Swaragini 24th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dadi telling Doctor that she wants to abort the child. Dadi says it was Sumi’s wish, I am not forcing her. Doctor says I am intern here and can’t do her surgery. Dadi asks her to give tablet. Doctor says no and asks her to take appointment from Nirmala doctor for surgery. Dadi says we will come next week. Sumi looks at God’s idol with a ray of hope. Swara tells Servant that she will make tea. Servant says no and says Sahil will get angry on him. Swara says she is feeling restless in room and will make tea. She asks him to give ginger and cardamon. Servant says okay. Dadi asks Sumi to stay there and goes to get taxi. Parineeta sees Sumi standing outside the maternity hospital and Dadi helping her sit in taxi. Parineeta thinks to find out and goes inside. She tells Nurse that

Sumi has left her medicines here. Receptionist says she can’t have pain killer as of now in the pregnancy, and we will give medicines when she comes for abortion next time. Parineeta is shocked. She thinks this is the good chance to win Ragini’s trust back. She says I will make her understand that I am changing for good.

Servant serves tea to Sanskar, Laksh and Mrs. Sengupta. Sanskar takes a sip and asks who made this tea, as he thought of Swara’s tea. Mrs. Sen gupta asks Servant to bring another tea. Sanskar says no and recalls his moments with Swara. He gets tears in his eyes and wipes it. Swara is still restless and wonders what is happening to her. Tere liye song plays…………….Laksh asks Sanskar if everything is fine. They drink the tea. Sanskar says he wants to use washroom. Mrs. Sengupta asks Servant to take him to washroom. She asks if he is fine? Laksh says his wife left few days ago. Sanskar is going to washroom. Swara feels his presence. Tere liye song plays………….Suddenly wind is blown and the curtain flies in air. Swara tries to close the window. Sanskar stops there and have a glimse of her without seeing her face. He goes to washroom and cries. He washes his face and thinks he has to find Swara as she is alive. He says this is truth.

Sanskar comes back and apologizes to Mrs. Sen gupta. She says I can understand. I will talk to Sahil and will try to convince him. She asks Servant to see them off. Swara sees Sanskar and Laksh going, but couldn’t see their face. She comes down and asks Servant who came here. Servant says Mrs. Sengupta called them. Swara feels as if someone dear to her are going far. Laksh and Sanskar sit in the car. Sanskar asks Laksh to stop the car. Swara opens the door. Sahil comes just then. Swara falls in his arms. Sanskar says I am feeling as if I am going far from someone. Sahil says it is a romantic pose, but I don’t look like a hero. He asks her to come inside. Swara asks Sahil, can I stay in your music room for sometime.

Ragini hugs Annapurna and says foundation deal is signed. She says once Swara returns, we will run the foundation together. She goes to upload Swara’s pics. Parineeta comes to Ragini’s room and knocks on the door. She says I have brought tea for you as you was hungry since morning. Ragini asks her to tell what she wants to say. Parineeta says there is nothing to tell…and says I saw your mum outside maternity clinic. She says I don’t know if you know or not and says Sumi is….Ragini says she is pregnant. She says you want to insult me and my mum. Parineeta says she went to hospital for getting her abortion done. Ragini is shocked.

Sanskar comes to the temple and sees Swara taking aarti. A Bhajan plays…………….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. swasan scene super.. please stop dadi drama its geting nerves… i am thinking deal finalised.. with this deal sahil and his mother will do something to with swasan.. just guessing. in tdy sbb segment helly tld all family members comes to know that she lost some memory when she didnt recognize him and accuses him.. she didnt remember mm family and gadodias as neibhours i think… in vahe iv she tld that she remember ma, dida only.. means back to swara bose.. anuj tld “sahil ke samne truth revelation ab hoga and finally sanskar and sahil amne samne hoga” vo said “he came with ring to propose her as he fallen in love with him (may be by voice music he fallen in love with her) but he comes to she is married so unki armano par pani fir gaya…” so frm next week sahil sanskar amne samne…

  2. i think pari will join hands with sahil and his mom.. please stop pari drama…. its getting head ache.. what she want now.. stop pari drama please cvs…

  3. Going to quite swaragini .
    they are disrespecting marriage relation by showing swara sahil bond .Will return after swasan get together

  4. That was a quick update. Thank you H Hassan 🙂

  5. Why are there always things for swasan and raglak are never given such scenes. They are always put on the side and have little to no lines. If swasan desperate there’s so much appearance for them but when raglak separated they never got this much attention and scenes!!?

    1. I agree with you and have stopped watching this show too till the time this track goes on. I hate this swasan track??

  6. Ohh feeling very sad for sanky.

  7. Ohh yaar plz don’t separate swasan felt very bad for sanky

  8. Sadia i am agree with u.

  9. I just hate watching swaraginI becoz how sanskaar can love swara. That sanskaar had saw most of the laksh’s Romantic scene with swara.then how swara and laksh can live together in one house without any old love memories.?After swara’s lose how can laksh stop from swara’s memory???next ragini..she was not caring about her family or sasuraal just only about laksh.she tried to kill swara but now she was against pari.sanskaar came to maheswary house for taking revenge and he succeeded in it.after finding kavida hi love went back on swara.what story is this??Anyone agree with me??

    1. Yes I am but I can’t hate Sans

      1. Ur good name please?

  10. I think Saahil will try to kill Sanskar in the end of this track coz he can’t get Swara if Sanskar is alive
    Swara have memory loss ,If she will love Saahil then too she can’t get the divorce from Sanskar coz he can easily prove that Swara is having a memory loss and the court will disapprove their divorce
    And Swara will go back to Sanskar after regaining her memory
    So Saahil will play a foul play just like Kavita or Ragini did and attempt to kill Sanskar coz Sanskar’s death is the only way for him to rescue Swara
    Please God please regain her memory soon

  11. I like swara .but please show some raglak scenes. Even after separation of raglak they gave some scenes to swasan like panipuri etc.but now no raglak.please give some importence to raglak

  12. CVs let swasan track go on one side…y u not showing any raglak scenes…I thought ter ill swalak track atleast by tat ter ill b some stoy line fr raglak…nw nothing…

  13. Tejaswi is quitting swaragini

    1. Really..??

  14. Ragini and laksh should quit the shows. They are not given any importance. Why should we all raglak fans watch the show if there isn’t any raglak moments. The title should not me swaragini instead it should be swara aur uske pyarki kahani

    1. I totally agree with you.

  15. U are really correct

  16. toi spoiler: 24th may:sanlak visits sahil’s home, pari babhi gets to know that shomi is pregnant and is trying to abort child. she uses this information to manipulate ragini.
    25may:maya sees sahil in a very happy state after a long time and feels that because of swara. swara goes to temple with sahil. sanskar is also there with lakshya.sanskar sees swara his lady love.
    26th may: swara reaches badi with sahil, ragini informs mm that swara is back and in badi.
    27th may: later swasan face off swara reffers sanskar killer… she thinks sanskar try to harm kill her.. due to her memory loss..

  17. I like this track so much………#swara #swasan………….

  18. I support raglak fans but swara was forced to love Laksh in previous episodes she refers her relationship Laksh was immature n only infatuation, where as swara n sanskar relationship r really made for each other, ragini n Laksh r very selfish please don’t separate lead pairs raglak r swasan

  19. Writer giving so much pain for sanskar. After knowing the truth of parineetha how will sanskar react did he forgave her or he seperate from maheswari family. Is sanskar going to marry swara once more. In our indian serial marriage is ocurring so many times for a main character and in all serials they are seperating the main husband and wife later join then later separation its continuing please write sth real

  20. wht nonsense .. frst swara loved laksh n they were seperated .. n then swara loved sanskaar n she frgt sanskaar as she lst her memory .. swara n sanskaar are seperated too.. n nw she will fall in luv with sahil .. woww wht a show

  21. how many times a girl fall in love is it true love if she truly loves sanskar then how can she can fall in love with another person. i think i has waste my time this much day on seeing this nonsense serial

  22. Teju quits? Nooooo i will stop watching these drama

  23. Plzzz show equal scenes of raglak and swasans because we want all the main leads to be in the show … Don’t want anyone to quit the show . plzzz and plz end this memory loss Wala track plzzz …. Bring some happy moments

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