Swaragini 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 25th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Swaragini and Krishna Dasi combined episode together.


The Episode starts with Swara getting Sanskar’s message that everything is under controlled and he stopped Kavya. She comes inside and asks Ragini if you didn’t sleep yet. She asks what you are thinking? Ragini says I am thinking about laksh. Swara asks again. Ragini says I am thinking about Laksh’s words and says he said right. She says this is my punishment, when I tried to kill myself, he didn’t believe me. Swara says you are freed from your guilt, this life is beautiful and asks her to live for their family. She says if anything happens to you, then what will happen to swaragini. She says Swara is incomplete without Ragini and asks her to promise that she will not do anything. She says you will get motive to

live soon, and says you will get your identity also. Ragini gets emotional and looks at her. Swara cries and hugs her. Swaragini plays…………………

Kavya asks how can they file for divorce. Sanskar says it is a crime to torture inlaws and asks her to tell if she wants to kick everyone out. Kavya is shocked and apologizes to Laksh. She says she don’t want him to spend time with his so called family. Annapurna asks Laksh, how can he stay silent when his wife tortured them. Laksh says he is feeling happy as Kavya raised voice for him, and says he is feeling Kavya’s love for him. He asks her to love Sanskar or anybody else, and says my love and family is now my wife Kavya. He goes to his room. Sanskar thanks lawyer. Sanskar tells his family that nobody can harm his family until his last breath.

Ragini asks Swara to think what she is thinking? She says I can’t give you a good suggestion, but can tell you that your heart will be unburden. Swara says I was thinking about Kavya, and says she seems to be not right. Ragini says you will make everything fine as swara never accepts defeat. Swara talks to Kanha ji and says I need strength from you as Baba binded me with a promise, and don’t want me to step in my sasural. She says if I don’t go then how I will end the evil. She says she wants to do a daughter and bahu’s duties, and asks him to show way and give strength. She seeks strength to make everything fine.

Krishna Dasi:

Aradhya talks to God and says they didn’t do any crime, then why they are accused for stealing the God’s idol. She asks him to protect them, get truth win and make the evil defeated. She asks him to give her strength so that she can get her aaji and mum get her lost respect back. She asks Krishna to give him strength. Devesh says someone will come to get me bail. Kumudini says you have won this time and asks him to take care. Pradhyumna comes and says he brought bail papers. Inspector asks who is this lady who is going? Constable says she came, but I didn’t let her meet. Pradhyumna/Aaba comes to Devesh and says you have won my trust. Devesh says you think that I haven’t stolen any idol. Aaba says you are not thief and have saved my respect. You deserves much more and appoints him as his assistant. Devesh thinks he will stab him with love and will take revenge for vahini’s pain. Inspector asks Devesh, when he was changed. Devesh says he is same and calls her Damini. Damini says she is Inspector’s Damini and asks him not to call by his name. She warns him and says she will keep an eye on him. Devesh says he knows about her strength and asks him to think about the mountain which she is trying to shaken up.


Annapurna calls Swara and asks about Ragini. She says Ragini needs you. Swara asks how are you all, and asks about Kavya’s drama. Swara apologizes to her. Annapurna also apologizes and disconnects the call. Laksh asks if she is feeling apologetic because of him. Ragini comes out wearing shirt shalwar and asks Swara if everything is fin. Swara sees her normal and says hopefully everything will be fine. Annapurna tells Laksh that she made him walk, talk etc, and he is going far from them from these legs. Laksh says you have kept me far.

Krishna Dasi:

Shashtri tells Aaba that they have to do Shama aarti for reinstalling the idols. Aaba refuses to apologize. Shashtri says all the people will do Shama aarti and make him understand that he have to do it. Aaba agrees and asks Aryan to accompany him. He says guilty people will can’t hide from his eye sight and says he has faithful people at his service. Aryan nods.


Kavya makes arrangement for a party and asks Annapurna and others to behave well with her guest. She says I know that you people don’t like me, but I am a famous celebrity, take care of my reputation. Many media people came there. Sujata says who are these? Media says Actress/Singer Kavya have chosen Laksh Maheshwari for marriage and says lets see her home. Kavya says today is my muh dikhayi, and wears ghunghat infront of them. Everyone is shocked. Reporter says she is Kavya and she is in marwadi look for the first time. Sujata says she is doing her muh dikhayi herself and is shameless. She introduces Annapurna to the media. The media/Reporter asks Annapurna about Kavya. Annapurna refuses to say anything. Laksh comes home. Kavya tells the reporters that he is here. Laksh asks her why you didn’t tell me before that you have invited Media. Kavya says it is a surprise for him. She asks media to take their video as they walk together. Sujata and Annapurna are shocked. Reporter tries to move the sofa, Sujata asks him not to move sofa from its place. Kavya introduces Maheshwari family to the media. She tells that she will show her beautiful house which is owned by her husband. Adarsh asks Laksh to ask media to leave. Laksh says Kavya is doing this being a celebrity. Reporter asks her to pose for pics. Kavya says she will pose with Annapurna, and tries to touch her feet. Annapurna goes without blessing her. Reporter asks if there is saas bahu drama happening. Kavya says all of them adore me, but having adjustment issues. Everyone leave from there. Kavya finds hard to answer. Reporter says don’t know what is happening in this muh dikhayi. Kavya says she will go and bring them.

Krishna Dasi:

Kumudini prays infront of God while everyone stands behind. Suddenly Krishna flute falls down. Kumudini picks it up and taunts at Aaba for not knowing Krishna and his bhakti. Aaba plays the shank and do the aarti. Kumudini apologizes to Krishna for doing wrong to punish guilty. Aaba says God, you knows the truth. Aaradhya asks God to protect them from Aaba and Aryan. Aryan prays to God to help him protect his mum and kicks Krishnadasi family. Suddenly lamp is about to blown, but Aaradhya and Aryan keep their hands saving the lamp.


Kavya comes to room and asks so you will not come to bless me. Sujata says you will get my shoes, and not blessing. Kavya starts throwing things in her room and breaks the things. Sujata asks what you are doing? Kavya closes the door and spoils her make up and hairs. She shouts save me. Reporters and Laksh run towards the room. Kavya hugs Laksh and cries. Reporter says Kavya is tortured by her mum in laws, and says she is victim of domestic violence.

Krishna Dasi:

Aryan asks Aradhya not to act and leave from there. Aaradhya says everyone knows from where did you get the idol and says she will not leave Krishnavati. They look at each other. Kumudini asks Tulsi to come home. Tulsi says we were going to Pune naa. Kumudini says we can’t go from here, I had mistaken Krishna’s sign. Krishna wants us to stay here, else Aaba will do wrong. Aaradhya says we can’t leave from here like a coward, and will take care of this temple. Kumudini asks Tulsi to come. Tulsi prays to Krishna and asks him to protect her daughter.


The reporters ask Annapurna about her behavior towards Kavya and asks why she got her son married to Kavya then. Annapurna asks Laksh do you think that we have done this. Laksh says no. Sujata holds Kavya’s hand and scolds her for insulting them. Reporter says she held Kavya’s hand strongly and it shows what she has done in closed room.

Shekhar tells Swara that Ragini came to me and gave prasad. He says my Swara made her fine and showed her right way. He asks if she is still thinking about his promise. Swara says yesterday they were about to be thrown from the house. Shekhar reminds of the promise and asks her not to break it.

Krishna Dasi:

Devesh comes to Aaba’s home. Aryan asks what he is doing here? Devesh says he is hired by Aaba and will stay in the house now. Aryan says he will find out who have stolen the idols. Devesh says someone within the family is helping Devdasi against Aaba. Aryan gets thinking.


Ragini and Swara see reporters accusing Annapurna and Sujata for torturing Kavya. They are shocked to see. Ragini says domestic violence. Dadi says as you sow, so you reap. Swara says how can Kavya blame Mom and Badi maa. Dadi says they are not your mom and badi maa. Swara sees Police coming to Maheshwari house. She says she can’t stay quiet. Dadi asks her to stay quiet and says we have nothing to do with them. She asks her not to go and help them, and reminds of Shekhar’s promise else she can’t come back. She says you have to make a choice between mayka or sasural.

Krishna Dasi:

Aryan tells that there is a tight security at home, but then also someone enters home and keeps the idol in Aaba’s room. He asks the guards if you have seen someone coming here. He says no. He asks someone about her baba. She says I saw him outside Aaba’s room. He recalls seeing his dad Shashwant with Tulsi. Aaba asks Gayatri to serve food to Devesh.


Ragini asks Swara to call Sanskar and asks what is happening here. Swara calls him, but his no. is busy. Sanskar calls Sagar./Lawyer. Police comes and asks who called us here. Sujata gets tensed. Ragini tells Swara that she has responsibilities towards Maheshwari family and asks her to help them. Swara asks if I am doing right? Ragini says I am saying this being your sister. She asks her to go and save them. Swara leaves.

Laksh tells Inspector that it is a misunderstanding. Sanskar asks Laksh to take care of his wife. Kavya thinks Laksh is supporting his family and thinks to do something. Reporters continue to accuse Maheshwari family, and asks if they harmed Kavya as she is not marwadi. Laksh tells that they are mistaken. Inspector says he is arresting all the women. Kavya says they haven’t done anything, I had fallen in room. Sanskar tells Inspector that he can’t arrest them. Inspector asks him to bring his lawyer. Ragini watches live on TV and hopes Swara reaches on time. Laksh asks Kavya what she has done? Swara enters Maheshwari house. Reporter asks Kavya if marks on her body is not genuine. Swara enters and says yes. Everyone looks on.

Krishna Dasi:

Aryan thinks about his mum’s words that devdasi tulsi have ruined her life and have returned to take back her peace. He comes to Shashwant and stops the car right infront of him. Shashwant asks what is this nonsense.


Swara tells Inspector that Kavya’s wounds are fake and Maheshwari family haven’t done anything to her. Reporters identifies her as Swara. Sujata praises Swara. Sanskar says she is innocent. Reporter says they have tortured Kavya as she is not marwadi. Swara says I am bengali and this house’s bahu, Sanskar’s wife, and says I can guarantee that my family can’t think of harming anybody. Reporter says new track have come in this case. Dadi comes to Ragini’s room. Ragini tries switching off TV and stands infront of it so that Dadi couldn’t see TV. Dadi asks her to move and says Swara went breaking the promise. Reporter says Swara is supporting her family. Sumi tells Dadi that they are Swara’s family and she couldn’t stop. She asks Ragini if she sent Swara. Ragini says yes, I sent her as they are right.

Krishna Dasi:

Shashwant asks Aryan why he is staring at him. Aryan says something big happened at home and you wasn’t seen there. Shashwant says he went to satara for corporate meeting. Aryan says Aaba was accused of stealing idol and someone took blame on himself. Shashwant asks him not to cross limits and says don’t forget that I am your father. Aryan says Aaba Saheb is your father. He says you have soft corners for the Dev dasi’s and asks if he helped them stolen the idol and framed Aaba. Shashwant slaps Aryan and feels bad as his own son doubts him. Aryan takes out anger on him. Shashwant asks him to stop and says my son have so much venom in him for me.


Swara says nobody can get a good sasural than this Maheshwari house. Reporter asks how can you say when you don’t stay here? Swara says I am not staying here for some reasons, but I will say that they can’t do anything like that. Sanskar asks Inspector if he received these kind of complaint before. Inspector says no, and tells Swara that he is leaving everyone on her guarantee. He says one constable will be in the house. Sujata and Sanskar asks media to leave. Sujata hugs Swara. Swara smiles seeing Sanskar. Sanskar thanks her. Swara says they are my family also.

Krishna Dasi:

Devesh thanks Gayatri for serving him food and asks if she is his grand daughter. Gayatri says yes. She asks him not to tell Aaba Saheb about yesterday. Devesh says he will not tell and looks smilingly at Gayatri as she serves the food.

Shashwant comes home and asks Pavitra if she is happy to widen the difference between Aryan and him. Pavitra says you have soft corner for Devdasi and says I just told him truth. Shashwant says you have always blamed me all my life, and says I don’t have any relation with them, what to do for your doubt. He says from today I have nothing with you, I end my relations with you, you will be my kids’ mum, aaba’s bahu, but not my wife. I will never step in this house. Pavitra gets shocked and asks him not to leave her and end relation. Shashwant says relation is made with trust, but when there is no trust there is no meaning of relation. Pavitra cries.

Banwari gets Aryan and Aradhya’s pic together and thinks their affair have started.


Dadi asks Ragini to call Swara and asks her to come home now itself. Just then she gets a call that Shekhar have an accident. Sumi and Dadi are shocked.

Krishna Dasi:

Tulsi tells Kumudini that she is taking tiffin for Saraswati. Kumudini thinks Tulsi might get to know about her link up with Devesh and says she will come. Shashwant thinks about her conversation with Pavitra and drinks wine. Servant asks him not to drink. Shashwant refuses and asks him to bring more.

Aaradhya teaches english to her friend. She asks questions. Aaradhya says even british can’t answer this. Aryan comes on his jeep and looks at Aaradhya. Aaradhya asks can’t he see that they are studing and asks the girl not to get scared and study. Aryan looks at her.


Swara touches Durga Prasad’s feet. He blesses her and goes inside. Swara recalls about the promise made to Shekhar, Dadi’s condition and Ragini reminding her of her duties. She stops herself from going inside the house. Annapurna tells Sujata that she will not enter because of Shekhar’s promise. Ragini calls Sanskar and informs him about Shekhar’s accident. Swara looks on.


Dadi blames Swara for Shekhar’s accident. Shekhar tells Ragini that nobody will take Swara’s name in the house and ends relation with her. Ragini is shocked.

Krishna Dasi:

Aryan sees Shashwant with Tulsi and blames him for spending time with her and not coming home. Tulsi tries to say that he is mistaken, but Aryan asks her not to interfere between them. Later Aaradhya gets Aryan’s letter asking her to meet him. She comes to the place and gets kidnapped by the goons.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Hasan are you a boy or girl??sorry but we all have a doubt eve n other writers does not know about you?pls tell me or my head will bursts

  2. Shirin

    I don’t get it why do the meheshwaris always creating trouble for themselves. They could have just acted in frond of media

  3. Disgusting guys…..shekar how can he do this…..kya koi baap apni ek beti keliye doosri beti ki zindagi ke saath aisa kartha hai…..swasan again separated….dunno wen they ll show hapoy moments???

  4. ahana

    it will be better if the now show leap of some years or months… and total makeover of swara n ragini…and ragini becoming an independent n strong girl….and laksh living in guilt for betraying ragini…n regretting his decision of marrying kavya…..

    if not den plz atleast give a makeover to swara…m bored by her look…

  5. Ani

    Laksh has gone mad… He is thinking whatever Kavya has done to his family is not wrong and she has done it for him.. Surely she is upto something..

  6. kavya

    I have no expectations anymore with swaragini. I just hope that some one new comes for Ragini. And for krishnadasi i hope aryan realises the truth soon.

  7. rosy

    Ohh i hate dis shekhar paap kare koi aur saza koi aur bukhte…wah selfish marwaris….everytym rags is forgiven bt since swara is bengali n hav no 1 xcept her mom gets threatned…nd if sumi tries to defend swara shekhar wl threatn to divrce her…

  8. sandy

    i dont want krishna daasi to merge with swaragini….swaragini was good but krishna daasi is very boring (i dont understand even 1 word also..)? i love the way swara saved her family☺…but soo sad for swara..she doesn’t break her promise (i mean she didn’t step in mm na) but also she was facing problems from sekhar and daadi….that stupid daadi is blaming swara….but iam happy for that…… because of this reason sekhar sends swara out from baadi..and my sanky takes her into mm…?..shomi also supports her….love u swasan…from now kavya’s bad time starts….now its kavya’s turn get ready to face problems from swasan…..?…SWASAN U BOTH R ROCKING GUYS ….. LOVE U A LOT…..?

  9. Swaragini is bullshit now and laksh why’d he marry a Aunty she looks so much older then him and she’s doing worse then ragini and laksh still doesn’t realize I want ragini to take revenge from laksh but not by scaring him I want her to move on in life and find a guy and go with him but ragini shouldn’t agree to the marriage she should still love laksh but then laksh comes and takes ragini with him but at first she doesn’t agree but then later she agrees to go with him and she should get pregnant so laksh realizes ragini was better then this Aunty kavya ughhhh this show is getting really stupid

  10. Tasnim

    Shekhar isn’t worthy to have swaragini as his daughter swara dump this family and go to your in laws they are worth being called a family

  11. Riya

    Wat Shekhar did I really support…… Laksh slapped Shekhar so wat respect does Shekhar has in Maheshwari house and if he does not have any respect den wat respect will swaragini get???? One thing is dat we will miss Swasan scenes……..? :(………… Loved ❤ AradhyAn scenes……. And feeling sad ? for Shaswat kyonki uska koi galti na tha…..?

  12. Tarannum

    I had fallen for you but my heart broke after knowing that u are a girl…. 🙁
    Anyways awesome epi… n sanskar I love u for ur acting

  13. jollybembi

    Wats swara’s fault in shekhar accident
    Wat d hell dis shekhar n dadi think of demself by separating our swasan n wat wil dey gain by doing so
    O i forgot to tell u guys dat m not wagching dis show since dis b***h kavya entered n only reading written updates

    • jollybembi

      Hey i dont get 1thing dat y do u hav soooooo much problem frm our swasan dat u want unlimitd probs fr dem??????

  14. Neha

    Good Shekhar pls break ur relation with swara atleast then my swasan will be together poor love birds dieing to be with each other just bcoz of that stupid Shekhar always forcing his decisions on swara but when it comes to ragini he has nothing to say I’m not cursing ragini but highlighting Shekhar’s partiality but happy atleast ragini and sumi gonna support swasan waiting for it

  15. Angel

    Hate dadi n shekar..dey r biggest Dumbos..dadi ko toh swara se hamesha se hi problem rhi hai ab ye shekar b add hogaya..swara shud go 2 mm rather to live wid dis stupid andhvishwasi log..
    Bt must say rags aaj bohot pyaari rag rhi n cute bhi..lv u ragu..bt baby TV ka plug nikalna chahiye tha na..fir dadi nai dekti Jo bhi ho..is bahane use pata toh chala..kal uska natak jhelna padega..
    I lv dis new look of rags bt swara ka bhi toh makeover karna chahiye sirf hairstyle change kiya kbse wahi type dress pehnti hai..rags ko kitne diff types ke outfit mile..swara ko bhi toh kuchh naya do..saree ya fir dressing style change karna chahiye..

  16. Hetvi

    I’m happy that shekar ended his relations with swara. At least now she can enter her beautiful SASURAL and save the beautiful maheshwari’s frm that idiot kavya and pagal laksh. Why should swara suffer beacuse of shekar. Laksh slapped him n nt sanskaar why separating SwaSan? ?
    Dumb. And laksh!!! Wah no hopes from him! Stupid… ?????????

  17. Maya

    My poor ragini.. I really want a new entry for ragini. Lakshya is Kavya b*t*h now he follow her order and respect her. Lucky was accusing ragini for ill treating his family and what is Kavya doing now?Is he blind??just like sanskar, ragini have also change I know that some people still don’t like ragini but why guys??? If u can forgive sanskar then why not ragini…I’m ready to forgive Lakshya when he realize his mistake but I really want a new hero for ragini to make him jealous. I’m always a raglak and swasan fan??

    • Well don’t compare sanskar with that ragini. Unlike ragini sanskar didn’t became psyco like her, he didn’t try to kill anyone like the way she tried to kill her own sister, he didn’t kidnap his mother, he didn’t insulted his elders the way she did with her in-laws, he didn’t forced someone to love him and he didn’t accused anyone molesting him the way ragini did towards sanskar. Look it’s good that she turned positive but can’t forget what she did and maybe in the future I will forgive and forget what she did. I know it’s just a drama but this is how I feel.

  18. Nel

    Dadi should be ashamed of herself. I blame her for everything. She instigated ragini against the maheswaris and that built the hatred laksya has for ragini. She doesn’t want to be seen as the bad person but she is. Swaragini is the hero of the times, I wonder why music is her passion instead of crime investigation. I call her the detective. The truth is ragini is reaping what she sowed but her dadi should be involved in the suffering directly so she knows she didn’t bring her as well as she should have. Laksya should have told her he didn’t want her than embarrass and insult her life spoil the whole day for swasan. Shekhar is unrealistic, how can he think to break a fresh marriage. He’s selfish, if ragini was in swaras shoes, I don’t see him preventing her from staying with her husband. Let’s hope that kavya gets a taste of her own medicine pretty soon. Laksya too will regret, I already see him regretting not for insulting ragini, but for choosing a very forward girl like kavya. His privacy too is terminated of he doesn’t mind.

    • Aditi Singh

      I totally agree with he is now regretting to marry this old women….really she is like a old psycho person…

  19. Later it can come out that..kavya is kavita’s younger sister..nd she actually came to take revenge on behalf of her sis nd mum kaveri…. she is not Marwari too..as per today’s telecast.
    That’s y kavita yl getting arrested stayed quite..n she sent her to torture maheshwaris

  20. Aditi Singh

    plagal ho gya hai kya…har baar har galti ka dooshi swara ko hi samajhte hai…idiots…totally mad hamesha swara ke piche pade rahte hai…

  21. sarah

    One fine day kavya will take the property on her name and will kick laksh out of his own house and will marry someone else. Then laksh will come back to ragini. Then ragini will also kick him out. He will become mad and will be sent to asylum

  22. sylvia

    even am thinking the same that ragini will be pregnent soon as she had a relation with Laksh at that time i guess their will be new entry for another male who is gonna support ragini and kavya will be taking all the property on her name and than laksh will be alone and will remember if his doings and i guess kavya already has a plan of taking this property off and might be having another boyfriend with whom she has made this plan.

  23. sakshi ajishma

    why thy make swaragini&krishnadasi 2gthr?thr is no connection.but i realy love ARADHYA&RAGINI.ragu realy supported her sis.bt i cant undstand y these cv’s overfocusing mahan swara?i used 2 love hr b4,bt now she is just like Simar.plz dnt make hr aunty type.laksh only deserve that aunty kavya..how stupid he is..how can he 4get such a gorgeous girl like ragini? he wil regret 1day.sure.bt vry sad 4 aradhya..aradhya&ragni in same situation,both r neglected&hurted by their angry partners…

  24. jo

    spoiler; shekar meets with accident and gets his hand fractured. dadi accuses swara for breaking the promise and going to maheshwari house, and that’s why shekar meets with accident.she puts forth the condition that swara have to choose between her sasural and mayka. its a tough situation for swara. she will do a daughter and daughter in law’s duties together. dadi asks swara to choose them or sanskar.

  25. anu

    swara goes to sanskar’s house against her dad wish.
    sharmishta fress swara from shekar’s promise and sends swara with sanskar in swaragini.
    we see that after gave promise she went to mm house to save her mil’s from police. shekar meets with accident but and dadi blames swara for his accident. dadi puts condition infront of swara to choose shekar or sanskar(mm family).
    she is in dilemma because she is having deep connection with both the houses and canot choses anyone of them. shomi frees swara from shekar’s promise and suggest her that she should go to her in law’s house with her husband sanskar.
    he comes to badi with ap and dp for swara’s adieu. shomi performs both swara and sanskar adieu ritual and put shaka-pola in swara’s hand(as bengali ritual).
    swara goes back mm house with sanskar to end kavya terrory in mm house.
    swara to end kavya’s terror.
    shekar is angry with swara and doesnot come to meet her and gave ashivard when her adieu going. shomi makes swara believe that she try to make shekar and dadi understand.
    stay tuned further exciting updates.

  26. monica

    Ragini should become a singing sensation and teach kavya a lesson and Swara should go back to MM and make kavya’s life difficult. It would be fun to watch kavya being attacked by swaragini together….raglak should unite soon

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