Swaragini 24th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Swaragini 24th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Annapurna telling about the puja. Maya comes and greets them for the collaboration. Annapurna says I hope good things happen with us. Inspector comes and says we came to arrest Swara Maheshwari. Laksh asks what she did? Inspector says murder of Sanskar Maheshwari. Everyone is shocked. Sujata cries and says he is lying. Nothing can happen to my Sanskar. Annapurna asks her to calm down and says this is not possible. Inspector says we have proof. He shows the burnt proof which he claims to get near the dead body. Sujata identified the watch and says she had gifted him. Laksh wonders how is this possible. Inspector says one more thing and shows the scarf. Ragini identifies it and says it is of Swara. I had given her. She says may be there is some misunderstanding. Laksh says I will

call Sanskar, but his phone is unanswered.

Inspector says I have his phone and says it is main evidence. Sahil recalls stealing Sanskar’s stuff and Swara’s scarf. He recalls sending message from Swara’s phone to Sanskar’s phone threatening him. He tells Inspector that Swara can’t do this. Ragini says Swara can’t murder anyone. Sujata says what she is saying? Ragini asks Durga Prasad to tell Inspector. Durga Prasad says this might be a misunderstanding. Inspector asks him to tell where is Swara and says if you people waste our time, then I will arrest you all. Swara comes to Maheshwari house and asks Kissan to come, but he says he will come some other day. Inspector asks where is Swara? Swara says I am here. Inspector asks Constable to arrest her. Ragini says she is innocent. Swara asks what happened? Ragini says Sanskar is murdered. Swara asks if you are doubting me. Inspector says you had message Sanskar. Swara reads the threatening message and says I didn’t send any message. Sujata accuses Swara for killing her son.

Inspector asks where were you yesterday? Swara says I was here and then went to baadi. Sahil says she was with me. Swara asks why you are lying. She says she was practicing with Kissan in Baadi and calls him. Sahil says Kissan’s truth will be out now. Kissan tells the driver that he is going to practice at IGT and recalls giving his phone to Swara. Laksh says you mean to say that you came with Kissan here. Swara says yes. Laksh goes out. Inspector asks Swara to come to Police station and give statement. Ragini says Swara is innocent. Inspector asks her to come. Laksh runs out and sees Kissan standing. He hugs him happily and says thank god you are alive. Sanskar says I am alive. Laksh says Police came to arrest Swara on your murder charges. Sanskar is shocked. Ragini says you can’t arrest Swara. Inspector says we have proofs. Sahil says she is innocent. Laksh says I have to safe Swara. Laksh says she will hate you if you go inside in this get up. Sanskar says he don’t care about himself. Sanskar comes home in Sanskar’s clothes. Sahil is shocked. Laksh says Sanskar is alive. Everyone is happy. Sahil fumes with anger.

Swara and Kissan dance on IGT stage. Kissan’s wig falls and Swara sees Sanskar indisguise of Kissan and slaps him hard surprising the judges.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. kitna bakwas episode hai… just hated boring episode… why swara didnt have any expression over sanky dead.. actuallly its not swra fault its cv’s fault .. kya faltu ki bakwas hai sahil ka khudi kiya and swara ko support kar raha hi… hate sahil… please cv’s kamsekam rajat track is far good than sail track… if u show without sahil and pari and pregnant ott drama its swasan track good and raglak is also good but showing sahil and pari ott total track spoiled actual good track u spoiled with ur own hands… why cv’s are running swara character for sahil drama… chi … kitna bakwas episode hai…. hate cv’s for try to butcher swara role… hate cv’s for ruining swasan track and serial for ott drama…. hate episode..

    1. ab firse same precap next week friday tak dete hai…. kamsekam precap toh change karo….

    2. don’t watch this episode yet, are you sure there is no expression from swara due to sansky’s death ? omg….it’s suck
      i though that swara will shock and get a pain on her heart unintentionally comparing to her and kissan’s conversation yesterday…grrrrrr

    3. Anu…i agree ur frustration dear…but swara is shocked about sankys death…but before she could react about that…inspector,sujatha all blamed her…when inspector said that we have to fimd swara…then only she entered….inspector said that sanky is muddered…then she got that all r thinking that she did that mudder….think practically…how people react outside…like that only swara also reacted n she was shocked by whole scenario….n mica today all did awesome performance….sujju,laksh n ragini…how can i forgot to say about swara…she really did awesome as what everybody will do in real life…n sanky he got less part in this episode…but as kissan he again did nice job…

      Anu sahils track will end in next week…so dont worry…at present ragini n laksh both r getting different tracks…but soon we will see raglak combine track also itseems….so all swaragini fans…watch swaragini…
      When swasan track is going on raglak fans r not watching…so this track is ending

      Same will happen to raglak track also…swasan fans will definetly boycott that track….so pls swasan n raglak fans watch serial…

      1. finally i watch it, and agree to seebu, swara got shocked but get less time into it.
        but can’t stop laughing to watch that fellow family more worried about swara being arrested than to hear sansky ‘s dead…(except my mom sujju) poor sanskar hahaha.

  2. When ragini was negative wasn’t it cvs fault ? At least ragini just loved one person and swara she is been with 3 people sham on her she can’t even remember her husband disgusting

    1. weeeew… you get it wrong dear, if ragini didn’t snatch laksh from her, swara will just fall in love to laksh maheswari only,
      she forcebly to being move on and accept the truth that there is marriage relationship between raglak. She can easily get laksh back once the ragini’s crime revealed, didn’t you remember ? hehehe
      swara’s character is lovable, and we can’t blame swara to be loved by many guys.
      Laksh has falling in love to her without reason
      first swara’s speech made sanskar rethinking bout his revenge, her 2nd speech made sanskar to stop his revenge….knowing swara’s value, character, her selfishless made sanskar falling in love to her deeply.( sanskar ever spent so much time with ragini, but did sanskar ever think to love ragini ? NO,, because ragini is so selfish)
      Swara did 1 move, then Durga Prasad changed himself and the rule of maheswary’s. i bet DP will falling in love too if he is young LoL.
      just my2cent

      1. agree with mica….many ppl like her bcoz of her good nature. She loved laksh but her first love was taken away from her so brutally. Once she knew ragini married laksh…she let him go and tried to unite raglak. Life gave her a second chance. After her marriage with sanskar, she had fallen for him after seeing his unconditional love for her. She discovered her true love.

        If other ppl are obsessed with her, it is not her fault. She is friendly with everyone…that doesn’t mean she loves everyone. She may have not remember sanskar as her husband, but she definitely remembered him and she has strong feelings towards him….its like a battle of mind and heart for her. She was always loyal towards her love.

        And please don’t tag ragini’s obsession for laksh as loyalty….Loyalty means giving one strong support and standing by them in difficult times. She didn’t bother about laksh’s feelings. She was so obsessed with him that she forgot her morals and loyalty towards her own family. Later she has realised her mistake and changed for good.

        It may have been the cv’s fault making ragini negative but it is definitely their fault for not showing her proper redemption. I feel ragini’s negative shade gave Teju scope to prove her acting skills and she has done good job.

      2. yeah well said vyshu.. your explanation just awesome.
        yups you are rite, as human being we should know the difference of love and obsession, it will guide us to right path…yay

      3. thank u….your comments motivated me to defend swara

  3. Intersting.

  4. Today all acted very well…specially sujju n laksh…n swaragini both rocked with their acting….

  5. sach mein bhut pakare bar bar ek hi precap or bich episod k b bhut bor krte plz zyada khicho mat ek hi scene ko warna sab band krdege ye serial dekhna.

  6. Who said ragini is not lovable swara fall in love lash while she knew her sister loved him if u call that lovable then u don’t know what lovable is I personally have no problem with swara I like here acting am just trying state something that they both do what they been told but some people don’t understand that so they were abusing ragini while they is only a reel not real so no hurt Feeling.

    1. seem you don’t understand what i’m saying, especially LOVABLE’s word. who is abusing ragini? pls try to read my comment again to get my point…even my opinion based on the storyline.
      btw, you can’t blame anyone’s love feeling. there isn’t ragini’s fault to fall in love to laksh or laksh ‘s love to swara, swara’s love to laksh, sanskar to swara, sahil to swara blah blah blah..
      you can’t blame a girl being shameless just because there are a bunch guys that fallin in love to her.
      you can’t blame a girl to fall in love twice just because her sister snatched her first love.
      you can’t blame a girl that fallin in love to a same guy as her sister’s, and fallin in love each other.
      so, love feeling always rite, but the act sometime wrong

  7. Arae yaar.. When the hell will this memory loss track ends.. Irritating episode and more irritating precap.. No connection is shown between swasan nowadays..

    Hey guys vote for varun at telly voting for best actor.. He is at 2nd..

  8. please yaar…raglak ke hot scenes dikao…ya phir swasan ki nok jhok…im totally hating swara’s indifference towards sansku…

  9. I already stopped watching this serial just reading the update to know about raglak

  10. CVS stop ml track I cannot see this sahil uncle irritating, CVS bring good track with raglak n swasan why r u keen to separate them, even pari track can be tolerated please end this ml reunite swasan

  11. The main problem with d show is editors give more screenspace to laddoos, lehngas etc….not to mention how many times they zoom in and out….instead of lead actors. Instead of giving long scenes to pari and sahil, they can give them short n crisp scenes and longer scenes to 4 leads

    1. Hehehe ur so cute – more screenspace to laddoos and lehengas so true

  12. I expect the ML track will end before eid.i can watch raglak track after that



  15. I AGREE HS. d writers r writing proper drama but ye dikh nahi raha aisa lag raha hai ki cuts hai

  16. Swara smjhti kyu ni ki agr sanskar ne usse goli mari hoti toh phr swara ki body me khi toh bullet ka nishan hota na…kya yr hmko hmari phle wali swara wapas de do pls…

  17. Rekha vaghela

    Hello guys did that talented girl with multiple names ever commented again?? Just curious to know??

  18. Bakwas story.

  19. Bakwas are ekdam bakwas ghatiya story.

  20. sorry for not commenting as i had some problem with my phone and now read all ur comments in the previous comment page aaaahaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what bashing omg the way she bashed teju …. feeling soo bad couldnt comment that day because of my stupid phone and i whould thank all swasan and swara fans who supported teju *^_^**^_^**^_^**^_^**^_^**^_^**^_^**^_^**^_^**^_^**^_^**^_^**^_^**^_^**^_^**^_^**^_^**^_^**^_^**^_^**^_^**^_^**^_^**^_^**^_^**^_^**^_^* and stood for her love u all lots #######all helly and teju fans proved that u all are truely a devotional and good fan towards them …… and ya people who bashed each other are really disgusting . once again thanks to swasan fans swasan se zadha i like swasan ke fans now lol i know iam not that good at commeting :-Q:-Q:-Q:-Q:-Q:-Q:-Q:-Q:-Q but am just 13 year old girl i know i speak more even my mom calls me dadhi comming back i hope swasan reunite soon and we get some raglak scens

  21. and ya i heard some one saying that next there is going to be a plastic surgery track is that true please tell

  22. I’m agree with mica

  23. Fanficoholic

    Hello guys. I am an ardent swasan fan. Even i stopped seeing it nowadays because of its track. Bt here is sme good news fr u. Swara’s memory is coming bck.


    Here is the link fr it. Watch that video.

  24. Guys don’t worry in the upcoming epi swara will get her memory back will will be with sanskar and will also be able to see the criminal face of sahil

  25. Good news for all teja fans teja also participate in jalakh.official jdj Twitter page confirmed this yipeeee

  26. Wow yar tejasvi i am waiting for jhalak
    I hate this track yar why are they draging it too much

  27. i hate this serial plz end tis serial

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