Swaragini 23rd May 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sanskar thinking Swara and her promise that they will fulfill the promise. Laksh is driving the car and suddenly he sees Swara walking on road. He stops the car. Sanskar also sees her and runs out of car to stop her. He keeps hand on her shoulder. Swara turns and looks at him. Tere Liye sing plays……..The woman turns out to be someone else. Swara is stopped by Sahil’s mum. Laksh recalls getting down the car seeing old woman on the road who is about to get hit by a car. He saves the woman. Woman blesses them. Sahil’s mum tells Swara that she was unaware of her and misunderstood her. Swara says it is okay and says she is going home. Sahil says until you gets well, you should stay in my house. He asks her to sit in the car. Laksh calls home and says they will be reaching Mr.

Sen gupta. Swara’s car goes from there. Sanskar feels her presence. Dadi asks Sumi to have something atleast. Sumi refuses. Mrs. Sen gupta asks Servant to send tea for the guests who will be coming soon. Sahil asks Swara, how can you leave the house. Swara says aunty thought. Sahil says she didn’t know and says you would have given your intro. Swara says how can you be so rude? Sahil says you can’t save my life and take me home. He sees Swara sad and says he will not say sorry now, and asks her to understand. He gives phone to Swara. Swara asks are you going somewhere? Sahil says yes, and says he has fired the nurse and will be her new nurse now.

Swara calls Gadodia house. Dadi picks the call. Swara gets the message that the number is wrong. Dadi receives Shekhar’s call and says she is trying to feed Sumi. She prays to God that all troubles should go away. Inspector says we are closing the case and needs sign of Swara’s close relation. Sujata says Sanskar is not at home. Inspector asks Ragini to sign on the papers. Ragini refuses to sign on it. Annapurna asks Ragini to sign, and move on. Ragini says no, and says one Inspector agreed to help her. She says I have full faith that Swara is alive…and goes. She tells Inspector that she talked to Inspector Das, and got posters made as suggested by him. Inspector asks Ragini to understand. Ragini says you can close the case, you got Rajat’s body, but didn’t get anything of Swara except that pendant. I can’t believe that she is no more and says she will find Swara. Inspector agrees and goes. Ragini tells Annapurna and Sujata that her believe is firm. Parineeta hears her hidingly.

Sumi asks Dadi, if you think that Swara will not return. Dadi says just as you gave this baby’s news to Swara, trouble started. She says you don’t think this baby is inauspicious. She says we couldn’t save Swara, but if anything happens to Ragini then I will die. She leaves decision on Sumi. Sumi asks her to take her. Dadi says I will be back and goes to take bag from the room. She asks Sumi to come with her. Sumi prays to God before going with Dadi. Swara takes her medicine and tries to recall phone number of the house. She thinks did I dial wrong number..family members must be worried about me. Ragini talks to cyber police and asks can I upload Swara’s pics. She sees swara pic kept under the glass and is about to take it. Parineeta comes and lifts the glass. She asks her to careful. She says you can regard me as your sister. Ragini thanks her and says she is fine, and Swara didn’t go anywhere. Parineeta says Police? Ragini says I have sent him and asks her to be careful while taking Swara’s name. She says I haven’t forgiven you, and you can’t take my sister’s place in your life. She says Swara will return when God sends her back.

Sanskar reaches Mr. Sahil Sen gupta’s house. Ragini says Swara will return soon. Servant opens the door and greets Sanskar. Sanskar steps inside the house with Laksh. He feels Swara’s presence just as the fresh breeze falls on his face. Tere Liye song plays………..Swara also feels something and gets restless. Mrs. Sengupta asks them to come inside. Laksh asks what happened? Swara thinks why she is so restless. Mrs. Sengupta asks them to sit. Laksh thanks her for meeting them. Mrs. Sengupta tells him that she will convince Sahil. Laksh asks where is he? Mrs. Sengupta says he went out and assures her support for the foundation. Laksh says it will be sargam foundation and it is in honor of my brother’s wife. He asks Sanskar to show the pic. Sanskar takes out the pic and looks at her. Laksh takes the pic and gives to Mrs. Sengupta. Mrs. Sengupta gets an important call, just as she is about to see pic, and asks Laksh to mail soft copy of the pic. Laksh says okay.

Dadi takes Sumi to hospital and tells Doctor that Sumi is Dr. Nirmala’s patient. She asks other doctor to check her. Sumi goes with the doctor for a check up. Doctor comes out after checking Sumi and asks her to sit. She tells Dadi that baby’s heart beat and movements are fine. Dadi says no, we want to abort this child. Doctor is shocked while Sumi looks on helplessly.

Mrs. Sengupta asks Laksh and Sanskar to go to study and says we will sign papers there. Swara comes out and looks on.

Swara’s chunari falls on Sanskar. Later Sanskar sees Swara in the temple…………………

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Swasan meet i m waiting 4 it

  2. Poor sanky….. How much should he suffer…..???? Jaldi milwa do na swasan ko…….

  3. Lov rags…. hate dadi…. omg here aftr its gonna b terrible lyf for sanskar… im so sad.. lucky ur amazing bro…


    1. No dear its not like that…ragini is also given importance in this track as she will be finding swara…and the role will be full hers in finding swara and helping her to regain her memory…laksh is also given importance as he is helping sanskar in his bad situations….so plZ relax and have patience there will surely be any track for ragini and laksh..

  5. loved tdy episode… full on swasan cosmic connection… by this episode its swasan track and the vo and articles saying false… because the both feel for each other and all so no one seerate them may she hates first by thinking him murderer her heart will overcome her mind as she feel she have connection with him..

  6. Lov rags so much nd caing bro laksh.. sanskar is really lucky to lucky in his lyf as moral support… nxt i hate dadi… and here aftr real war starts… lov nd misundrstng war btwn swasan…

    1. Ya both brothers are too good. & feeling sad for sanky.

  7. its so painful to watch them like this

  8. hi swaragini fans….i m waiting for swasan meeting..& reunion…but memory loss story is soooo bad…they had a lot problems before,during,after wedding..what is this yaar…can’t see swasan suffering..they have to face all problems…

  9. Aiyooo god I don’t want too these memory loss drama

  10. swasan will be united soo soon as ragini is going to unite them.

  11. Episode was very nice…and now swaragini is rocking…and is regaining its position….hope swasan meet soon…..

  12. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Yah man….n I dnt like dat new bully guy tinking he owns Swarna….pls reunite Swa/Sws…n dnt ul tink dat all the dadai are shown as physcos
    ..how can she ask dil for abortion?????

  13. Makers please reunite our swara sanskar ko plz mat alag karo

  14. I love you swasan swara comes to her home

  15. who gives a rats arse about ragini or raglak.they are the worse pair in that show.hope the b*t*h ragini dorsnt find swara.rags never love swara after all she tried to kill her.

  16. Hi sandy..please dont hurt ragini fans…i hope u understand.

  17. Yeah I do accept that every one hated ragini as she was a negative character and done all sorts of crime. But every one forgets one thing that she accepted sumi and swara even after knowing that her father had cheated on her mother. She accepted them whole heartedly which us not an easy task for anyone. then as everyone knows she has turned negative and all hated her for it and it’s understandable but guys now she had turned positive, and I don’t know why still the bashing is continued? Every one has accepted and started loving sanskar after he turned positive. I am not expecting anyone to love ragini as she turned positive, but at least please stop the bashing. I request all the swasan and raglak fans to just love their pairs and please don’t hate any pairs. I feel everyone in the serial is doing justice to their role as instructed by the Cv’s. Hope you understand. I’m really sorry if I had said something wrong.

    1. krishnai aka ww


  18. I too agree with Prateeksha…y do some bash Rags ?????? I only have one thing to say to those who bash Rags…if u r true swaragini fans u wouldn’t bash Swara or Ragini…Rags was -ve for some time..but then she changed….y can’t u accept that Sandy ????? ..in manarziyan Samaira was -ve for some time but then she turned +ve…..but we didn’t bash her…like you do…………..
    I wonder when Sanskar’s pain will be over……I don’t understand y the cv’s has to separate loving couples……they will never allow them to spend some time together………there is soooooo much drama………..I feel by the time Swara gets back her memory and swasan is united Pari may execute some dirty plan and separate raglak……and then again Swara will take on the detective work and will find Rags……….after that there may be much more drama about pari-adarsh…………

  19. Deepika Karunanidhi

    Hi all, I too love Ragini and Laksh. Please everyone reply this. First Laksh only engaged with Ragini. So her love is worthful and meaningful. I also love SwaSan but why always Ragini hated everybody. I respect the character of Ragini . So don’t tell anything about her irrespectively. Hope Swara and Sanskar also join their life.

    1. You are right. I don’t understand why people bash fictional characters who don’t even exist. It’s the writers who made ragini negative so why bash swara or ragini. Because of fictional characters people even bash tejaswi or helly. About the episode a little upset as ragini is getting less scenes??

  20. really sahil is getting on my nerves, i agree he saved her but can’t he contact her family. Yay, i also love ragini, i just had problem with writers regarding her dialogues against pari….

  21. Yesterday’s episode was rocking….twist n turns….wow….this is the best serial in colors…..luv u swasan n raglak ….the Program is superb.

  22. according to new olv sujju,ap,dp,rp,pari comes to badi.. and sanlak comes back.. sanskar showers flowers on her.. happy that swara back to badi as he already knows that she is alive and he saw her in mandir.. sujju is really happy seeing swara hugs her… but swara is not recognizing them.. she asks something to shomi voice is nt audible when sanky came and going to give bouquate she scared of him and says khooni and runs to shomi and hugs.. sanskar comes forward and she runs from there and going to slip or something sahil holds her.. may after that she faint and dr comes and checks and tells about her ml.. looks like shomi, shekar, ragini comes to know that by her behaviour.. sujju when enter badi shomi came she asked why u r looking tensed and where is swara.. rags brings her but may be they got doubt i think.. so after that all comes to know that she losses her memory… looks like swara didnt remember mm family and gadodia’s only she remember shomi and dida.. wait to see what she remmeber… fully heart broken sanskar .. want sanky bang with it to woo his swara back and hope all try to tell her that she misunderstand that sanskar by try to saving her shoot rajat not her…

  23. HATE Swaragini!!!

    Yesterday’s episode was so……….. What to say.. I really hate SWARAGINI now… How can they show all these rubbish things..
    1. Sanskaar and Laksh see swara and then sanskaar stops swara. For a minute their cutscene is shown. After that we see it was not sanskaar but it was another lady who stopped swara(I dont know the name of that lady).. It is shown that sanskaar stops an old lady.. Does swara look like an old lady, that also to sanskaar???

    2. Swara dials to her home.. It rings at her home and even in the phone it rings then what we see is that it is shekar’s phone.. And in the phone which swara was using after the ring it comes that number u dialed is wrong… I mean WHAT??? What do the makers think of theirselves that we are a fool.. The logic is the phone doesnt ring, before that the msg comes that the number is wrong!! If they wanted to ring then make it a wrong number call. Just after watching this i switched to sony tv to watch KRPKAB.. Guys i am ssaying this serial is just going to repeat these things…….
    TBH the ffs people write here about swasan or raglak are so better than this real serial

  24. Till how much sanky will wait….plz meet swasan fast…

  25. swara remembers many thing hw can she forgets her true love

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