Swaragini 25th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 25th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ragini asking Sujata and Uttara to sweep the house and then clean with water. Annapurna comes and says Sujata is your Chachi, and she will not do this work. Dadi interferes. Annapurna says it is elders’ duty to teach good things to children. Ragini says you can’t talk to my Dadi like that. Uttara says you also can’t talk to my badi maa like this. Ragini says I am owner of the house and can do anything with you. Annapurna says we have tolerated you enough and asks her not to call her Maa. She says you don’t have right to call me Maa. Ragini says I am feeling proud and egoistic on my richness. She blames Annapurna for giving bad upbringing to Laksh and says he didn’t love me but my sister. She insults her very much. Dadi says someone else will do the work. Ragini

says you said right and throws poocho on Annapurna asking her to do the poocha if she can’t see Sujata and Uttara doing the poocha. Annapurna says I haven’t seen this kind of cheap girl before. She throws the poocha back on her face.

Ragini gets angry and throws water on her face. Laksh comes and is shocked to see Ragini insulting his mum badly. He grabs her neck and tries to suffocate her. Durga Prasad and Sanskar come back. Sanskar asks him not to repeat same mistake again. Dadi says Sanskar is right and threatens Laksh. Ragini says I will not bend infront of your anger. You will have to bend infront of you as you don’t have any other way out. You can’t do anything. Sanskar says we can leave this house. He assures his family that he will not let them get insulted by Ragini. He tells Ragini that she can snatched their money or company, but can’t snatch their self respect. He says we are leaving this house now itself. Ragini is shocked.

Swara comes to the musical instruments supplier. He tels that he haven’t send any musical instruments there. Swara thinks how to find out and thinks even Sanskar is not helping her. She thinks the receipt might be with Ragini. Just then Swara sees the veiled woman in the shop, but she don’t notice her.

Everyone get ready to leave the house. Ragini asks if they have done their packing. She says do you think that you can leave this house, you have worn good clothes, slept in AC and have good food. I will not let you take anything except the clothes which you are wearing. Annapurna says I will go and takes out her jewellery etc. She says I can stay on the street, but can’t stay with a shameless girl like you under a same roof. She says this house and everything is made by my husband. I am not afraid of poverty, and will never accept my husband or family’s insult.
Everyone remove their jewellery. Sujata says greedy woman, take everything. You will get mad someday and I will send you to asylum. Annapurna asks her not to talk to her.
Ragini tells Dadi that everyone is leaving. Dadi says it is good, we will keep servants and have good lifestyle. Ragini says if they leave then we will take revenge from whom. She says they might badmouth about me outside. She asks them to stop from leaving.

Sanskar asks Ragini not to stop them and says if she continues to trouble them then he will forget that she is his brother’s wife. Laksh asks him to forget that. Annapurna says you will get rotten here and will die one day. Dadi says you are going from here, but asks Durga Prasad once. Ragini asks him to think and goes to get water for Annapurna. Dadi says even Durga Prasad needs water. Ragini asks Annapurna to drink water and says I brought water for you even though I am owner of the house. Dadi serves water to Durga Prasad and threatens him silently. Annapurna asks everyone to come. Durga Prasad says nobody will leave. Everyone is shocked.

Laksh tells Durga Prasad that he is ready to go to jail, but can’t bear Ragini insulting them. Annapurna says they can stay anywhere. Ram and Sujata ask them to come with them. Durga Prasad asks them not to argue and go to their rooms. Dadi asks them to go to their room and then get back to work. Ragini asks Annapurna what she is making in lunch, and says you might be thinking why Durga Prasad has changed his decision. She says there is a secret which is old.

Ragini tries to paint Annapurna’s face black as she raised her voice against her and decided to leave. Swara comes and pushes her in paint bowl. Ragini’s face gets smeared in black color. Swara says whenever she will try to harm her family then she will come and fight with her. She says you have kicked me out of house, but not them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Honey

    Oh.. Today at starting I was like killing Ragini. When Laksh hold her neck I was like just kill her. But when sanskar poured water in her face I became very happy. When AP decided to get out of the house I’m happy about their decision. But when DP denied I was thinking what the hell is that much important than his family members self-respect. go to hell…

  2. Tara

    Superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb episode. Laksh just rocked. Sanskar wowwww.. Annapurna tooooo good. 3 of them stole d show. Irritating dp. D way tey stud against ragini, laksh throttled ragini, Annapurna throwing cloth on ragini’s face, sanskar splashing water on ragini… wowwwwwww… wish tis continues.

  3. aashi

    loved annapurna today!!! she was amazing. ..finally laksh you did it…loved it yrrr…..n dp should reveal his secret to his family. ..then only they can win against rags. …well loved sanky n lucky today…waiting for Monday episode. ..black ragini…hehe..khi khi lolzx 😛

  4. bhagi

    ohhhhhh god i love the first part nd ha after that its just tooooo much aaab bahuth ho gaya yaar iss ragini ka ye kounsi pyaar badlaaa ke baath kar rahi hai ise tho sirf mental asylum me hona chahiye tha

  5. jolly bembi

    Y no swasan scene today n i wud lyk to bang d heads of dat 2 psychos rags n her dadi
    O it was such an irritating disgusting episode dat i felt lyk shooting myself in d head ya fir go inside d tv n kill rags fr sure

  6. angel

    oh my God……black colour!!!!!!!ragini is stooping lo day by day……..what are the cvs upto???

    dp should not be afraid of ragini’s warnings.he should know that if ragini will tell the secret she couldn’t blackmail him then and he can take over all the property again and wouldn’t tolerate her cheap tactics….

    hate u ragini just wanna kill u…..

  7. Can someone please go and kill that ragini and her dadi for me please. Hate them both to the core. I wish them both die soon. Hate them and can’t stand them. I hope that she doesn’t get forgiven that easily after she turns positive. What is this nonsense, I mean she did so much and tried to kill swara twice then why the hell she’s not locked in bars. I just hope she gets worse punishment and her snake dadi should join hands with her. I hate looking at them both now, they give me the creeps.

  8. karthi

    enna kotuma da ithu ithellam oru serial la vay theriyala…..itha mari serial patha kutupathukulla kuda kolpamvathurum…serial etukkaranga …intha serial la oru goodrelationship.. moral values .good family mmmm ethuvumay illa twist tungara Perla enna kodumailam sairanga…ipti serial potta nall marumaga kuta katruvanga pa..entha vetla pa iptilam kotumma nattakuthu…konjam reality ya try pannuga writers ..verum entertainment mattum nu kottuma panathinga plz….

  9. aashi

    The upcoming episode of Swaragini will show that Ragini finds out Annapurna went to meet Swara.
    Ragini asks Annapurna telling what Swara told her but Annapurna does not say anything.
    Very much and makes her wear black cloths.
    Ragini tells Annapurna that if she will not tell the truth then she will black her face.
    Ragini takes black color and tries applying it on Annapurna’s face but Swara comes there.
    Swara stops Ragini and twist her hand tightly.
    Sujata accuses Swara that all things are happening just because of her.
    Uttara supports Swara but Sujata scolds her.
    Swara and Ragini have high verbal argument and Swara pushes Ragini and Ragini falls in black water bowl.
    Ragin igets angry while Dadi consoles her.
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.
    » Swaragini: Sanskaar and Lakshya’s master plan against Ragini
    » Swaragini: Swara finds Durga Prasad’s past and returns to home
    » Swaragini: Sanskaar and Lakshya join hands against Ragini
    » Swaragini: Lakshya to throttle Ragini seeing her torture on Swara
    Swaragini: Swara to blacken Ragini’s face for insulting Annapurna
    Upcoming Episode
    Swara (Helly Shah) stops Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash) humiliating Annapurna (shalini Kapoor) in Swaragini
    Swara scolds Ragini for hurting her family

  10. shria

    Superb episode!!! And kya kahu:):):);)
    Sanky,lucky n AP “daag di killi”
    Seems like do ka ka secrat much bahut serious issue has…

  11. shruthi

    Awesome episode :-* loved laksh and sanskaar… Annapurna awesome work…. I loved the moment when sanskaar splashed water on ragini’s face…loved the precap swasanlak all are punishing ragini this is what I wanted … Sanskaar did an amazing job today… And I’m not bothered about dp the more no.of days they stay in mm mansion the more no.of insult ragini is gonna get… I want it to continue

  12. hey guyzzzz….. the veiled woman is durga prasad’s ex lover. dadi and ragini came to know about this secret and are blackmailing him………

  13. bhuvi

    Now I guess san also understand swara telling rite abt dp that dp caught by some secret which is related classical dancer… I hope sanskar call swara ask her to kumkum help him to free his family from that devil clutch… N also ask help to find dp past… Hope san himself make call n talk swara… Not by intermediate( laksh)… Plz don’t disappoint us…n I ll be extreme happy if sanskar himself bring swara to mm by holding each other hand… Dunno it ll happen or not…

  14. jolly bembi

    well done sanlak u gave rags wat she dserved lucky thanx fr strangling her n sanky thanx fr throwing water on her face n y ap also did good job
    i want rags to die 100 times before she actually dies in d show
    Plz swara stop ur dis jasoosi vala kaam we dont lyk it

  15. Rey

    1st tym i luved u annapurna …. laksh nd sanskar both r rocked today nd dp hw selfish u r … shit u dn’t even care abt annapurna also ah u just still want to hide ur secret ah disgusting plzz try to tell ur secret to sanky r laksh r swara they will definetely help u … nd i m eagerly waitng for monday episode

  16. swetha

    Can’t you colors people make some thing which is good. I don’t know why you people like to show such cheap things. I wish at least you people change your script writers

  17. Appu

    Luvd it sanky splashed water on rags face .wow supet sanky.ur expression was super at that time.plz unite swasan soon .cant see them seperated .luv u swasan .swasan rocks forever.

  18. Rids

    Today’s episode was like they also want to join our I HATE RAGINI CLUB… everyone against her…. I was feeling so happy each time she got insulted …

      • Rids

        Haii neha .. Shuva.. M good… Hw u guys…. Yeah m finding this serial very disturbing so m jus trying to add humor by targeting tat ragini… 🙂 🙂

    • Hi rids
      How are you? Yeah even me I was also feeling happy when she was getting insulted. Hate her and her Nagin dadi of hers to the core. And yeah loved Today’s precap and can’t wait till Monday.

  19. RAGLAK

    What the hell is this I used to love swaragini before and now I just hate it these directors dont have brains ot what.
    I am a strong admirer of the bond between to sisters do they want to spoil our brains or what by showing tejaswi is such a bad role they are just corrupting our brains.
    I cant bear this anymore. Either shut thos blo*dy show or else make Ragini positive.
    And what I feel is if tejaswi is quitting the show then she exactly rite. I am a very big fan of Tejaswi and always admire her and one more point that if the show was only about swara then they should have kept the shows name Swara the mahan devi.
    There is only swara swara swara dont forget directors but the serials name is SwaRagini n not just swara both sisters need exact rites we fans are fed up of the current track pls change the track make Ragini positive we want to see the same old SwaRagini bond please………




  20. Saranya

    Writers pls change the track. Pls don’t show ragini’s character with this much of negativity. It’s too much irritating yar. Pls change her character as positive and unite raglak asap. And unite Swasan & swaragini as well. The 4 are always cute & excellent actors.

  21. Rachna

    This serial is losing its beauty. I thot tey wil really lev the house n a new track wil start. This is just dragging. It wud hav been superb if all of thm wud hav gone to baadi. Ragini n her Dadi shud see their faces thn. And wer is Ragini grandfather. Why can’t he come n slap his wife n grand daughter. b*t*hes to the core. Bakwaas serial.

  22. Hi guys
    What’s up, how are you all? Wow I don’t know where to begin. First of all I really really really really felt like killing that psyco ragini and her Nagin prat dadi of hers. Hey you 2 psyco prats just go and die hate you both man. Today my lady annuproorna nailed it man, it was awesome. The way she spoke to those 2 prats I loved it, I mean this is what I call a girl power. Laksh and sanskar did great today, the way Laksh strangled ragini it was good but I really wished that I was there to strangle that nagin dadi it would have been awesome. And when sanskar threw water at that ragini I was laughing my head of, good she deserved it. Yeah and I also loved the precap and you know what I can’t wait till Monday cause I want see ragini’s face turning black ha ha lol ?????????? she deserved it.

  23. riya

    What the heel is going on with this crap, but today ep I enjoyed so much .Ragini ragini ragini main kya bolu tuhme u know u just cross all the limit of evil acting ,I think u overtake Sakshi goenka…?????

  24. Neha

    Wow superb though there were not swasan scenes but instead I liked today’s epi ap accusing ragini and standing for her and family’s self respect laksh straggling ragini’s neck then sanlak bonding sanskar’s entry and dialogue his splashing water on ragini’s face was just mind blowing
    You know guys when sanskar stopped laksh I thought that the news about him splashing water on ragini’s face was wrong but I was hell shocked and happy by his sudden action he is like a calm bomb well I must say jor ka jatka dhire se dene wala today he was in full action and after that uttara’s and ap’s expressions showing proud on sanskar was just amazing and yeah dp I don’t understand one thing that why in Indian telly soaps past is given more preference than present bcoz from my point of view only your present has the capability to change your future past can affect but can’t make future

    • bhuvi

      Yes …your absolutly rite… Past can affect present but can’t change your future… Oly present can change it…if he shares his past with his family they Will surely understand… Afterall they all love n care for each other… Especially ap… Surely she may get hurt but she ll understand him…

  25. Neha

    Hope now sanky understand that swara was right about dp past and he get to know it bcoz after that he gonna handle everything and dp tell sanky about the divorce papers and hope swasan unite soon

    • Neha

      Yeah swasan rocks they r best onscreen jodi but instead they were not in today’s epi I loved it for sanskar aka varun he is back with his actions and words what a spiritual person he is always standing with a solution

  26. needhi

    I think dp is going to tell about the divorce papers not about his past otherwise our sanky is too smart he will solve the problem then and there only and the crap track will come to an end.But we know swaragini makers they will not allow any intelligent thing to happen that too without dragging.rather then sanky they will give opportunity to swara our detective queen to solve one more case so that she can surpass sherlock holmes.instead of sherlock holmes swaras name will be enchanted by people in case of any crime

  27. nik

    Hiiiii Shuva, neha, needhi, rids n all odrs. How r u all???? N ya needhi I too ht dtctv swara. SWASAN rks n SWASAN 4ever n ever.

  28. nik

    Bt really flng bad fr Teju . She too don’t lyk 2 play dis witchy character. Don’t know wdr de ll trn hr positv or not????

  29. Shivani

    Today’s episode was mind-blowing!!!!! Sankyyy and Luckyyy both of u just rocked today! !!! Well m a bigggg crazy fan of sanskar bt still i loved laksh also today 😉 and the bhashan given to ragini by sanky ws amazing!!!!!!! N thn…suddenly sanky ne apna kartavya dikhadiya 😀 splashed water suddenly on raginiz face 😀 loved annaporna and sujata too today…voh kuch bhi krenge bs ragini ke ghar nhi rahenge..amazing dialouge mahn!!!!
    But m eager for dp and sanky conversation
    Shyd dp sanky ko bolega ki swara didnt sign the papers unconditionally n also MAY reveal his secret
    ..afterall sanky sbse samajhdar insaan hai baat krne keliye 😉

  30. nik

    Ap goes 2 meet swara, knowing dis ragini ask ap about d dscsn btwn hr n swara. Bt ap refuses 2 tell anything n then ragini mks ap wear black clothes. Utara informs swara about all dis n wn ragini tries 2 mk AP’s fc blk swara cms dr n twsts raginis hnd n pushes hr, raginis fc gets dipped in d tb n hr own fc tens blk. WL did is about saviour swara now I ll cm 2 dtctv swara 2 whom l don’t want 2 watch. Swara collides wd d veil wmn n she tries 2 tk 2 hr bt in btwn swaras phone rings n an she pks d call n d wmn goes from dr bt our dtctv swara sm how mngs 2 find hr house n goes dr. She tries to know about DPs scrt from dat wmn .She dn gvs hr all gold jwlry 2 d wmn 2 know d scrt.

  31. nik

    Goddddd….jiii…..plzzz…..dp aur sanky ka cnvrstn krwa do na. N sanky ko pta chal gye ki swara didn’t sign d pprs knowingly.

  32. Jenisha

    I heard that kavita .. Sanskar’s ex lover is going to comeback on the show…The ongoing track of Swaragini highlights a mysterious woman (Sonia Shah), who has a hand in Durgaprasad’s current miserable condition.
    Swara (Helly Shah) who recently became a detective in this case, will unfold the mystery of this unknown lady.
    Our source informs, “In the coming episodes, Swara will confront that mysterious woman, who will blame Durgaprasad to be a murderer and accuse him of killing an innocent girl. Swara will not be able believe her and will notice that the lady is getting continuous calls on her cell phone. Swara will then trace the number and reach to the place, from where the calls were being sourced. The unknown number would turn out to be the hospital’s number, where Kavita has been kept.”
    The mysterious lady will be none other than Kavita’s mother. However, while everyone assumes Kavita as dead, she would have actually been in coma for many years and would have recovered now. Swara will take Kavita to the Maheshwari family, being unaware about the fact that she is Sanskar’s ex-lover.
    Swara will bring Kavita in front of everyone to unravel the truth behind the mysterious woman. The entire family will be shocked on seeing Kavita alive.
    But what about Sanskar (Varun Kapoor)? Will he go back to his first love or will he show his loyalty towards Swara?

  33. Rids

    Yeah jenisha I read this too… Plus ragini s quitting . Feb 1 is her last…. 🙁 :(…. See even actors are disappointed

  34. jolly bembi

    Hey nik thanx fr d info n ya u r ryt as wd undrstood wat u wanna say in ur 2nd last comment as evn i also do similar mistakes yaar

  35. nik

    I think de ll end dis show by 1st Feb. Coz de ll not trn ragini possitv so Teju ll quit. N swaragini widout ragini can not b possible.

  36. needhi

    Hi jenisa ,rids ,shuva,neha,nik
    I read your comment jenisa but i am little confused .guys u remember when that lady with the veil came in mm she said i sang hamari attariya pe song for someone special years back indicating dp .why will kavithas mother sing for dp?One more thing if she is kavithas mother then why would dp be afraid of her as sanskaar already knows that kavita got killed.if kavita returns then it will be a very difficult situation for sanskaar.sanskaar loved kavita very much in a way that whole long 5 years he stood alone just with her memories and guys kavita is not wrong she also deserves sanskaars love as she never betrayed rather she was hospotalized. coming to our savior ,detective and now trying to be a good lover.u guys must have understood i am talking about swara .she also deserves sanskaars love.sanskaars guilt, swara’s innocence ,selflessness made sanskaar fall for her.its very difficult to decide whom sanskaar loves more the girl whose death made sanskaar a devil(kavita) or the girl who gave him new life and made him smile again(swara).

    • richa

      Wat…. Kavitha s alive??? Omg… So they decided to drag swara union at any extent…. Y don’t they understand Wat viewers want… N swara ll mu tat first love is strong m unforgettable for sanskar..so .this mahan swar sacrifice her love n leave sanska… Everyday I think I must undergo laughing therapy after watching this serial… Its getting into my nerves… Ridiculous….

    • Hi Needhi
      Wow well said and I guess you’re right and you know what I think that sanskar will be with swara even though swara tells him to go back to kavita. I don’t I just got the feeling he will cause at the end of the day it was because of swara became a good person again, infact them both went through allot together.

      • Sorry there’s some missing words. It’s just that I was pressing my mobile buttons to fast. I hope you anderstand what I mean though.

    • Neha

      Hey needhi this news is getting on my nerves I read this news on facebook and I am going hyper don’t know what CVS are trying to show but this news had increased my bp I hope this turns to be a fake news I just don’t wanna see anyone btw swasan as kavita also deserve sanskar and with her return only sanky is gonna have pain and I don’t want him to suffer more

  37. plz plz…….teju quit this stupid serial soon.its disgusting.i can’t see u like this.u have more talent surely u will get nice role in nice serial.stupid writers.bye bye swaragini.

  38. Hey shuva evn i wish d same shud happen ( swasan ) but it all depends on d cvs as it always lyks to show d unexpectd things
    So guyz juz keep ur fingers crossd fr our swasan

  39. nik

    Bt I don’t think ki SWASAN swaragini ki naiya ko Jada dn tk bcha payenge. Jese inke wrtrs h n…..inki naiya pka jldi hi dubegi.

  40. nik

    N ya 1 mr thing I really lykd laksh acting in last few episodes. Specially the “bewda laksh.” When he called ragini “malkin” n dadi ” badi malkin” was soooo…funnyyyyy…lol.

  41. Hi guys its a fake news kavita will not be coming in the show and the new women is dp’s ex lover.whom do used to love long ago but got married ? to Annapurna because her lover was a dancer + singer.
    U gus know all the traditional family ? problem

    • bhuvi

      Hope that shud be fake news… But v can’t trust these ppl they ll bring dead ppl to alive , kidnapping, memoryloss drama repeatly which annoy us…. N lAter this James bond 007, mahan srimathi swara ll act as memorylost so that sanskar move on with his first lov Kavitha..

    • Hi kirtika
      Thank you thank you thank you thank you for giving us a good news. I just hope that this news is fake. Yeah I’m so happy ???????????????????

  42. manasmeet

    Pls vote fr swara and sanskaar at telly express poll fr best jodi of 2015.They are currently at 3rd position.

    • If it correct then that means that dancer lady could be dp’s ex lover and if kavita is that ladies daughter then there’s a possibility that kavita is dp’s daughter.

  43. nik

    Hiii rids.How r u??? Sorry I couldn’t reply u earlier. Actually last week I was busy wid my college prjct dats why I couldn’t cmnt .

    • Rids

      Oh okay okay.. No problem nik. Nw u r here
      .. I don’t knw wat vil happen next. M losing interest slowly. M commenting here oly for u guys

      • Hi rids,
        Yeah I know what you mean even I’m also loosing interest. I know Swasan will be together but I got the feeling that it will a long time.

      • Rids

        Yeah shuva. Simply we ll keep waiting nd get disappointed… It’s gonna take really long. They might unite swasan nd end the show. So we might not even get to see good swasan moments

  44. nik

    Hiiiii Shuva, rids, neha, needhi n all odrs. Guys plzzzzzzz.vote for SWASAN at tele express pole for best Jodi 2015. De r at 3rd position. Plzzzzzzz………

    • ammu

      What??Is it true?? Oh my God!!!! I dont want swasan to be seperated yaar…….swara is this really true???

  45. Guys…nikitha sharma is going to play the role of sanskars ex kavitha .who was last seen in do dil ek jaannn….lets watch wats next

  46. Nikita Sharma bags a pivotal role on colors swaraginiPretty and vivacious actress Nikita Sharma, who rose to fame with her character Antara on Zee TV’s ‘Do Dil Ek Jaan’ is all set to enter Colors’ popular show Swaragini.
    As we have recently reported about Kavita’s re-entry in the show, the latest we hear now is that Nikita will be seen portraying that character opposite Sanksar (Varun Kapoor).
    Our credible source informs, “Nikita Sharma will be seen essaying a cameo role in the show Swaragini. Her character will be brief, yet a very strong one. She will be seen as Kavita, who is the ex-lover of Sanskar and has now re-entered his life. Swara (Helly Shah) will introduce her to the entire Maheshwari family. Nikita has already started shooting for the show from today.”
    We tried contacting Nikita but she remained busy shooting.
    We wish her good luck for her new venture!

    • Hi cherry
      How are you? Thanks for the update. I don’t know what to think anymore about this drama, I mean sometime I tell my self that why I’m I wasting my time watching this crap, but then again I’m watching it because of Swasan. I’m a big fan of Swasan you know.

  47. Neha

    And yes kavita role will be brief that means just for short time being therefore no worries swasan is sure but I don’t know after how much time

  48. aathira

    Frnds..can anyone tell me song played on d promo in bigg boss wen suyyash met his sister… Which movie it is??

  49. nik

    Hey guy u know what I m thnkng dat may b wrtrs r plng to end d chrctr of ragini n aftr dat de ll show laksh flng fr kavita.Coz I m sure SWASAN ll nt sprt so most probably at de end kavita ll bcm lv lady of laksh.

  50. Lee

    Hiii nik shuva rids i think tum log muze bhul gaye ho…
    How are u alll???.
    N ha neha thanks yr sfter reading ur comment i feld relief….

    • Hi Lee
      How are? Sorry yaar haven’t forgotten you. So what do you think about the current track and about kavita coming back to sanskar’s life again.

  51. Yhi ek serial tha jo ab tk mst chl rha tha bt ab ye bht faltu ho gya h….ragini ko htao yar i jst hate hr…or ab ye kavita omg nya drama..srial mei to kvi khushi aa hi nhi skti…

  52. Hi guys read this.

    Swaragini: Ragini attempts to kill Sanskaar in New Year party

    The upcoming episode of Swaragini will show that Ragini gets some evidence to expose Durga Prasad in New Year party.
    Swara tells sanskaar about some photos and Ragini‘s intension to defame Durga Prasad in party.
    Sanskaar gets the photos and tries to show them but Ragini and Dadi come there.
    Ragini gets shocked seeing Sanskaar gets those photos.
    Durga Prasad’s past connects with Sanskaar
    To stop Sanskaar, Ragini hits on Sanskaar’s head by a flower vase and he falls on down in unconscious state.
    It will reveal that Durga Prasad’s past is have some connection with Sanskaar .
    Ragini wants to bring storm in Maheshwari family revealing this truth.
    Stay tuned for further exciting truth.

  53. Hey guys this is new it is a copy pasted articleWU: Its little different from SBAS, Sanskar takes the photos from Ragini, that means Ragini was carrying those photos in her hand. Ragini hits Sanskar before he can see the pics. Sanskar faints Ragini tries to take it from his hand, succeeds. Intv Varun says pics mein aisa kuch hai jo Ragini ka khel khatam kar sakta hai, I have some doubts… but Ragini hit me. Dadi says there is some raaz in these photos.

    SBAS video


    Sanskar has some photos in his hand, which can expose Ragini (Varun says Swara se puri tarah baat nahi ho payi kya hai photo mein , r we getting Swasan scene?) … but Ragini hits Sanskar from back, he fells down on ground, possibly faintsShocked

    Intv Ragini, Sanskar, Dadi… no one reveals what’s in this picsLOL

    Varun single IV but he doesn’t reveal anything LOL

    VO says its related to Sanskar’s past… a girl

    Varun looks very yummy in white and in black suitDay Dreaming Varun was showing Tejsawi how to hit from back. Tejaswi says muh ghumao phir thappar maro, behter sar pe war kare LOL

    No sign of Swara


    Ragini’s new plan for New Year party… Ragini hits Sanskar’s head…Ragini Ankh Markar Rang Jama di…@2.26pm

  54. Guyz plz swasan ko vote kro fr d best jodi in tellyexpress polls n also vote varun kapoor as a fresh face entry male so dat our fav winz plzzzzzzzz itz my request

  55. nik

    Hiiii guys ,its sad but SWASAN slipped from 3rd to 4th position in pole fr best Jodi cndctd by tele express. Its to all swasanians Plzzzz…guys do vote dm coz we want 2 see dm rkng at 1st place. N ya 1 vote ll not b enough so vote as much as u can. Plzzzz…

  56. nik

    Hiiiiiii…cherry I m fn dr. N ya SWASAN rocks n SWASAN 4 ever n ever. Hope dat soon dr ll b sm intrstng trk in swaragini after kavita’s entry.

  57. Guyz still 12000 votes r needed fr getting our fav swasan at d first place soo plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz vote fr dem at maximum so dat dey win n we becum happy happy

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.