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The episode begins with Swara saying she does not remember anything that happened. She says that she had not eaten anything up until the actual Mehndi ceremony. She recalls all the moments until the sweet feeding moment She says there must have been something in the Sweet itself. She tries to prove up her point but no avail. Sharmistha interrupting her says that Laksh and Ragini have told her everything. She asks Swara to own up to her mistakes and just admit it. Sharmistha says that she wanted to talk to her about this matter and that she knows everything about it.

Swara says that thank the god she knows the truth. She says she will talk more about this matter soon. She goes off to Ragini and asks her who gave the Sweet to Ragini. Swara says there was the drug in the Sweet, who was it that gave

the sweet to her? Shekhar in anger says what is she talking about? What kind of drug? Swara says she will tell them everything but first she has to find the person whom did all this.

Scene moves on to Maheshwari House:
Here everyone looks worried and concerned. Sujata to add a bit more fuel says such a bad incident happened, the to be daughter in law today in front of everyone created such a havoc, such a tantrum in front of everyone. She says how will they face the rest of the people in the society now?

Raj comes in and says that Aadarsh has managed to settle down the guest however they still have the same question lingering in their minds, the one about the incident. DP says of course, they will have these questions. DP goes to Laksh and says that he has put full faith on Laksh and had trusted him but now he says his silence is speaking a different story. DP asks what has happened to Swara. He says what is the reason behind her behaving in this manner? He says he believes that Swara cannot behave in such manner without any inconvenient reasoning. He asks him the matter is and what is going on? Laksh re-calls the moment of Swara dancing in drunken mode and is numb.

At the same time, Swara comes running through Maheshwari Mansion and says where is that person? She then goes to Laksh and says where are the entire guest? She says she is asking him something. Laksh does not say a word. Swara just storms off to where the guests are and starts to look up at their faces one by one.

Back at the Maheshwari Hallway, Sharmistha is asked the question in regards to what is happening to Swara? Why is she behaving in such manner? Sharmistha and Laksh are unable to say anything. Sujata then says wonder what else is left to see in this house now.

Swara is running around trying to identify the person, trying to prove her point. Sharmistha notices it and asks her what on earth is she doing here? Swara says just give her two minutes. She says the person must be right here.

As Swara turns, Sanskaar runs off to Swara and holds her. He pretending to be insane says I will run with you, you wish to play catching, I’ll play along too. Swara stops on her tracks and recalls the bearded man. She says it was you right? She at first seems to be walking towards Sanskaar however goes off to a different bearded guy and says it was you all along. She holds the collar and says it was you whom mixed drug to the sweet meat, and then you did it in the dance club. She says it was him all along. The man denies Swara’s accusations and says it was not him. He says what is she doing? Swara screams and says say why did he do it? Say it! Sharmistha says what is she doing and asks her to stop. DP then tells Swara that he is the driver of Maheshwari family and says that he has been with them for the past 15 years and mentions that he is a nice person. The driver goes off.

Swara says sorry. Laksh goes to Swara and says let’s go inside. Swara is adamant and says never, not until she finds the person whom caused this issue, she shall not prevail. Laksh asks Swara to stop her nonsense and asks her to come inside. Swara says she also does not want to create issues but she also does not wish to be sub-conscious and lose her control. Swara says she does not know who is doing all this with her. She says she too is frustrated and says to Laksh that she is not lying. Shekhar asks Swara to stop this and says let’s go. Swara in frustration says that the person must be here right now, watching her as she goes crazy, watching her as she throws tantrums and create a scene. Ragini says to Swara let’s go to the room, we shall speak there and leads her away from the scene.

DP asks Ram to handle the guest and asks him to tell the guest that Swara was not feeling well hence the incident. Ram says ok and asks DP to take care of the rest of the situation.

Swara says to Ragini that she is the only one whom believes in her and the one that has blind faith in her. Ragini is shown almost in tears and says she cannot lie any-more. She says she cannot put the elders in the darkness any more. Swara says you are saying this? Ragini says she cannot hide her mistake any more. She says she is tired of it. Ragini says to Swara to stop playing with everyone’s feeling and their self-respect and states that if she did not want to get married then say so. Swara says that you too think I am lying and is in utter shock. Ragini says that she was afraid about the truth coming forth. Ragini says whatever has happened has happened in front of everyone. Swara is in shock.

Dadi says why did Ragini not say anything to anyone then? Swara says that she is not lying. She tries to convince everyone, begs them but no avail. Swara says remember the bearded guy? Ragini says what bearded guy? Ragini says what nonsense are you talking off? She says why is she the only one that can see the guy? She says she and Laksh didn’t see it. DP now says enough is enough and says to Laksh to reveal what has happened. Laksh says this had all started the moment when Dida was in hospital. He recalls the moment of Swara being drugged to point where she got unconscious in the club.

(For a bit scene moves outside) Sanskaar is outside Maheshwari house and says this has all happened because of him, all thanks to him. And the inspector’s face is shown. Sanskaar says thanks the inspector for it. He is one corrupt inspector whom seems to value money more than anything.

Everyone is in shock as Laksh relates the events. Swara says please, do not say anything to Ragini, it is not her fault. Dadi says she is right; of course it is not her fault. Swara then says she does not have any proof; she does not have anything to prove her innocence. She cries and tries to prove her point and says she takes no drugs. Swara says someone is doing this purposely so that her and Laksh’s relation could break. Laksh does not say a word; Swara just pleads and asks for them to at least trust her once.

DP says it is quite late now then Shekhar says they should get a move on too. Everyone says good bye and leaves. Sujata to add fuel says what will happen of the marriage to Annapurna. The screen freezes on Laksh’s face.

Precap: Sujata says Laksh blindly trust on Swara as he has totally fallen for her so cannot see the reality. Laksh says as much as he knows Swara she cannot do such a thing. Annapurna says Sujata is right.
Shekhar says DP has called. Dadi says now once again due to Swara and her nonsense the relation will break and their name will be at stake.

Update Credit to: etoile_lumiere

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  1. Lovely episode. Superb acting by Swara / Ragani and the rest. Cant believe two sisters fighting for the same boy who is nothing much…..sorry.

    1. I agree with u sonya

  2. nce episode , nice perfomance.but swara why do u argue infront of elders even when they ask u to be quite..whatever, u performed well…looking forward for next episode

  3. It was lovely episode , looking forward to watch what will happen next.
    Laksh u dont deserve both

  4. As usual good episode , waiting for mahasangram of sasural simar ka and swaragini..
    What will swara do after knowing the truth.
    Thanks tellyupdates for respectng our requests..thanks

  5. perfect episode , but agree with arjun.hey swara why are u shouting even after elders advise u to go to room.hell with u..wish some good happens to ragini

  6. why d hell is my comment removed..tellyupdates first read comment and see, if i have abused u can take,else why d hell r u doing this

    Msg from TU Team: No comment was removed. It was pending in moderation. And if you continue posting comments with different names, then they will likely be removed.

    1. thank you tellyupdates for ur immedita eresponse, waise bh hum bahut khush ho jaunga,if u do use some messages when removng abusive comments .

  7. Precap was awesome loved the way that laksh is going to say that I am going to trust in dwara

  8. ragini is 2 much her innocent face is of a devil .once she marries laksh she will understand that laksh only loves swara …..disgusting ragini wish no sister is like her

  9. WOWW tellyupdates,so quick in editing and removing comments. AWESOME, i love ragini.swara looks like vamp. pls start a special love story ,no no love saga for our ragini

  10. please unite laksh and swara,this was too much why does swara have to suffer this much

  11. swara ,swara ,swara.u r nice girl but why do u trust her toooo much.ragini perfect planning..change of sanskaar looks great… laksh- get sense idiot

  12. It was lovely episode, great acting by swara

    1. Hate u swara…love u ragini

  13. laksh ….. u do bliv swara, its nyc of u…….but marrying her on d lines of little faith is no good…. either beliv or not!!!! sumtyms u say rags is correct n now swara…. instead i am finding sanskaar good for swara.. sorry ragini but u dont deserve anybody’s love….. literally… bcoz u hav CHEATED every1 who loves u for sum1 who doesnt….. girls lyk u who dont value family’s love shud b banished to stay alone all lyf…..

    1. Exactly yaar I also have same pov….. and sans is nice for swara and rags doesn’t deserve anyone she is a self centered moron

  14. Ooo.ragini I just hate u….

  15. hope ragini and lakshya get united soon hate u swara

  16. Oh my god is really superve I love this episode now am extremely waiting for 27 july’a episode its gonna be cool

  17. swara should marry laksh.and why is laksh quiet if he loves swara then should have full trust on her and be on her side.and swara why do you trust ragini so much???

  18. swara dear why u trust rags so much u shd know that she is ditching u……pls unite swalak fast….can’t wait for that day

  19. Please unite Swara and Laksh soon as.

  20. Never thought Rags would turn out to be so evil.

  21. till yesterday everyone want swalak now ppl want swara sanskar hmmm fed up by swaraz overreacting

  22. nice episode.. its nice sanskar realised his mistakes.want nice pair for sanskar.plsss.. change ragini’s character.ithunala sisternale veruppa irukku.

  23. Raging has become hateful . Meaningful serials should be made not such that make u never to trust your sister

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