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The Episode starts with Swara telling Ragini that I would have understand that you are behind everything. She says it was good that she went to Baadi and says she came to know about the truth when Dadi asked her same question. She says she got the call from the jeweller about ordering the pendant, and says she reached the jewellery shop. The manager told her that a girl ordered pendant on phone and took her name. She says then she went to travel agent where they book tickets. She says you told me that you are going to Banaras for fulfilling the banaras and asked me to accompany you. Sanskar says yes you are right. Ragini says I was going to Banaras, but didn’t know that you are going with Laksh to Manali. Swara asks her to keep quiet and says she came to know that a girl booked tickets on her

name through a call. Sujata asks about the house which Sanskar brought for Swara. Swara asks for papers. She says I don’t sign with full name and says it is all fake.

Ragini tells that it has just initials. Swara asks how did you know? She says I was blinded in her love and forced everyone to give her a chance again. She says I was wrong and says I hate you. Annapurna asks her to stop it and says she is unwell. Swara tells her that Ragini is fine and tells that her memory was regained on the karwachauth day, but she doesn’t want you all to know about it. Sujata says Swara is lying. Sanskar says we all know this truth. Swara says Laksh was saying truth and she never lost her memory. She feigns memory loss to get back in the house. Annapurna asks why did you hide this from me. Ragini says I want to do repentance and help Laksh and Swara unite. She asks her to tell truth and says you want to lower me infront of everyone. You want to prove me characterless, and want to prove that I am dating sanskar and Laksh both. She says I fought with everyone and supported you. I have convinced everyone and even Laksh asking him to give you a chance. She says I will not let you get back in Laksh’s life.

Ragini says you wanted to snatch Laksh from me and acted to be great when I asked you to get back to Laksh. Swara shouts. Ragini asks if you will beat me. Swara says my Ragini is dead and I hate this Ragini. She says no one wants to stay with you and hate you. She says they are bearing you being helpless and asks her to go away from everyone’s life. She says you just love yourself and not even Laksh. She asks her to go away from the house. Annapurna asks her to stop it. She says Ragini is innocent this time and says she enquired about her.

Annapurna says we have seen you with Laksh in closed room, and says Ragini went out. She asks Swara why did you send her out, but you didn’t do this as you wanted to stay with Laksh. Sujata says we had doubted Ragini, but came to know about the truth. She asks about the mauli. Swara says it might be Ragini’s work. Annapurna asks Laksh did you see Ragini bringing the thaali. Laksh says no. Annapurna says you might have done everything and is blaming Ragini. She says Ragini might have seen that signatures. Annapurna says we were talking continuously so when did she read the papers. Sujata says it is not a big deal. Ragini acts and says she don’t want to tell anything. Swara says she is acting again. Ragini asks her to stop it and says it seems you hate me. Swara says I hate you very much, and feel ashamed to call you sister. She says I would not have any sister and says Swaragini will never will together. Everyone is shocked. Swara says Swara and Ragini will never unite.

Swara asks Ragini to go and asks her to leave. Ragini leaves the house. Annapurna asks what you are doing and asks her to stop Ragini. Swara says not today. Annapurna calls Ragini. Swara says I will not have any love for her in my heart. Annapurna says this shouldn’t have happened. Swara says I will not stopped her today. Sujata says these two sisters have snatched happiness from this house. Annapurna takes Ragini’s side and says Swara had affair with our two sons. She tells Durga Prasad and Ram. Durga Prasad is shocked. Utara comes and informs Durga Prasad that cylinder blasted in kali baadi. Annapurna gets worried for Ragini. Sanskar comes with Swara and says Ragini is not in Kali baadi.

Annapurna scolds Swara for Ragini’s condition. She asks Swara, why you are doing this with me. Ragini is shown in kidnappers’s clutch.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. To drag this serial to any level is possible … but a serial that started with a good beginning has to have some interesting to watch …The character of Ragini had lost the limit ….how can one expect members of Maheshwari home and viewers to be foolish to tolerate Ragini so much. She has to be removed from this story to bring entry for a new girl for Laksh.

  2. unite Swara and Sanskar they are lovely couple

  3. Hate u all the aunty character. … annapurna n sujata

  4. back to square one…again swara is being accused of evrythng…and everyone believes ragani..

  5. Interesting episode.

  6. Laksh is really happy and asks swara to accept his challenge.. But swara ignores
    Laksh: swara.. I know u love me.. Then y..
    Swara: stop it laksh.. Mein sanskaar ke saath aage badna chahthi hu.. Uska haath pakadkar
    Sanskaar is confused
    Swara: haan sanskaar… Am happy wid u .. Dnt know y..
    Laksh:swara.. Stop lying
    Swara: kya laksh hum dono ki rishton me kabhi vishwaas nahi thi..lekin sanskaar ne hamesha mera saath diya.. Har dukh aur sukh me..kabhi mujhe force nahi kiya usko pyaar karne keliye.. Dats y.. 6 months to baaki hai..ek mauka dena chaahthi hu me
    Everyone is happy except laksh
    Gadodias gets to know all the happenings
    Sumi gets tensed and asks swara to stop ragini. But swara tells that she herself vl come back and informs sumi dat ragini vl be on the way to baadi.. Hrs passed sumi informs swara dat ragini didnt reached yet..swara gets concern…
    Continuation tommorrow.. A small section is left..
    Howzzzzz it??? Shall i continue

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