chnge for Good thng!! I only love swalaksh so much!! n want to marraige them soon!! But always worried about dat stupid 2 people ! wht will they do abt their nxt pln !! So sad!

  7. I love this episode…….and I like swara and namish together

  8. nice episode

  9. Worst Serial

  10. 😉 😐

  11. Thanku nika n rajkumari for the precap

  12. I am so happy that swara and laksh are gonnaa get married soon. Ragini ka plan fail hone wala hai cause laksh only likes her as a friend but loves swara and she can’t change it .

    1. agree with you

  13. Thanks for the update MA ? and thank you for the precap Nika and Rajkumari ? Amazing episode ? Way to go DP ? Swalak is finally going to happen ✨✨? Yippee!!!

    – Dreamer ?

  14. The bst episode ever…!!!! I luv swalukk…
    aur wse bh last m to ragini aur snskr ko hi shaadi krni h!!
    hate u snskr ki mom aur ab to dp jhat s maaan gya kash snskr k tym bh maaan jata to ye sb hota hi nhi?????

  15. Best episode till date of swaragini

  16. Saali ragini….
    Samajhti kya hai khud ko…
    Ur plan is going 2 flop very sooon….
    N den tu kahiki nahi rahegi….!!!!

  17. Saali ragini
    Ur plan will never success…
    Laksh will never ever accept u….
    Aur jab sabko tera yeh kaand k baare me para chalega na …..
    Toh tu kahiki nahi rahene valid……!!!!!

    1. I love this episode……..AWESOME EPISODE

  18. Best episode……. U will never success in yr plan RAGINI

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