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The Episode starts with Ragini asking Sujata and Uttara to sweep the house and then clean with water. Annapurna comes and says Sujata is your Chachi, and she will not do this work. Dadi interferes. Annapurna says it is elders’ duty to teach good things to children. Ragini says you can’t talk to my Dadi like that. Uttara says you also can’t talk to my badi maa like this. Ragini says I am owner of the house and can do anything with you. Annapurna says we have tolerated you enough and asks her not to call her Maa. She says you don’t have right to call me Maa. Ragini says I am feeling proud and egoistic on my richness. She blames Annapurna for giving bad upbringing to Laksh and says he didn’t love me but my sister. She insults her very much. Dadi says someone else will do the work. Ragini

says you said right and throws poocho on Annapurna asking her to do the poocha if she can’t see Sujata and Uttara doing the poocha. Annapurna says I haven’t seen this kind of cheap girl before. She throws the poocha back on her face.

Ragini gets angry and throws water on her face. Laksh comes and is shocked to see Ragini insulting his mum badly. He grabs her neck and tries to suffocate her. Durga Prasad and Sanskar come back. Sanskar asks him not to repeat same mistake again. Dadi says Sanskar is right and threatens Laksh. Ragini says I will not bend infront of your anger. You will have to bend infront of you as you don’t have any other way out. You can’t do anything. Sanskar says we can leave this house. He assures his family that he will not let them get insulted by Ragini. He tells Ragini that she can snatched their money or company, but can’t snatch their self respect. He says we are leaving this house now itself. Ragini is shocked.

Swara comes to the musical instruments supplier. He tels that he haven’t send any musical instruments there. Swara thinks how to find out and thinks even Sanskar is not helping her. She thinks the receipt might be with Ragini. Just then Swara sees the veiled woman in the shop, but she don’t notice her.

Everyone get ready to leave the house. Ragini asks if they have done their packing. She says do you think that you can leave this house, you have worn good clothes, slept in AC and have good food. I will not let you take anything except the clothes which you are wearing. Annapurna says I will go and takes out her jewellery etc. She says I can stay on the street, but can’t stay with a shameless girl like you under a same roof. She says this house and everything is made by my husband. I am not afraid of poverty, and will never accept my husband or family’s insult.
Everyone remove their jewellery. Sujata says greedy woman, take everything. You will get mad someday and I will send you to asylum. Annapurna asks her not to talk to her.
Ragini tells Dadi that everyone is leaving. Dadi says it is good, we will keep servants and have good lifestyle. Ragini says if they leave then we will take revenge from whom. She says they might badmouth about me outside. She asks them to stop from leaving.

Sanskar asks Ragini not to stop them and says if she continues to trouble them then he will forget that she is his brother’s wife. Laksh asks him to forget that. Annapurna says you will get rotten here and will die one day. Dadi says you are going from here, but asks Durga Prasad once. Ragini asks him to think and goes to get water for Annapurna. Dadi says even Durga Prasad needs water. Ragini asks Annapurna to drink water and says I brought water for you even though I am owner of the house. Dadi serves water to Durga Prasad and threatens him silently. Annapurna asks everyone to come. Durga Prasad says nobody will leave. Everyone is shocked.

Laksh tells Durga Prasad that he is ready to go to jail, but can’t bear Ragini insulting them. Annapurna says they can stay anywhere. Ram and Sujata ask them to come with them. Durga Prasad asks them not to argue and go to their rooms. Dadi asks them to go to their room and then get back to work. Ragini asks Annapurna what she is making in lunch, and says you might be thinking why Durga Prasad has changed his decision. She says there is a secret which is old.

Ragini tries to paint Annapurna’s face black as she raised her voice against her and decided to leave. Swara comes and pushes her in paint bowl. Ragini’s face gets smeared in black color. Swara says whenever she will try to harm her family then she will come and fight with her. She says you have kicked me out of house, but not them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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