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The Episode starts with Ragini seeing Swara saving Chotu and cries happily. They kiss their brother. Laksh asks Adarsh to explain the matter. Adarsh asks him to wait for sometime. Swara and Ragini come there with chotu. Sujata asks why Ragini is wearing dumb woman clothes. Swara says I will tell everything. Adarsh asks Swara not to come near her. Ragini gives Chotu to Sanskar and goes to Parineeta. She rubs her hand revealing her face while Swara throws water on it. Swara and Ragini lift ghunghat revealing Parineeta’s face. Everyone is shocked. Sujata says you are here and asks what is happening? Swara takes Chotu from Sanskar and says this is Chotu, son of my parents, whom we thought dead. She says he is our brother. Sumi and Shekhar come just then and hear her. Sumi gets emotional and happy and run

to hold him. She says he is my Babu. Swara says yes Maa. She says you told right in that temple. He was our chotu only. A fb is shown. Swara asking nurse to tell the truth, Dadi asking Nurse to take away the baby from them. Fb ends. Shekhar says everything is done by Maa. Annapurna asks Parineeta, if he is involved in the conspiracy and asks how are you. Sujata says how can you stoop low, and have stolen other’s baby. Swara says Adarsh and Parineeta tried to kill our brother, and kept bomb on his neck. Everyone is shocked. Annapurna slaps Parineeta…..

Adarsh shouts Maa. How dare you to slap her. Ram asks Adarsh, why is he questioning Annapurna. Durga Prasad asks Adarsh to be polite. Adarsh says nobody have the right to question us. Durga Prasad asks don’t you feel ashamed to speak like this. Swara tells that Adarsh and Parineeta had been blackmailing them. She tells their plan to take the baby, and says we called maa papa here so that everyone shall end before he goes to court. Adarsh says really, do you think so? Durga Prasad raises his hand to slap him. Adarsh holds his hand angrily shocking everyone and jerks it. He asks him not to dare to slap him and calls his name. He says parents have to take teachings from others, how to behave with kids. He says I am just name sake elder son, but nothing. Durga Prasad asks what is this misbehavior? Adarsh says you just love Laksh and Sanskar, and hope me to be Adarsh wadi. He says great Durga Prasad and his great sons. He says nobody thought about my feelings. Sanskar asks what you are saying? Bade Papa loved me and Laksh, equal to you. Adarsh says he gave me charity. He says when you was acting to be dead and Laksh was flirting with others, then I took care of the business. But then he was praising his anmol ratans….Sanskar and Laksh.

Laksh asks do you really think this way? Parineeta says we can feel how you both have snatched my husband’s rights and business. She says my husband had work hard and made this business, but you both have treated him like a housefly. Sujata says even Naagin speaking now. Annapurna asks Parineeta to be polite. Durga Prasad asks Adarsh to tell his wife not to misbehave. Adarsh misbehaves with Durga Prasad shocking them. He comes to Swara and Ragini and says Swaragini…You think that you are smart. A fb is shown, he says your bahu Ragini thought that he has killed Parineeta. She then laid a lie trap for your all, and then also you forgave her. He says when Swara came to know about me, she tried to defeat me, but lost. He tells Durga Prasad that you have signed on some papers yesterday. Swara says he can’t do anything. Adarsh says Swara and Ragini have helped me to take your signatures on blank papers.

Ragini says I haven’t done it intentionally, and says Adarsh was threatening to kill Chotu if we don’t take your signatures. Adarsh gets phone call and says okay. He gives a serious look and then comes near Swara and Ragini….He tells what do you think that you will try to be smart with me and I will not know. A fb is shown, Adarsh hearing Swara’s plan to get signature with magical pen and smirking. Fb ends. He claps and says your plan was good, but it was not children play. He says I have changed the pen and Papa had signed on the papers with normal pen. He says all this property is on my name now……Swaragini are shocked.

Swaragini promise to get their house and property back. Parineeta asks them to get out of house else she will kick them out. Everyone leave Maheshwari house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Swara the worst character….. Khud ko raw ki agent samjti…..

    1. Ragini is the worse character in indian serial,it is coz of her stupidity and criminal psychotic mind they are all in this mess.i hopw they send her to d mad house

      1. chill out

      2. Shut up sharnellee. I think you need to go to a madhouse. Get well SOON!!!

    2. hahahhahahahahah………when will this show stop can’t wait

  2. thanks for fast update H hasan

  3. I totally agree charu…i feel Ragini is much better character than swara…

    1. You can only feel.
      Fact remains her character is the best

      1. Mica

        Nelly.. sanyu was rite, ragini is much better than swara in CRYING WAY
        soo.. let it be…

  4. whatever happens keep swaragini together

  5. Nice that u post fast hasan dear.N HELLY WHAT TO SAY YAAR M SPEACHLESS HER LONG THICK HAIR LIKE RAPUNJAL HER BLACK DEEP EYES LIKE CRYSTAL HER PINK SOFT LIPS LIKE A ROSE love love love u and sanlak were so cute today love them STAY BLESSED :swasanlak and VARUNhelluNAMISH (VAhemish)

  6. not only swara n not only ragini….. but they both r best…. love u swaragini…

  7. Mica

    weeewww, Aadarsh forget something…a half of property was belong to sanskar.
    it was his hard work during his absence/fake death, even he almost defeat Dp company those ages.

    1. Mica

      ty for update H.Hasan mom,… God bless you and family

    2. rekha vaghela

      Actually Sanskar did a merger of his company with dp. So it was not just NDP’s property but sanskar’s too. But I know all 4 of them will work and built a more bigger company now.

      Want that all 4 of them together solve this problem. Not like swaragini duo, or swasan or raglak, but all 4 of them together. As when they start showing swaagini together, they cut Laksh role completely. When they show swasan both raglak scene are cut. And when they were showing kidnap drama Sanskar role was cut. Want all the 4 leads. Even if they don’t keep romancing around all the episode but in Trouble they all should b shown together solving it.

      1. Mica

        yups i know that, that why i said a half of them belong to sanskar…i mean sanskar’s hard work since those ages DP almost getting trouble on his company due sanskar’s.
        waiting the 4 musketeer to solve the problem

  8. Fast update…. Thank u.

  9. Every swara fans have other views every rangini fans have another views while swaragini fans have same views.

  10. Exactly Charu and Sanyu. Swara is the worst and ragini is so so so much better than her. Love Ragini!!! Hate STUPID swara.

    1. Ya ragini is better in weakness n dumbness

      1. Shut up!! Ragini is more beautiful and cute. Your swara is UGLY and stupid!!!!!

  11. Even if adarsh and parineetha has the property now, they can’t be really rich as they are childless. And sooner they will repent for their sins and swaragini must never forgive those betrayers

  12. I don’t understand why everyone compares swara and ragini here.
    the theme of this serial is the bond of swaragini only. still people waste their time. so called ragini and swara fans.
    btw if swara..the raw agent would not have been there then ragini would have been getting blackmailed up till now.
    Their strengths lies in their bond.

    1. rekha vaghela

      Agreed ad. Actually it is the writer that r making this. And we shouldn’t blame actors or character as they r just a puppet to the writers. But really want all 4 of them together to solve this problem. Not just swaragini or swasan it raglak. All 4 of them together. May b we will not get cuteromancing ttrack for a while. But they should introduce a new villain a business rival. And not this family drama any more like dadi plotting, parish plotting.. Etc etc. A villain who is strong but not a family member to them

    2. Agreed A.D!!

  13. Ab tak hai serial chal raha hai kya Aur sab log dekh bhi raha hai O my god

  14. Writer plz end this drama…….I think the script writer is enjoying making everyone bad characters turn wise….first Rags then Pari and nw Adarsh…….

  15. Heltej

    Meri cutie pie❤️?! Swaragini saved their chottu… Adarsh became puppet of his wife! Cvs are mad!
    Can anyone tell me please how the #hellyondrivetime went… Which all questions she answered?

    1. Vyshu10

      One question was…..what do u think is reason for swaragini to be among the top shows and no.1 on colors UK? She told…collective team work and fans support. There are so many Q&As….so i hv given d link. Just click on “listen back”

  16. hi m uzma here

  17. Mica

    woow swaragini.. your plan flop dear… but at least you still can save Chotu…
    nothing important than your brother life..
    and swara… you have smart husband, who has good intuition in business.
    if he had ever survive being big businessman on 5 years..
    he can do that now…
    but somehow i have a doubt, sanskar has new habit to teasing her cute wife and following her to and fro than working, did he still have his charm in business ??? 😀 😀 😀
    naughty husband ever.. love you swasan….<3 <3 <3

  18. No swara is better

  19. Bla bla bla

  20. Swasan forever
    swasan rocks baby?

  21. swasan rocks love u swara love u sansker and ha love namish he look so handsome nowdays love u hevamish

  22. hey guys i want to say why we all are behind swara and ragini guys sansker is the main person who made ragini evil then why to blame swara and in fp track ragini was just support her mother laksh is also support her in fp then why we all blame ragini

    1. Mica

      we prefer to hug them than to blame them :3 :3 :3

  23. Swara is worst character????nice joke???swara is awesome n smart unlike other crying bahus….n sanky u r looking so handsome n cuteness overloaded???swara looking gorgeous n u r acting is awesome???

    1. Ya true helly is the best keep rocking love her??????????

  24. Love swaragini bond..tdy epi was nice..but their plans get failed..still thy save thier bro..nd swra ws lukng stunning tdy..nd evn namish ws lukng cute tdy…love u helly..love u swasan…

  25. oh so new fight is on,’who is better?’.according to me swaragini is better.cz swara is nothing without ragini n ragini is nothing without swara.n serial is nothing without SWARAGINI.

    1. Mica

      correction.. swara is nothing without sanskar….for some purpose of course :3 :3

    2. Agree with u….always some people will come n blame swara or ragini n some people take it real n they will bash hellu n teju….i think they have to get a life

    3. Heltej

      True! ???

  26. what can I say guys ……….I don’t hate ragini bt some blo*dy ragini fan make me to say that ur so called ragini is? he root cause of all the misdeeds…….nd swara is always the savior………so chill kiddos…….agar swara nehi na then ur nagini would be crynig till now like dumbo…….

    1. swara fans r nt less in bashing either..

    2. correction its ragini n nt nagini.shez nt dumbo,shez our cutie pie..

    3. correction its ragini n nt nagini.shez nt dumbo,shez our cutie pie..voh koi na koi rastha nikal hi leti..

  27. Sanjanaagrawal

    Today swara was looking just like a doll awesome …. love u mah cutie pie ….. and I want swasan scenes nowadays aadarsh is getting more dialouges then sanlak and one day pari will get more dialouges than swaragini ….

  28. Swara kaun…Ragini kaun!! Ek helly hai aur doosra tejaswi!! Oh my god…Why do we guys waste our valuable time over someone who are not even related to us?? Few years back i used to do d same…take everythng to heart i mean these serials and waste all my time on seeing d updates,commenting and all!! I then suddenly realised what am i fighting for…And for whom??
    U guys are fighting over helly and tejaswi??? Why?? Do they even know u ppl…they earn almst 30k-50k per each episode,they are popular all over india…They are making their parents proud,they have secured their future,Just 20-23yrs old they are!

    And we guys who are crazy over them..what about our futures,our parents?? We guys..ntng wrong in watchmg d serials…but wasting time arguing and all…its not good guys!
    I know most of d ones here are still young…Plz dont waste ur time like dis…y do u want to torture ur brains by arguing over useless matters…swara and ragini wont fetch us anytng!
    A serial is a serial…characters are characters…Watch and leave it there!
    Waise bhi agar swaragini ssk sns tei etc aisi serials jisme koyi concept hi nahi hai..agar iske baare mein hum itta soche…tho house md,greys anatome eyc aisi series ko kya kare?

    Anyways just wanna say swara ragini..They are too happy wd their lives achieving somethng…they dont even know us!!
    So dont waste ur time and strength arguing over them!!
    Work hard like them and one day ppl might speak abt u dis way..use this time to secure ur futures and make ur people proud!

    No offence guys…i daily read tellyupdfates…har roz aisa ladte hain yaha log..tho bas comment karne ka man kiya…sharing my experience and Jus my opinion!
    If it hurt anyone kindly ignore!

    1. First time in the history of swaragini I found a mature and sensible comment. Hats off to you #shritha

      1. Thanks prateeksha!! Each day we see guys fighting over swara and ragini here!! Just a waste of time ryt!

    2. Totally agreed with u Shritha!!

    3. u r absolutely right well said??

    4. Heltej

      Agreeing shritha

      1. Thanks heltej 🙂

    5. Thanks aheli,prateeksha and u 🙂

      1. Welcome. 🙂

    6. rekha vaghela

      Yes Dr. When I was in my school days kausati and kyunki were been shown. My all classmates used to discuss about it and I felt sad as I didn’t have cable at my home. But when results came I had topped in states. And I never ever then regretted for not having cable at my home.

      Right now I have plenty of time and so read comment on this forum. Here most of the commentors r 8-16yrs maximum. They have time to write ff and then bashing games. I think they will b active on online as well. But is it really worth it?? The actors won’t come to u when u fail in an exam beacuase u loyally defended them on some forum.. Think guys!! Think about Ur self instead of playing this bashing games. I know those who r bashing r small and sure of that

    7. Very true rekha…These actors nyway study max upto 10th…but it doesnt make a diff coz they really work hard in d field they like!!
      But youngsters on dis site..they brk their heads for useless things!!
      Very much true these actors wont come to even console us when we dont do good in xams or when we fail to make our parents proud for being born to them!

    8. Very true rekha…These actors nyway study max upto 10th…but it doesnt make a diff coz they really work hard in d field they like!!
      But youngsters on dis site..they brk their heads for useless things!!
      Very much true these actors wont come to even console us when we dont do good in xams or when we fail to make our parents proud for being born to them!

      1. rekha vaghela

        Yes and they have a max life of 28yrs in this industry after that no one knows even them. But they work hard to attain success in their field while some people waste their time bashing

  29. Vyshu10

    Swara holding chottu and sanskar holding them…..a treat to watch. Swasan looked amazing today. Chottu(chotti) is very very cute. Chottu’s smile when swasan entered the room??

    Now adarsh is not anymore “adarsh”. I have a question to CVs….. sanskar only merged his company with DP’s but he still owns his properties….so y r MM members not staying there?

    1. Mica

      when they stand together on the upstair.. waahhh waahhh.. it’s kinda happy family …
      yaahhh.. something illogical, they out from MM in empty hand ckckckckkck.. how it can be..

  30. guys do u heard hellys interviwe with raj bandhan it was awesome

    1. Yes it was really awesome iv. I loved it.❤

  31. Awesome episode!!! Finally Swaragini saved their Chotu. 😀 Love their bonding!!! AdRi!! Hate them!! Adarsh became a puppet of Pari!!? Now want SwaSan and RagLak to defeat AdRi together. 😉 I love u SwaSan!!❤❤ And Like u RagLak. 🙂 And guys, stop fighting for some fictional characters!!! I really don’t know why u guys keep comparing between Swara and Ragini!!? Both Swara and Ragini r best in their own way!! Some of u r SwaSan fans and some r RagLak fans, but that doesn’t mean that u will blame the either one!! So stop fighting guys and be together. Just like Swaragini r together, SwaSan and RagLak fans also be together. I daily read the written updates of SR here and I’m really fedup with the daily fight between Swara/ SwaSan and Ragini/RagLak fans.? It was just my pov and if anyone’s feelings is hurt due to my pov, so I’m really sorry in advance and kindly ignore it.☺

  32. Swara is very beatifull girl i like it. swara.am a big fain.

  33. I love this serial of two sisters n both are best for this serial…..bt the repeat telecast of this serial should back at its time..i.e 1:30p.m…

  34. Awesome episode
    Swasan and raglak rocked
    Love you VARUN helly namish and teju
    You guys are most goodlooking and talented actors in indian television
    And love you so so much VARUN ,you are the best

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