Swaragini 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sujata telling Annapurna that everything will be fine. She gets a phone call and is shocked to know about Ragini. Swara asks Doctor to save Ragini. Shekhar asks Doctor to bring her daughter back to senses. Doctor checks her and stops treatment. Swara and others ask what happened? Dada ji asks Doctor to check. Swara asks her to wake up. Doctor says I am sorry, now nothing can be done. Everyone is shocked.

Laksh and Kavya have drink on their wedding night. Laksh says we have drank half of the bottle. Kavya asks him to drink one more for her laksh agrees. Sanskar knocks on their room and enters their room. Kavya asks how dare you? Don’t you know that today is our first night. Sanskar says listen, I have nothing against you, don’t interfere between two brothers. He asks

Laksh to come and says I will show you what happened because of you. Doctor and his team leave. Swara says you can’t leave, treat my sister. She asks Ragini to get up and keeps her head on Ragini’s stomach. She sees Ragini moving her finger and asks Doctor to come. Doctor asks Nurse to start monitoring her and asks others to wait outside. Dadi cries.

Swara cries and says nothing should happen to my sister. They come out and see Maheshwari family standing. Annapurna asks how is Ragini? If she is fine? She says she will see her once. Dadi stops her. Annapurna apologizes to her and says I just want to know that Ragini is fine, please let us meet her once. Dadi asks did you come to see if she is alive or dead. Sujata says nothing can happen to her. Durga Prasad offers his help. Shekhar asks who told you about Ragini. Sujata says we got your neighbor’s call. Dadi says that’s why you came here to confirm if Ragini is dead. Annapurna asks what you are saying? Dadi refuses to let them meet Ragini. Swara asks Dadi to let them meet her once. Shekhar says Maa is right and asks Maheshwari family to leave. Dadi says Ragini is lifeless inside. Sujata and Parineeta ask her not to lose hope and says she will be fine. Dadi says you all are guilty of her.

Durga Prasad says I will shift her to ICU. Shekhar says we will manage and asks him to leave. Dadi says do you want to show to the world that you are great. She says your son have given proof for your greatness. She asks why Laksh have played a big game with Ragini. She says atleast Ragini would have alive now. She says Laksh and his wife are celebrating suhaag raat and my lado…..Kavya and Laksh comes there. Kavya says we didn’t celebrate as your drama stopped us. Sanskar tells Laksh that Ragini tried to commit suicide because of him. Shekhar gets angry and asks Laksh to leave. Kavya asks him to speak in low tone. Sanskar asks Kavya to close her mouth. Laksh shouts at Sanskar for insulting his wife. Shekhar asks him to leave. Kavya says your damad have brought us here. Laksh says I don’t want to see Ragini’s drama anymore.

Dadi tries to slap him, but Kavya stops her hand. Dadi shows the letter which she has written before suicide attempt. Doctor comes out and says Ragini gained consciousness, and her pulse is fine now. Laksh thinks she has been acting. Everyone run inside. Dadi hugs Ragini. Swara cries and says you made us scared. Doctor says she is out of danger, but need to rest. Swara cries and thanks God. Ragini looks at Swara and Sanskar. Dadi asks what you have done? Ragini looks at Annapurna and call her Maa. Annapurna says we are happy that you are fine. Shekhar asks them to leave now. Sumi tries to calm him down. Durga Prasad apologizes to Shekhar. Shekhar asks them to leave. Durga Prasad asks Shekhar to tell him if he needs anything. Shekhar asks him to leave. Kavya says she is saved, and not have died. Durga Prasad says Laksh.

Kavya says Laksh told me that it is her habit to act. She shouts and tells Ragini that nobody wants a chipku girl and that’s why Laksh dumped her and found love in her. She says she met Laksh on that night and it was love at first sight. She says Laksh loves me only and asks her to act in films. She says I am a big star, but never acted. She tells Laksh that Ragini is a big actor. Swara throws vase on Kavya. Kavya is shocked and shouts at Swara. Swara asks her to be in her limits and says next time the vase will fall on her head. She asks her to leave the house within 2 mins. Kavya says she is a big star and says you don’t know me. Swara says if you do anything to my family then I will not spare you. Laksh and Kavya leave. Durga Prasad apologizes to Shekhar. Shekhar talks rudely and asks him to take his baraat with him. Swara looks at Sanskar and tries to go towards him. Shekhar reminds Swara of her promise. Swara cries and feels helpless. Sanskar takes Annapurna with him.

Laksh is in his room and recalls Dadi showing the suicide note which Ragini wrote before committing suicide. He reads the note given by Dadi, in which Ragini apologizes to everyone and writes that she can’t live without her love. Kavya comes and asks Laksh it is bad habit to ignore his wife on their first night. She brings the champagne and gives it to him. She throws Ragini’s letter and says she can’t ruin our wedding night. Laksh asks her to relax. Kavya hugs him. Laksh says we shall sleep now. Kavya’s smile vanishes. Laksh reads the suicide note again and says lets see what drama she is doing again. Kavya brings the lighter and burns the letter while Laksh is holding. Laksh gets shocked. Kavya says she don’t want Ragini to spoil their night and gets angry on Sanskar and Swara.

Swara misses Sanskar. Just then she sees Sanskar coming to Baadi to meet her. She hugs him and cries. Sanskar asks about Ragini and everyone. Swara apologizes to him on Shekhar’s behalf. Sanskar says I can understand baba’s feelings. He tells you are baba’s strong daughter and can handle everything well. He hugs her. Swara cries.

Kavya tells Laksh that Ragini have tried to commit suicide and her dadi have accused him as if he tried to murder her. She says your family didn’t say anything. They have spoiled our night. She says I will make everything fine and everyone will not take you for granted now. She says she can’t let anyone sleep peacefully. She says she can’t bear them even for a min. Laksh asks what she is going to do? She calls everyone and asks them to leave the house now itself. Sanskar says I thought to come with you when your baba brought you here, but……Swara says how can you leave your family in this situation. Sanskar asks her to stop crying. Swara asks him to stop crying first. They hug and cry. Sanskar gets Uttara’s call. He asks why you are crying and says I am coming. Swara asks what happened? Sanskar says Kavya is throwing everyone out of house. Swara asks him to call lawyer and says she is coming. Sanskar says you can’t break your promise and says he will inform her. Laksh asks Kavya not to do this. Kavya says I am doing this for you. Sujata asks Laksh why his wife is misbehaving with them.

Parineeta asks Laksh of his choice of girl, and says she is disrespecting mum and dad. Kavya says that’s why I am asking them to leave. Uttara says Laksh is my brother. Kavya says do you know how Laksh had felt when he was forced to stay with Ragini. She calls uttara as useless. Adarsh stops her. Ram scolds Laksh for giving enough liberty to his wife. Kavya asks Laksh to let them go, and says they will make sure that we are never happy together, she says I can’t let you sad. She says I want to return your happiness and see you happy. Laksh says I know but. Kavya says they have to leave. Sujata says let us take our stuff. Kavya tries to push Sujata.

Sanskar comes and shouts at her for pushing his mum. Kavya says you have enjoyed your night after spoiling ours. She asks him to bring taxi. Sanskar says it is not needed. Kavya says who are you? Sanskar says I am Sanskar Maheshwari, this house’s son. He calls Lawyer and asks him to explain. He says our bhabhi is a big rockstar, but zero in law. Lawyer explains to her that house papers in on Laksh’s name. Kavya says so what? My husband have no objection with my decision. Laksh says she is angry. Lawyer says you can’t kick them out of the house. Kavya says it is my house. Lawyer says you can’t. Sanskar asks him to tell about other law. He says if you forced them to leave, then they can file for divorce of you both. Kavya asks how can they file for our divorce. Sanskar says it is a crime to torture father in law and mother in law, and asks her to tell her decision. Kavya looks on.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Honey

    This kavya drama really getting into my nerves.. Thank God there is no misunderstanding between swasan.. For God’s sake please end this kavya track soon.. Can’t tolerate all this nonsense…

  2. jo

    loved tdy episode when swara nd sanskar gave back to kavya in mm and gm.. swasan scene and good episode dont like shekar and dadi both are idiots… hating them they seperating swasan.. but she stepped to talk and again kasam dialougue…
    in tm video showed after domestic violence drama ap and sujju are hugging and welcoming swara in home happily.. sansky looks some tensed and he is in dilemma i cant understand why he is seems not happy or he is thinking something.. waiting to see exact episode…
    after all good episode but not liked the way dadi and shekar reacted with mm…

  3. Saj

    Simply loved Swasan?.. Need to say Sanskar u r soo cute and adorable… Loved ur scenes?..nd swara u also rocked against kavya..

    But kavya u r soooo disgusting.. Cant even luk at ur face..do u hav any pbm wit ur eyes too something like squint eyes and all.. Serial crew had gone nuts i guess.. How come u cast some one like her..bakwaas

    • Lol You’re right about that kavya’s eyes, seems like she’s got cross eyes.
      Who ever did her makeup well it’s not looking good.

  4. Neha

    I like it now lakshya will realize his mistake of betraying ragini and will realize his mistake and tries to go behind her but ragini should not accept him and keep him waiting……. and lakshya will come to know how people will feel when they are ignored and betrayed…..

  5. anu

    please cvs want make over of swara dont want to see her in anarkalis.. change her dressing style.. ragini get change over again she make change over but why not swara.. please cvs requitsting want make over of swara also… please change swara make over after the marriage…

  6. Swati

    Ragini is looking so cute in her new avatar I wish swara learned how to aim properly then kavyas head would have been broken how dare she talks like that about Ragini

  7. Priya

    Y no precap ?????Gud swasan and good insult for kavya. who the hell she ?????is chi!!!!! I hate her ….. y lucky is not telling anything …..

  8. Sweety

    Swasan ar awesum.. Love u sanskar. Pls get someone who truly loves ragini. Just like how my hero sanskar loves my darling swara. Ragini should have some selfrespect. So pls introduce a new man for ragini. So that laksh could feel jealous.. Ragini should not love laksh anymore

  9. Angel

    In d entire epi..d way Swasan stand fr each other..supporting each other is too gd….
    Bt yr ye shekar..iske dimag ka koi ilaj karao..ek beti ki lyf khrab ho gayi dusri ki ye kr raha..wahh
    N ye lksh..iske baare me kya bole..ek hi nazar me kavya se pyr ho gaya..wow kya choice hai..bewda kahika ye Kobra ko kha se utha laya..n she ws saying tum bohot bhole ho lksh dat ws big joke..ha ha bohot bhola hai ye.. Isiliye shekar ko jor se chamat maari..aur fir aaram se baithkar shrab pi raha..
    Bt sans dialogue ws nice..n yes our rajnikant swaras also..
    I want rags to bcme a grt singer nw..n den lksh realisation..tb achha track hoga..

  10. Taka

    Laksh said that Kavya was a good girl. Feel like burning her alive. Why does Laksh not argue with Kavya for asking the family members to leave? He did mention that he did all this to Ragiani only because she was disrespecting his family. Why is he silent when Kavya did this?
    Swara is having a life same as his father now. Fell in love with a boy, but cannot get together because of her parents. He does realise the pain of staying away from loved one. This show is now getting stupid. Kavya is really ill-mannered. Writers should have made her as a good person to whom they sympathize.
    To be really honest Ragini deserved this. She was really bad no matter what. She was selfish. She even tried to kill her own sister for all this despite her being extremely nice. She cheated each and every one. She is dumb. She deserved this, but not at the cost of Swara’s life. Ragini ruined everyone’s life. She never tried to make things better. I hate her.

    • Kalika

      Don’t worry I am sure Ragini won’t fall to pieces cause you hate her she doesn’t even know about your puny existence

    • rosy

      Omg you just took out my words i was thinking the same thing but didnt want to write lol but i do agree hw did this to ragini for his family but he’s not doing anything or saying anything when kavya insult them right in front of his own eyes

  11. Ani

    Swara super acting… U just nailed it today.. Super dialogue.. U shld have break the vase on tat b***h kavya.. She is even worse than Kavitha.. She is acting nicely in front of Laksh as if she is dng everything for his welfare.. She is here in this house for some other reasons.. I think Swara will figure it out soon.. Just getting irritated which she calls Laksh baby.. Just feel like killing her.. Now dnt knw wen they r gonna end this Kavya track..

  12. Vins

    Feeling sad for making laksh bad no no making him useless… I think they show only laksh repentance and not ragini’s… I will watch the show after things sets right… at least after a better spoiler… now its better to leave the show…

  13. Lee

    Laksh is a dog coward …..
    Usne rags ko jb choda to us kaminey ye bhi reason tha ki rags ne uske family ko torture.. what the f**k then his wife is doing…ab kya hua…
    Kavya pe muze gussa ni tarass aa raha bichari b*t*h
    usse kya pata laksh use bhi chodke kisi tisari ke oh srry chauthi ke piche padega…
    Sanky luv u ..u rocked..
    Well said bhabhi is rockstar
    ( g****a rockstar) but zero in law …
    Dadi n shekhar in paglo ko ye samaz ni ata ki ye apani first daughter ki saza 2 nd daughter ko dere…
    I mean common baccha bhi swasan ko dekhake bolega ki kitna pure hai inka relation…n ha shekhar laksh n our sanky me jamin aasaman ka farak hai…dhull bhi ni laksh sanky ke pairo ki…
    So plzzzzz keep ur blo*dy mouth shut …khud to apani beti ke liye kuch ni kiya n aanky ko bolra tha….
    Cvs plzzzzz clean this shit -kavya n khatam karo…
    N ha agar rakhana bhi to plzzz swasan ke scene ke sath koi compromise ni…
    N yeh swasan rocked ..
    Swasn forever. .
    Luv u helly n varun

  14. vicu

    This is only laksh’s family’s mistake, why they are behaving like dis supporting that ragini not our son if they behave nice wid laksh and his new wife then wts the problem everything is nice she also behave well wid them

  15. rosy

    The dog who barks a lot never dare to bite…thats goer with our lovely vamp kavya rani…itna bolti hai itna bolti hai ki kya bolu…lyk her dialogues should b lessend….nd my god LAKSH now i see y SANKY IS OUR HERO ATLEAST HE NOT IMMATURE ND STUBBORN Nd SELFISH LYK YOU…YOU WANTD TO GET SWARA n thats the difference btw you n OUR SANSKAR(the name goes perfectly to the character nd vice-versa)………

  16. Kalika

    Laksh should wear his wife’ssari and bangles and dance in the streets so everyone knows he is no longer a man.

  17. Piya

    i think this kavya will be relatd to kaveri and kavita… i mean their names make me feel so.. m nt sure just my opinion..

  18. harshvardhan

    lakshay and kavya are just awesome . and I know its for little time but I get very happy when I see swasan separated. because reason behind everything is swasan.

  19. Amanda

    People are still saying that Ragini deserves this!? Okay like damn she got what she deserves, but now Kavya & Laksh are crossing their limits now!! Ragini is repenting & is apologising again again AND AGAIN! Like forget the past and focus on the present & future fgs!!!!!

    • Yeah…. Just few days back I hated Ragini. I was so happy when Laksh hv taken her sign on divorce paper. .I felt she deserves it. .. Now when she got her heart break, I feel nothing but sympathy for her. .. Now I want happiness for her. .. She should forget the past and move on with her life and find for herself a very caring and loving someone like swara.. After laksh swara moved on and found sanshkar.. .. “Aapke kismat me jo nahi hai use pane ke liye apko bure karm na karna hai balki woh dundhna hai jo apke liye banaya hai. Kyuki har kissi ke liye uparwale ne kissiko banaya hai”

  20. Dalchini

    Had enough of this bakwas.I hate the way that shekar is behaving with swara.ragini trying to kill her self has made everything worse.shekar is probably going to say something like oh don’t u see the condition of your sister which worsen.I am getting sick and tired of this show I only watch for the sake of swasan and raglak.If there is even going to be a raglak.dadi should be giving ragini some lectures.she did warn ragini about laksh love for him.the person responsible for all of the trouble from the start of this show is laksh (when you think about it ).Ragini and swara found out that they were sisters.ragini was going to marry laksh.laksh fell in love with swara.it broke ragini’s heart when he broke the marriage, ragini became a cruel evil twisted person which thought swara was responsible for this.laksh belived every single word that ragini said and all her stunts that she pulled off.and laksh broke swara heart and then when found the truth about ragini he left her crushing her heart and the he did it again marry this kavya.swasan could not even reunite that was so unfair.we will never see swasan moments for while.we all know that they would reunite so is the point of this drama.I feel really bad for ragini and swara they all suffered in their own way.why can’t they ever make a nice problem free track even just for once.it is the same stuff repeat over and over again.I like kavita,sanskar and swara and we all knew it would be swasan.the tracks they do are so predictable.why is laksh being so quite while kavya Is hurting his family.take action or just do something.the only good thing is that swaragini has finally reunited apart from that my gauge tank is filling up and there is no longer space.bakwas bakwas bakwas bakwas bakwas bakwas bakwas bakwas bakwas bakwas bakwas bakwas.just to mention I love the characters acting but I hate the story line

  21. What hpnd to shekhar so suddenly,uske andar ka bap jag gaya kya?shekhar is pointing laksh’s parents then what was he doing wen ragini is torturing laksh’s family.shekhar kept silent all d tym n now he is reacting that too foolishly.he is separating swara n sanskar.instead of reacting now he would have slapped ragini n taught her lesson when she is going on wrong path then every thing would have been fyn.I agree wat laksh doing z wrong but its not his fault completely bcoz after ragini doing many dramas he lost trust in her n not able to accept her.

  22. Aishwarya

    Swasan scenes were awesome. But Shekhar is behaving so stupidly. Like pehli beti ki zindagi toh barbaad hogayi hai aur abhi dusri ki bhi kyu barbaad kar raha hai? I think now Laksh will realize his mistake soon and go back to Ragini. Please stop that Kavya wali drama…She’s si disgusting though!

  23. Honest opinion

    Dude this Shekhar is so irrational.. It’s super annoying!!!!! For god sake.. Sanskar stood by his daughter through thick & thin.. He stood with swara even when ragini was against her!!!! & now he made swara swear she won’t see sanskar ever again?!!!!! Like wtf is wrong with him? & this dadi is reminding swara of that promise over & over? God how dumb r these people

  24. sarah

    Ragini has guts to conspire against her own sister but she has no guts to do the same against that chipkali kavya. Make ragini strong enough to fight for herself. Now laksh will realise that ragini is 1000 times better than kavya.
    I thought laksh is doing all this so as to take revenge for the insult of his parents but kavya is also doing the same.
    I wonder why do the names of all vamps start with K. Kavya, kavitha, kaveri



  26. Anakha

    Hai friends…i’m a regular viewer of swaragini and reader of written updates but for the first time i’m commenting..,i like both swasan and raglak and i’m a huge fan of tejaswi..A new pair opposite ragini should be introduced so that laksh will feel jealous…and today sanskaar was so cute…

  27. lucky lashi

    good first sanskar is vamp next ragini and now laksh.i think after some days swara also will bexome vamp

  28. anu

    swara to follow ragini’s advice, shekar to disowns swara..
    show going major turmoil with laksh betraying ragini and marrying kavya. shekar slaps laksh while laksh slaps him back. seeing all this shekar orders swaragini to go back to badi with him.. shortly swaragini will show ragini’s sucide attempt to commite sucide while swara will save her.
    kavya and lakshya will show true colors to maheshwari family by claiming the maheshwari house. kavya makes domestic violence case against annapurna and sujata.
    swara will be heart broken to seperated from sanskar. later, hearing kavya’s havoc in mm, swara and ragini tensed. ragini will see swara’s pain and will ask her to go back to sanskar and mm house.
    swara will decide to follow ragini’s words while shekar get furious with swara. shekar will blame swara and will decide to disown her.

  29. Shirin

    I don’t get it if When Ragini was the Malkin where was sanskaar lawyer and says sasur torture divorse rule laksh could have got rid of her then and if Ragini would have there tended laksh Atleast laksh could have made her remember her past deeds

  30. anu

    source metro masti.com..
    ( i dont know how much this news is true, but thought to share with you,,, mostly its fake news.. if its true then all will blame swara now and they make rags turning total positive with this track.. then how its possible she takes revenge from kavlak.. hope its fake)…
    swaragini: ragini’s father shekar to die due to lakshya and kavya.
    swaragini is going to bring a major shocker as ragini lose her father shekar suddenly.
    as seen ealier lakshya betrays ragini and marries kavya. he insults ragini and her father shekar.
    he slaps laksya and shockingly lakshya slaps him. entire mm clan stands by ragini. however kavya will show her evil side soon. she asks all mm people to leave house has she is the new owner of home. seeing all this shekar order swaragini to go back with him to badi and leave mm house.
    seeing ragini’s condition and with the insult inflected by lakshya he will come under tremendourous stress. this will shockingly leads to shekar’s death which will come as big blow to ragini and swara.
    ragini will decide to avenge lakshya for his betrayal and her father’s death.

  31. unknown

    swara saves mm family from police.
    since mm family is not willing to accept the relationship between lakshya and kavya she gets upset with it and calls police. it seems that she will create some false red marks all around her face and blame the women of mm family of domestic violence.
    however, swara will get the media involved in the whole situation and very cleverly gets her family out of the mess created by evil kavya. on the other hand, swara has seen warning kavya not to harm her family.
    its will be intresting to see what happend next in the show.
    stay tuned for more updates.

  32. jo

    today sbas segment posted pics.. swara aur ragini chuta saath… pics of both in green and yellow suit.. after that swara changed dress in pink lehanga..
    in video preview showed.(swara chali apni sasural,.. bahi aasuo ki dhara, babul means baba ne akari baar bhi muh nahi dekha.. swara crying).. both swasan in badi and swara is going to mm house with sanskar and he is in same dress olv of violence case and swara is in pink lehanga.. shomi doing some ritual both swasan sitting. rags standing by side… shekar sit some distance and he is very ngry on her.. mostly his hand is with bandage.. so its after drama she goes back to badi but shekar gets angry she goes to her sasural.. shomi rags did her bidaii..

  33. preet

    wase kavya ne ek bat bilkul sahi boli ki ragini ke itne suicide drama krne ke bd kon os par easily vishwas kr sakta hai aur jo kr rhe hai bewkof hai.. aise pehle krke he ragini ne sab mess start kiya tha jo ajj khud os tak a puncha hai…. ajj sab ragini ko support kr rhe hai nd all peoples always favored ragini even in her wrong doings… nd tht irritating swara always support ragini.. no one stood with laksh even when he was right. everyone pressurised him to accept ragini… frustrated laksh doing these all through wrong ways.. its not totally his mistake… ragini has a big hand for laksh changing behavior even his whole family nd swara also

  34. Anita

    This kavya is too much lol but I’m not surprised she turned outto be like a bad rebel girl. What she commenting about orther peoples characters and Parvarrish lol .
    There should be a reunion of villain lol kaveri, kavita , kavya shraddha Ankita mehra,dolly arora, meenu aditya ,abheer , rajesh
    nishaant khaana (who has become sanskar mini version now )
    dhruv pandey(of parvarrish s2 ) pls don’t get confused with the other dhruv pandey of thapki pyar ki.

  35. jo

    in sbb serial express they showed after police drama swara coming back to badi..she comes to know about his accident.. but dadi stops her and blame her because she break the promise dad ko accident hua she asks to choose mayka or sasura.. helly iv uske liye bahut tough situation wants to take baba side but also want to protect family sasural.. dadi scolding her she told sshe didnt enter mm.. but she asks why you went there.. ragini try to convince dadi and shekar but she they are not listening…

  36. ravi

    I cant believe people here are supporting Ragini even after everything that she did. Just because she loves Laksh doesn’t mean Laksh HAS to love her back. Guys stop supporting women who play the woman card to get what they want and torture the guys. This show is showing woman in a really bad light that women can get away with everything bad they do. Poor Laksh how much he suffered. He lost his love Swara, and was stuck with a woman he never even thought about in that way. Swara was the one who forced him the most in loving Ragini. You cannot force love out of someone obviously the great Mahan Swara doesn’t know this. Ragini didn’t leave any chance to torture Laksh and his family just for Laksh to f*** her. And she named her desperateness as love. shamelss female. He finally did what she was desperate for and left her. I still see no wrong in this. Ragini should die and be re introduced as a humshakal of Ragini. A very positive character and full of life and energy. And that time Laksh should fall for her. This serial is going no where with all this shitty tracks and characters.

    • I am not Ragini’s supporter.. . I don’t like her… Now she got what she deserved. .. But I don’t sympathise Laksh.. . If he had a strong personality he had the chance to make good decisions and didn’t rush to marry Ragini … Be a man and can convince his family to take his side. .. He is a fool, coward….. He can’t f*** his enemies to take revenge. … It shows only his weakness… Now what he will do if she gets pregnant?

  37. sana

    Thankyou to all who watched swaragini this week….swaragini trp increased from 2.3 to 2.6…..congrats guys 😀

  38. ishveer

    Such a foolish seiral….. I can’t tolerate that swara chapter….from the staring to thus nonscence show swara character like a superman, spiderman etc….as well as she only know that all reason or culprit begin all happens…. I can’t bear it….same story repeat… All the track finally show that swara is innocent, spiderman…I hate swara caracter as well as swara overacting….this two week swaragini duration is one hour… Irritating……plz stop this nonsense ,idiot …serial…

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