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Shekhar and Sumi take Dadi and Dida inside. Laksh tells Sanskar that he don’t care about Swara and his doings, and says he will also trust Ragini. He says Ragini always beared for Swara’s wrong doings and says Ragini married him for protecting his family respect. Sanskar tells that he can’t hear against his wife and tells we are one family. We shall live peacefully. Laksh says you want to say we are one family after ruining other’s life. Sanskar says he did a mistake and folds his hand asking him for a chance. He tells one should get a chance if he wants to repent genuinely.

Laksh argues with him and says you must have taken coaching classes for betraying others, else your wife would have given you coaching. Sanskar gets angry. Ragini and Swara come and try to calm their

respective husband. Annapurna comes out and asks what is happening. She asks Ragini to come for her kitchen ritual. Sanskar tells Annapurna to do Swara’s kitchen ritual. Ragini calls Dadi and tells that Swara made the two brother fight. Dadi says your upbringing is not like Swara and asks her to do as she taught her from childhood. She asks her to become Adarsh bahu and says Swara is not a good grahini. She asks her to mingle in the family well.

Parineeta helps Ragini and tells Utara likes Malai Kofta. She says she missed it today. Ragini says she will make kofta’s again when Utara comes back. Swara is searching recipe on the internet. Sujata looks at them. Swara takes the chopper board and knife. Sujata says my kitchen and dharm is ruined. She says you got innocent, sweet marwadi bahu and I got clever, fish eater bengali bahu. Annapurna asks her to accept Swara as bahu. Sujata refuses and says once Swara leaves from the kitchen, she will sprinkle Gangajal on everyone of them. Sujata says how can she eat impure food. Parineeta brings the food made by Ragini and tells it is good aroma. Sanskar asks who made it? Parineeta says Ragini.

Sujata shows her displeasure towards Swara. Sujata asks Parineeta to get the kitchen work done by Ragini. Sanskar says Swara can help you also. Sujata says Swara can wash clothes and clean utensils. Durga Prasad asks to serve the food if they are done with women politics. Annapurna tells that Swara has first right to serve the food being elder bahu than her. Swara tells that she didn’t make many dishes, but made few. Sujata asks did you make fish dishes. Sanskar says exactly mom, she made that. Everyone makes faces. Swara is about to show her dish.

Swara says she made veg food and shows the food. Sujata insults Swara and asks her to learn it from Ragini. Swara says she made less oily food, which is good for everyone. Sujata asks are we looking like cow and buffalo. Durga Prasad asks her to serve him. She serves it to everyone and then Laksh also. Everyone eats the food made by Swara. Sanskar nods his head signing Swara that the food is good. Durga Prasad blesses her. Annapurna gives her shagun envelope. Sujata too gives shagun unwillingly. Swara smiles. Sujata asks her to get admission in marwadi cooking school with the shagun money. Swara says I will just be back and goes to keep the money in the inhouse temple.

Ragini tells everyone that she made food with love. Sujata says food becomes tasty with good intentions and backs her. She serves everyone. Durga Prasad asks what is this? Annapurna asks why it is salty. Sujata asks how can you add more salt in the dish. Ragini says I didn’t and looks at Swara. She apologizes and says don’t know how can she do the mistake. Annapurna asks Swara, did you do this? Swara is shocked? Ragini recalls adding salt in her own dish. Swara looks on shocked.

Annapurna asks Sujata to call the ladies for Swara and Ragini’s muh dikhayi. Sujata says only Ragini will have muh dikhayi rasam. Dida comes and says she is not my grand child. Swara and Ragini have a musical competition.

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