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The Episode starts with Adarsh spitting his hatred and anger for the family. Annapurna says we always loved you like we love Laksh and Sanskar. Adarsh says I have snatched my right. Laksh says you always got your rights. Adarsh tells about his insecurities and says I break my relation with you all. He says my parents are dead for me, and I have no family in this world. Annapurna asks Parineeta what she has done? She says my Adarsh is not like this. Parineeta says your son is a nursery child, whom I have spoiled. She says Laksh and Sanskar have always supported their wives in their wrong doings. Swara says Laksh and Sanskar have never supported us in our wrong doings. Parineeta says she knows better and says when I was apologizing to everyone, nobody forgive me as I didn’t lick their feet as you.


shouts Bhabhi….Parineeta says you can’t do anything and asks him to take his family and leave. Annapurna tells Adarsh that they will talk and asks him not to break their family. Adarsh says I am not breaking your family and asks her to go with family. Durga Prasad says how you are talking to your mum? Adarsh says she is not my mum. Parineeta says dialogues are done, and asks them to leave. Parineeta taunts Sumi. Shekhar asks her not to taunt his wife and tells Adarsh that whatever he is today is because of his parents. Sumi tells Parineeta that they are not sending her to jail for kidnapping her son and asks her to be thankful. Durga Prasad is shattered and tells Adarsh that he is badmouthing about his blood.

Adarsh asks him to get out. Laksh holds Durga Prasad’s hand and says we will give answer to you. Adarsh asks how? As this whole properly is on my name now, you can’t do anything. Sanskar says time will tell you. Parineeta asks them to tell dialogues later and asks them to think where they will stay, on street or in shelter home. Shekhar tells Durga Prasad that you people will stay with us, being one family. Swara and Ragini join hands showing their unity. Swara says we are bahus of this house and will not let you snatch our rights so easily. Ragini says we will get it back for Maa, Papa ji and all the family. Swara says Parineeta and Adarsh will be punished for their crimes and says this is Swaragini’s promise.

Sujata cries and asks Annapurna to come. Annapurna recalls Adarsh’s words that his parents are dead for him……Baghban song plays…………………..All the Maheshwari family walk towards the door recalling their happy times…in the house. Parineeta smirks. Swara looks at the house….Adarsh holds Parineeta’s hand and closes the door as they leave. Utara recalls tying Rakhi on his hand.

When they come out of house, see Sulekha coming there. Annapurna asks Sulekha make Parineeta understand and says she can’t break our family. Sulekha asks when your son was about to divorce her, did you make your son understand? No. I had apologized to you and asked you to make Adarsh understand, but you forgot our friendship, and now I am forgetting it. She says you have to suffer.

Shekhar asks Dadi to leave the house as he gets to know about her truth. Later women organization comes there. WO worker tells Shekhar that Parvati have filed FIR against him for throwing her out of the house, and she will decide who will stay in her house and who will not as it is her house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. swaragini rocks and i think somewhere adarsh is right but his way of showing is wrong

    1. Mica

      adarsh forget that he ever done mistake, did he trow from that house ? NO but sanskar ever get thrown from that house as laksh…
      Swara ever done mistake by her fake marriage, but didn’t harm anyone future life (she dragged maheswary family on it as ragini stay on MM, but the fact it was gadodia matter)
      Ragini ever done crime to swara (but it was swaragini matters, maheswary didn’t involve in it), Ragini insulted maheswary but at least she didn’t try to kill maheswary member…
      let’s we compare it to parineetha…
      parineetha tried to harm uttara’s future life by joined her hand to rajat in jealousy sake.
      did she ever think that uttara will live in hell become rajat’s wife ?
      parineetha tried to shoot anandpura/uttara in wedding day.
      what parineetha’s done was about maheswary family.

  2. what the hell….. how can he do this with his own family… CVS plz try to understand we want some good track, not these things….. plz end this track soon…. n show us some romantic track of our leads…. plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Iamsofianeak

    Claaap for swaragini , theey nailed it !
    and thee way shekhar and sannkar defend sumi & swara wheen parineetaa taunts them :*
    sulekha was right , when she request the family to forgive pari they refuse and now it’s the same but adarsh forget all his family so easy can’t belive it

  4. Nice epi loved swara but is throwing someone from house coz of his her bad deeds a crime ??isn’t it their persnol matter???CONFUSING…….

    1. Hiii dear? …u hve asked me smthng na on 24th aug. Episode…i have answered it dere….☺ stay blessed take care☺

      1. Sry nt on 23rd

  5. first laksh then adarsh next turn will be sanky’s I am sure.They r repeating the things thats why show lost it’s TRP ratings
    kuch naya try karo yar….like shakthi …

    1. Aila

      Sanky entered himself as villain if u remember dear

  6. Yashasvi

    swaragini r always rocking and will surely find some solution , mee too adarsh is right as always Ap n Dp r giving mor eimportance to lucky n sanky , bt his way was wrong , bt wt cn we do ……………… hope Swaragini finds the solution fast……………….

  7. i lost intrst in SR..bt still watchng only for my cutie pie hellu..nowadays she looks more and more damn beautifull with straightend hair..but lookng like a cute innocent kid…she is simple yet elgant without any heavy make up and heavy ormnaments and dress..swara is soo simple thats why i like her..loge u swara…love u helly…my cute dol..ummahhhhh

  8. swara’s acting was superb..her nose really become red..i loved it..she looks soo cute in crying face too..lv u my swara…u looks soo cute and beautifull i wanna eat u..kash i m a boy…

  9. Actually I belive it that Aadarsh forgot his family same is with my brothers

  10. plz cvs show some romance between leads.missing swasan badly.i

    its necessary to show family drama everytime.we want swasan romance thats it or adarsh bhayya pls give that hidden camera of swasan room plzz..missing swasan romance badly..plz stp this rona dhona scenes..

    why they repeatng the same scenes with different ppl..
    first swara fall frm bridge thej pari and who is nxt???
    first ragini take property of mm and torture her sasural waala then laksh take property nw adarsh and who is nxt???
    first swara bring mahila samaj to save sumi nw dadi brings mahila samaj.
    there r soo many scenes repeating again why cvs????

    today swara looking like an apple..she become reddish after crying bt still she looking cute..and she nailed today perfect acting..i love her voice..swaraz acting was superb she deserve best actrss award

    1. Mica

      cvs only know about those track.. nothing else, their knowledge, their creativity. hmmmm..
      cvs don’t know to portrait how people persue their dreams.
      cvs don’t know, that even without any crime, life itself has their complexity.
      wonder if cvs is crime master, that only knowing crime to create problem.
      what the Swaragini…but unlucky me, i stlll love them.

  11. swara swara swara swara my jaan you nailed today.tday its full on family drama but my concentration is only on you..you r soo cute yaar..you are soo beautifull..love you sooo much..my jaan hellu.

  12. swara swara swara swara my jaan you nailed today.tday its full on family drama but my concentration is only on you..you r soo cute yaar..you are soo beautifull..love you sooo much..my jaan hellu.love u dear.i want to be sanskar

  13. Whatever doesn’t happens in real life……that things happens in swaragini…….but still I love the serial……and I am the great fan of it…..just love swaragini

  14. Iamsofianeak

    sanskar has his own property , why they show as he hasn’t any ? he was away from his family 5 years and he became a businessman !!!!! he can help his family nowww :3 even laksh work hard for his family !!!!! confussed

    1. Iamsofianeak

      Sanksaar Vs Adarsh business rivalry track with Swara helping Sanku plz givee this track

    2. Mica

      this illogical track just happened in Swaragini as cvs have also illogical thought about running a company

  15. CVs pls stop this drama yar. Fed up with this same things repeated again and again with the different peoples. At least here after pls make SR encourage & support sanlak to start their new business. Pls dont show again SR get back property from Adri. Its hell irritating to watch SR bond. No one interested in behenchara. Pls change this as a couples track. And today Helly & Varun nailed with expressions. They are getting 1 or 2 dialogues only. But their expressions enough to show their feelings as Swasan. A begging request dint make Varun as statue. He is a brilliant actor. Pls give some good dialogues to him as old days.

  16. Property can’t get changed without seating in front of the registrars

    May advocates write the whole details in the paper but the last process of signatures is to be done in front of registrar.

    1. Mica

      it should be happen in real world, but won’t be in swaragini…

  17. By signing durga Prasad it can’t get to adarsh nah?? Because everything was in laksh maheswari’s name. Then how can be.

    1. Mica

      laksh had have give them back to DP

  18. Mica

    still i didn’t get this… i mean didn’t they have their private property for each small family instead of company property/Durga Prasad property ?
    they have big company, but just have 1 house ? omg..
    as a big company with member family, usually they are have their private property.
    did sanskar sell his house that he had been stayed during fake death ?
    did Durga never bought a villa or land or something under anandpura’s name ?
    as a businessman, i can say that they didn’t have business sense at all.
    i know many company owner as family member joined kinda maheswarys, but each small family has their private property under their name, some villa, houses at out of town under different name.
    or how about board of Commissioners on maheswarys company ?

  19. Feelng bad for everyone specially ap n dp ? ….baghbaan song playng in bg reallly made me veryyy emotional while watchng it….
    Today i jst cnt take off my eys from ragini , she ws lookng damnn pretty n younger…. Loved swaragini’s bond…sanlak were lookng veryyy handsome …wen .shekher shouts at pari ws fabulous…well done shekher,she deserves it!!!!
    Yaar tejas y u always looks sooooo beautifull…huff!!!stay blessed yaar?☺

  20. Yeah da epi was good..it was emotional…aadarsh ws right dat he didnt gt dat much imprtance as sanlak but his way of realising dem is totally wrong…how cn he du dis wth his parents..he shuld nt made dem out frm out..nd da baghban song playng while leaving time ws just heart touching..damn emotional..i rlly like dat movie…nd swaragini bond ws too suprb..and no words to describe our swara..c was lukng tooo cute while crying..nd her cute nose became red..wow luve ur acting nd expressions dear..love u hellynd sanlak were lukng so handsome.. Loved it..hope swaragini find some solution soon nd dis track end soon nd cvs pls give some romantic scenes of da leads..
    Love u swasan…

  21. i saw a article,the heading was “laksh aur sanskar ki mauth”.couldnt read ny further cz f connection error

  22. awwwww my doll hellu…..u nailed it jaan……….she is really a cutiepie:-) 🙂

  23. nooooooooooooo i cant take this anymore from past 3,4 weeks we dint get a single raglak scean and what the hell now colours tv tweeted about raglak again fooling us ha-_-#-_-#-_-#-_-#-_-#?_? and now dp will get heartattack swaragini to feel guilty cvs u are really mahan plz we want some raglak sceans atleast track tho aap nahi dhogai atleast kuch sceans hi dhedho na

  24. Vyshu10

    nice ep

  25. teju……oh my gorgeous doll.love u..u look sooo beautiful in every attire.u r a gem.love u angel.expression queen.stay blessed.

  26. Oh god. What’s happening? It seems like again now Swaragini will find some evidence against Parish and they will get the house. why dont the cvs understand? we want raglak and swasan scenes noot boring things like this. Sanlak have only 1-2 or 0 dialogues these days.

  27. Swaragini rocks ……I love this swaragini Jodi ….awsm
    This episode was awsm…..

  28. i think dadi will join hands with parish.its jz my guess cz nythng can happen in SR.

  29. pls cvs show some swaragini , swasan , raglak scenes

  30. nice to see swaragini together

  31. guys a shocking news.ragini will bcm pregnant n adarsh will kill ragini

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