Swaragini 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shekhar thanks Daadima for accepting his love. She asks him not to think much as she and his dad will greet bahu/sumi and her family for dinner tonight. He happily touches her feet and leaves for job.

Ragini prepares food for Sumi’s family and tells Daadima that she will prepare her favorite food for mom/Sumi’s family. Daadima thinks till when she should continue this drama. A lizard falls into kheer bowl. Ragini asks if kheer is burnt. She says it is fine and asks her to get silver crockery from store room. Once Ragini leaves, she thinks she will serve lizard kheer to bengalan and family.

Sumi gets busy selecting clothes for dinner party. Dida comes with Shekhar, lets him in and goes out. Sumi smiles seeing him. Shekhar asks if she did not select sari yet. She says

no. He selects orange sari. She asks why orange sari. He says she looks very beautiful in this color and hr face glows. She looks into mirror dorning sari. He touches her shoulder. She asks him to go out while she gets ready. He gives her gift and says it will remind her that he is around her always. She asks if he brought phone to her. He asks to check. She opens box and finds silver anklet. He says nobody can separate us now only we will separate after dying. She emotionally hugs him.

Laksh and Swara start searching Ragini. Dadi comes and listens to their conversation. Swara asks if he will tell Ragini that he does not love her. He says he will as he cannot lie her, so he wants her to come wit him as both he and Ragini would need her. Daadi gets worried hearing that and thinks she has to do something and stop this boy.

Laksh and Swara reach Ragini’s kitchen. Ragini says she prepared food almost and only puris are left. Laksh says he has to tell her something. Swara says she should promise that nothing will go wrong between them after she listens to Laksh. Ragini hears some sound and tries to leave. Laksh holds her hand and says he has to tell her the truth. Swara goes out to check and sees broken vase on floor. Laksh tells Ragini that he does not love her and does not want to keep her in dark, now maybe their relationship will break, but their heart won’t in the future. He knows soon she will realize that his decision is not wrong and she will understand him. She starts crying vigorously.

Daadima rushes inside hurriedly and sees broken vase, asks Swara how did it break. She says she don’t know, saw it, so picking broken piecds. Daadima sees Laksh coming from kitchen and thinks he told Ragini everything. Daadaji comes and asks what happened. Daadima says vase broken heavy winds. Laksh says he will go home and meet mom as she is ill. Daadima asks him to have food and go. He says he got at least 10 calls from the morning and should go. He asks Swara to take care of Ragini as she is crying vigorously. Swara enters kitchen and asks Ragini not to cry. Ragini asks if she is so bad that Laksh does not love her. Swara says she is perfect, but Laksh does not suit her. She asks why he does not suit her. Daadi enters in. Ragini wipes her tears and starts working back. Daadi asks Swara to go and bring Sumi and Dida. Swara leaves. Daadi asks if food is done. She says yes. Daadi asks what about silver crockery. She says she brought them out. Daadi asks if Laksh told anything. Ragini cries hugging her and says Laksh told he cannot marry her as he does not love her and they both cannot unite. Daadi asks her to stop crying and says Laksh is from a good family and knows marriage is between 2 families and until 2 families unite, marriage cannot happen. Ragini says he clearly told he does not love her. Daadi asks if he does not love her, why did he stay here. She says she will tell her a secret and asks her to promise she will not tell anyone. Ragini promises. Daadi says Laksh came to her crying and says he is feeling pain after lying Ragini and he wants families unite first and then he will propose Ragini again. Ragini asks if he really told that. Daadi says Laksh will set things right first and then will marry her.

Daadi continues her lies that Laksh loves her a lot, so he went to his house to convince his mom, she can ask even Swara and Daadaji. Ragini asks if Laksh really went home. Daadi says why will she lie. Ragini hugs her happily. Daadi promises her that she will get her married to Laksh. She asks her to continue cooking. Swara comes back and hears all her conversation and is shocked. Daadi sees her and silently walks.

Precap: Daadima tries to feed lizard kheer to Sumi. Swara sees kheer pot and sees lizard in it.

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  1. how bad this daadi ma is

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  2. dadimaa…. ur cruel…. swara u must set things r8…

    1. #joker, u need crctn in ur sntnce……SWARAGINI u must set things right

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