Swaragini 24th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 24th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sujata and Annapurna coming back home and seeing Ragini and Dadi getting their pedicure by the parlour girls. Ragini asks where did you go? Dadi says they went to temple to make plea to get their home, but God refuses, laughs. Ragini asks Sujata to make juice for the girls. Dadi asks Sujata to get her wrinkles treatment. Sujata says your eyes might have weaken. Ragini says she will give money. She says they are useless, and are after her money.
Sumi asks Swara to play guitar to cheer her up. She says she met music teacher is back from Banaras. Swara plays the guitar and thinks about Sanskar. She tells Sumi that Guru ji can help her uncover the secret and she can save Durga Prasad and others from Ragini. Laksh hears Ragini and says I thought you are still mad about me,

and didn’t know that your new love is money. Dadi asks him to talk with respect.

Ragini asks are you drunk? Laksh says I have wine with my money and says he will give money to her. He takes out wallet and counts the coins. He puts the coins on her head and asks her to pick the money. Ragini shouts? Laksh asks her not to shout and says your value will not increase even if you shout. Ragini tells Annapurna that her son has become drunkard. Laksh says so what I shall do? He says I did a big mistake by drinking wine and coming here. He says I can’t see you all in pain. He calls Ragini as termites and says she came because of me and is eating this house. He apologizes to Annapurna and hugs her. Ragini asks him to come to room. Laksh says I can go to my room and asks her not to touch him. Ragini asks Uttara to throw wine bottle and says I hate its smell. Laksh says it is a good smell and asks her to change the room. Annapurna cries. Dadi says your son has become drunkard and can’t walk properly. Dadi is about to fall, but Sujata holds her.

Swara comes to meet Music teacher. He says he can’t help her and says he couldn’t recognize her. He asks her to enquire with the nearest musical group. Swara recalls seeing many musical instruments in the party and thinks to find the supplier who supplied it.

Swara comes to meet Sanskar and says he needs his help. She reminds him of the woman dancer. Sanskar says you want my help. Swara says our relation is truth, and says she want to save their family. Sanskar says I don’t want your help and says he has started working on his plan to save his family from Ragini.

Ragini calls Laksh. Laksh gains consciousness and sees Ragini serving drinks. She asks him to drink more to make himself accept the truth. Laksh says I will drink and asks her to drink with him. Ragini throws the glass. Laksh throws his glass also. Ragini gets angry. Laksh asks if she is annoyed with him and twists her hand. Ragini says I was going to make drink for you. Laksh says even if you are last woman in this world, then also I will never get closer to you. He says I hate you and even this wine can’t help you make me get close. He tells the poetry and drinks more wine. He says good night malkin. He laughs and sleeps. Ragini goes out of room angrily and Laksh’s words echoes in her ears. She breaks the things in the hall angrily. She says every family member have to pay for my insult.

Ragini asks Annapurna to work if she don’t want Sujata and Uttara to work. She throws water on her face and insults her. Laksh gets angry, and holds her neck. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Adithi

    One thing I can’t understand is the character of Ragini is portrayed this much bad so if they show like she turned positive will it be acceptable??!!

  2. Tara

    Loveddddddd laksh. What an acting !! What a performance !! One of the bests of Laksh.. awesomeee acting. Luvd him a lot. Didn’t like swasan scene for d 1st time.

  3. angel

    oh God same precapsince 4 days…..I wanna kill ragini….good laks go ahead…..tooooooooooooo much dragging……..plzzzzz finish this ragini drama…..I dnt watch th serial as I have to see ragini’s face and swasan fight….plz cvs make everything fine we are dying to see swasan together…..plzzzzzzzzzzzz ……….. ragini did so much bad and she became owner…..where is the farmhouse vid of her confession????just go to police and show it no one can save her even if she is the owner….why is sanskar trusting ragini??ok fine swara committed a mistake but when he also had done bad with swara along with ragini swara forgave him so easily nd now he cant forgive her…why???he had always trusted swara and been with her at every step and swara did the same and just committed a minor mistake and sansakr lost his trust…what is this??

  4. angel

    swara is always late in doing important things…..
    1:when she thought that she loves laksh she didn’t say it though she got a chance a lot of times even during her marriage preparations nd she lost him
    2:she got late to realise her love for sanskar and doubted him and now he is miffed with her
    3:she got late to tell sanskar that she loves him and has come back for their relation but he thought that she is back for ragini
    4:she got a chance to tell dp that she is back for sanskar when she met him after coming back to house but she didn’t.if she had told him he wouldn’t have made he sign the papers and now swasan are separate…..????????????????????????????????

    what can be done in this case???

  5. Tara

    Again in this week trp, swaragini is back in top 10 having its position in 7. I think so just bcoz of swasan scenes. If ragini also made +ve it will get back in top 3. Don’t know wat s in writer’s mind.

  6. Ramya

    Laksh superb yaar
    I cannot stop laughing when laksh said yes Malkin am drunk….
    Does ragini still loves laksh??? I just got a doubt…
    And also felt sad when laksh had only coins in his purse… Poor lucky…
    Wonderful performance by laksh
    Laksh irritate her more

  7. aradhya

    Hey!!! Acting of four leads is awesome…really talented…..???? n writers tantrum…srsly can’t hold it anymore…stop ✋ this all tantrum….n do something innovative ??

  8. Ruhi

    Please get swasun back.. I think ragini this character is of all bullshit
    Please end it she does not suit to this blo*dy fool role

  9. rosy

    Right said…however writers should take medicine for memory recovery as they are bringing in new new characters n planning the future storyline so they are actually having an “partial amnesia” jst lyk rags..

    However we are shouting at them bt i feel for country’s development employment is neccesary…if writers bring rags to jail the show wl end and no other productn house wl hire them due to their AWEFULL DISGUSTING STORY DRAGGING CAPABILITY….

  10. Today lucky did wat rags deserves n ya lak irritate her more n more we r wid u n also jab bhi maan kiya toh uska galaa dabaa dena n yeah u rockd today
    Oooo juz hated dat swasan scene today n sanky ab yeh toh kuch zyada hi ho gya hai yaar n now she trusts n luvs u yaar now wat more do u want frm her plzzzzz yaar forgive her na

  11. arshi

    Love u swasan…i feel very bad for laksh…he is the most affected person in all this…he loved swara,but had to marry ragini…& now swara loves sanskaar & he has no other option than backing off…his life has become hell…

  12. Neha

    Today episode credits goes to lucky he just rocked what an acting superb yaar swasan scenes were less hope everything get cleared soon btw them I wonder what plan has sanskar made gonna watch it tomorrow just for lucky and yeah guys Merry Christmas to everyone present here may Santa Claus full fill your wishes

    • Hi neha
      How are you? Yeah you’re right, Laksh’s acting was good. He made me laugh, the way he treated that psyco ragini anyways good she deserved it. And yeah merry Christmas and a happy new year to you neha.

      • Neha

        Hi shuva same to you dear may god showers his blessings on you yeah lucky rocked yesterday’s epi but my favourite was when he showered coins on that pyshco ragini and when that dadi slipped I wish she should have fallen down that would have been so good na

  13. ishu

    i have confused….sanskar was really angry with swara….bcz he says he dont trust her bt his eyes says he loves so much….
    bt one this is conformed sans want some space with swara….he wants to realize her true feeling for him…and also punish for doubting…
    yesterday i read Tara cmd….wow….its so awesome…each and every dialogues of sanskar its describtion…its superb….
    the trp is become high just bcz swasan moments…..
    i hope swasan pair come soon closer…v r WAITING….
    swasan roczzzzzzzz…
    merry x-mas

  14. Sanskar pls forgive swara & realise her ♡•••love for u
    Ragini stop punishing people for ur sins which they already forgave u for
    When did they ever insult u the way u insult them

  15. Sanaiya sagar

    I think sanskar doing all this thing with swara for a plan and reason.he want to keep away swara for all this

  16. Oni

    Yes. We all want sawsan. They are the only reason we are watching this. But their distance is intolerabale. Another thing is, Ragini really loves Lakhsh. Which Laksh could never see. What if Laksh tries to commit suicide??

  17. Hi guys
    What’s up. How are you all. I haven’t watched today’s epi yet but read the update. I don’t know man I just want to kill Ragini and her Naagin dadi of hers. And yeah guys I just want to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Oh yeah and 1 more thing Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

    • Rids

      Shuva wen u r going to kill her. Please take me along… Apparently lakshya alone was not enough. 2 people vil definitely help… :p. I hate ragini…. We can actually start a club ” I Hate ragini club” and make money…

      • Ha ha lol You’re so funny. Yeah you’re right. It’s good that Laksh strangled her and did you see her face lol, her expression made me laugh.

      • Rids

        Yes neha. We ll start it . December 25th now… Guys join our new found club.. I HATE RAGINI CLUB. here we can discuss all new ideas we have in our minds to trouble ragini …. Tat way we ll not feel much bad wen we see her hurt others .

  18. Hi shuva merry Christmas to all of u ??
    Today’s epi was not that good only lucky’ s acting was superb? I was literally laughing when he said to ragini tumse muje ghinn ati h tumhare samne daru ki badbu bhi kushboo me badal jati h

  19. sakthi

    one thing i can’t understand character of ragini before marriage she is positive and after marriage she is negative ok . underderstood that till episode. but now swara is so weak .and sanskar not supporting to swara. why? what is a secert of durga prasad who is woman of dancer. plzz unite sanskar and swara

  20. AD Musica

    Pl unite swasann pls can’t bear it any more ……. n lucky just awsumm pls irritate those two
    NAAGIN’S as much as u can …, super role played today …
    N merry Christmas lets get the best of 2016 may this 2016 be a happy 1 fr all
    N fr swasann too SWASAN FOREVERR……SWASAN ROXX…

  21. Why do I feel Sanskar is doing all this in pressure ?? I doubt that some one is pressurizing him and blackmailed to be away from Swara. May be that devil Ragini.. Don’t know but i felt seeing his action

  22. And yeah guys did you see the way that Naagin dadi nearly tripped and sujata stopped her from falling. Just imagine if sujata wouldn’t stopped her lol it would have been funny to see how she reacts.

    • Neha

      Yeah she was criticizing laksh that he can’t even walk on his own being drunk and at the same time she only tripped correct timing

  23. asmitha

    I think by upcoming epi they show ragini bcom very evil and laksh ,swara, snaskar join together to change ragini laksh acts to love ragini but at one stage he really loves her then all join together this will happen I am sure love ragya

    ya. ..

  24. nik

    N ya I too lvd laksh acting in ystrdays episode. N d chillar incidnt was so funny….. lol.Cmng 2 d poetry it was dm good if I m crct it was lyk” ragini tm se itni bdbu aati h ki meri sharab ki bdbu bhi khusboo me bdl jati h.” @bewdalaksh u rkd dr.

  25. ishmeet

    What a crap..they should instead telecast any swaragini ff …it would be much better

    And teju wasting her talent
    They should turn her positive as soon as possible

  26. jolly bembi

    Hi guys how r u all? Merry christmas to all of u. Ha evn i was wishing dat sujju shudnt hav com to save dadi den it wud hav been fun n ya lykd d shayari of lucky

  27. Par yaar ab sanky ka gussa kuch zyada hi ho rha hai n atleast swata se sahi tarah se baat toh krle pr nhi usse toh sara tym swara se jhagra karna hota hai ab toh maaf krdo na sanky yaar

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