Swaragini 23rd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ragini breaking relation with Swara. Swara asks her to give them chance to prove their innocence, and asks her not to take Laksh out as he is unwell. She says Swara is incomplete without Ragini and asks her to stop. Swaragini plays……………Ragini gets emotional, and then recalls Inspector blaming Sanskar, and showing video where in Sanskar asking Inspector to put him behind bars. She tells Swara that she can’t give chance again, and that she will break her trust again. She says it was good that we didn’t take birth from same mum’s womb and tells that she will not have pain now as they are not blood related by mum. She tells when Sanskar did a deal with Adarsh, then I have also done deal with Dadi of our relation. Both of them cry. Ragini tells there is one difference,

you got greedy and ruined Laksh’s life, but I have broken relation with you for saving him. She breaks their photo frames and tells that relations are like glass pieces, you can’t make it alright. Sad version of Swaragini plays……….

She keeps pics in her suitcase and packs it. Swaragini continues to play. Swara cries. Ragini sees her veena and tells that Swaragini’s sur is shattered, and our tune and relation are broken. She takes her veena and suitcase and leave from the room. Swara cries. Ragini comes out and Swara follows her. Dadi tells Ragini that Pandit ji is waiting. Swara asks what you are doing. Ragini says I am ready and tells Swara that she is doing shradh of their relation.

Shekhar tells Sumi that he is breaking up with her as his mum asked him to sacrifice. Sumi asks what you are doing. Shekhar asks someone to keep eye on baby, and asks Sumi to come with him. Shekhar tells Sumi that they have to end their relation, and he is doing this as she couldn’t take care of her baby. He says you don’t deserves to be called as a woman and says I will not forgive you. Sumi asks him to understand her. He holds her hand and takes her forcibly. Laksh asks what is happening? Ragini says it is Swara and my’s relation shraddh. She asks Dadi, where is havan kund? And tells that she wants to burn all the memories. Dadi gets happy being evil and says I will bring. She calls all Baadi people and tells that they will be witness now. Swara tells Ragini that she won’t let her do this.

Laksh says 1 min Ragini. He tells Sanskar asked me 40 mins to prove his innocence, but he couldn’t prove it. He tells that he will end his relation with Sanskar today and do shradh of their relation. Sanskar is shocked. Ragini takes him to sit near havan kund. Swara and Sanskar looks shocked. Dadi smirks evilly at her victory. Ragini takes out pics from her suitcase, tears it and put Swara’s pic part in the havan. Dadi continues to smiles. Swara is in shock.

Shekhar takes Sumi to lawyer’s office. Lawyer asks him to sign on the divorce papers. Shekhar signs on the divorce papers and asks Sumi to sign. Lawyer gets a call and excuses himself. Sumi requests Shekhar not to force her. Shekhar asks her to sign. Sumi cries badly. Laksh takes Sanskar and his pic in his hand. Sanskar tries to stop him. Dadi stops them. Swara says we have to stop them. Sanskar says they will not believe us now. Laksh tears pic and burns Sanskar’s pic in havan. Sanskar looks on shockingly.

Annapurna comes to Baadi. Swara calls her badi maa. Annapurna says you lost right, and tells Laksh that she came to know who is her family and who is not. She asks Laksh to come home and says your family is waiting for you. Swara and Sanskar are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Mahjabeen

    First of all tdy i cm to knw dat no ome in maheswari family deserves swasan…i thnk they shuld go away frm thier family members nd leave thier life happily and peacefully…flt vry bad to c swasan like dat…nd ragini wat said tdy to swara ws rlly nt gud..wen c wl cum to knw da truth c wl bcm mad..nd ap c never gave her care nd love to swasan..before nd mw also..dnt c knw abt aadarsh dat he cn stoop so low to du nethng den also c is blaming swasan…hate her..nd dadi also wen c wl die..oh god..i cnt bear her..c only created misundertanding between swaragini nd parish created betwen sanlak…cnt bear dis rlly..fed up of dos track…

  2. Kutty

    I want to know . is the director a mad or dumb. Having brains or not. What a hell is this serialm I had stopped watching this dirty dumb serial for the past 4 days. I am reading this written updates and decided to see serial again if anything happens good in the serial but now the serial is getting worsen and worsen. Stupid. f**king haterwd. Mess u up

  3. Thahira

    I think sanskar shouldn’t have complained to police about laksh doing smuggling work because laksh doesn’t have further choice to get money for saving his parents. Sanskar could have tried other ways to save laksh from going wrong path. And it became a great chance for parish and dadi for separating swaragini. I hope that swasan prove their innocence sooner and they must not become mahan again by forgiving parish and that evil witch dadi. Feel like giving a tight punch to that witch

    • Mica


      |Registered Member

      Sanskar though about Laskh safety when he sent Laksh to jail…
      he knew well about the dark world, and Laksh engaged to mafia’s world,
      once you go into, there is no door to walk out.
      so, He thought that his friend cum police officer will keep Laksh safe in jail….

  4. ragini

    shame on raglak..

    what ragini said..she said soo much of puran abt trust naa….she didnt liable for that..dumbo..

    “trust is like a mirror we can fix it if broken but still the cracks are seen in that reflection”
    like this if swaragini reunite again i can’t accept ragini…if she shw any care towards swara..i really feel ragini is faking..teally.its looks like she is fake if she say swaragini word frm her bldy mouth..

    shame on ragini.she is not worth for a sis of swara..

    and i dnt wanna to talk abt shekar..he is such a coward..i dnt knw how many times he broke his relatn with sumi.and again and again sumi forgive shekar..now ragini devii too follow shekerz path…u wll bcm good ragini.god bless u

    swara looking sooo cute today.looking like an apple..and loved her acting..
    swasan al the best..
    swara love u

    • Saumya

      Soo true rag has lost all ri8s on swara every time she chooses laksh over swara be4 2 she was ready to kill swara for laksh

  5. Aila


    |Registered Member

    Kya bkwas kar r hain CVs 😒
    Poor swasan😭
    Whole family is being idiot for not trusting each other and getting trapped easily in those people’s words who betrayed them badly and treated them so ill😠
    Dadi is such a jerk!!!(no offense but m really angry)
    Swaragini shows the sisters fighting FOR each other but here its opposite…. Here sisters fight WITH each other….
    I think serial should be named as swara v/s ragini 😠😭😭

  6. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Mission PARISH destroy has started… 1st step has been taken .. woooowwwww!!!!! RAGLAK goo with AP maaa… they need u there… SWASAN u be here n d barri n RAGLAK u both be there at mansion…. hahahahahahahaha *devil smile* PARISH ur time has started now… ticcck tocck ticck toock…

    well done my SWASAN . RAGLAK…proud of u..

  7. Mysteryy

    Great!!! Shekhar said that Sumi doesn’t deserve to be called as a woman. Like really?? Woh khud NAMARD hai.. I mean whenever Swara and Shomi need him, he backs out.. How can he forget that Sumi raised Swara on her own while Ragini was raised by Dadi… Shekhar ne sirf janam dene ka kaam kiya hai unhe… Kabhi kabhi I feel ki Shekhar and Dadi never accepted Swara and Shomi wholeheartedly… Jab chahe tab accept or disown karte rehte hai..

  8. Ria

    Swaragini are sisters & are responsible for the incident as they don’t trust each other. Sanlak give importance to their love not to brotherhood. This show is showing the reality of relationships that where there is no trust there is no relationship. Swasan will prove their innocence & they will rejoin both garodia & maheswari families very soon.

  9. Sanji


    |Registered Member

    blo*dy gadodia family is soul reason of all the mishap I hate them to the qore……will really swaragini take 7 year leap?????

  10. ladoo

    kya yar cvs what do u want now.
    u always does partiality.u always makes swra good and ragini character insensible.wts ur prob. haan?
    itta bashing to hota hai rags ke charecter par aur kitna karana chahte ho.u guys are the sole rwason for d bad comments upon ragini.u all have done it.u are just low mentality faltu bakwaas partial people.hate u tooooo much.

    but chahe jo bhi karlo.we will always love ragini.do what u can do.i m challenging you.just ruin her charecter how much u want n make swara mahaan how much u want still i will only love ragini.and my love is increasing more and more for her after seeing your partiality.

  11. ziha

    hey guys have u seen d weightng segment of swragini cast.

    its something like this.

    in it sujara says we saas bahu are of same wt.

    well coming to the serial .ragini i loved your acting .u always nailed it.ur expression ,ur emotional everything is just superb.
    i could connect to only ragini and sanskaars acting.
    i think swara n laksh should improve a little bit in emotional scenes.they are good at masti vala scenes.

    hope this track ends soon.feeling very sad for swasan.please unite swaragini and sanlak soon.love them all.

    • Mica


      |Registered Member

      for acting.. hmm, i don’t think so… Swara ‘s acting is complete, she can showing happy, naughty, sad, cry, angry, but only 1 think, she don’t show mad act in this serial.
      in the other hand.. Ragini mostly giving sad face…
      in the earlier episode, all of the time, when she fall in love, when she became negative, when she trap someone, when she felt the victory, she just SAD….
      as foreigner, even i didn’t get the message what she went through if only i didn’t read this TU written update….
      but i admitted that Ragini’s act improve soo much…i love her mad and her anger act nowadays…
      for Laksh… he is not good to showing love to ragini,
      for Sanskar as he gets highest salary, his acting proved that he deserve it.

    • nia

      well i dn knw abt laksh or ragini bt swara yes!!i cant connect with her crying scene.ryt frm the begining wenever she cries i jz cant see.as a viewer i dn knw,i feel lyk her crying is fake.other than that i love her acting.sanskar yess!!!the only person i can connect in whole serial.love u varun

      • Mica


        |Registered Member

        uuh i dunno then.. but today episode, when her tears suddenly fall (in her daze state to see Ragini tear their pic) it just so EPIC…and i love her red nose, red cheek when she cry…

      • Mica


        |Registered Member

        btw, i know why you said fake.. because somehow Swara looking weird when she cried.. but it’s not about the acting or expression it’s about face construction… 🙂

  12. Mica


    |Registered Member

    hurrayyyyyy….. i love this serial sooo very much, do i?????
    uhhhh, how can i happy if my SwaSan don’t happy with this separation….
    i just wish Ragini see Sumi jewelry in Dadi’s house, so she can send Dadi to jail..
    or, Raglak will go to MM and ruin Parish….

  13. sahana

    i have a gut feeling tat it is a plan of swaragini and sanlak to trap parish and dadi….i really hope so..luv u teju.expression queen.beauty queen.u are the only reason im bearing tz crap show.ur the best actress of indian television.love u angel.stay blessed

  14. Mica


    |Registered Member

    aaaaahhh.. i hate CVS now!!!!
    why you show us the scene Ragini recall about the police when she want to believe Swara… uugghh, it shown kinda Ragini trusted that corrupt police than her beloved sister…
    be frank, i just want Swaragini separation based on Ragini/Shekar promise to dadi, not for the distrust between them…
    Sometime i didn’t get it… why Shekar didn’t say the truth about his problem to Sharmita instead of hurting her with his harsh words…

  15. hari

    love u helly.she is soo beautifull and talented girl.and i love her acting.she did it very well.her helplessness sorow..everythng was perfect..and she looks sooo cute while cring.looking like a applr.hehe..cute apple

  16. Rithu

    I think this is all plan of swasan and raglak to trick adarsh..etc !! Otherwise why would they just do it all of a sudden 😐😐😐

    • rosy

      I feel that way as well if it is than they’re doing a great job if not I’m very very disappointed in in all beside sanskar n swara feeling very bad for them both hating ragini soooo much but if they really are acting to trap Paris, Ardash n Dadi very good keep up the good work

    • Aasthu


      |Registered Member

      I too wish that’s the case Rithu……….but I don’t think it’ll be like that…….cv’s won’t do that……they simply want to ruin this pretty show by making Ragini dumb…….

  17. seebu

    After watching episode felt very sad for swara…her shattered n shocked expressions r awesome…i’m so proud to be swara fan…she tried her best to save relationships….n i think swasan should never forgive this raglak…ragini does not deserve swara as sister…helly u nailed it girl…take a bow to u…n sanskar…the way he stopped swara that they will not listen…it is awesome…i really adore swasan a lot…best couple ever…n swara is best sister ever.. varun u dont have much dialogues but u nailed with u r expressions…love vahe n swasan…

  18. seebu

    Mica dear…leave it…everybody has their views…they didnt connect to swara’s crying…like we never connected to ragini’s character(crying,acting everything)…n coming to swara fans…n her bashers who r saying her crying is fake…in recent tellytalk iv…helly herself revelead that in upcoming seauence there will be swara n shomi scene will be there…in that she didnt use glycerine…she directly connected to that scene…n director appreciated for that scene…i think this is enough answer to who r saying swara’s crying is fake😏😏😏😏

      • nia

        i said those not as a swara hater bt as a viewer.jz lyk hw u sed u dn lyk ragini’s acting(however it seemed more f revenge to me).im neither ragini fan nor swara fan.im varun fan.
        well,since a few days frm nw ppl r criticing ragini severly tat her voice modulation z poor or tat her acting z not upto the mark.bt ragini fans tuk it as a pov unlike some swara fans who always make a fuss out of nowhere.i repeat tats a pov of mine as a viewer/criticizer.b broad enough to accept bth positive n negative.

      • Mica


        |Registered Member

        Nia…. i don’t think so, there were ragini fans who complained also about the comment of ragini bad modul, bla bla bla.. maybe you should check it…
        i dunno why, you couldn’t see their complain, but if it come to swara fan complained, you react….
        btw, about your views, it’s OK! every body have their own !
        and for me, today episode (not for whole serial) Laksh expression better than Sanskar ! there is a moment when Sanskar just in casual expression.

    • AnuAnn


      |Registered Member

      I’m a helly fan and frankly speaking at the beginning I didn’t like crying sequence of swara.. And beginning she’s only having 1or 2 crying scenes be oz her character is not a crying baby.. But from swasan fake marriage her crying scene was perfect.. Especially her first confession to sanskar.. If anyone have dbt her crying is fake just watch it .. She nailed it .. From their she was doing her best and she’s also doing perfect makeup according to each sequence which makes it more realistic

    • seebu

      Excuse me dear…as a viewer i too said that..n yes i n mica supported ragini character whenever she get bashed…n u r telling ragini is being bashed for everything…cant u see swara being bashed…anyways i’m helly n varun fan…u r varun fan…no need to fight…bcs we r common fan of vk…

    • Mica


      |Registered Member

      it’s OK! Seebu dear! everyone have their own view! even maybe some Ragini fans get hurt to read my POV, but really it me and my friends thought those time.. even my friend got pity on Ragini for her sad face and blamed swara those time, but then i explained that she tried to kill swara to get Laksh.. my friend just said “but why she always sad ?” 😀

      something on Swara that bothered me, her cute face, Swara too cute to act angry, or cruel,
      she nailed with the expression, but her face.. just too cute(or maybe i’m wrong since i didn’t have a chance yet to watch her in negative role, sometime i wish Swara become negative )
      in the other hand, ragini’s face is perfect to support her as negative role , her face as kinda poison ivy, beautiful yet sadist, please don’t take me wrong, i don’t talk about their inner, i talk about the kind of face.( if you are actress it’s a plus point)

  19. Heltej


    |Registered Member

    Those who are waiting for raglak vs swasan track… Dont expect it… They have already shoot it for Montage /promo… Every time they give montage/promo… Exact opp will be the episode…
    Everyone’s acting is good… Sumi’s acting apt in that situation!
    Ty H Hasan for the updates

  20. VK

    I think swaragini are trapping dadi & parish.they will get their property back.I feel bad they don’t show any brotherhood b/w sanlak.sanskar always stand for swara and ragini for laksh.I fell in love with these two characters. I love sanskar & ragini.but I don’t want these crying scenes.we want cute scenes b/w couples & children for them.plzzz donot show anymore negative in this serial.

  21. Princess

    Swara hamesha mahan banane ka bada shock hai .u know I hate this serial it always shows partiality always they give more importance to swasan .yaar I did not understand why they always show raglak negatively .I hate swara.And I appreciate Ragini because of her only today swasan has become more famous.you people should know that without a villain hero doesn’t become popular.

    • Mica


      |Registered Member

      you know what as ragini fans, even you consider her as villain…. ckckckck
      i m swasan fan, but i don’t ever think that ragini become villain this time..
      sometime a statement can send opposite message..
      for example, if you consider swara as mahaan, somehow you consider your ragini as a looser UNKNOWINGLY…
      so, you thought Raglak become negative this time ?
      so, you thought that their did was totally wrong ? hmm….
      even raglak fans considered that their raglak was wrong.. what to say…

      • Hellyholic

        yesssssssssssss mica agreed!!!!!!!RAGLAK OR RAG fans don’t have the guts to accept that raglak r doing wrong ; even if they r………….

      • Mica


        |Registered Member

        No.. Helly! they even considered that Raglak do wrong thing nowadays…
        and i don’t like it.. since as Swasan fan, i do understand that Raglak were not all wrong…..

  22. saryu

    make everyone wrong… and just make swasan mahan…
    this cvs wants this only right…
    they could have named serial as… swasan…ek kahani…

    cvs… hame patha hei swara devi mahaaann hein. aur sanskar the saviour…
    plz, to prove that don’t make others all bad…

    i think, adarsh is wntngly trying to seperate swasan sujata family from them bcz, laksh is only his real brother and ap is his mother.
    i think….

    omg…poor swasan/…. i think swara is left to turn as villan. make her too a vialn…
    then change serial name as “nafratt ki kahani”

    wow…well done cvs well done. hats off to you….

  23. sindhura

    ragini goo and die..u r too shame to call a sister..u showed your true colour.
    YOU ARE REALLY A NGINI..NAGINI maheswari more suits u jerk..she again prove that she is nagini dumbo jerk behenjiii type girl..u dnt deserve to say a sister of anyone..u always back war others..dnt hesitate to duss ppls..nagini bich nagini ragini..dumbo dumbo dumbo crying aunty.whatever she showed to swara still now was fake.dumbo stupid idiot donkeyfaced nagini ragini..

    and a BIG MAKEUP QUEEN..now emotional shoots are going on..but nagini devi put heavy makeup..bright lipstick darkend eyebrows and loys and lots of foundation..chii..its looking yuck..feel to vomit on her face..one itz soo ugly fatty face and plus loads of makeup..she looking like fujnny aunty in emotional face..feel to slap her..stupid nagini ragini..hate that dumbo behenjii ragini..go and fck smn u idiot behenjiii nagini ragini

    • riya

      whatever u said was crrct dear..its soo funjy to see her face with heavy makeup but still looking like an aunty…and i also feel whatever the care and love she showed towards swara is fake..such a dumb girl

    • nayana

      love u sindhura..u r correct..i also feel the same.ragini aunty..
      most recently an article is posted on most beautifull girls in indian television..and u knw what hellu is in 2nd positiin followed by divyanka..hahaha..love my cute doll hellu..watching this show only for hellu..love u hellu

  24. saryu

    i think stupid dadi is forcing raglak to do that… and even pari adarsh wants raglak in house and they want to make them also as servants..

    then…!!! swasan will come and save them as heros… teetit teee tee tee teee….
    sanskar the he man… swara the powerpuff girl…

    bakwasss seriallll…….

  25. tanni

    stupid ragi i..and whoever say swaraz acting in crying is fake then put a specs and properly watch the show..such a jealous freaks..and she looks sooo cute..while crying her face bcm red and soo cute to see..such an angel..love cutie hellu.

    jealous freaks are always jealous twrds my cute doll swara/hellu

    • Mica


      |Registered Member

      overall, she said she loves Swara acting, but she just can’t get it in crying sequence Tanni….
      it’s understandable since somehow swara face, mostly her lips…. kinda awkward , but maybe it she took it as acting skill, not as face construction…
      and it’s normal.. everyone have their POV.. rite ?

  26. aru

    OMG!!!sooo much hatred for ragini..well done teju.tez hatred comments for ragini shows teju has done her job fabulously.her acting is soo powerful tat ppl still remember her negative shade.ty jz dn want to frgt it n still scold ragini with such cheap words.teju u rock.expression queen.proud of u gal.keep it up..love u.

  27. Feriha_Tanu


    |Registered Member

    Whatever guys I just love thz serial ..kyon ki serial mai much twist aana bhi zaruri hai ….simple story will be boring …..and helly😍😍😍😍😍😍 I love u soooo much u look soo cute while crying ….all ur expression r marvellous ….no one could be compared to u 😏😏😏 …my cute doll
    And sanskar I just love him ….
    ….I don’t wanna say ki I don’t like raglak ….arrey all r good and perfect for their character …and I do like raglak ….coz we can’t judge anyone …
    But really I just hate thoz elders bhuda and bhudhis …I mean dadi ,shekar,Ap they r such a jerk chi i just hate them
    They r elders so they should have some common sense …shekar tho never loved swara even though she is his own daughter just hate him for tat
    Ap aur dadi uffffff such a …chi ….

    But love u sujatha and sumi always supports swasan like a good mum’s

    Love u swasan

  28. piyali

    Ap and dp if gain So much trust over our son’s and always do Right thing so say to their son to return sanskaar his kerma group of company …. which he open by his alone 5year hard work and if they can’t then don’t blame anyone or Sujatha as now whole truth is not revealed ….
    Hate ap how can she say that sanskaar never be on right path ..if he want money and property then why he join his business with them….

    Love swasan

  29. .teja

    ragini dont have any brain???why she acting like dumb??when she was vamp cvs show her some brainy type but now as a dumb

  30. sanvi

    i dnt understand y are u ppl comparing helly and teju.they are two different girls who are incomparable.teju and helly are beautiful in their own ways.some ppl feel helly is more beautiful while some feel teju is more beautiful.bt the fact is helly and teju bth r MOST beautiful girls.applying makeup is not a crime guys.take it easy..ua taking serials too seriously as if serials are ua life and u ppl r ready to kill the other fandom fo ua fav.chill guys.dnt compare anyone with anyone it is really very painfull.there are ppl who go through tz.jz ask tm how ty feel wen they r compared with someone and made fun of.i myself have gone through many a times.trust me guys its really painful.every girls are special and so is heltej.

    • Hellyholic


  31. molu

    Love u swara…u nailed it …is swaragini is going to take a leap…i have recently seen a video in which Ragini is taking a little girl ih her lap ..is it true…plss swasan and sumi…please lead happy life by never minding that ap dadi raglak parish …am curious to know that whom will sujatha n ram uthara support now

  32. Hellyholic

    what the hell does ragini think of herself???A queen???any time she can use swara and then throw her like a tissue paper?I never understood ragini’s character…..positive negative positive negative….and now what raglak did with swasan was totally wrong without knowing the truth they are blaming swasan and believing aadarsh pari and dadi who always wanted swaragini to separate…I didn’t knew that ragini’s character can be so dumb…leaving raglak aside I was more angry with AP !! when she said to swara ” tum ye hak kho chuki ho” I really wanted to slap her so hard…now I want a track swasan vs raglak and a leap…it is necessary!! I want sanskar to be a big buissness man n maheshwari’s begging swasan for forgiveness n shekhar begging sumi for forgiveness but shomi shudnt forgive him…THIS IS MY OPINION BOUT THE STORY N FANS BE4 BARKING REMEMBER I M NOT SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT ACTORS n those people who say this is just a show then don’t take my comment srsly ! THIS is my opinion and I will not change it…it is just my opinion n I have ri8 to tell my opinion!

  33. Sabrina Sookdai

    I hat this show now why is rageni behave like this everythim she think she can do what she want with swara so stom an sheker also sorry to say but rageni need to qutie the show because she they always blame swara and sumi

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