Swaragini 25th April 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Adarsh scolding Parineeta and blames her for the big loss. He says Swara tried to solve the matter with calm mind, but you have ruined everything. He asks her to learn manners from Swaragini and change her behavior, and then only can think of taking responsibility. He takes the keys from her, calling her incapable. Sumi comes home. Dadi asks what did Doctor say? Sumi says reports will come. She says I will go and make food. Dadi says no, and asks her to rest. Parineeta thinks about Adarsh’s words, that she don’t deserve to have keys, and shall take intelligence, manners, values from them. Parineeta thinks if I couldn’t make place more than them, then I will make them fall down in everyone eyes. Swara sees Utara thanking Parineeta and sees I love you card in her bag. She asks

about him. Utara lies. Same guy comes to Baadi and tells that he needs a house for rent. Dadi refuses to give him house, and says she will give house to married couple only. The guy gets angry and asks Dadi to go and wash her sins. Ragini hears and slaps him. Utara tells Swara that she loves him.

Swara says I will meet him and then will decide how to introduce him. Ragini asks how dare you talk to my Dadi like this, and asks him to leave. The guy says how dare you slap me. Ragini says I will slap again, and asks him to leave. She asks Dadi, if you are fine. Dadi says yes. She says I haven’t seen your avatar before. Ragini says I came to meet mum. Doctor tells something to Sumi. Sumi gets worried and says what I will tell to Shekhar. Doctor asks her to drink water and says you are ready for baby. Sumi tells herself that she is going to be mum. She thinks what to tell family members.

Swara goes to meet Rajat. Utara introduces Rajat and Swara to each other. Rajat says you are Swara Bhabhi. Utara says Rajat want to start his work. Rajat says I will talk to my family about our marriage, and says don’t know how to talk to Durga Prasad. Utara signs Swara to help them. Swara says ofcourse. Rajat thanks her and says he needs to leave for some important work. Swara takes his pic silently and thinks to talk to family. Sumi comes home. Neighbor gives her sweets and says her daughter is pregnant. Sumi feels bad and thinks what to tell at home. She gets Swara’s call. Swara asks her to confirm if she saw the same guy with Utara. Sumi says okay and asks her to hold. She checks the pic and says she can’t say as he was far. Swara says okay.

Sujata pushes Utara and asks how can she like a guy? Swara says when Laksh and Sanskar can marry of their choice, then why not Utara. Parineeta says atleast she told us and have not eloped. Sujata gets furious.

Rajat comes to meet Durga Prasad. Ragini says you. Rajat says we know each other. Someone kidnaps Swara.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Super fast update.. Shout out fr H Hasan ji

  2. hope no one blame swara after this………. i think rajat warns swara threating to harm sanskar thats why she is scared in segment..

  3. Uff……..Too Much Drama n Too much Lies……………Go to the hell Utraj and Go 2 d hell Pari…..Aadarsh was indeed crct..Pari shd learn manners from Swaragini and I’m missing Swasan n Raglak Scenes…………Oh God Plz help Swara to regain memory for sanskaar……………

  4. shomi pregnant track s disgusting…..y cvs dont have any sense????i hate this track…..

  5. good. but no raglak scenes. i missed them badly.

  6. I was wondering that after raginis kidnapping in November , we had not had any more for three whole.months until kavya kidnapped laksh….

    And now swara…. wow

    This serial loves kidnapping….. I swear ill kill the cvs if they seperate swasan….. I will go mad….. wtf is wrong with them….

    Rajat….. he looks so old for uttata…. how can anyone not see that….

    And last shomis pregnancy…. I couldn’t care less…. it is a bit weird…. but not impossible… and dadi… Idk why she.would want to kill a. Innocent baby….

    Anyways…. swasan forever….I just hope the memory loss track doesn’t go on and on and on ….

  7. LOL is all I can say on sumi being pregnant

  8. Hmmm so this show is again off track. What the heck. Writers need to speed up the track and do something because the show is getting boring nowadays

  9. sanyukta rathor

    Who kidnaped swara

  10. Wowww…. amazing… what are these ppl upto…. now sumi is pregnant… what the hell…. n swara… y does she have to do everything alone all the time… i really dont understand her

  11. Swaragini Fan

    Omg!!! Well I know many of u will be angry wid the writers or got mad but the thing is the show was becomin a lil boring no twists and turns means no daily soaps.But sumi part is really ………..uffffff wat to say leave it. Swara kidnap ho gyi hai I wish Ragini usse bachaye. Pari ka to rehne hi do imki wajase swasan aur raglak ka to door tak namonishan nai hai.Rajat kidnap swara or wat and m still confuse for kavya-tanya uska to end hi nai kia waitttttt5tttttttttt Is she dead actually I missed that epi plzzzzz anyone tellme plzzz

    1. sanyukta rathor

      No dear kavya arested by police , but she ask that she will come

      1. sanyukta rathor

        Ohh sorry ask nhi tell

  12. omg what an episode hats of to u creaters u made this show memorable by your foolishness
    i am telling i anyone anyone have better ideas pls give to them oe else they will get rotten tomatoes on there face but that slap of ragini was full toss ,full of anger for her family and swara the detective again with her snappy things why can’t they make things better by showing swasan and raglak scene and not memory loss and sharmishta scenes ,i mean sfter that rajat will kidnap swara and throw her from hills swara the saviour will be saved but now she loses her memory and so much more what the hell yaar they don’t realy know what are they writing

    how many kidnaps ,memory loss,drugs,killing,suicide
    this show is full of this thing but the most important thing in this whole show is…..

  13. Wt r the writers up to. Swara losing memory d fine but falling for laksh s stupid. If story goes this way I wld stop watching sw. They can’t keep swapping bw pairs

  14. Oh god is it a meaningful sumi pregnant… Is it a joke in this age… It is riteculess and rajat will throw swara from how dare he is throw swara… And one more thing writers are waste yaar…they can continue with swasan and raglak sweet romantic loveable scenes it will quite interesting writers should common sense naaa…and how many times kidnapping, sucite,fighting… I just fed up guys…but also I like swaragini serial very much bcoz swasan and raglak are there

  15. Areyyy…. shukar manao ki in logon ne dadi ko pregnant nahi banadiya loolllll

    1. sanyukta rathor

      Ya i agree


  16. Nice episode.

  17. i believe all programs on Colors are getting hopeless day by day

  18. Arey stop watching tis crap and watch kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi.the show is really going well

    1. i like that show but i like swaragini more

  19. I think swara memory loss is drama by swara and ragini to save uttara shomi will lost her child and accuses dadi but shekar will not beleive and sanskar also gets angry on swara for playing with his feelings and not listen to swara and asks her to leave him then swara and shomi leave kollkatta swara should birth to sanskars son sanskar becomes big business magnet he realises his mistake but swara and shomi leave to foreign swara should become big singer swaras son comes to know that his father belongs to kollkatta he asks her mom to join him in same same music academy then swara should come back to kollkatta for her son happyness and opens anew acedemy where ragini also should have child swara son decides to unite his father and mom another hero also comes for swara ragini and swara also decides to unite mom and dad sumi shekar decides to mary swara just this is my assumption

    1. sanyukta rathor

      Hee dear

      Is this correct

      Next part of swaragini ?

    2. And what’s about ragini the story only based on swara and ragini is the just doing a celebraty roll ragini also a part of swaragini pls understand … Give imp to ragini also…

  20. toi week spoilers:
    25th apr: every one is angry with parineeta as the business deal falls through after the foreigen delegates find the keys to the locker inside sweet. mean while sharmishtha gets some alaraming news.
    26th apr:when rajat reaches mm, ragini is shocked to see him as he’s the same guy she had slapped for being rude to dadi. meanwhile, shekar gives dadi the important news.
    27th apr:swara finds out that rajat had hired two people to act as parents in order to con uttara, and that parineeta has been helping him with this plan.
    28th apr: rajat’s fake parents chase swara and later rajat attack her. however, she manages to escape and reach mm house during some celebrations.
    29th apr: during rajat and uttara’s engaement /sangeet rajat threatens swara with dire consequences if she tells anyone about him,. later, he shows his true colours to parineeta/uttara.

  21. Sameera Malik

    ye show kitna boring hota ja raha h.Please ragini or laksh ka scene batao.We are not interested in swara sanskar romance.Both are boring.Please replace swara or sanskar because both are making us bore.Both are pakao actor.Please ragini or laksh ka batao,both are nice actor.

    1. Well I’m not really interested in raglak’s romance crap scenes. It’s old ancient history, I mean how many times did they consummated their marriage. First it was in Ragini’s dream second time when Laksh betrayed her and third time it was on their wedding night. Boring and don’t see any spark in them the way we see in Swasan. Raglak they are boring couple, Laksh is a spoilt brat and that psyco ragini speaks like she has asthma attack.

  22. I think after swara kidnap sanskar will loose his mind …and now is the chance for raglak fans as ragini will solve all this mystery and will get the lime light..I think it’s a good move… and when in sathiya (same production house ) meera can fall for a budha then yha toh sirf bacha hora hai.. ( pls excuse me if m too upfront abt it n offended u..)

  23. source india forums:
    spoiler alert: swara to run for life on swaragini.
    parineeta joins hands with rajat on the show.
    well, the good times are gone and its time for another drama in swaragini(colors).
    wondering what make us say so?
    the leading lady of the show, swara will her self fall into a big trap in the upcoming episodes.
    as swaragini has already witnessed a new entry in the form of character rajat, his entry will create another mess in everyone’s life. the viewers will see the adarsh bahu parineeta turning entirely negative and will joining hands with rajat to spoil the unity of maheshwari family.
    meanwhile, the family members agree for uttara’s marriage with rajat. though on engagement day, swara will spot unusal sight. she will be shocked to see rajat’s parents selling vegetables in the marketand also picking pockets of the customer.
    this would trmble swara’s decision and she will run to stop uttar’s engement with rajat. but, rajat along with his parents, will come as hindrance and harm swara by hitting on her leg with sickle. they will try to kill swara. but the twist that comes in is.. though swara is able to reach home safely, she wont be able to disclose rajat’s identity to anyone.
    what is stopping swara from exposing rajat’s secret is a big twist to look forward in the upcoming episodes.
    till then keep reading the space.

  24. what the f**** have they gone oug of mind plz don’t seprate swasan and plz cut the bullshit of all ninsesence why there are many twist and turns in daily soap can’t they simply show nice family drama

  25. source: india forum:
    but this article making no sense bec ause after rajat try t her kidnapped some how she manages and comes home by her leg injured and sanskar dressing her wound nd she was very scared that she hug him and slept even he ask her 2 times she didnt tell because she scared so much and sanskar sensed that she is hiding something and which is bothering her he got doubt… then this article making no sense to me…how she met fatal accident family accused her after they knowing his real identity… whats this? hope we get exact news what happend in upcoming days..

    whatt!! swara to fall prey to a fatal memory loss on swaragini.
    will swara recover before uttara and rajat’s marriage?
    tellybuzz earlier reported that about how swara will try to stop uttara’s engagement on knowing rajat’s parents are robbers on swaragini and on knowing so, he will try to kill swara there by introducing a fresh twist on the show.
    though swara will manage to escape and reach home safely, she will not discloserajat true face to the family.
    why ? wondering what stopping swara from doing so?
    as per credible source, “swara will reach home but with a strak case of memory loss. rajat will continuously be in a dilemma of his truth coming to the forew while the proceedings of uttara and rajat marriage will be carried cermoniously. in the given circumstances, it does not look like swara will be able to stop the duo from getting married and she may be accused of the same too when the family will realize the back ground from where rajat hails.’
    will swara recover before uttaraa and rajat’s marriage?let’s hope so.

  26. how boring pls show some raglak scenes

  27. Ill c it wen swara nd ragini both involved in tis drama nt swara alone….come on cvs y u r ignoring ragini…I want to c both sisters doing tis nt again swara herself…I love to c sisters bonding

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