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The Episode starts with Laksh getting the paper from Astrologer and says he will use the papers and will file for divorce. He says I will snatch everything from you which you have snatched from us. You will not be my wife and owner. He says at one side our relation will end and at the other Sanskar and Swara will marry. He says everything will be fine. Sanskar brings Swara home. Sumi asks what happened? Sanskar says Swara fainted in jungle. Ragini asks her to wake up. Sumi asks her to drink water. Ragini asks Sumi to make her eat some sweet and goes to bring medicine for her. Swaragini plays…………..Everyone is surprised looking at Ragini’s concern for her. Sumi asks Swara to say what happened? Swara recalls everything and a flashback is shown. Durga Prasad asks Sanskar

to take them to Baadi. Swara asks about Urvashi.

Laksh calls Lawyer and asks him to submit the divorce papers. He says I will get divorce and also all our property. I will kick her out of house and from my life. Ragini comes and asks Laksh to come and have food. Laksh looks at her angrily. Ragini asks what happened? She says I talked to Sumi and she said Swara is fine and taking rest. Ragini tries to enter room. Laksh asks her to stop there itself and not to step inside. Ragini asks what you are saying? Did I do any mistake? Ragini says I know you are worried about Swara, but I am also worried about her. She is my sister. I am worried for her. Laksh asks her to stop it. He looks at the papers and thinks where did that paper go on which she has signed? Ragini asks why you are talking to me this way? What wrong did I do? Laksh says I told you not to enter room as I am taking you out. Ragini looks on puzzled and shocked. Laksh says he is polishing his acting skills. Ragini says how can you scare me Laksh….I got shocked. Laksh promises not to scare her again and leaves.

Swara tells everything to Sumi. Sumi says who can do this and why? Urvashi comes home and cleans her saree. Swara says I want to ask you? Why you went to jungle? Dadi asks Swara to rest? Urvashi says I went to get this roots from jungle. She tells Dadi that it is used for digesting food. Dadi asks her to bring roots to make Swara’s mind good. Swara says Urvashi lied very cleverly. After coming home, Ragini laughs seeing Laksh’s face smeared with icecream. Laksh pulls her closer and requests her to sign on the papers so that his plan doesn’t fail. Ragini says I might sign or not. She laughs and runs from there. Laksh asks her to stop and runs after her. Annapurna calls Laksh and says I want to talk to you about something important. Ragini asks what happened? Laksh says Maa is calling me and asks her to go. He asks Annapurna what happened? If there is something important? Annapurna shows the signature on the blank paper, and asks about it. Laksh says it is with you? Annapurna asks why you are doing this? Laksh says I want to kick her out of house and from my life. Annapurna refuses to give paper. Laksh says he have a talk with the lawyer and says Ragini can’t stay here after divorce. Annapurna says this divorce will not happen.

Swara says don’t know why Urvashi is staying here? Shekhar says Dadi is showering love on her and says I will ask her to go. Sumi says Shekhar….Urvashi hears them and talks to Janki’s pic. She asks her to do something to make them feel her presence.

Laksh says Ragini have to go from here. I won’t let her stay in this house after whatever she has done with us. Annapurna says Ragini has done everything to get your love. She says since you have saved her life, she has changed and behaved nicely with us. She says Ragini isn’t bad at heart. Laksh says I can’t forget your and dad’s insult. Annapurna says you had tried to kill Ragini. We have forgiven you, and didn’t leave you. She asks him to give a chance to Ragini and take care of her. Laksh says I will not change my decision. Annapurna tears the papers and throws it. She says you have to change your decision…Laksh says what you have done? I will proof that Ragini can never change. You have done wrong. He leaves.

Swara talks to Sanskar over phone. Sanskar tells about his plan. He says he has planned dinner for them. Swara asks if he will continue to pamper her after marriage. Sanskar says no, and asks him to pamper him after marriage, laughs. Swara says whatever you have done so far, all the surprises were unexpected. Sanskar recalls the happenings and says Kavita has flopped my plan. Swara asks why he is obsessed with her? Sanskar says do you think that I couldn’t forget her. He says I love you…Swara says why we are fighting? Sanskar says Kavita want us to fight and create misunderstanding between us. Just then they hear Urvashi’s voice. Urvashi calls Ragini and asks her to come to Baadi. Ragini and Laksh leave.

They come to Shekhar’s house. Sanskar also comes. Ragini sees blood coming out from Janki’s eyes in the photo. Urvashi tells Ragini that her jiji is not happy with Swara’s marriage.

Precap: Swara tells that it is not blood, but a chemical. She tries to demonstrate, but Ragini stops her and says may be her mum doesn’t want her to marry in the same house as she fear that she will separate Laksh and her. Swara is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Plz laksh don’t do this,try to understand Ragini love ❤……..

    1. what nonsense!
      ragini & kavita is crazy!

  2. Wat nonsense has she lost her mind…just a minute before ragini was soo good nd den in d precap gawd

  3. sometimes on seeing the serial??,it is irritating.if I am on the place of Swara,I would cut my relationship with Ragini.swara sometimes behaves too much as a mahan.

  4. Yo guys

    well i need some suggestions for my ff
    swaragini Zindagi Do Pal Ki

    m revealing pairs..SanRag nd SwaLak but after a
    long love confusion
    what should i show
    – SS marriage nd love blooming+SRSL college life
    – SS marriage stopped by dadi
    plz guys help me

    nd if i don’t get comments i’ll stop

    1. SS marriage and love blossoming+ SRSL college life

  5. Again all the nonsense have started to happen in this show.. But always not only in this episode but in each and every episode whenever swasan appears they rocks…

  6. kavita joins ragini evil aunt to get back sanskaar.
    the marriage preparations for swara and sanskar have started off in swaragini but the two are facing several problems and hurdles.
    news is that in the upcoming episodes of the show, swara will once again gets attacked.
    swara’s attacker will be an unknown person. on the other hand , ragini’s aunt will say that such incidents are inauspicious and have some spooky connection.
    however, sanskaar will feel that kavitha is the one who is behind swara’s attack and he will blame her for it.
    the family will not be aware that the actual culprit is none other than ragini’s aunt.
    kavita will come to know about the aunt’s evil intentions and she will join forces with her in order to get her sanskar back.
    swara and sanskar are will now have to deal with two vamps before they can re-unite.

  7. Oh no swasan scene…
    I thought aftet this sanky will not leave swara fot moment..
    Writer stop ur drama show some romance bteween swasan ..plZzzzzzz…
    N that urvashi ..m
    i mean seriously how can she stoop so low…she is using his own sister n her death ro get his sis’ husband (in past but im present sumi’ husbant)..
    Chiiiii shame u….
    blo*dy pshyco jb dekho tb drama kar ti hai….
    Koi nautanki show me jaye to use baha best nautanki ka award mil jaye….gaddddi aurat…
    N ragini how can u be so dump yr….itna sb hone ke bad bhi….
    Use swasan ka pyaar dikhata ni hai kya….
    Rags deserves this…betrayal…..(lbut i also dont like what laksh did i mean dhoka dena ek baat but ye sb ni i m against that)
    plzzz writer unite swasan n plzzzzz morr n more eomance between them
    n yeh swasan fans
    swasan rocked …
    Swasan forever…
    Loved swasan……..

  8. i knw dis ragini would never ever turn positive she always taunting swara ly … she realy deserves more frm laksh nd suffer alot to get everyone trust back nd swasan always rockzzzzzz

  9. i am somewhat disappointed with tdy episode but i understood that about there is no much scene they didnt showed swasan scene about incident much .. actually he scared and woried about her but does not want to frighten the family. but they can show his concern for her and health in private but they didnt showed.

  10. Oh god again devil massi !!!!!!!!!
    Jiji kush nahi toh aap chali jaayiyena jiji ki paas jiji ko kush karne keliye

  11. i knw dis ragini would never ever turn positive she always taunting swara ly … she realy deserves more than dis frm laksh nd suffer alot to get everyone trust back nd swasan always rockzzzzzz they r jst amazing wat a cool couples….

  12. in precap ragini also tells swara that “tum sanskar aur kavita ke saath vahi kiya tha , jo kavita sanskar ki pahala pyaar hai, and or kavita ko sanskaar se cheen liya” swara is shocked.

  13. pls writers make laksh to understand ragini’s love and pls uni swasan and raglak sooonnnn….

  14. Sanaiya sagar

    Don’t know what will happen

  15. Urghhhhhhh… This drama queen annoying so much… I wanna kill her n say jiji khush naye hai.. til yo alive…

  16. Omg what is this I cont acpect laksh do in drama for ragini I believe laksh very soon under her love for ragini… Ragini I m always u r side u sooooo cute….

  17. Don’t forgive Ragini pplease lakh punished her.

  18. Swasan is perfect to watch on screen but please give a new dialogue to Urvashi’s character, same,” Jiji ,khush nahi hai” in all episodes and the way that character tells that,irritating…

  19. Nice episode.

  20. o laksh pls don’t do that… pls make
    rags also positive and unite raglak and swasan….

  21. Have u guys seen the blossoming love swasan swara get pregnant the best part ever like ever love it

  22. Ragini vil never change. She snatched swara s first love. She snatched laksh s first love…. nd she s talking about snatching. Someone please make her realise… she s thinking she s done the right thing. She doesnt knw wen opposite person doesnt love u u cannot snatch it. .. she has problem wth everything. Being a grl I should not say this but I think only after laksh cheats her she ll realise. U cannot force someone to love u….

    1. Ahem, Ragini was engaged to Laksh then Swara decided she wanted her younger sister’s fiance…

      Comment edited.

      1. Swara didn’t decide to snatch her younger sister fiance.. Ragini made such situation to fall Swara in love with Laksh… Then also Swara denied to accept him…n Ragini back stabbed Swara…n yo can do anything to get your love..yo can kill your sister n accuse sanskar for fake accusation n can kidnap your mom n threaten sis to marry.. So thesame are all very good deeds in your point of you rite… Ragini is such a vile character…am talking about Ragini not teju …n still she never regretted her deeds…she never feel happy in others happiness…

      2. Siya… hello… lets leave it…. we hv lots to discuss than thiese stupid things

  23. Nd I think this drama tat urvashi maasi s creating ….. ragini s mom should really cm as ghost nd say ha mein khush nahi hu because of my own daughter who has fallen so low tat I dont want to pick her up now…. remember shevsaid sanskaar tried to molest her. She put the blame on him… laksh vil make her realise in reality hw t s to be actually molested… ragini…. for all u did this s least punishment tat u ll get…

    1. This comment is deleted.

  24. Guys I think laksh punishing ragini is okay. Because eventually he ll accept her.. but ragini has to go through this pain. Nd of course swara vil unite them…. m just glad ragini vil understand true meaning of being cheated nd result of snatching…. I just dont want laksh to separate swasan… I ll stop watching…

    1. So you agree that Laksh sleeping with her is fine as long as its for revenge????

      Comment edited.

      1. Ragini also accused sanskar once…no gal will stoop this much low…disgusting…no one will play with their own self respect… But she did…
        I agree Laksh is doing wrong with Ragini… But Ragini is not worth for anyone’s love… Until she regret for her past evil deeds…

      2. Kalika I want you to read all my messages nd then reply…. I hv clearly mentioned. Wat laksh s doing s not right. But once ragini knows he has chested her she ll feel the real pain.. the punishment which she deserves… nd as far as raglak s concerned I know they ll unite. Swara vil make tat happen… nd laksh vil get punished for wat he did…. but ragini s bad deeds need punishment before she turns positive…

      3. Nd wat r u talking… y r u getting hyper. .. here discussion s in terms of serial nd their characters. Not reality… writer has already made a story… we here as swaragini fans r trying to make our peace with it… please dont tel india s backward nd all…. its getting very melo dramatic…. lets stick to serial …

  25. Every one loves tejaswi here. But don’ forget that she is playing as Ragini in negative role. Writers have spoiled tosuch extent,now there is no comimg back. I request all fans here to comment about characters only not who are they really. Hope i did not hurt anyone.

    1. Exactly.m talking about ragini only…. I dont knw y ppl r making big issue out of it… we r talking about the story only…. the story s tat laksh vil cheat her…. I dont knw hw india s cmg in between… anyway lets nw stick to story please…

  26. so boring episode

  27. No one can separate swasan ….ragini ki tamasha bandh honi chahiye….she is so selfish

  28. Honestly, Laksh needs to go. They need a new male lead for Ragini one who is more assertive and real… Laksh has always been fake to me. I honestly hope Laksh is the one who dies.

    1. Well I really hope that psyco ragini dies along with him coz she’s a blo*dy psyco drama Queen. And also she should take that notangy psyco urvashi aunt of hers so that we get to stop hearing her saying jiji Kush nahi hain. Why is it psyconess only runs in her family oh yeah it’s becoz they came from the looney world.

  29. Swasan will never seperate….why laksh is not understanding ragini’s love afterall she was his wife…and now ragini is beleiving that evl women urvashi….GOD KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN NOW…..WHO WILL BE TOGETHER AND WILL SEPERATE….?

  30. OMG everybody wants to forgive Ragini again and again where she do not deserve this

  31. Rids true story… ragini had blamed sanskaar of molestation… being a grl she fell so low.. now she ll knw the real pain…. nd yes later anyway raglak vil happen hopefully. . If swasan dont separate … so tat time ragini vil be punished for her deeds…. laksh vil realise his fault nd raglak vil happen… so ending vil be good….there s nothing wrong in wat she said… wtiter has made t tat bad…

    Go scold the writer kallika if you vil… nd dont get so over acting. ..

    Rids hv read all ur comments nd u hv always loved it… this point s correct seeing the way story is written. … this s easiest way for happy ending…

    1. Shashi hello… yeah hv mentioned clearly tat ragini vil realise her mistake…. nd eventually laksh vil accept her… I dont knw y kalika s thinking so differently… tat too full patriotic war… anyway everyone can opine.. I hope next time she reads properly nd understand s tat m not creating stories… .m just justifying wat writer s planning to show….

  32. Hi shashi… leave it… no point arguing… she misunderstood. M talkin about wat story has been written..she s talkin as though I wrote the story…. anyway… leave it. Let us discuss about the serial… nd not act all dramatic nd hyper…

    1. Juz let it b rids.. I don’t know y some ppl are justifying ragini evil things are rite whatever she did in past..she should be punished..forget it…

    2. See I knew bhuvi siya shashi… nd of course nik shuva liya riya nimi rey jhnvi… u guys will understand wat my comment meant… I dont care wat ppl think… leae all tat… m just waiting for maasi d truth to come out… nd ragini should change….

  33. Yr phir u tube epi upliad ni hore…wai natak shuru …
    Plzzz koi batao kya problem hai

  34. Guyz come on now u stop fyting lyk kids as i hope dat all r grown-ups n ya dis is juz a serial so dont take it so seriously

    1. Exactly… I read my comments million times to understand where did this kalika find reasons to scold india …. anyway lets just leave it… story someone s writing… we r watching nd havin our discussion …. lets stick to tat….

  35. Watching this serial is very inauspicious

  36. Leapsandbpund

    Kalika needs to gt a life. As per the story,
    Ragini has created situations in which Swara accepts Laksh.
    Not once did Ragini go to Swara and tell her about her true feelings.
    The writers made Ragini so bad that it ieps inconceivable to forgive Ragini
    They have to show retaliation from Laksh.
    Even in the real world if someone like Ragini does these mean and resentful things, anyone
    Would retaliate

    The process of converting her from bad to good will take time.
    Fans of Ragini just have to wAit it out.

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