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The Episode starts with Swara looking at her engagement ring and recalls the happening after sangeet ceremony. She recalls pleading infront of everyone about her innocence. Ragini comes. Swara asks what will happen now. Sujata tells Annapurna that they can make her bahu of their house. She asks how can anyone mix drugs in our home. Annapurna says Laksh also had the laddo. Laksh comes and says Swara don’t lie. Why she would do this? When she proved my innocence. Durga Prasad says this proves that she don’t want to marry, but why would she preponed the wedding?

He tells Laksh that he wants to believe on Swara and him. Laksh says this marriage will not happen after 4 days, but after 1 day. I don’t want that person to hurt Swara and break this relation. He doesn’t know that I won’t let anything

happen to Swara. He assures Durga Prasad that he will handle everything. Durga Prasad agrees. Dadi calls Swara and asks what is all this? Swara says trust me, I didn’t do anything. Dadi says I never trust you. Shekhar gets Durga Prasad’s call. Dadi tells that they will break their relation.

Swara asks Ragini to believe her and asks do you think I am lying. Shekhar comes. Sumi asks what did they say? Swara tells if Laksh thinks I am lying? Shekhar asks about the person trying to stop the marriage. Swara says yes. Shekhar says we won’t let the person get successful, as the marriage will happen after day after tomorrow. Swara hugs Shekhar happily. Sumi says she wants to keep Durga Puja. Swara hugs Sumi. Dadi gets happy and thanks God. Ragini gets teary eyed. Swara asks Sumi, if you trust me.

Sumi says the matter is not about trust, but you have hidden it from me. Swara says she don’t want to hurt her. Sumi asks her not to hide from here on. Dadi comes and warns Swara not to do anything wrong. Swara asks her not to worry. Dadi asks her to have food. Swara tells them that she has decided to keep Nirjala fast till she gets married. Ragini thinks about Shekhar’s words and is tensed. She gets Laksh’s call and gets happy. Swara comes and takes the phone from her hand. Ragini cries.

Swara talks to Laksh and thanks him. She says she is relieved after hearing him. She says your trust is most important to me. Laksh asks her not to hide anything from him. Swara promises. Laksh says I love you. Swara says she wants to hear something else and asks do you trust me. Laksh says yes, she asks him to keep his hand on her heart and feel. Laksh comes and pats on her shoulder. He says nothing can stop me from trusting you. Swara gets emotional and thanks him. Laksh holds his hand. They have an eye lock and get romantic while a song plays…………..

Ragini comes and gets jealous seeing their romance. Laksh kisses on her forehead asking her to take care and leaves. Swara is happy and relieved. She turns and sees Ragini standing. She hugs her and says she is happy as everything is fine. She says she will never let his trust break. She asks if you trust me. Evil Ragini nods yes.

Ragini calls Sujata and tells her that they have to do something to stop the wedding. She cries. Sujata says Sanskar didn’t tell her anything about his plan and gives call to him. Sanskar tells that they have never thought of Laksh preponing the wedding or Durga Prasad agreeing to his sayings. Ragini says we have to do something fast. Sanskar thinks about Laksh’s words. Ragini asks Sanskar to let it be, and says their love might be real. The more we tried to break their relation, the more they get closer. Sanskar says this was destined to happen. Ragini says but with me, not with Swara. Sanskar disconnects the call and leaves. Sujata calls Ragini and asks him to meet her right now. She says someone will do the work, but it is quiet dangerous. Ragini agrees.

Swara wakes up and sees Ragini missing. She thinks Ragini might be working for Puja. Ragini comes to meet Sujata. Sujata tells that she is doing this for Sanskar and wants to give same pain to Laksh. She says I will call him. She sees ring in Ragini’s hand and says it is of Laksh.( it is the same ring which Ragini has stolen during Laksh and Swara’s engagement). Sujata calls Mohini of Sasural Simar Ka, and tells that she don’t want Swara’s marriage to happen with Laksh. She asks her to do something to Swara through black magic. Sujata asks her to do something and stop the wedding. Mohini assures and says she wants the money in advance. Sujata assures. Mohini turns and smiles.

Precap: Promo of special episode on 27th and 28th July is shown. Swara and Simar join hand to know the truth. Ragini is seen doing black magic on Swara along with Mohini.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. eager to watch monday’s episode

  2. 1st ..n stop d black magic stuff its really give d headache

  3. wow…love today’s episode

  4. its good to see swalak scene.I like sanskar lil bit now a days.

  5. Lovely episode.

  6. Yes laksh really love you a lot u Nd swara made for each ogher but this b*t*h ragjni…ohhh god what to do i think ragibi you dont deserve laksh as bcoz if your love is true than you have nt done this things..i am very happy about our sanskaar bcoz sNskaar is doing good .. ..love swalak pair … waiting for monday episode….

  7. Finally some swalak scenes I’ve also started to like sanskaar can’t w8 fore swaragini and sasural simar ka mana episode

  8. Monday episode truth will be out

  9. Why no one can’t feel ragini’s pain … Ragini please vitu avangalam selfish… Epdi na marriage pannitu nasama pogatum .. I think the show must be made swara ..rather than swaragini .. As if swara is the only leading role .. Why writers you making ragini negative … Ragini is also lead role … Kadupa iruku …

  10. yes torandu, why are they making ragini bad..why dont they realise its laksh who cheated her that too twice.. better serial be swara or swalaksh.. really that moron ,jerk swara will never be happy

    1. He didn’t cheated her okay and where does word cheat came he never ever loved ragini v all kno that so he didn’t cheated her its ragini what is cheating everyone by her cheap tricks and the word jerk suits for ragini not pure soul swara….. get some life

  11. yestrday’s episode was lovley…even true love become success all the time… evil plans never become succesful… swara and laksh pair is so cute… i love u both… im eagarly waittin for the maha episode … who will marry laksh???

  12. Yes Arjun … Whatever you do ragini ..my full support is for you only ragini …..forever …..

    1. Then y does.she doing such evil things
      She might say in front of swalak thatshe loves laksh

  13. Sanskaar is vry gud frm his heart all he want is a revenge from lucky and dp

  14. Wow awesome epi loved swalak moments

  15. torandu u may feel for ragini.but laksh swara loves each other.laksh ragini love panave ila.avan aen ragini ya marraige pananum.

  16. True lov is not taking away but is giving up for the loved ones so raginis is nt true lov.love you sanskar n i think sanskaar nd ragini will pair up later…

  17. Wow,, wht a romantic moment for swalak :-*

  18. I lyk ds show….bt it ll b bore if dey drag d track too much…
    Plz…show d raginis true face to swaras nd lakshs family..

  19. Sanskaar is good from heart and if rags luv laksh she shud say to him………when first swara said to rags that say laksh u love him then she was shy and now she is being evil…….what does she wants?????

  20. Wow.. Swalak scenes superb. Sanskar changing is awesome.

  21. Finally after a long time……lovely episode……I love this episode..sanskaar is good frm heart.bcoz he knew that he want to take revange from laksh and durga prasad….not from swara…..but evil ragini doest knew that she is hearting laksh along with swara….

  22. My favorite episode…..

  23. plz end this serial
    sasural simar ka

  24. Lovely epi.and the best part of epoisde was swala k scene.isnt it♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.

  25. Stop this simar bakwas

  26. God!!!! Pls give some some brain to rags ….

  27. wow..!
    really so nice finally my doll swara getting marry to lucky. gud sanskar getting change evil rags get more worse

  28. Guys why dont u understand ragini. Everything is fair in love and war. She changed her self from cute and innocent to evil and dangerous character only for laksh. I do believe that it is raginis lov that is true but not swaras. Ragini go on .do what ever ur heart says. I will be happy if pair with laksh or either with sanskar, but according to ur will. Lov u ragini. Lots of lov for u

    1. But laksh didn’t said her to change herself right n rags knewed that laksh never loved her but she wants to become like swara cuz she knows very well that swara is way better than her….. and what rags feel for laksh is not at all love either she lusts after him or she is obsessed with him cuz if once she loved him then she should also be happy in her sis n laksh’s happiness……swara is a PURE SOUL love u swara loads keep doing what u r doing and hate u b*t*h ragini

  29. i really dont understand how ppl supporting ragini stil.. actually i know its not her fault , actually the directers have potrayed her character in such a way but still cant u guys think how can she go to the extent of doing black magic . is it fair in love..?? do really ppl go to this extent.. just imagine urself in place of swara.. how much she believes rags… n swara s the one who supported rags in everyway.. now rags is doing really wrong with swara.. this is my point of view..

  30. I too agree with anitha ……….. Swara shld understnd dat………… She new frm strt ragini lyks lksh ……… So I totally support ragini. Buut she shld marry sanskar as sanskar cares 4 her more dan laksh

    1. Y swara should understand…… rags is jus obsessed with laksh nothing else….. and laksh never loved rags and even ONCE RAGS WOULD HAVE TOLD SWARA THAT I WANT LAKSH U BE AWAY FROM HIM THEN SWARA WOULD HAVE HAPPILY SACRIFICED HER TRUE LOVE FOR HER SO CALLED SELFISH SISTER RAGINI and what rags did… she betrayed everyone even dadi

  31. Hey guyz!!
    I heard that swara will get married with sanskar nd ragini with laksh in the same mandap,,,how is thiz possible yarr!!
    :'( :'(

    1. I too just saw it on the spoiler
      Fr god sake we want seaman not Santa

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