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The Episode starts with Ragini breaking relation with Swara. Swara asks her to give them chance to prove their innocence, and asks her not to take Laksh out as he is unwell. She says Swara is incomplete without Ragini and asks her to stop. Swaragini plays……………Ragini gets emotional, and then recalls Inspector blaming Sanskar, and showing video where in Sanskar asking Inspector to put him behind bars. She tells Swara that she can’t give chance again, and that she will break her trust again. She says it was good that we didn’t take birth from same mum’s womb and tells that she will not have pain now as they are not blood related by mum. She tells when Sanskar did a deal with Adarsh, then I have also done deal with Dadi of our relation. Both of them cry. Ragini tells there is one difference,

you got greedy and ruined Laksh’s life, but I have broken relation with you for saving him. She breaks their photo frames and tells that relations are like glass pieces, you can’t make it alright. Sad version of Swaragini plays……….

She keeps pics in her suitcase and packs it. Swaragini continues to play. Swara cries. Ragini sees her veena and tells that Swaragini’s sur is shattered, and our tune and relation are broken. She takes her veena and suitcase and leave from the room. Swara cries. Ragini comes out and Swara follows her. Dadi tells Ragini that Pandit ji is waiting. Swara asks what you are doing. Ragini says I am ready and tells Swara that she is doing shradh of their relation.

Shekhar tells Sumi that he is breaking up with her as his mum asked him to sacrifice. Sumi asks what you are doing. Shekhar asks someone to keep eye on baby, and asks Sumi to come with him. Shekhar tells Sumi that they have to end their relation, and he is doing this as she couldn’t take care of her baby. He says you don’t deserves to be called as a woman and says I will not forgive you. Sumi asks him to understand her. He holds her hand and takes her forcibly. Laksh asks what is happening? Ragini says it is Swara and my’s relation shraddh. She asks Dadi, where is havan kund? And tells that she wants to burn all the memories. Dadi gets happy being evil and says I will bring. She calls all Baadi people and tells that they will be witness now. Swara tells Ragini that she won’t let her do this.

Laksh says 1 min Ragini. He tells Sanskar asked me 40 mins to prove his innocence, but he couldn’t prove it. He tells that he will end his relation with Sanskar today and do shradh of their relation. Sanskar is shocked. Ragini takes him to sit near havan kund. Swara and Sanskar looks shocked. Dadi smirks evilly at her victory. Ragini takes out pics from her suitcase, tears it and put Swara’s pic part in the havan. Dadi continues to smiles. Swara is in shock.

Shekhar takes Sumi to lawyer’s office. Lawyer asks him to sign on the divorce papers. Shekhar signs on the divorce papers and asks Sumi to sign. Lawyer gets a call and excuses himself. Sumi requests Shekhar not to force her. Shekhar asks her to sign. Sumi cries badly. Laksh takes Sanskar and his pic in his hand. Sanskar tries to stop him. Dadi stops them. Swara says we have to stop them. Sanskar says they will not believe us now. Laksh tears pic and burns Sanskar’s pic in havan. Sanskar looks on shockingly.

Annapurna comes to Baadi. Swara calls her badi maa. Annapurna says you lost right, and tells Laksh that she came to know who is her family and who is not. She asks Laksh to come home and says your family is waiting for you. Swara and Sanskar are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Love u swara…u nailed it …is swaragini is going to take a leap…i have recently seen a video in which Ragini is taking a little girl ih her lap ..is it true…plss swasan and sumi…please lead happy life by never minding that ap dadi raglak parish …am curious to know that whom will sujatha n ram uthara support now

  2. what the hell does ragini think of herself???A queen???any time she can use swara and then throw her like a tissue paper?I never understood ragini’s character…..positive negative positive negative….and now what raglak did with swasan was totally wrong without knowing the truth they are blaming swasan and believing aadarsh pari and dadi who always wanted swaragini to separate…I didn’t knew that ragini’s character can be so dumb…leaving raglak aside I was more angry with AP !! when she said to swara ” tum ye hak kho chuki ho” I really wanted to slap her so hard…now I want a track swasan vs raglak and a leap…it is necessary!! I want sanskar to be a big buissness man n maheshwari’s begging swasan for forgiveness n shekhar begging sumi for forgiveness but shomi shudnt forgive him…THIS IS MY OPINION BOUT THE STORY N FANS BE4 BARKING REMEMBER I M NOT SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT ACTORS n those people who say this is just a show then don’t take my comment srsly ! THIS is my opinion and I will not change it…it is just my opinion n I have ri8 to tell my opinion!

  3. Sabrina Sookdai

    I hat this show now why is rageni behave like this everythim she think she can do what she want with swara so stom an sheker also sorry to say but rageni need to qutie the show because she they always blame swara and sumi

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