Swaragini 23rd October 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swara tells that she don’t want to take divorce and says she thought enough about their advice. She says Baba was right as some relations are meant to stay. She says when you all are sure about our relation then I am ready too. Dadi says you said right and is happy with her decision. Durga Prasad asks Laksh if he want to say something. Laksh says nothing. He comes out and see Sanskar. Sanskar says you called me by mistake, and I heard everything. I got worried and came here. He says it is your mistake, first you got married to Ragini and now forcing Swara to marry you. He says you have done a mistake, but accuses others. Laksh says Swara wants to punish me. Sanskar asks him to give some time to Swara. Laksh says you want me to be happy always. Sanskar says I want happiness for you always. Laksh

asks him to convince Swara for divorce. Sanskar says I will talk to her, but will not force her for divorce. Annapurna asks Sanskar when did he come? Laksh says he came just now. Durga Prasad says Swara asked for time to think about this relation. Annapurna says I am happy. Durga Prasad reminds Sanskar about his promise.

Ragini asks Swara not to ruin her life and think about her happiness. She says we want your happiness and it lies with Laksh. She says you don’t love Sanskar, and Laksh don’t love me. She asks her not to make her feel down in her own eyes and says God has given her a chance to rectify her mistake. Swara says I trust you and says I will help you get Laksh’s forgiveness. She says I told lie to everyone, and don’t want to keep marriage with Sanskar. She says she needed some time. She says Laksh is your husband for me and I will unite you both. She says there is nothing important to me than your happiness. Ragini hugs her.

Sumi tells Swara that Sanskar came. Swara says it is good, I need to talk to him. She goes to talk to him while Ragini looks on. Dadi talks to Sanskar and is happy. Shekhar tells I will be happy if Swara gets life partner like you. Swara and Sanskar go out of house to talk. Swara recalls Sanskar confessing love to her, and then Swara accepting to give a chance to their marriage.

Swara says sorry and says I asked for time to think before talking to you. Sanskar says I heard everything. Swara says I have become selfish and took you for granted. Sanskar says you have right on me, we are friends and asks what do she want? Swara says Laksh wanted to do drama in the house and that’s why she lied to stop him. She says Laksh is Ragini’s husband for her and she wants him to accept Ragini. Sanskar says you are saying that Ragini shall get Laksh, for whom she has done many wrong things. Swara says Ragini is changed now and want me and Laksh to unite. She says few things we can’t change just like Ragini and Laksh’s marriage. Sanskar asks if she is sure about Ragini. Swara says yes, and says I am feeling bad for you. She says I will tell everyone that we need divorce and will asks them to think about Ragini’s divorce. Sanskar says they will not agree.

Sanskar says whenever I need a friend, you will stand by me, and I will stand by you. Swara says I don’t want you to help me. Sanskar asks her to accept Laksh. Swara says no, and says Laksh is Ragini’s husband and will always be. Sanskar says this is what I want to hear. He goes.

Dadi gets ready and smiles seeing herself in bengali style. Sumi and Ragini look on and smile. Dadi says she will click her selfie with her pallu on. Swara and Ragini act to play shank. Swara brings Ragini in the frame, which irks Dadi. Dadi says we will go out. Sumi says both Swara and Ragini are looking beautiful. Shekhar asks them to come, Durga Prasad has come. Shekhar welcomes Durga Prasad. Durga Prasad says Swara accepted our family, so we could do this for her. They wish each other for Durga puja. Annapurna says Laksh had imp work, he will come and asks about her saree. Sumi compliments her. Ragini tellsshe won’t come. Swara asks her to come.

Sujatha prays to Lord and says Swara is bengali, and she does not want to make her bahu. She looks at Ragini and asks Annapurna why did Ragini come here at this good time. Dadi hears them. Sujatha asks Annapurna to send Ragini, else new drama will begin. Annapurna says I know you are angry. Dadi asks Ragini to go from here. Ragini starts leaving. Swara goes after her and stops Ragini.

Swara and Ragini dance during the durga puja.

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  1. Archies

    What does Laksh think of Swara??? IS she s toy??? Bhai bhai bolke bhai ki life and love mang rahi hai!!!!! Sanskar reconfirmed with Swara whether she wants Laksh or not maybe he wanted to know if he has a chance……

    • Kavya

      completely agreed with u ….i hate laksh …i mean pehle to apne pyaar pe doubt krke ragini se shaadi kr leta hai and now he wants swara back in his life ….what does he think of himself ????…..i think swara should go back to sanskar as she should be mature enough to understand that sanksar loves him truly and she should continue her marrige with sankar happily and sanskar should not sacrifice his love for a so called stupid ,idiot brother jo kuch din pehle tak sanskar ko jail bhejna chahta tha ……love u sanskar <3

      • Archies

        I get a feeling Ragini’s memory loss drama is Swasan’s idea….. like she said “mein aise halat paida karungi ke Laksh Ragini ko apna le”……. What i don’t understand is why Swara keeps remembering the love confession? and Why does she tell Sanskar that I cannot ask you to support me in this lie when she know he will support her always???? Maybe she also has feelings for Sanskar and along with herself she is confusing the audience as well……

      • ??TwinKLe??

        I too was thinking the same thing DAT u commented..Dear Kavya…..,??.
        Lyk seriously
        1st he stoop so low and proposed his bhabhi DAT too in front of his Bhai…shameless creature????
        Areyy yaar its OK if u cannot respect relations luxji…
        But atleast respect traditions and culture… U want to get married to a girl jiska kanyadaan khud tumhare mom dad be kiya hai…aur upar she psyco jaisa behave kar raha hai. …Writer jeeeee????please give sense to this confused character Luxjeeeee????

  2. Torandu

    Sujatha saying ragini …. As if she is good woman …. She is worst than ragini … She can’t accept her son’s happiness … ..haaahhh …watching this serial … Killing ….

  3. anu

    Swara said it truely she is a selfish.yesterday she was telling sanskar their friendship is ended & today she said she wil give a chance to their relation.smetimes she wants to unite her parents smetimes she wants to unite raglak.& she uses sanskar for tht.she doesnt care abt his feelings & insults him whenever she wants to.k u want to sacrifice for ur family then do it alone & if u want some1’s support then atleast respect him.

    • Kavya

      correct yr ….she takes him for granted ….very bad ….swara ko khud hi nhi pta usse kya krna chahiye …

    • swaragini fan

      This what i want 2 comnnt. I actually hate swara’s char. She takes sanskar 4 granted. Vry selfish role

    • Ramya

      Really swara is becoming selfish
      If sanskar does the same thing Wt swara did today she would have blamed him and insulted him
      I don’t understand one thing she forgives every one and becomes mahaanubavulu to every one and respects every one bug g not sanskaar? Why she behaves so rudely?
      She tells that ragini loves sincerely so she should get her love but Wt abt sanskaar he also loves deeply right?
      She can’t force any one y she forces laksh to accept ragini?
      Why she decides every ones life? she decidesfor every one but no one should decide for her and no one should question her?
      Really I am not liking swara now..
      She frames different rules for everyone and she I really playing with sanskaars feelings..
      If the same thing hpns to her Sis she can’t bare den why she is doing like did with sanskaar?
      Thi serial is dragging

      • Ramya

        Sanskar said the perfect one
        Why u decide for me? Bt u don’t know sanskar she is the head she will decide for everyone as she is the great swara…
        she said true today.she is becoming selfish and using sanskars as taken for granted.
        And sanskar don’t b soo good Man k
        If she gets hurt that’s it she will give left and right to sanskaar but she can hurt him very much
        I am a swasan fan but
        When she can’t accept laksh as he didn’t believed her then how can laksh accept ragini who cheated him.she says I will bring situations so that laksh can accept ragini.this is not correct
        But strictly am a swasan fan only bcz of sanskaar nt swara


      • aru

        May be try this rudeness is bcoz of love. Possible hai yaar. Is duniyame kya hoja , bathana mushkill hai

    • AS

      as far i have seen a spoiler it is said that swara is in love with sanskar and that is the reason she is angry with sanskar for calling laksya and it will be more revealed in the upcoming episodes . actually she is more hurt. and the most important thing she depends on him that means that she is not selfish and laksya will be desperate and do ragini act to snatch swara from sanskar.

  4. Sathyasree venkat

    swara and laksh rendu perume yeppotheme avanga thevaiku sanskaar ra use pannikiringa.especially swara always hurting sanskaar.sanskaar is not a toy unga rendu per istathuku vilaiyadurathuku.swara eppadi poi solrathunala sanskaar dhan hurt aaguren

    • aru

      Namma sanskar evalo nallavanga le… Anaal swaravukku avamele kaadhal vara start ayiduchu….naan happy tha.

      • ash

        Hi, guys are you sanskar s fan or varun s fan. Ippadi aniyayathukku kavalapadringa. Indha seriala varamadhiri truelove, truetrust madhiri true kavalaya? Don’t kavalai be santhosham.

  5. Kavya

    i hate laksh…i mean pehle to apne pyaar pe doubt krke ragini se shaadi kr leta hai and now he wants swara back in his life …what does he think of himself??????……i think swara should go back to sanskar as she shouls be mature enough to understand that sanskar loves him truly and she should give a chance to sanskar and herself ans continue her marriage with him only as he was the only one who stands with her in her tough times….and sanskar should not sacrifice his love for his stupid idiot so called brother jo kuch din pehle tak sanskar ko jail bhejna chahta tha …..love u sanskar <3

  6. anu

    U said right.Laksh thinks swara is ‘toy’ jise vo kabhi bhi fek dega aur kabhi bhi utha lega.ragini thinks laksh is her ‘fav toy’ & she wants tht at any cost.swara thinks sanskar is ‘mechanical toy’ jiski koi feelings nhi hai aur jo swara ki marji hogi vo vhi karega.if some1 understands love & relationship then thts sanskar who can understand other persons feeling & doesnt live in his own world only.

  7. xoxo

    This show has started to drag and has become very boring.. Rashmi Sharma does not know how to show romance.. I doubt if their was good romance in sasural simar ka and saathiya saath nibhana (Ive not seen these shows but they dont appear to be romantic from the ads).. Only thing her shows have twists and turns…
    Many children are forced to watch the show because of their mothers and sh is showing them electric currents and pushing in the river scenes… Its not good.. Life is not a joke.. you cant play with it..
    Also colors plzz get big boss on primetime atleast its entertaining..

  8. Sry ..I would like to express my view in my own language first…..sanskar kaaranam aanu ee problems ellam undayath….pinnedu oru chance kittiyappo sanskar aa thetty thiruthakayum cheythittalla…athpoolethanne lakshinum oru valiya thettu Patti…..and oru chance kitty aa thettu thiruthan….BT orikalum sanskarum lakshum equal alla..kaaranam sanskarinu oru chance kittiyappo avan aa vyakthiye sahayichukonda ath thiruthan shramiche…BT laksh is so selfish..oru chance kittiyappo ethrem vegam swaraye swanthamakkuka enna udhesham mmathrae ulli..avide vere arenkilum vedanikunnundo enn oru chindapoolum illa…enganeyaayalym eeth reethiyilum aayalum swaraye ini nashtapedutharuth ennanu chindhikunne….ellattinumupari SANSKARUM SWARAYUM ORUPOOLEYAANU…SWANTHAM ISHTANGAL MARANNUM MATTULLAVARUDE SANTGOSHATHE PATTI CHINDIKUNNAVAR…ENNAL LAKSHUM RAGINIYIM ORUPOOLEYAANU….SWANTHAM SANTHOSHATHEKURICH MAATHRAM CHINDHIKUNNAVAR …..SWARAYUM SANSKARUM ETHRAYUM PETTANNU ONNIKKANAM……

    • riya

      am agreeing with u ananya… happy to c u commentting in our language…. sharikkum sansakar and swara onnikkanam… they r amazing pair… pakshe eppo swara oversmart aakukayaanu. sanskar athrem eshtapettittum ath manasilaakan aval sramikkunnilla. swantham avishathinu mathram sanskarinine utilise cheyyukayaanu swara… laksh is a stupid ediot

      • Ya ..at least now swara sanskarinodulla attitude mattendathannu……oraale pranayich ath polinja udane mattoraal pranayikanamennala…BT still sanskarinodulla approach iniyengilum swara mattendathannu…..

    • Archies

      Well said!!! Laksh ippol Ragini aayikondirikkuvannu…… now we have to save the words like phycho, evil etc for Laksh….. the guy can’t take no for an answer….. Swara clearly said i don’t want you but still he is hell bent on getting her back…. “woh gussa hai par mein manalunga” Seriously!!! aa electric shock Lakshinnu kittannam……. he needs it more than Ragini…..

    • RMJ

      good 2 c so many malayalees on stage and feeling ronchamam that nammal ellaverudayum chintha onnu thanna anu:) .Aa writersnu nalla buddhi vannu swarayeyum sanskarineyum onnippichal mathiyayirunnu.

    • sethooty

      Hi njanum swasann fan anae…sanskar nte attitude othiri nallathanu,avan thirichu swara de sneham nirbandamayum kittanam ennu agrahikkunnilla..he loves her unconditionally

  9. sadaf

    swara ragini ki apny maa bap ki sahdi ko smjhti he par apni shadi ka mazak bna re he she should show importance of mrg by her character
    shadi shadi hoti he j se b ho

  10. Sana

    luv u swara and sanskar… And swara has taken a right decision of making laksa forgive ragini , if not again ragini will become negative… I want the sweet sisters to be together as before. And swara should fall in luv with sanskar as he deserves…

    • Ridz

      Ppl give swara sometime. She has to start liking sanskaar. Wait. Patience… I knw she s being lil selfish but its okay.jus sit back nd hv fun. Wth time things ll fall in place. Ragini shud get her chance to correct her mistakes knw. Once tat starts happening everything ll be fine

  11. Translated version for all my frnds….all dese probs r becz of sanskar…..BT he got a chance to solve it…wen he got a chance he heartly tried to solve it…similarly laksh also made a mistake…. Natural…..but he also got a chance to solve it…..BT deres lots of difference between sanskar and laksh…sanskar tried to solve the problem by helping the affected person..while laksh is still repeating the mistake by not trying to understand others point of view…nd nw he jus need swara…jus playing vth others emotions….even he is not truly caring swara….he is becoming more nd more selfish….and also we can’t say d whole probs are jus becz of sanskar

  12. kirti

    Fully agreed wid anu di n xoxo
    Ananya di i hav a humble request fr u dat wud u plzzzzzz tranalate ur comment in hindi or english

  13. aashi

    I want to slapped you tightly swara…selfish ediot blo*dy foolish don’t play with sanskar….your self foolishness ruinned your life if you didn’t trusted raginithis situation never come but no ab tum bhenn wali ho gye samajhti kya h khud ko phle sanskar se kaam nikalti rhi fir use fek diya… Shadi ka kya wo toh khel h tere jaisi ke liye pta nhe tu chahti kya h

  14. If u guys go back to the start…this serial was meant to unite shekhar n sumi who were already married to other ppl bt still loved each other…however swaragini brought them together…then swaragini got separate…now they are together…they brought parents back together…lakshya and swara are in compromising situations now…so…actually this whole serial revolves around making and breaking marriages…it is vecoming like uttaran…too much to digest at once…crappy stuff..

  15. If u guys go back to the start…this serial was meant to unite shekhar n sumi who were already married to other ppl bt still loved each other…however swaragini brought them together…then swaragini got separate…now they are together…they brought parents back together…lakshya and swara are in compromising situations now…so…actually this whole serial revolves around making and breaking marriages…it is vecoming like uttaran…too much to digest at once…crappy stuff..:D

  16. ellu

    U said right.Laksh thinks swara is ‘toy’ jise vo kabhi bhi fek dega aur kabhi bhi utha lega.ragini thinks laksh is her ‘fav toy’ & she wants tht at any cost.swara thinks sanskar is ‘mechanical toy’ jiski koi feelings nhi hai aur jo swara ki marji hogi vo vhi karega.

    Tum tog ragini se bhi bdi selfish nikli….

  17. Lianna

    I think swara laksh & ragini sanskar will be paired later on…. well I think if there will be one more person who loves ragini then it will be more interesting & confusing

  18. i heard that ragini is gong to act as if she lost her memory to make place in laksh’s heart…………if sanskar is going to sacrifice his love for the sake of laksh then swaragini is going to lose the viewers………….especially swasan fans

  19. matendo pharida

    swara still loves Lakshy dats why she keeps on complaining dat Lakshy is ragini’s husband trying to escape bt love can never be escaped.

  20. matendo pharida

    swara still loces Laskysh dats why she keeps on claiming Lakshy is ragini’s huband trying to escape from e truth. love cant be escaped

  21. Papri

    ab bohot ho gaya yaar……writer, plz jaldi SWASAN ko ek karo…..we all are waiting……..jaldi karo…..episode kheech kheech k bara mat banao….”SWASAN SWASAN” I’m a another Swasan fan….aur kisine pehle kaha tha/kahi thi k swara ko bhi laksh ko chance dena chahiye as sumi has given a chance to shekhar…but yaha ek difference hain…laksh swara ki behen ki pati hain…so she can’t give him a chance…technically usse sanskaar k pass hi jana chahiye…

  22. Firstly I want to admit dat swara z really irritating nowadays aaj ke episode ke baad yeh confirm dat u r irritating fr sure..swara r u in ur senses girl..kya halaath paidha karne chali madam jab tak ki tune Shaadhi waale din khudh kaha ki..u r ready to sacrifice laksh for Ragini but ragini can’t b happy coz dey r not meant fr eachother..toh ab kya sirf ek knot aur dhokebaaz Shaadhi se Made for Each other ho jayenge..
    And Tu baar baar kehthi kya ho ki ab tum laksh se pyaar nahin karthi..In one of d episode u urself told dat I leave my n Laksh relationship to god..toh ab kya naya naatak..jus bcoz tera majbooran shaadhi hogaya sanskaar se yaa fir tumhe behnapan ka bhooth chadgaya..Ragini true love, marriage, irony of fate n all crap..kuch jyaada hin mahaan aur irritating ban gayi tu for sure
    And finally agar tumhe laksh ke life mein nahin jaana den itz upto to but u can’t force someone to love..plzzz tera bahuth hin kharaab sa mission hein iss baar Raglak ko ek karne ka..ryt frm beginning of show I used to like each n every mission of urs xcept dis..jus hope u never succeed coz ur on d wrong path
    Sanskaar tera kya bolu..wt d hell were u confirming with swara man dat whether she loves Laksh or not?? I mean seriously tujhe toh mil raha hein joh tujhe chahiye tha..tune ithna kuch kardiya par ek effort bhi nahin tere taraf se Swalak ko ek karne..hate u sanskaar really..Ragini toh waise bhi kamini hi hein

    • archana

      I completely agree with you, Renu…you are spot on with Swara, Ragini and Sanskaar characters.
      Everyone is so carried away with varun’s good looks that they are asking for Swasan jodi.. There should be some consistency to characterisation in serials but this serial is dragging on illogically, and in the end will be ruining all 4 lives…the way I see it, Swara and Laksh were the victims and if the other two want to atone for their sins, they should get Swara and Laksh together….that would be natural justice, considering Ragini is not in jail for attempt to murder with sanskaar in tow for being the mastermind…it is just not fair that Ragini and Sanskaar don’t pay for their sins and make laksh suffer in the bargain..agar aise chaltaa raha, mein toh zee tv ka ek tha raja ek thi rani serial dekh na pasand karoongi. I saw some glimpses of it and it looks far more interesting than Swaragini these days.

      • Sathyasree venkat

        not for his good looking, we didnt ask swasan jodi.sanskaar believe swara but laksh didnt believe swara,he blamed always swara,thats why we want swasan unite

      • I agree wid u archana… sanskar believes swara bcz he knws evrythng abt ragini…he s the one trd to destry thr lfe along wid ragini..tats y he believs swara… if swara forgive sanskar nd ragini means… y ant she gives a chance to laksh…. if tey unite swasan means wats the meaning of true lve…i thnk swara’s lve is weak tats y she got seperated frm laksh… if she lvs sanskar tats k …bt she s not in lv wid him…she told laksh tat he is raginis hus for
        her… it clearly prvs tats she lvs laksh bt the only stone in her way is ragini…..bcz she lvs ragini mre than laksh…

  23. AS

    saw a spoiler
    Ragini is back again plotting will be seen faking memory loss which will result in her returning as maheswari house. and swara and sanskar will also be back to treaT RAGINI. laksya will be insecure of them being together.meanwhile the trio willtry to bring her memory back. laksya will be desperate to treat her. soon swara will start falling for sanskar.

  24. AS

    would some one tellme how do you post utube videos or page links in this page . i want to share the spoiler in which it is swara is going to fall in love with sanskar. lakshya is going to be angry with sanskar and do the ragini act

  25. Lovett_lily

    Please Swara get over Laksh n fall in love with Sanskar! You can’t move on coz you still love Laksh n stop playing with Sanskar’s feeling! Hate you!

  26. aru

    Looking from the very first I misunderstood Laksh as a bad guy. With the fights of swara n Laksh, they had won my heart. That time I felt sad for ragini. After twists n turns lakh confirms swara as his love. At this situation sanskar made his entry . I thought he was rags hero. And her
    feelings may get heeled. Omg eise nahi huva…ragini n sanskar were villains.

    Revenge n love war made viewers so much worried. We waited to see “acha climax ” of the war. We used to watch whether our jodi unite or not. After the long drama Sanskar won to buy viewers heart. We realised his true love for swara. But what use . Those who need to know, didn’t try it.

    Time got hot when ragini became a psycho. And at last she also got positive ( may be. It seems like she changed). As per most of our expectations Laksh is not ready to loose swara ( his true love as he claims) . Even he got so low that he proposed “bhabhi” in front of bhai.
    Scene contra.
    Now we will see psyco Laksh who try to snatch Bahai’s love. Finally he will also return as positiv (surely we all know he is good).
    Just a question remains .After seeing all this virtual illusions who gonna mad….Ya we all gonna mad….welcome to the Maddie’s group.

    • ??TwinKLe??

      Hahaha…????agreed with each of ur words Aru?????????????
      U r right
      the one bearing all these tortures
      They should stop dragggingg the plot….
      And by da way I think
      Soon writers will give us good track

      But seriously ur comment made me laugh after so many days
      And thank U 4 DAT….,???

  27. saina

    Yes swara u hv fallen in yr own trap. U want to unite first yr parents now ragini and laksh. But instead u r uniting yrself with sanskar. Every time u plot and plan u take yrself closer to him. Beautiful smirk sanskar when swara admitted she doesn’t want laksh. U hv a chance. Know you love her.

  28. Mona (ash)

    I can’t understand why swara always blames sanskar.
    Last day laksh wanted to meet her but she was also blaming sanskar.
    Why?? because he loves her?
    Is it a mistake?
    Why can’t she forgive him if she can forgive ragini so easily??

  29. RiyA

    Bichara laksh…at first he supported swara..at all those drug issues and even at dat sangeet tym so he preponded his marriage date..if he saw those videos then anybody can doubt at his love n this idiot swara can forget everything ,can forgive everyone even ragini then why can’t she forgive laksh…just hate swara …

  30. manju

    laksh dont know sanskar loves swara really..sans lied to laksh..dats y he thought nobodg s aganist their love

  31. ash

    Everybody see sanskar as varun. So they forgive and forget all his(sanskar) crimes.Now he changed. But once he is prime accused. There is no sanskar no evil ragini no seperation of swalak no drugs no tears. Most important is no story. Now criminal becomes hero. Why blame ragini. Once She is sweet znd innocent. Again she changed, why not call her heroine. The whole drama behind sanskar and ragini. The two deztroyed lakshswara life. Why not they reunite their life, still love each other. They need to break some rules (marriage). I dont know how? Swara refuse laksh, just because he is ragini s husband. She thought she accept laksh s proposal, that is she betrayed to ragini. If swara accepts sanskar and laksh accepts ragini…ok. but between them true love can’t happend. Only sacrifies. Swara accept sanskar because of ragini. Laksh accept ragini because of swara s wish. Both pastcriminals live with their loves. But true lovers? You thought I am namish fan. But no. You interchange the character. My comment is same.

  32. AS

    how to copy paste anything . i copy paste it in the website place but it didnt get pasted .i have to type it . left hand mouse and ctrl+pis not working for comment section

  33. Mandy

    sanskarum swarayum onnikanam lakshum raginiyum onnikkukayo onnikathirikkukayo enthenkilum cheyyatte ……… pakshe swara sanskaarine vallathe vedenippikkunundu ……………….njan ulladatholam kalam ninakkonum sambavikkilla ennu sanskaar paranjathu vechenkilum avalkku avante sneham manassillakkikude .(pavam sanskaar. 🙁 ) .pinne ippol swaragini serial boring aayi thudangi

  34. Lol…aru,i too thought sanskar and rags would b one…it should hav actually been dat way…then all this uniting and re- re- re- uniting stuff wouldn’t hav happened…and yeah…writers must get sum cute scenes in now…high time..

    • I’m sorry to say this but it’s that psyco ragini who is selfish. That psyco tried to kill her own sister twice and also she kidnaps her own mother for a guy. She is selfish and evil.

  35. lakshana

    ohhh…once again ragini role as memory lose. soo boring. Please unite bring swara and sanskar closer soon………

  36. sree

    When the show started i thought ragini and swara has equal importence.but now a days its shrinked to swara.and sanskar as her loyal assistent.swara gets to know the truth, swara solves misteries, detective swara for rescue, swara unites her parents……wheras every one elese is just to fill the background.i like swaralaksh &raginisanskar.plz give importence to ragini, laksh and sanskar…and guys having problem with swalak union think about shekher&sharmistas union…shekher was afailer as a hus, dad and lover .still he got evrything back.so there is no wrong in luckys plans

    • ch

      Totally agree with you Sree. They should give equal importance to Swara and Ragini. Even The show’s name is Swaragini. But now Swara is the main character. Ragini is like a supporting character. She has become the villain now. They give all the importance to Swara. Even Sanskaar and Laksh has more importance than Ragini in the show. They made Ragini do all the cruel things and made Swara to solve them. It’s very very unfair. And both the main lead characters love Swara, no one likes Ragini. I like Ragini more than Swara, so whatever is happening make me soooo sad.

  37. What’s actually wrong is SWARA is supporting tahini which she should not b doing n rather support sanskar
    Tahini crossed all her limits wat does she think of herself!!!!!?
    Guy zzz plz post recent updates

    • carbon

      R u sure swara n laksh will unite? I mean u r guessing it or hav read it sumwer..plz tell me abt it as i want swalak again..

  38. sabita

    Swara is such a stupid girl how can she interfere others lyf yr…. Are tmhe maaf garna h toh garo yeh kaunsi bat ki baki sab ko garna ni hoga…. Bichara sanskar yr….. Laksha aur swara k beech me pis rh h…….

  39. MeH

    Omg….ivide kuree malayalikal undalloo….vry happy realizing the fact….njnm or malayali thanne…also a SwaSan fan…..

  40. MeH

    laksh is forcing himself on swara(selfish)….sanskaar is ready to sacrifice his love(selfless)…laksh was not with her when she needed him d most…sanskaar is ready to do anything for her (aftr reveling ragini’s truth vo apni raste jaa sakta tha par vo abhi bi uski saath dene ko thayyaar hai)….laksh kabhi kahte hai swara se pyaar karte hai…aur some time says nafrat karta hai usse…but sanskaar’s love is unconditional……………………………………………….Then who’s love is true here?…how can some ppl say laksh’s love is true…..lakshinte sneham sathyam aanennullath sweekaaryamalla..

  41. Ridz

    M finding it like a cycle. Starting lakshya was doin wrong things like video of shekar sumi. Using ragini. Telling her life vil ruin . etc etc. Then sanskaar entered. Then ragini… Nw again lakshya s behaving all mean selfish. Swara s job s to correct them… Nd bring truth out .

  42. ananya

    pranayathinorupaadu arthangalund….athu swanthamaakkunnathil maathramalla…..snehikunnavarude santhoshathinu vendi sahikkunnathilumaanu….laksh and raginj aadyan padikendath athaanu…..nd swarayude baagathum mistakes und..laksh adyam raginiyumayi engaged aavum enna ghattathilaanu swarayumayi relation undavunne….bt ath break cheyth ragini chathich lakshinte lifeil kayariyathum swarak kshamikyam……bt same situation sanskar cheythath she cant accept it……dis is not really fair…..actlly ragni orupaad perude emotipns break cheythu…athu swarak accept cheyyam….bt sanskaar swaraye propose cheythath kshamikunnath poyit…she is seeing it as a crime…which is very unfair……swara maari chindhikenda samayam athikramichu……oru pranayam polinjapol udanethanne aduthath thudanganam ennalla..atleast she shud change het attitude towards sanskar…….

    • Archies

      Nammal ettavum uduthal vazhrakidunathu nammalkku ettavum ishtamullavarodannu….. Maybe Swara loves Sanskar and expects more from him….. when he falls short she gets angry….. Laksh propose cheythappol she went on to Sanskar and took out her anger on him first…..

  43. ananya

    translation: dere r different meanings for love…..its not jus abt self meanings…bt its also abt caring others happiness……nd ragini nd laksh show learn dat first…nd dere r lots of mistakes in swaras side too..initially laksh was about to get engaged to ragini….bt den got in relation vth swara….bt by cheating ragini entered lakshs life by breaking many hearts..she had done many evil things…even dat has been forgived by swara.
    nd shes ready to frget all those……bt she cant afford sanskars mistakes….he loves her truly nd proposed her directly….bt she doesnt respect dat nd rather she is seeing it as a crime….dis is really not fair……she can accepts her sisters mistakes fathers mistakes dadis mistakes…even laksh had been forgiven…bt not sanskar…dis is very unfair…..no one is saying dat she shud start a new relation vth sanskar soon…bt the time has been exceeded for swara to rethink.
    at least she shud change her attitude towards sanskar……

  44. arębaäh

    We want SwaSan..they look fabulous togethet……laksh’s love keep on changing……Sometimes he sayz that he hates Swara……Nd sometimes he sayz that I really love her…..Sanskar loves her no.matter whtevr the scenario is…So Plz…..Unite Swasan…

  45. Laksh deserves ragini… Sanskarinte sneham sathyamanu swara athu manassilakkunilla.. SwaSan is made 4each other ….. Swarakku vendi sanskar enthum cheyyan thayyaranu .. Athanu yathartha sneham…

  46. nishi

    Abb naah iss episode ke baad toh mujhe lagta hai Ki swara is the one joh Ragini ke memory loss drama Mein uska saath deh rahi kyunki swara ne sanskar ko kaha Mein laksh aur Ragini ko ek karungi aise halat peda karungi jis Ki wajha se woh dono saath hongye .lekin yeh promo Mein much aur hi dikha raha Ki kya swara la payege Ragini ka sach(current drama) kya hosakta hai yeh series. Naah bohat zyaada thrilling ban ta ja raha

  47. Misha

    Oh ithrem mayalalikal undelle…so happy to knw that.. M also watching it after seeing Swasan together… Their ssilence itself is magical. That is why so many Swasan fans.Can’t wait to c their romance.Hope writers won’t separate our Swasan.

  48. Archies

    SBS News

    Lakshya ko ho rahi hai jalann kyunki Sanskaar ne rakha hai Swara ke liye Karwachauth ka vrat. Lakshya is shown shattered, standing at the window & weeping & Ragini comes behind him. She looks happy & says it’s so nice of Sanskaar to fast for Swara & how much he loves her. She says she wishes Laksh kept a fastfor her too. Lakshya leaves the room upset. They show Swara & Sanskaar moments.
    Tej IV: Sabko pata chalta hai ki Sanskaar ne Swara ke liye vrat rakha hain kyunki vo Swara se bohot pyaar karta hai. Swara ko abhi tak realize nahi hua hai kiVo bhi Sanskaar se pyaar karti hain(OMGGG ) I Love TEJUUU! heart emoticon She also says,that now Lux willtoo know how it feels to see yourlove being loved by someone else
    Namish IV: Lux upset hai ye sunke ki Sanskaar ne Swara ke liye vrat rakha hain. Ek ummeed thi dil me ki shayad Lux aur Swara ek ho jayengey par beechme ye bhi aa gaya jo Swara se pyaar karta hai & Ragini toh thi hiVO says Ragini ishappy & wants to unite SwaSan so that everyonecan be happy & she can get Lux. Lets see what this brings for allrelationships involved.

    • Archies

      SBS small segment

      SanLak fight over Sanskaar fasting for Swara. Basically, small segment of Sanskaar and Laksh arguing, Sansku grabs Lux’s collar . Ragini is watching. Small IV of VaNa- Varun saying both brothers love the same girl, they are fighting. Namish saying he is arguing with Sanskaar as towhy he is doing this (well, isn’t it obvious Lux ji?!) And then Lux’s tube light finally comes on- he has finally realised Sanskaar loves Swara- hmm, didn’t it take you a bit long.

  49. elite

    plz someone write a swalak story.they look so adorable.I know that lakshya had done wrong with swara.but it happens with many stories.and lakshya is good at heart.so why to separate such lovely jodi??

  50. Ridz

    Because ragini loves lakshya. Ragini.love s also true. Papa tat grl s too innocent to differentiate between right nd wrong. She doesn’t hv right guidance. But tat doesn’t mean her love s of no value. She also shud get lakshya. Nd of course swara nd sanskaar.. Cause sanskaar s the best fr her. He knws her in nd out nd so selflessly loves her.

  51. Writers…pls respect the feeling called love……..its really a big thing…which shud be respected and cared at the most… Pls don make dramas behind the term love….show wat is real love…….really wish to see the real position of love in this serial….

    • Archies

      Real love is when you can love someone without expecting anything in return from them…. i think they are showing that through Sanskar……

      • Ridz

        Yaay yes yes yes. But u knw these writers r confusing us by showing few things. Sometimes I feel t s going to be swalak and I feel bad. Till recently I was okay wth swalak or swasan anything. But nw m feeling swasan s the best.

  52. sanjana kapoor

    now I dont like swara she is so selfish
    apne mtlab ke liye saanskar ko use karti h aur jab maan karta h toh uss par shout karti h

      • barbiegirl

        ya he said.. bt that doesn’t mean that she will show her ryt only for shouting and will use him only when she need him and will not respect his love..
        she can forgive everyone even for their big mistakes bt will not forgive sanskar even though he had not done anything.. this is not fair

  53. Swara plzzz live with sanskar. But let Laksh to divorce Ragini. I just can’t bear him with Ragini. Laksh better leave swara alone!! Lucky boy , you better walk away from their lives bcs Swara doesn’t even care about you. Sanskar selfless? Nop !! I still have a feeling that he just want to keep swara away from Laksh!! No chance for Swalaksh now bcs Swara matha cares only for her sister , mom nd dad…Sanskar you will be one too..soon .

    • Yologirl

      At 22 o’clock … I guess it… Because i am from Germany. I think in your country is also the same time of swaragini 🙂 But the way you can search on google… maybe you can get the answer from them 🙂 I can’t tell you directly because I don’t know which country are you from. I hope you know what I mean 😀

  54. Yologirl

    Poor Ragini… She wishes Laksh to accept her… But she is jealous because Sanskar loves Swara and Laksh doesn’t love Ragini… Swara is only caring for her parents and Ragini… Has she forget that Sanskar is also there? Does she not care Sanskar being a friend or wife? She only think or care of Ragini and her parents… She was in love with Laksh but Laksh used hate her after Swara left him (Marriage) so thats why she don’t love him anymore and she doesn’t know what love it is… Poor Swara… How can she in love with Sanskar without knowing what Love it is? I hope Swara knows it soon what love it is…. Laksh should accept Ragini but he is very smart because he want Swara to accept him else he won’t accept Ragini… Laksh is very abnormal! He was in love with Swara but later he hated her and then he loves her again… It’s very not logic! He will and stay always be Ragini’s husband! Nothing will be change! Sorry Guys/Fans if you want unite Swalak but they will not be together because Swara don’t want to marry with Laksh thats why she has to stay with Sanskar or she want to be alone for sometime … But I think she will stay with Sanskar because Laksh will start do a scence that he want to marry Swara and Swara loves him…. I hope you fans you have to accept Swasan! I know you will not accept this but you can’t do anything against Swasan! I don’t care if Swalak going to be together or Swasan going to be together… But I just want to see them happy and that it is! I hope Ragini will be happy too… But later she has memory loss… then new scence again -.- If Laksh remind Ragini of something then maybe Laksh will in love with Ragini soon… I hope it will be so… When Sanskar with Swara happily married life and Ragini with Laksh also happily married life after that maybe Swaragini will be ended (Serial/Serie) I hope you guys you understand me what I wrote… If you don’t understand me what I wrote then sorry because I’m from Germany… But I do write in english very well but I don’t know if you understand me or not what I wrote….. Good Luck Guys 🙂

  55. alku

    A source shared that It’s time for Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) to confess his love for Swara (Helly Shah) in Colors’ drama Swaragini (Rashmi Sharma Telefilms).

    Viewers have already witnessed that Lakshya (Namish Taneja) has asked Sanskar to convince Swara to get hitched to Lakshya. But much to Lakshya disappointment, Sanskar did promise him that he will have a word with Swara, but will not force her for the marriage.

    A source shared, “While, Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) will pretend to lose her memory and will enact as Lakshya’s dutiful wife, Lakshya will get to know about Sanskar’s love for Swara. And the bitter truth of his brother falling in love with his beloved, will make him break down. On the other hand, upon seeing Ragini’s condition, Lakshya will give her a benefit of doubt, as she has never harmed herself before”..

  56. My heart ?belongs to U??Varun kapoor??(Jennifer)

    @Twinkle ???????

    Yaar ur comment made me laugh…
    Literally laughing at the word “Luxji”””hahahaha.??????
    ..like seriously…..


  57. Vini

    Exactly Ananya, njan Sanskar nte fan aanu,Varun Kapoor is superb in conveying what u call niswartha snehathinte ee mukham Sanskar nte mounam polum vachalamaanu….villainai vannoral ippo hero aanu…makers would not have expected this much fan following for Swasan….

  58. Sandy

    In the Wikipedia firstly they showed lead pairs as swara and lakshya and after the swara sanskar marriage they showed swara sanskar lead pairs, but now both pairs are leads and question behind that is who are the lead pairs, plz confirm.the lead pairs yaar writer and director plz confirm first lead and second lead plz somewhere in telly updates the actors confirmed that there is track where ragini and sanskar are still playing games and new electrocute melodrama belongs to that, what is question plz reveal the pairs plz is swalak or swasan plz reveal soon plz director, their plan is to separate swalak completely as sanskar also fallen for swara, on the other hand, swara confirms in a telly buzz that even she loves laksh she want to unite raglak as she is changed, ragsan also confirmed that very interested upcoming twist it is and they will on the way to separate swalak as swara decides to get back to laksh, what’s the suspense who are the leads is it swalak or swasan.. Director plz reveal it soon plz who are the pairs, serial is showing the track and the actors tejaswi and Varun confirmed that there will be an new entry also and soon upcoming twist is they are with each other,

  59. Shwetha

    Now the trp is high, I heard this serial is from the same production house who is doing saathiya and sasural simar ka,if that is true they make take fans for granted and bring new entries and twists unnecessarily,don’t knw wen they will bring naagin and Dayans and rebirths too but please writers, those like beintehaa and rangrasiya were good but they survived almost a yr and less respectively in 9,9.30 slot,audiences are not fools,too many twists in a 9.30 slot will kill this serial too,7,7.30 is like a gateway n may get some rating as ppl switch on tv n tolerate like many are doing with ssk and Saathiya but please don’t ruin this serial….and Swasan pair has more fan following ..m also a swasan fan…

  60. Oops….if its going to make sanskar back to negative shade..den d show is gonna lose faith in them nd trp as well…..hope the makers wud respect human emotions…

  61. If sanskar again get into a negative shade for his love…den its equal to insulting dat pure feeling……it will show dat every one will get into negative role wen dey fall in love…..its absolutely wrong….love have different shades….some may take negative path….BT dere r many who realise the real meaning of love nd accept the truth…so makers pls take care of dat…..

  62. Spoiler
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    SPOILER: Romance takes place between Swara and Sanskaar

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    Posted: 24 October 2015 at 1:32am | IP Logged Report Quote

    Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor) stay together until Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash) gets memor…y back in Swaragini
    Lakshya stay with Ragini until she gets her memory back.
    Ragini decides to win Lakshya’s love back as she cannot lose Lakshya again.
    While, Lakshya is not ready to see Ragini’s face gain as he feels that Ragini must be hiding something from them again.
    However, Lakhsya gets helpless on family’s insistence and bring Ragini back to home.
    Apart from this, Sanskaar is happy to know now his and Sanskaar’s divorce get postponed.
    Sanskaar tries to win Swara’s love
    Sanskaar does not want let Swra go away from his life because he love sher alot.
    Sankskaar has also confessed his feelings for Swara but Swara is still confused for the same.
    Swara does not want to go back in Lakshya’s life but she also not wants to accept Sanskaar.
    Sankskaar tries to win Swara’s heart and makes his place in her life.

  63. MeH

    hop sanskaar succed in “MISSION SWARA KO MANANA”with flying colours….and yaa only with good heart…no cheatng…no negative shade….all this wil be bonus points….

  64. No guyz I don’t think this time sanskaar is gonna turn negative…cause the spoilers n the vdos say that ragini will come in mm with laksh n swara did sans…eventually she will fall in love aid sanskaar….seeing this laksh will be jealous of sans n will try to snatch swara from his bro….he will also do the rags thing to get swara back

    • sandy

      no cherry in the spoilers namish clearly mention that he is fed up with twists like sanskaar lieing to him and made him fool and clearly mention that what is happening is irritating him but he didnt mention he is going to be evil even tejaswi also mentioned laksh is very upset dats it he is not going to turn evil, plz dont make wrong informations

  65. Sanswara

    I think swara loves sanskar but she didnt want to express it. She is confused wheather it is a true love or not bcz her first love was a flop and now she might have lost the faith towards love. So sanskar ko uss pyar ko jagana hai. All the best sanskar for ur mission.

  66. R

    If sanskaar turns into a negative role that’s it that would b the end of trps
    Definetely then this serial would become worst from the best…
    So plzzz don’t spoil Swaragini atleast spare this serial
    Alredy ssk,sns became the worst of rashmi production spare this rashmi

  67. Sanswara

    Love u sanswara .me too is a malayali. Can any body tell me how many malayali fans are there for swasan?

  68. ruby

    now I m disgusted with swara.no one can b so much mahan nari like her.swara and sharmistha ne maf kiya ragini ko.ragini ko to ek thappad v nehi mila for her wrongful act.ulta to swara Is thinking about her.bore bore bore.i support swalak reunion but I getting bore with this serial.sov bakawas

    • Exactly, I don’t know why people moaning and making in to a big deal about it. It’s just a drama. But 1 thing I will like to tell tough that I am also a swasan fan, they rock.

  69. We r watching this serial from 1 epi for swalak nd now ur r making swalak.thats not fair with us,,,,,plz unite swalak……firstly sanskar create madness drama 4 seprating swalak nd now he also start loving swara….sanskar is the root of seprating swalak,,,,plz unite swalak

    • Kat

      Yeah all of a sudden the villain of the show has become an embodiment of sacrifice & selflessness!!!!! And Laksh has become the villain!!!!!

  70. MeH

    its always SwaSan…..agar galti ko sudhaarnaa chaahtha hai to is se badi baat kya hota hai…aur ye sanskaar kar ke dikhaathe hai hum sab ko (swara ka saath de kar) SwaSan SwaSan SwaSan. …..

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