Swaragini 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 24th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sujata telling Annapurna that she will explain to Swara and Ragini to behave as strangers infront of Gayatri. They come to Baadi. Ragini and Swara take their blessings. Sujata blesses Ragini while Annapurna blesses Swara and asks how are you? Sujata says she might be fine, and living independent life. Annapurna asks what do you want her to do. If she shall sit down and cry. Sujata says no, and says she has punished my son and don’t care about him. Ragini asks them to come. She serves them snacks.

Sujata says I got angry hearing that you both are doing the marriage arrangements. She asks them to behave as strangers until Utara gets married. She says I told Gayatri that Sanskar’s wife left him and Laksh’s wife is staying at her parents’ house. She asks them not

to tell anything to her and do a favor on them. Gayatri comes there, hears them. Sujata is shocked and asks Annapurna if she heard them. Gayatri tells that she saw them coming to Baadi and asks driver to follow them. Sujata says you wanted to spy on us. Gayatri says no. Sujata says she came to talk to them about marriage arrangements.

Gayatri says someone recommended their name to her. Sujata says okay and says they will leave. They see Sumi coming. Gayatri happens to see fish in her bag and keep hand on their nose. Sumi apologizes to them and ask to come and have tea. Ragini says no, and asks Sumi to come with her, calls her maa. Gayatri is shocked, says she is your mum. Swara says no, she is my mum. Gayatri says okay. She asks Ragini, where is her house. Ragini says it is here. Swara says her house is there.

Ragini says fish is made at their house, and smell comes till here. Gayatri says bad smell. Sujata asks Gayatri to come. They leave. Swara tells Sumi that she would have seen them and that they have seen the fish. Sumi blames Swara and says if you would had been in your sasural then this wouldn’t have happened. Ragini sends Sumi home and asks Swara to go to market.

Inspector tells Sanskar that Laksh’s phone is switched on after so many months and tells that the person is changing location again and again. They check his location. A man is seen with Laksh’s phone in the Baadi.

Swara and Sanskar collide with each other. Sanskar asks if you are blind. Swara asks him to leave her. Sanskar leaves her and she falls on ground. He comes to Baadi with the Inspector and asks the man about Laksh’s phone. Ragini identifies Laksh’s phone and gets teary eyes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. today episode is good…founding laksh phone and signal
    first of all Sujata has become mad really mad and crazy…selfish woman how does she dare to talk to ragini and Swara she forget all they did to her she become selfish stupid as always…i wish i can slap her…
    Gayarti what a snake…she looks like one outside and inside…Gosh what a family will be with Sujata and Gayarti…mit will be dump and snake..
    this weem episodes will be full of action cross fingers

    1. Kristen

      Hey louna u says sujata is wrong but from my point of view she is right on her place even sanskar is also right on his place n this time swara is wrong always raglak doing mistake swara makes fine everything n sanskar always stands for her whenever she wants his help n now her time to become her support then she leaves him y bcoz of ragini i wish writers should punish swara n this time i hate her whatever she is doing

      1. Mica

        aawww dear,, don’t be ungrateful person as Sujatha. Just because Swara did 1 mistake, the hatred swept away all Swara’s good deed for Sanskar.
        Sanskar did everything for Swara ? hmmm..firstly, he did as redemption, secondly, he did as he loves her, third, he did as Swara is a master planner..
        Swara almost died several time for helping Sanskar and his family…
        poor you..or may you aren’t Swasan fan…

      2. Mica

        see, even today episode, she did it for Sanskar family’s happiness…

      3. Mica

        poor *swara not poor you, sorry spelling mistake

      4. hello Dear
        Swara couldnt and wouldnt bare a murderer even if its thinking only…Sanskaar did a lot to Laksh killing was one of his intentions so moway swara would tolerate that
        Second nothing will make me see Sujata as a mother…a reckless humam been who doesnt count her words always make them trouble and from the beginning she didnt like Swara
        What Swara did to her deserve at least to stand and say thank you…swara would have commited suicide to proive Sanskaar innocence from what…sujata took money from Adarsh as always in a reckless moment
        Second uf she is a mother she wouldnt bare Annapurna cz she is not talking to her son from 6 months…but Annapurna have money so Suajata wouldnt say a thing to her
        Third when all the family are feeling this marriage is wrong and even Rajed didnt ask for money before marriage and Yet Sujata want this marriage at a point she is kneeling in front of Gayarti then she is not a mother she is selling her daughter only…
        Last but not least Swara made Sanskar a better person from day one…even when all his family get apart she fighted for him and what did he do?he tried to commit a murder…Ragini didnt speak to Swara and told her rude words yet Swara fighted for her sister…Sujata is nothing more than a person with no brain just a tongue and a bad one…no mother at all she is lacking motherhood as im lacking Nasa informations…
        Swara was..is and will always take right decisions…she think and act and will never take reckless decisions that may lead to commit a murder

  2. Thanks for the episode mam…Indian channels are banned in Pakistan so it’s I can’t watch swaragini neither any other Indian drama or movie…
    Coming toward the track it seems to be interesting I love the new side of Sanskar… N thank his swara is out of that sari out fit…but after Dadi this gayatri has come to trouble us…her face itself shows how cunning she is…
    Waiting for further Interesting Episodes…I hope to see United SwaSan N RagLak soon..

  3. Neera

    Whooaaaaaaaaa !!!! Its monday ! Finally ! My swaragini <3 First of all am happy seeing d cover pic changed !! It was damn irritating to see two witches behind my SR…. n coming to d episode i literally hate tat sujatha…. n asusual d same precap
    *fed up* Am eagerly waiting for nikhil entry n sanskar fighting with goons !!!! I actually never tot tat swasan tashan would get this much response !!! Whatever situation be it… my swasan s nailing it <3

    1. Yashasvi

      meee tooo Neera really very happy with the new cover pic……
      my both princesses are looking shoooo cute,,,,
      wanna pull their cheeks….
      yes right SwaSan are rocking….!!!!
      love their Tashan – E – Ishq

      1. Neera

        🙂 🙂

  4. Yashasvi

    God i’m cursing my self for not watching all this,,,,,,,
    I just hope swaragini repeat comes after 2:30……
    Voot is also not working….. uggghhhhhhh….
    BTW i have already seen this swasan scene is SBS segment……
    so at last have seen some thing…..
    and thank u soooo much H Hassan for this update……
    thanks a lot……..
    ohhhhhh god this lady…… what prblm does she have from fish n bengalis……
    stupid……. always after my swara…..
    and ragini ka toh kya kahu ….. swasan scenes toh phir bhi mil jaate he…..
    but raglak…… Not at all….!!!!!!!
    kab aayega laksh…….
    kitti mystry create krego yrrrrrrr
    cant u just give us our SWASAN and RAGLAK scenes n SwaRagini bonding…..
    faaltoo me uttra ki saas , sujata , fish beech me le ate he….

    1. so true

  5. loved my raguuuuuuuuu soooooo muchhhh….thank u CV’s

  6. A.xx

    Pratap Hada….one of Swara’s old friends …he’ll be seen with Lakshya’s phone….hope he’ll have a love angle for Rags and not Swara as all the male entries in the show get tangled up with her and poor Rags is left with no options.xx

    1. Yashasvi

      mee tooo yrrrr i know my swara is a beauty but my dear ragu is a Diva….!!!
      why every1 always behind swara … let her tashan be with sanky na….
      and as laksh is missing so show Ragnik

      1. A.xx

        hahah totally agree with you at least someone preferes Rags i’m just her die-hard fan .xx andPratap hada is soo fit.xx

  7. Silent_writer

    Great new entry nikhil w8ing eagerly for ragnik ??? swasan tashan awsme i hate for blaming shona she support her sisters thats all

    1. Yashasvi

      mee too want Ragnik…….!!!!!!!!
      yups swara is such a sweet sisso…..
      just love the duo

      1. Silent_writer

        Yupp trueee?

  8. arogant swara how she rudly behev with sanku

    1. Yashasvi

      dear my swara is not arrogant……
      it’s all that she’s supporting her sister as she believes that due to sanskar laksh is missing….
      and i’m sorry if i hurt u but one question as i didnt see SR on tv so can u tell me where in today’s episode swara talked rudely with sanky and if u r talking about precap , then didnt u see that sankar also left her , and she fell isn’t that rude ??????

  9. Loveleen

    Omg….Wer d hell laksh go.?? He suddenly vanished away frm d show n dat to fr soo many months…thts illogical….

    1. I know!! But hes prob held hostage by someone, it could be Nikhil…I don’t think he left on purpose for sure he was going back when his dad called him back but someone stopped him.

  10. Sameera Malik

    Maha pakao show kitne b leap le aaye
    Kab hit nai hoga itni overacting h is show me ooh God please stop this show

  11. OMG what I just read sanskar saves Swara from goons….. I’m sooooo excited…. this is all what we really want….
    sanskar an angry young man romantic jealous too???? lovely…….
    totally loving…..
    n for the first time love u CVS…. really this track is just as we want….thankyouuuuu sooo much…. but don’t add something foolish n make us angry…
    n just wait n see how ur trp rises…. we assure u…if u work like this ur trip will touch the sky….
    n thanks H Hasan ma’am for writing updates regularly for us….

    love u swasan….
    proud to be a Swasanian….

    1. I NEED THEIR REUNION SOON! I am so crazy I am literally dreaming up how their reunion would be! Just imagine!!! Its prob going to be soo much better than the one after Swara got her memory back!! I CANNOT WAIT

  12. Thank u H. Hasan so much.
    Surely we all like to see more handsome sanskar & lovely Swara scenes…We expected more tonight . But we have the rest of the week…hoping to see more voltage drama.
    Since the Diwali week ,shared tripathi promised us an interesting drama.


    1. I hope they will reunite them eventually.

      1. YES! I dont understand how some people love them separated it really breaks my heart I cant stand it! I think Raglak and swasan really need a break and a vacation and they should eventually start a family

  14. Mica

    thank you so much H.hasan mam for update…
    whohohoho.. Parineetha still in her snake heart..
    Oh God! CVS!!!!! aaagghh u made me unstop laughing…
    of course Sujatha has a doubt about Swara’s present live, as Swara more stunning now 😀
    Sujatha again made me laugh, She acted as lion in front of Swara, but once Gayatri headed baadi, she turned as a prey in front of Gayatri… uugghh i can’t believe she is Sanskar’s mom 😀
    and this Ragini…gooosshhh, you can be so cunning when negative, but why you are so innocent in your positive character…. *joining Sujatha, bang my head
    Swaraaaaaaaaaaaa,,,, my heartless queen, you are so smart dear! no wonder, this is fishes influence. aawwwwww, cute fight with mom ???? naughty..naughty..naughty…
    Sanskaaarrrrr!!!! your surprise waiting… ahem ahem…

    1. sujata almost kneeled in front of Gayarti…ugggggggg what kind of mother is she…she makes me sick…selling her own daughter…telling bullshits to Swara and she forget thay Swara and only Swara returned her money so she can sell her own Daughter…Really dear Mica wish i have coconut to bang my head when i see her??????

      1. Mica

        she kinda licked her **s for sure 😀 😀 …
        but for me it’s kinda funny, i dunno why.. since my sujatha mom mostly be cunning joker than poison ivy…

  15. after so many days something about laksh is found after the wallet

  16. helly what is the secret of ur beauty? GLOWING GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will die for u…

  17. if namish z quitting d show thn i wud say its a wise decision.hez ryt,if one’s talent n hardwork z nt respected tn its better to move on.even if by chance he’l get some screen space it wd nt b worth bcz evry tym raglak chracter will b butchered to make swasan mahan.ny hw laksh z missing make him dead n kill ragini too n go on wth ua fav jodi.tn atleast ul nt ave to give false hope raglak fans.worst cvs.hate u..

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