Swaragini 24th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 24th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Swara saying she still cares for Ragini. Laksh asks if they come to know anything about Ragini. Swara says no. Laksh says we shall go and find out. Swara thanks them for trusting her. Sanskar says our relation is of trust. They decide to search her in different places. They search in different places. Durga Prasad calls Shekhar and says we have to wait till tomorrow. Dadi and everyone reach Maheshwari house. Dadi asks why they didn’t inform them when Ragini’s memory came back. Laksh calls on Ragini’s phone and says it is off. He says people saw her in market, but by the time I have reached, she was not there. Durga Prasad says where she could go? Sanskar comes and says somebody saw him. He says ration shop owner saw her going towards Kali Baadi and shows the CCTV footage

on TV. They see Ragini going inside the PCO and then she went missing when a truck went from there. Swara wonders how can Ragini go missing?

Dadi thinks why did Ragini go to PCO when she has her phone with her. She cries thinking about her. Swara says nothing will happen to her and she will return, asks Dadi to have something. Shekhar asks everyone to check their phones for Ragini’s phones. Swara says she didn’t have money as she left angrily. Sanskar says she might have get money from someone near the PCO. Durga Prasad says we have to call Police. Everyone searches for Ragini in the market. Police officer says there are many fingerprints in the PCO and tells that Ragini might know the kidnapper. Shopkeeper identifies Ragini and tells that she borrowed some money to call someone. She was very distressed. Sanskar holds Swara’s hand. Laksh looks on helplessly. Durga Prasad says she wanted to call whom? Shop keeper says she wanted to go home. Dadi says why she didn’t come home then. Durga Prasad says something might have happened with her, and she might be kidnapped. Dadi asks why and when? They make Ragini’s poster posted on the streets. Laksh tells Durga Prasad that they wil get Ragini soon. Swara sees the video footage again and thinks she is not understanding. Annapurna comes and says this is inauspicious thing to have happened? Sanskar asks her to calm down. Durga Prasad says we shouldn’t blame each other.

Swara thinks something might surely missed from her view, and asks God to help her. She closes her eyes and imagines. She thinks shop keeper said that Ragini was unwell, and thinks something. She calls Sanskar. They reach near the PCO. Swara tells that Ragini might fainted and fell down and that’s why they couldn’t see her. She says we don’t have CCTV footage after 2 hours. She might be unconscious for 2 hours. Laksh says where did she go then.

Ragini gains consciousness and finds herself tied up. She recalls her fight with Swara and then asking money from the shop keeper. She recalls someone throwing something on her face, and then she fainted. Swara says we have to find her soon. Ragini pleads asking the kidnapper to let her go and says she is scared. She folds her hand and asks to let her go.

Ragini is in kidnapper’s place. Swara is shown removing the mask from her face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Swara is not the one behind this act.its sm 1 else..gud news.new hero will entr.he will be oposite ragini.he wil save her and teach her love.

  2. Saba

    Ohh finally swara is kidnapper!! And love that scene when sanskar hold swara’s hand, happy to see laksh’s jealous face!!

  3. AS

    I switched on my Tv and went outside so that swasan could be alive felt vry boring . if its swara this show is a pool of negativity

  4. Faiza

    :O OMG!! such a shocking precap!!! How swara can be the kidnapper?? I’m totally confused.I had earlier read somewhere that a new hero’s entry is going to happen to save ragini from evil clutches nd also read that uttara is the kidnapper bt now everything is seeming so confusing nd what about sanskar’s car blast? Someone clear my confusions plz

  5. Vinu

    If they involve new characters it vl b gud to watch it… rotating the story around these four becomes so boring.. let the new person fell in love with ragini… If swara kidnaps or not ragini will always blame swara only… nothing new…. just expected…

  6. Lee

    Writer konsi language apko samaz ati…..haiiiiii why r u guyzzz dragging
    we want swasan….
    Swasan… ..n where the hell is bomb incidence.. …..yrrrr fed up of thisssss
    swasan ……rockssssss

  7. Vinu

    There is an another if case… if really swara kidnaps ragini the reason might b she wants to create sympathy in family members on ragini.. and she wants to show ragini how much her family loves her…

  8. anu

    spoiler alert: ragini to be rescued, swara blamed for kidnapping her in swaragini..
    with the promos striking the suspense about the kidnapping drama of ragini on swaragini, there has been a buzz about the entire sequence. so we at tellybuzz, unravel the entire drama mystery amid kidnapping, which will be soon featured on the show.
    as per the latest episode, ragini has left the maheshwari house because of the insolent behaviour of her sister swara. now in further episodes, she will be shown missing and the entire family will try to find her.
    our source informs, “ragini who left the house abruptly will go missing and the entire blame will be put on swara, after knowing about her missing state, cops will be called, who would be find out that ragini is actually kidnapped, through cctv footage of the kali badi area. meanwhile, ragini, who is tied up will try to call her family. however, she wont be able to speak up, but the family will still recognize the background noise and will trace the place and rescue her”.
    the real drama begins now…
    ragini, who is back in the family will pretend to be scared of swara and will maintain distance from her. because, according to her, she is the one who kidnapped her. henceforth, all the blame will be put on swara.
    wow!! so has swara turned negative?? what are your views? is this another blame game by ragini or did swara actually play a role in her kidnapping?
    stay tuned for more updates…

  9. s

    who is actual kidnapper of ragini what the precap? is swara turned to negative? is she really behind ragini kidnapped or sanskaar behind that ? who kidnapped ragini exact please anyone tel me… according to precap and spoilers i am confusing who kidnapped her?

  10. Damn it.. Wats happening.. Y swara doing so.. Something smells fishy..swara wants ragini to regret and is teaching her a lesson. I cant doubt swara.. And need swaragini back together with strong bond of love and care:-);)

  11. OMG !!kya wo kidnapper swara h?whts going on??agar swara ne ragini ko kdnpp kya h to phir uski piche koi toh reason hogi..bt accha hua ragini kdnp ho gaye

  12. Anaya

    Interesting yet unpredictable why swara kidnapped ragini..? Loved to see sanskar supporting swara…laksh ke saath aisa hi hona chahiye

  13. Up to date ragini was negative and now swara will be.. So both will be equal equal coz the serial name is swaragini and both hav equal importance.. Y ragini alone should bear everyones hatred.. Now its swaras turn.. Intrstng

  14. And dea writers,,,,
    No need of any bomb blast.. Plzzz make everything fine… Let a new guy enter the show who falls for ragini and make laksh jealous and realize his love for ragini.. And leave our swasan.. Let them enjoy their love and romance… All agrees with this na????

  15. harshvardhan

    let another guy enter for ragini. then swara also will not think that she is snatching lakshay from ragini.there will be no need of sacrifice. then they can reunite swalak. they are made for each other.

  16. shruti

    this show is directionless now…its high time they understand what audience want to see..and not the irtitating stuff they r showing..

  17. shreya

    This is gonna be fun….firstly Ragini is shown bad in front of everyone n now Swara …….What a serial!!!!

  18. Kiara

    Okay seriously like what the hell in logo ko phir ragini pe trust hogya so here is my comments

    Anapurna :- how can you justify what ragini did i felt like kicking her in the face when she said”ragini ne toh jo bhi kiya apne pati ke pyar ke liye kiya magar swara” so in her opinion it was right when ragini pushed her sister in river to die when she broke her parents trust and when she kidnapped her mum or when she accused sanskar of molesting her and usko pata hai swara kaisi hai and still uspe trust ni karti gawar aurat

    Sujata :- behen tu toh bas kahi chali ja ghar chodh ke infact show chodh ke bhai hamesha hath dho ke swara ke piche padhi rehti hai and had toh tab hogayi jab itna sab kuch hone ke baad bhi vo ragini ko acha bol rahi thi and swara ko bura…bhai bhul gayi kya yeh vahi ragini hai jisne sanskar pe jhuthe ilzam lagaye the ya phir tu yehh bhul gayi ki sanskar tera hi beta hai

    Bus aaj toh in hi dono pe gussa aa raha tha mujhe and sorry
    Writer of this show :- yaar dimag hai ki nahi tujhme kuch toh sense bana de

    I think serial should be like this
    Ragini and laksh should reunite because they both are idiots

    Sanskar should move on from swara and find a girl jo sahi me usse like karti hoon and doesn’t use him like swara ( haan i think swara use karti hai usse bhaut)

    And swara should realize ki ab had ho chuki hai haar baar vo aapne aap ko prove nahi karegi in logo itna karne ke baad bhi jab uspe trust nahi hai pehle mms vale case me laksh ko bachaya phir apne aap ko innocent prove kiya and ragini ka truth layi bahar sanskar ko bachaya adarsh ko bhi uss ladhki se bachaya and parneeta ko adarsh ko maaf karne ke liye manaya jab itna karne ke baad bhi yeh log uske character pe question kar rahe hai

    She should be like i am right and ab mai kisi ko kuch prove ni karungi mai banaras jake school kholungi aapna and you maheshwari family can go to hell ???

    And banaras jake usko bhi
    Ek acha sa ladhka mill jaye

    Because i am sick of it har bar har cheez prove karne ke baad bhi galat swara hi hai galat hai and ragini sahi

  19. Vins

    Even laksh is also doubtful for me… He wants to get back swara… so that he want to break the bond between the sisters… I hope so… if it’s the case then they successfully ruined laksh character in order to highlight sanskar as a hero… but vl b so pathetic….

  20. Sreelakshmi

    Need laksh and swara together…otherwise value of love is wasted….. One can love smone and marry another cheat

  21. Veena

    Swara won’t be the kidnapper,the kidnapper with red shawl has short hair and in the next scene of the promo Swara has long hair tho she has worn a mask,better to introduce two new n good leads opposite Laksh and Ragini,at least the show will escape from further kidnapping series,can’t really understand, kidnapping is a simple thing like a one or two days trip in this serial,watching only because of the feeling that Swasan is the pair….

    • Ramya

      Yes veena I too suspected dat only.
      May b swara is explaining the situation to everyone and so had a mask.she will not turn to negative.
      But this serial is not worth watching.,,,

  22. alenamoses

    i dont think swara is behind these scene…. I think her hubby laks is the one ….lets continue watch and see

  23. Saranya

    Hope Sanskaar will be the person who kidnapped Ragini to change her as positive.And this will make Swasan unite.

  24. s

    in friday episode laksh asking question to swara while sanskaar supported her.. she gave death look top him and now in today episodes when she thanking them upon stares sanskaar said hamara ek dusra ka rishta their bond starts with bharosa and trust.. and what the laksh said i told alredy ragini galth hai… what the hell when about tickets he doesnt show trust on her but in kidnapping telling he trusting her.. what actually laksh wants….
    in some spoilers they telling swara doubts sanskaar is it correct?? is relly swara doubts him?

  25. x

    when dadi said meri lado kaha gayi and swara consoles her utara is gritted teath what the hell… already in sbb sbs sbas segments said that the 4th person is sanlak sis uttara.. but why she did it they didnt revealed but said it done by her…. cvs want us to watch serial so they are doing mess with swasan and laksh and what the hell ap is getting piss of with her character.

  26. jo

    swaragini: ragini gets back home after kidnapping, accuses swara.
    the current track of swaragini surrounded a lot of mystery as ragini goes missing and the culprit behind her kidnapper is not known yet.
    the promos of the show indicate that swara could be the kidnapper as she takes the mask and reveales her face.
    however, it still not certain whether swara is the real kidnapper as she shows so much concern for ragini after she goes missing..
    in the upcoming episodes of the show will be seen that ragini will return back home and she will pretend to be scared of swara and will maintain distance from her.
    seeing, ragini’s behavior towards swara, everyone will start believing that swara is the actual culprit. has swara turned negative?? is this another big drama created by ragini? let’s wait and watch…

  27. jo

    means is swara turned negative?? is it true or just mislead us they are telling this… please anyone tel me is swara turned -ve? or not?

  28. piya

    i m not interested in pair…..current serial track is GHATIYA…..
    bt only on the basis of acting skill ragini is much better than sanskar,swara and laksh…..
    she is really good actress than sanskar,swara and laksh….

  29. jo

    swaragini: why is annapurna acting so dumb??
    ap is convincedin swaragini, one can never trust any character completely. at once they are so good that they believe what they see and in the next plot they became so dumb that they can’t even see the obvious.
    while all the characters have acted dumb in various stages. this time ap who is acting dumb.
    laksh mother ap has forgotten all the lll deeds ragini so soon.
    when ragini was exposed, she hated her. she wasn’t even ready to stand next to her.however, swara not only convinced her but also made her understand ragini’s situation which was nothingbut a drama created by ragini. however, the same ap blaming swara for everything.
    ap is convinced that swara is characterless and two timing both sanskaar and laksh.
    when a sensible person acts foolishly, things go out of the hand. this is precisely what is happening in swaragini where a sensible person like ap once again getting into the trap laid by ragini. ap in spite of having brain is believing that swara is two timing both sanskaar and laksh.
    ap is even trying to convince durga prasad.
    dp is the only character in swaragini that has always sticked to his values and principles. he is the only one person who is practical and thinks like a normal person. intrestingly, ap seem to be convincing him too about swara being characterless woman.
    ap somehow or the other always end up supporting ragini and this time the doubt brings the serial back to square one. we wonder what the makers of the serial or upto or is ap have more to her character???

  30. sobi

    Yar dramay ka na sar hai na pair kch smjh nahi arha k kiya chal rha hai dramay men , writer g ny kiya khichri pakai hoi hai , jo dimagh men aya likh diya , writer g koi maqsad koi msg bhi to ho dramay ka ,bs fuzul ka ghaseeta ja rha hai drama

  31. magi

    Enna pa nadakuthu puriala. Pothum sami ithoda Ragini drama close pannitu etharthamana story ku vanga dorector sir pls. Ithuku melaum engalala drama pakka mudila. Ragini face pathave kadupaguthu. Serial pakkurs enga feel manasula vaiga pa.

  32. magi

    Practical a thing pannuga director. Nalla story entertainment kudunga. Irritation illa. Ethuku ivlo actors cast ellame.? Irritate pannava. Stop this drama quen ragini charector.

  33. neha

    Confusion lasts don’t worry guys it will last for whole week so just keep watching and get irritated bcoz the writers or makers are just now released from mental hospitals and u know na guys we can’t except anything practical from pagals
    I really wish that swara is behind this kidnapping drama to test the trust of sanlak and her family to know who trusts her fully and can stand with her in all situations no matter bad or good and in this test sanskar will come out with flying colours

  34. i think this serial name shuld be swara bond°°°¥ rather thn swaragini…he..he..:-):-):-) she llways has to proved for everything…. ;-);-)
    n in 2days eps wht a gret detective u r…
    n love da way sanskar hold her hand…

  35. v

    ap finds the same red shawl in swara’s cupboard and suspects her for rags kidnapping …… somewhere i saw in news that is swara suspect sanskaar?? is it correct news…? is swara doubting him? if she doubt him it will be not trusting and she dont have faith in sanskaar and not trusting him/..

  36. nik

    Hiii guys , I kwon that we all r thnkng that who could b the kdnpr , in a sgmnt it is shown that the police suspects sanskar n later swara too suspects sanskar . so sanskar kdnpd rags!!!

  37. ayesha

    I think this serial is becoming more and more confusing…….but I think the real culprit is anupoorna……bcz nowadays she is accusing swara which before ragini use to do and she was the master planner….but I think this time anupoorna is doing all this and she might also had killed kavita.

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