Swaragini 24th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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Swara asks Ragini to tell everything in detail. Ragini says she already said and says she came to drink water. Swara tells Ragini that she saw two water bottles in her room when she was checking the rooms. Ragini acts and says that was a day’s old water and that’s why I came to drink fresh water. Swara asks her to do everything with actions. She tells first you step down and went to kitchen. As it was dark, you switched on the lights. Ragini says I went towards the fridge and then the light was switched off by that person. Swara asks her to open the fridge, and says much light is coming from fridge, then how did you not see his face. Ragini says that person closed the fridge door and then attacked me. Swara says okay so you pushed him and then he eloped from the window. She asks Parineeta if she

cleaned the kitchen. Parineeta says yes. Swara asks then who threw all this utensils? She says Ragini will not do it and asks who has thrown the utensils on the floor.

Dadi asks Ragini to reply. She says my Lado was in shock and has lost her memory because of shock. Annapurna says I know what you are going through and asks her to tell after thinking. Durga Prasad says I don’t want to force you to say, but it is matter about son. Swara says I understood the scene. She enacts the scene with Ragini and tells the happenings. Laksh says his bracelet was fallen while he was eloping. Swara says I am not done yet. She says while I was checking all the rooms, I saw Sanskar’s room window sealed. Ram says it is sealed as rain water was coming inside. Swara says Sanskar can’t go inside his room as the window was sealed, and he can’t reach his room through this kitchen window. Durga Prasad says you went immediately to bring him. Swara says Sanskar was sleeping when you went to bring him. I knew he was sleeping, but didn’t tell as nobody trusts me.

Laksh asks what about his bracelet. Swara asks him to take Ragini’s earring out of his pocket. She tells she has kept Ragini’s earrings in his pocket. She says may be that chain is of that person and asks Laksh if he want to ask anything. Durga Prasad says I agree with Swara. Sujata is happy and says my son is innocent. She says this girl Ragini is a liar. Annapurna agrees with Swara. Dadi says Ragini might have mistaken because of darkness. Durga Prasad apologizes to Sanskar for not trusting him. Sanskar says you people believed me, and that’s all.

Sujata and Ram come to Swara. Sujata thanks Swara for proving her son innocent and blesses her for the best of happiness. Swara says it is okay. She sees Adarsh going towards the trunk and tells Durga Prasad that they can enquire about the chain and the foot prints. She asks Adarsh where was he at the time of incident. Adarsh says he came hearing the utensils voice. Swara asks why you didn’t go to kitchen to help Ragini. Laksh asks what do you want to prove. Swara says I know why he is getting nervous. She tells Durga Prasad that Adarsh was in the hall when Ragini screamed. Durga Prasad asks her to tell clearly. Swara tells someone came to meet Adarsh before Ragini’s incident. She tells Adarsh opened the door and let that person enter. She tells the foot prints are till the box. Laksh says there is no one here. Swara eyes the box and goes near it. She says who said that the person went out. She opens the box and see the woman hiding. Everyone is shocked. Adarsh looks on worried. Swara recalls seeing that woman with Adarsh before.

Durga Prasad asks who is this girl? Sujata asks Swara if she is the one who was seen with Adarsh last time. Durga Prasad asks the same questions. Swara tells that she is the same woman. Parineeta says this girl might be his office colleague or friend and asks her to stop blaming her husband. She asks Adarsh to prove Swara wrong. Durga Prasad asks Adarsh to tell. Adarsh tells that this girl is my ex girl friend. Everyone is shocked.

Ragini tells Swara that she did this to get her husband, and says she will not back off. She threatens to separate Shekhar and Sumi if Swara doesn’t back off.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hiiii..am frm kerala…I used to watch swaragini……bt pls jus stop dragging yar…..pls start exposing ragini…… All my frnds hav stopped seeing dis becz of its frequent negative drama….

  2. Waw swara love u so much. Fab. Episode. I hope very soon ragani’s truth come out…. Swara u r just fab. Yar fab.

  3. Shekhar when knows Sanskar is proved innocent by Swara and Ragini proved wrong what will be his approach towards Swara then…. though he may have more love and concern for Ragini , how can he be so indifferent towards Swara. Now the whole story depends upon his sincere approach towards his both daughters and and his wife Sumi, if not this story cannot have a good…. If Ragini throughout try to put Swara in trouble and her father and dadi in darkness she can never win Laksh ka hear nor have a nice life ……so either Shekhar need to understand the weekness of his mother and daughter Ragini or if Ragini does try to improve her ways ….This serial will end nowhere and will be dragged making viewers get bored and fed of it…

    1. He s terrible father. He keeps saying daughter without fathers guidance has no character. Wen his values vil come out in front of him he ll knw his parvarish.. :p :p

  4. I too think rag’s truth wil come out very soon…maybe before swasan’s marriage

  5. Mind blowing swara
    I love you
    Plz swasan forever

  6. common yar …..it has been tooo long …i suppose ragini should be exposed now …..and her dadi should realize what actually she is doing ….she is spoiling her sons marriage without using her brain and lakshay too

  7. really awsum ya …………………………………..:)

  8. Will any maha epi come on Sunday

  9. Wat wat is all this are swasan really getting married
    Plz swara don’t ignore sanskar
    But in fb they posted that swalak is going to happen

  10. Someone plz post recent updated

  11. i think swara n sanskar and laksh n ragini should be pairs but after revaling the ragini truth

  12. ah this writers are very good 1!

  13. this show has again gained the 2nd highest trp gr8 keep it up……

  14. I read somewhere that swaluk will be united again…

    1. Noooo:-)

  15. Swara already considers it marriage if you remember then on 22nd epi she said Mom i’ll not let anyone play with my family’s respect and will prove Sanskar innocent. She has accepted the sindoor but i think she is more annoyed about his love confession. Hope they get married and want to see now how Sanskar will get Swara to talk to him felt bad the way he was running behind her asking her to talk to him once……..

  16. today epi was awesome..laksh is such a idiot…always he says that he loves swara.if he love swara then why he cant believe her???.and always believe that stupid,evil and rascl ragini..swaragini writers write something interesting

  17. I love swaragini best show yet better than saathiya and suhani will ever get learn something saathiya and you get rubisher everyday

  18. I love swaragini best show yet better than saathiya and suhani will ever get learn something saathiya and you get rubisher everyday
    #swaragini best thing ever and ek hasina thi that’s a draw

  19. guyz..today i saw in sbs segment dt sanskar kidnap laksh nd blackmail ragini to tell her truth infront of everyone……

    nice episod..d way swara prove san innocent ws awesome….lv u shona…pls reveal d truth as soon as possible nd unite swaragini again..pls we want dt sisters lv back…nd unite swasan…pls dont drraaagggg d show pls
    lv u swara…ummahhh

  20. I recent read on telly updates that swasan with the help of some goons will kidnap lakshya as a last attempt to save themselves from being married and manipulate rags to tell the truth by sending her the video of laksh being kidnaped and her to tell the truth

    1. Swara also???? But how can they do this???!! R u sure??!!

      1. In spoilers they mentioned that Sanskaar will do that and Swara will fight with Sanskaar after seeing Laksh’s condition.

  21. Hi….am a keralite…..gud job swara bt still the soap is dragging a lot….wish ragini’s truth to b exposes asap

  22. shayari toh bohat acchihai bulbul
    Yaar kya swasan sach mein laksh ko kidnap krne vale hain????????
    Show sum romantic scenes of swasan

  23. Iss lakshya mein aisa kya hai ki this 2 beautiful sisters love him???

  24. Serial makers trp gira kr hi manege…dn knw kitna drag krege getting bored now

  25. Why the hell are they dragging the show, it’s getting on my nerves. The show is getting boring now, when will that psycopath ragini’s truth will come out.

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