Swaragini 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Swara getting her phone from Mansi. Ragini calls Swara and informs her that car owner was Mansi. Swara is shocked and asks her not to take tension. She turns and sees Mansi standing. She says your theft is caught at last. Swara looks shocked. Nikhil eyes Ragini from far as she comes out of RTO office. He thinks he couldn’t hear what she had spoken to Swara. Ragini sees trash bin and throws paper in it. Nikhil thinks to get the paper and thinks it is the same paper which she got in RTO. He is about to get the paper, but then someone hits him. He then sees garbage collector taking all the trash and is upset.

Mansi asks Swara, from where did she get costly phone. She asks who are you? Swara says her battery is low, and she will show her phone once it is charged. Sanskar

comes in marwadi attire, and asks her to show the phone. He says I am your husband and knows where you was. Mansi asks them to go out and talk. Mishka comes there and asks her mum not to fire Aarti, as she made her solve Rubik’s cube. Laksh comes there. Sanskar falls on his feet asking him to let them work in the house. Laksh agrees. Sanskar says he will cook food, while she will clean the house. Mansi agrees. Laksh says he can’t refuse his lifeline …Mishka. Mansi asks Aarti to take her husband to kitchen and show him ingredients. In the kitchen, Swara beats Sanskar with roller. Sanskar asks if she will take his life. Swara falls in his arms and they have an eye lock.

Swara asks why did you come here. Sanskar asks her to wear dupatta right. She asks how will you make food. Sanskar says he will get food from outside. He says we have to do something to make Laksh’s truth out. Swara calls Ragini. Nikhil calls someone and says Swara is missing since morning. All Maheshwari family come to Baadi in a hurry. Nikhil greets them, but they go ignoring him. Reporters also come there. Ragini tells that she will not get down from the terrace and will die if Laksh don’t comes back. Sujata asks her to come down. Nikhil thinks what is this new drama. Reporter asks Durga Prasad, how they are feeling as their bahu is committing suicide. Durga Prasad says it is nonsense. Ragini tells media that she was living life without her husband since 6 months, and now when she saw him, he came as someone’s husband with a different identity. She says he is claiming to have a daughter also.

Durga Prasad asks her to come downstairs. Ragini says okay. She gives them 1 hour time and says if Laksh don’t come within an hour then I will jump from here and die. Ram tells Shekhar to go from back door and reach terrace. Ragini stops him and says if anyone of you try to come to me, then I will die infront of you. Reporter says Ragini is threatening to commit suicide if her husband Laksh don’t come and stop her. He says if Abhimanyu will come and save her now. Nikhil thinks his phone is broken. Reporter calls Sanskar and informs him that everything is happening as per his plan. Sanskar tells Swara that his friend is helping him. Swara says our decision is right by involving Laksh. Now he have to accept that he is Laksh. Sanskar says it is not right for Ragini to stand on terrace for longer time, and hopes Laksh accepts. Media comes to Abhimanyu’s house, and asks Mansi what she wants to say in reply to Ragini’s statement. She asks if she has any proof to prove that Abhimanyu is her statement.

Reporter says it is interesting to see what Ragini Maheshwari will do now, as time is over. Ragini breaks the glass bottle and cuts her wrist. She falls unconscious. Swara and Sanskar watch this on TV. They turn and see Abhimanyu standing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Aasthu

    |Registered Member

    swasan cute………….Nikhil looks dashing even though he is -ve….I like his look………..eagerly waiting for the precap………..how cn the media say interesting???? a person’s life is at stake and this is what they say…..Laksh will be hiding his emotions as Mansi is in front of him…..I wonder if Nikhil is related to Mansi………maybe he is Abhi’s bro…………

    when will it be re-telecasted???? anyone any idea?????????? If so…plzz tell……..

    Micuuuu what kind of country is Indonesia??????

    • teja

      yes you should be able to watch it on voot if not type the episode on google eg swaragini 23rd novemebr 2016 full episodeand click on a link which shows it’s picture and you’ll be able to watch it or watch it on colors at 10;00 pm.xx
      btw i think the site is called batameezdil.com or there is another one

  2. Hency

    What a husband is laksh…he is seeing everything but no feeling for her…so its clear that laksh is acting like abhi not to save his family…love u teju… Swasan Swasan rockzxz

  3. shanaya16

    So…the show is ending…sad but still i m happy that itz ending on good note…they don’t stretched it too long like others show e.g.Sath nibhana sathiya and sasural simal ka and many more…so fans of swaragini will miss this show always with good script…but still gonna miss this a lot

  4. anonymous(raglak)

    what is wrong with nikhil…………….and mansi……Ragu my drama queen swasan asked u to just act as if u r going to suicide…but u reallly cut ur wrist…………and there is a new olv where laksh/Abhimanyu cries as he can’t c ragini ,his wife in that state

  5. Mica

    |Registered Member

    Swaraaaa !!!!! Sanskaaarr !!!!! what is that ha ? how could you teach your lil sister to do suicide drama ? *pull their ears and spanking their butt….huh! irresponsible elders.

    “So love me like you do, love me like you do
    Love me like you do, love me like you do
    Touch me like you do, touch me like you do
    What are you waiting for?

    Fading in, fading out
    On the edge of paradise
    Every inch of your skin is a holy grail I’ve got to find
    Only you can set my heart on fire, on fire ”
    (ellie goulding, love me like you do)

    You want to touch him Swara ? Your love, your life….

    for a moment, they forget everything, their enmity, their ego, their fight, their pain…..
    for a moment, they back to tease each others…..

    • Lounaa

      |Registered Member

      Dear Hassan thanks for the fast updatr

      Dear Mica u nailed the whole situation as if Ellie wrote it to Swasan…My Sanskar and my Lioness

      My dream will come true if Swara and Sanskar back together to complete each other like today even for a blink of a moment..Sanskar is my lioness Love Swara is Sankar tranquilizer…Both they complete each other…together they are a whole and without each other they lost the way

      • Mica

        |Registered Member

        Lounaa dear!!!!! hug you thigh,…..
        i just want to enjoy their sweet moment.. forget about the turmoil, as their forget about their problem even for a moment..
        huh! i want to pull Sanskar’s mustache ……

  6. Adishu

    |Registered Member

    guys whatever I said yesterday… I don’t mean to hurt any raglak fans… I totally understand that they have been neglected a lot…. I know even they are hurt as much as we r hurt…. I M REALLY SORRY guys if I hurt u… it’s just that my mind is not working… I don’t know what I am doing…. my mind is totally off…. I just don’t want to lose SR…. I m very much attached to it… they have gave me the most precious thing in my life and that’s friends… I never have friends before but now I have a huge family know as SR family…. I m really sorry….
    u know I have my pre board exams from 1st December but my mind is not concentrating on studies…. I m very stressful…. don’t know what is going to happen with me???
    sorry all raglak fans if I hurt u….
    moreover I m going out for 2 days for my cousin wedding…. so I will be offline…. but do comment n tell me that u forgave me or not….
    n can anyone tell me was that news from official swaragini members in yesterday’s episode was true or not….

    • Adishu

      |Registered Member

      u know I m little bit dissapointed also because I want them to take a stand for their fans… but I m not seeing anyone taking stand for us…

    • Mica

      |Registered Member

      Adishuuuu….. uuugghhh so sweet of you…
      somehow your yesterday comment was normal and common…..
      even me will say that also because we are the one who didn’t get the EFFECT…
      Swasanian won’t get the effect whether Raglak get importance or not..
      same will goes to raglakian, they won’t get the effect whether Swasan get importance or not..
      for example ME, being Swasan i put 55% and 45% as i didn’t get the effect, but Raglakian will put more than that as they are the one who get the disappointment.
      it’s NORMAL AND COMMON….
      people tend to be selfish and subjective for their favorite (me, you, us and all of people)

      I do understand also about people reaction to Namish statement, amid fans who struggle a lot for their favorite show, for get a glimpse of their favorite one, including him,..
      He made a statement that sound as destructive one…..but still as i said before, we should see it from different perspective also..it’s his way to show his love to his fans..

      well about Swasan, God always gives justice to His creatures including Swasan fans and Raglak fans.

      Raglak fans may get disappointment on screen, but off screen TeMish tried the best to understand their fans feeling, stand for them, talked on national tv about Raglakian’s wishes or that Namish statement, may for people it’s sound unprofessional, but it’s heal Raglakian’s wound, somehow.

      Swasan fans got everything on screen, we asked separation track, they give us, and their chemistry on screen, their love story, too worth to watch, sometime we got extra entertainment on few moment, off screen, well Helly sometime keep in touch with her fans,
      live chat, liking their post, remind us not to bash others (i love it), etc etc…
      Varun more quite and preserved type one regarding to fans as he already has a tantrum one.. 😀 let it be…
      please don’t think that HeVa won’t stand for us, may they did it, but in professional one as they longer in media than TeMish…

      well, every coins has 2 sides, rite ????

    • Amrutha

      |Registered Member

      You said that we are one family,that too swaragini family.Your swara,net swasan?
      Where else I can comment in morning morning?
      I miss u all, don’t feel bad about your comments . We should fight with each other,because we are friends.
      Even swara and ragini fought with each other.
      If these writers gave some comedy,nok jhonk,some drama,and more fun we will definitely get this serial years and years.
      Anyways enjoy marriage and come back soon dear.

  7. myna

    swasan swasan swasan
    what to say they are looking my god so cute so awesome in this rajasthani get up
    theeir fight in the kitchen was so awesome
    ragini is looking cute in her new get up

  8. akaashi

    Ragini always had to struggle in her love fo laksh.her struggles started on the day wen her dadima sed “hez d one who will be ua husband” and it has nt ended even tdy.her struggles to prove tat she can be d perfect wife fo him,to retain her husband with herself,to prove her love to him,to win his heart.wen all tez struggles ended and she finally got him fully for herself they separated.again her struggles began,to win him back again.her love deeply,madly,truly,obssesively yet purely and her never ending struggles all fo her husband who z her life,her heartbeat,her breath,her reason fo survival,HER laksh.shez craving to be called ‘mine’ by her laksh,craving to be called his bacha,craving to addressed raglak,craving to be filled in his warm embrace,craving to be called Ragini Laksh Maheshwari.n fo tz shez ready to giv her life.my poor princess ragu.love u babydoll.stay blessed teju,nami,helly,varun

  9. Mahjabeen

    |Registered Member

    Thanks H hasan mam fr da update..
    Sanskar nd swaras decision of ragini suicide ws nt gud…thy shuld hv chose ot ne othr way..well i love his marwari attire nd love swasan eyelock scene*kissing heart
    Nd their cute fight umaahhh loved it

  10. MAHIRA

    |Registered Member

    Lovely episode!!!! from no Sanskar at all, we could enjoy a real swasanian scenes we’re missing 🙂
    I looooove mister uh… what’s his name??? Aarti ki pathi! … she’s angry with me, this why she doesn’t reconganize me, she doesn’t know how to cook, how can’t i help my wife?…. i missed you Sansar!!! i would pinch those cheeks for the cuteness of your worried look to your biwi’s irked look! and i want to pull on that mustache (ehem… Rudra Prathap Ranawat, get out of this body, it took me months to forget my mustache’s addiction :p)
    And Swara! God! pyaree Swara… he had been menacing your with all kinds of pain for months, he has rejected you, yelled in your face, accused you and it’s because he’s helping you that you are hitting it with 2 bis steel spoons!? … admit it yaar, you’re just missing him and are worried about your bumping, touching, eye lockes moments… how can you focus when he’s here?… already the 1st day, the temptation of touching him is too big, and after a real Tom and Jerry course track in the kitshen you finished in his arms!
    Nikhil… sorry dear Mica, but i want to kill him!!!!!!! i kept worrying for Ragini all the road walking track, and what the !!! why all villains have to live with them in that serie, the guy is spying , even trying to kill and lives like a family member.
    Suicide…. Suicide… Ragini beta, don’t cry like that, i’m sure Laksh will soon prove you that he loves you and is just helplessely trapped in some mysterious problem… i’m worried about Swara and Sanskar’s reaction to the cutting veins moment, it means it’s not in the plan… Ragini made Laksh do that for Swara long time ago, hope she’s acting too, not really putting her life in danger… please Ragini, keep strenght, you’re doing very well till now.
    Euh the Khanna family?… why it seems like papa is closer to his daughter than mum? and handle the situation better? fishy family!
    And Laksh! come on! you saved Ragini from Kaveria’s knife when you were hating her… and you can act in front of your witshy villain wife that is by humanity that you’ll help this ill-mentaled poor woman by saying that you’re her laksh, just for saving her life then you’ll be back (and you’ll tell Ragini in secret to wait because you can’t explain the situation yet )
    Waiting today’s episode!!
    Good Morning Swaraginians 😀

    • Mica

      |Registered Member

      Mahiraaa Didi!!!!… i ever warn you! if only you harm my Nikhil…………
      i’ll push you on the river ! huh!
      what to say..it’s trend now, good girl attract to bad boy ..huhuhuhu
      Aarthi’s husband name is Nathula….well now Aarna (Aarthi-Nathula) insatead of Swasan..aayeee…

      • MAHIRA

        |Registered Member

        But mica dear I just want to protect you like any didi has to do… *teary big eyes*
        But, you can push me in the river at the first occasion.. So sanskar will come to save me… *dreamy big eyes*

  11. Shuva

    Hi everyone how are you guys? What’s up.
    Hi Lee, neha, rids, nik, kirti, sunshine and all. How are you guys? Come on guys come back and do comment here. I miss our conversations.
    P.s- swasan forever swasan rocks

  12. Mica

    |Registered Member

    watched again and again..what to say.. i just L O V E it….
    hmmm.. even Miskha laughing to see Nathula aka Sanskar….
    well…. we admit, i admit that Swara soooo smart, just soo smart,..
    how she said “idea” when Sanskar dunno what to do, shared plan to Ragini and Sanskar…
    but for me Sanskar is the smartest cum shameless 😀 :D..
    when Swara even confuse how to touch him, Sanskar always has and gets opportunity to touch his lady love without get notice…
    hugged her, touch her waist, huh! even put her dupatta….Good job Dud! *thumb up

    Ragini, you want to do concert or suicide ? huh! *confuse face
    Nikhiiilll… aawwww you are soo cute *pull his cheek again.
    Laakksshh..even today you are so sweet.huh! *dilemma

    • MAHIRA

      |Registered Member

      Shameless nathula lovely handsome mister Maheshwari and yes sooo smart touched her bare skin waist… Ufff…it should be illegal to look so hot even wearing a rainbow!!

  13. Sw(K)Ar(K)Ag(L)Ini

    SWASAN… !!! ufff !!! *dizzy
    Ragini !! my God… !!
    Avi !!! shuu shuuuh !!
    Laksh !! alee leelee le. !! come fast … ur Ragini needs u… !!!
    Mishka !! go play hide n seek…
    Mansii !! paleazzz swipe d floor.. !!

    Thnk u mam for update.. !! 😉

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