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Swara calls Laksh and informs him about the mysterious caller. Annapurna tries to stop Laksh and asks him why he is making her belief on her doubt. She says she is afraid that Durga Prasad’s reputation will be ruined. Laksh says Swara is trying to prove him innocent and he can atleast support her. He tells her that he will not break his promise made to Durga Prasad and says he needs to go. Durga Prasad hears him.

Sumi tells Swara that you can’t go alone. Swara insists to go and says Laksh will be coming there. Sumi says your baba will accompany you. Shekhar asks her to come. Ragini says can I come with Swara. Sumi asks her to stay at home, and says we can’t pressurize you. Swara leaves the house silently and locks everyone in the house. Shekhar asks her to open the door. Swara says she has

to leave alone. Dida asks where you are going? Swara says I will tell you later and runs from there. Dida opens the door. Shekhar runs outside. Ragini goes inside. Dida asks Dadi about her health. Dadi says you are worrying about me? Dida says I am not an actress like you. Dadi taunts her. Dida asks her to forget hatredness and start afresh. Dadi says my life will have a fresh start after your death. Dida is hurt.

Swara reaches the kali mata temple and waits for Laksh. Swara prays to God to help her know the truth. Someone informs Sanskar that Swara reached the temple. Shekhar calls Laksh. Laksh says he has reached the temple and even called the Police. He says he won’t let anything happen to Swara and asks him to trust him. Shekhar says he believes him and asks her to take care of them. Ragini gets worried thinking who is behind the phone call. She recalls Dadi’s words and is tensed. She is on terrace and wonders what to do as Sanskar’s phone is with Police. She calls on Sujata’s phone. Sanskar says he did a mistake by involving Ragini in his plan. Ragini tells him that someone called Swara to tell the truth.

Sanskar says he was his man and he is planning everything. Ragini asks why did you do this? Sanskar says because of you. I have done this as you have blinded in Laksh’s love. He says I can’t see another one die. He asks her to move away from his plan, and he will manage alone. Ragini says she is doing this for Laksh, and says he is my life. She says even Swara loves him now and have betrayed me. She pleads him saying she wants to be with Laksh. Sanskar asks her to forget Laksh, and says he can’t be yours. Ragini is shocked and disconnects the call. Sanskar calls her again. Sanskar says it was his plan and says you can’t bear to break your relation. Don’t call me again, and we can’t work together. Dida hears that and is shocked.

Ragini thinks she will have to talk to Sanskar and agree him for partnership. She searches for her phone and comes to terrace. Dida is holding her phone. Ragini asks for her phone. Dida asks you did this. Ragini says you are thinking me wrong. Dida says I heard everything, you have kidnapped yourself and put your family in trouble. Ragini says she didn’t do anything wrong and you are misunderstood. Dida says is Sanskar lying? She says his mum is also supporting him. Ragini says it was all Sanskar’s plan and Sujata didn’t do anything. Dida is shocked.

Laksh and Swara look for each other in the temple. They miss to each other because of the crowd. Swara thinks where to search for the caller. Sanskar is seen playing the drum. He says it is good that Laksh is here, now I will work on my plan. Dida says I heard that you have done this. She asks how can you do this? You have stoop so low for love? You have kidnapped yourself for Laksh. Ragini asks her to listen to her. Dida cries and says when did you go blind. She says you would have talk to Sumi. I would have supported you. She cries and says why did you do this. Swara still trying to find the truth. Sanskar is playing the dhol. Laksh sees Swara inside the temple. He jumps on the wall and tries to reach her. Sanskar signs his goon to attack Swara.

Dida tells that she will tell everyone about the truth. Ragini asks her not to inform anyone. Dida slips from the stairs and is injured. Ragini is shocked.

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