Swaragini 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Shekhar angrily says that Sanskar got engaged to Kavita few days before and even could married her if Swara wouldn’t have come at right time. He ends her daughters’ relation with the Maheshwari family. Durga Prasad tries to calm him down. Shekhar says he will not let his daughter cross this home again. Laksh asks Kavya to come. Kavya says why he is overacting if he wants to take his daughters back. Shekhar says this gift will remind me of your doings. Dada ji tells Shekhar to reconsider his decision and says it is wrong with Swara. Sumi agrees with Shekhar and says I am sure that you won’t let anything wrong happen with our daughter. Swara looks at Sanskar. Shekhar asks Ragini to come and starts going. He turns and asks Swara to come. Swara says why me? Sanskar asks Swara

not to refuse to Shekhar and sends her with him. Swara goes with him and is still shocked. All the guests leave. Once they are out, Shekhar keeps Swara’s hand on his head and asks her to promise that she will not step inside Maheshwari house again else she will see his dead face. Swara nods. Everyone looks shocked.

Later Sanskar tells Laksh that do you realize that you have betrayed Ragini. Kavya says I am tired of this talks. Laksh says why you are overreacting and says it is not a big issue and everything will be fine soon. He says my papa called me useless, and my mum haven’t given me blessings. He says Ragini’s Papa raised hand on my face. Sanskar asks him not to talk rubbish. Laksh says everyone ignored me and my new wife, and says he can’t forget what Ragini did with him. Annapurna asks Laksh to stop it and says we won’t listen anything against Ragini anymore. Durga Prasad asks her to calm down. Annapurna says I can’t believe that my son can do such a thing with a girl. She says because of you, Swara and Sanskar can’t unite even after marriage. She says you have ruined everything, and made tamasha of my blood and upbringing. Sujata asks her to calm down and says we will talk to Shekhar. Laksh asks Kavya to come and says you are tired. Annapurna asks him to stop. Kavya says oh God, when will this drama end. Annapurna tells Laksh if he thinks they are jealous of his happiness. She asks him to go and stay with his wife, but outside the house. She holds his hand and asks him to leave. Laksh asks what you are doing? Sujata says she is doing right. She says we gave same upbringing to all sons. Kavya holds Laksh’s hand and stops him. Annapurna is shocked. Kavya makes Annapurna leave her hand and jerks her hand. Everyone is shocked. Sujata says jiji….and goes to her.

Meanwhile at Shekhar’s house. Ragini and Swara are still in shock and everyone is upset. Dada ji asks Shekhar to cool down his mind. Swara looks at S written on her hand. Dadi consoles her. Dada ji says what will happen now. Shekhar says what is left to be done. Sumi says Shekhar….She says he means to say what we will do now, as Swara and Sanskar are married now. Shekhar says our daughters are sarvagun sarpann, mature, good looking etc and will move on. Ragini and Swara cry silently. Dadi tells Shekhar that it is difficult to implement the sayings. Dada ji says she is right. Shekhar says but we have to do this. Dadi says we will explain to Laksh. Shekhar says he is not human and asks Dadi not to take his name again. Dada says try to understand, and says we have relation with that family still. Shekhar says we don’t have any relation with them. Swara says Baba, but…Shekhar asks will you go against me. Swara nods no and turns her face. Shekhar says you are thinking that I am doing wrong with you, but I can’t send you to get insulted in that house. He says they have broken my Ragini’s soul. I can’t send you. Sumi asks Shekhar why he is punishing Swara for Laksh’s mistake. Shekhar says I am thinking about my daughter’s betterment and says Ragini have to forget Laksh, and Swara have to forget Sanskar.

Swara cries and goes to hall. Dada ji comes to Swara. Swara hugs him and cries. Shekhar calls her and she goes back to room. He asks what do you want? Shall I send you there, leaving Ragini here crying. He says they have taken Ragini’s signatures betraying her, and says they have done same thing with you too. Swara says it was Laksh’s mistake and nobody knew about his doings. She says nobody supported him. Dadi asks him to think with calm mind. Shekhar says time has come to take a decision and he has decided, my both daughters will not go to that house, asks Swara if he wants to see him alive and not break his promise. He asks her to take Ragini to her room and change her clothes. He asks Sumi to make Swara and Ragini sleep after having food. Kavya asks what do you think of yourself? She says you can’t do anything and says I don’t want to become bad bahu but I think you like such types of bahu. She says you can’t throw us out of the house as this house and everything belongs to us now.

Durga Prasad asks Laksh what she is saying? Laksh says I have taken Ragini’s signatures on property papers also, and got everything on my name. Kavya asks Laksh to show them house papers. Laksh goes and brings the papers. He shows it to everyone. Kavya smiles. Laksh says Ragini signed on the papers and thought that she is signing on Swara and Sanskar’s divorce papers as a witness. He tells Annapurna that these are same papers. He tells that Ragini did penance drama and went to get the papers, but I stopped her. He says technically this house is of Kavya and me. Sanskar says what is the difference left between you and Ragini. Laksh says there is a difference, and says I thought to transfer property on Papa and chacha’s name, but for security reasons I kept it on our name. Kavya says Laksh can throw you all out of the house, and says he haven’t done any crime. Durga Prasad says he has cheated us. Kavya says will you accept if Laksh tells you directly. She says you people are conservative marwadi. She says you people never let Laksh’s wish fulfilled, and that’s why I asked him not to transfer property on your name and keep on his name. She says I hope everything is clear now. Durga Prasad and Annapurna are shocked.

Swara comes to Ragini and asks her not to lose hope, fight with the circumstances and move on. She says we all are with you. Ragini says your love is separated from you because of me, and asks why do you love me always. Swara hugs her and says we are together always. We will fight together and move on. Ragini says I lost my strength and everything is finished now. Swara says everything will be fine and we will fight. You are the best sister in the world, and I won’t you break. She says we can’t lose you. Swaragini plays……………She asks her to change her clothes, and says she will bring food.

Laksh requests everyone to accept him and Kavya, and asks them to think about him. Annapurna says we will never accept Kavya, and blames him for breaking Swara and Sanskar’s relation and betraying them. Durga Prasad announces that she can’t be our bahu. Even Annapurna and Sujata refuse to accept arrogant Kavya. Durga Prasad says you don’t deserve anybody’s love. Kavya says you have talked enough, and asks everyone to pack their bags and leave. Sujata thinks Kavya is Ragini’s mum in badness.

Ragini thinks about Laksh lovey dovey words and his marriage proposal etc. She writes a note on the paper thinking about Laksh’s betrayal. She gets teary eyes as Laksh’s words echoes in her ears. Kavya says I was silent until now, but it seems you don’t understand good language. She says I won’t tolerate Laksh’s insult. She says I don’t have any problem if they stay here, but if they keep on interfering in our life then I can’t stay. She asks Laksh to decide. Laksh says this house is ours now and we will not leave. Kavya asks them to decide now and says your bahu is a big singer and have called a press conference tomorrow. She says she have to take her beauty sleep today. Swara comes to room calling Ragini and sees her hanging on to the fan. The plate falls from her hand. Annapurna asks where you are going? Kavya says I am going to my room and insults Annapurna saying your role is ended, and my role begins. She asks her to stay or leave in the house. Shekhar, Sumi and others come to room. Shekhar saves Ragini. Dadi cries. She reads suicide note left by Ragini. Ragini writes that she is leaving. Shekhar presses her hands. Swara shouts Ragini.

Laksh and Kavya come to Shekhar’s house. Laksh says he is not interested in Ragini’s acting. Kavya insults them. Swara shouts and asks her not to forget that she is standing in her house. Kavya threatens her telling about her status.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. N yes precap ws nice.. Sherni swara..Epi one hour ka lga hi nai..full timepaas kr rahe hai sbke faces dikha dikha ke paka rahe hai..
    By d way one thing dp ne kya describe kiya luxji ko..khota sikka n al wow..hmre pass aur bhi words hai..eg-nalayak,luchcha , lafdebaaj,lallu,dhakkan
    Areeee ha shekar ke liye bhi..khali dimag wala,bewakof
    Lgtahe shekar bachpan me dimag ke bal gira tha isiliye dimag kaam nai kr raha bechare ka poor shekar..lolzzz

    Sry i hurt anyone it was just tp.. 😉

    1. Wow good one yaar i luvd it hahahaha lol………..

  2. Raglak ki bajasa hamesa swasan ko hi kou sacrifices karna part a ha.why sheker punish swasan for laksh betrayal?sheker ko rags ka alaba much or nahi dikta ha kya?hamesa swasan ka sath hi bura kiu hora ha?rags na swasanlak ka sath Jo betray kia that usa us ka punishment mill raha ha. ia lucky to hamesa sa hi asa tha acha hua ki swara ka sath sadi nahi hua bach gai swara .kab khatam hogs is raglak ka ia family melo drama?raglak bech ia kavya kha sa a gai?kab swasan united honga?

  3. omg… poor swasan .. laksh before i used to luv u bt nw i realy hate u alott jst bcoz of u my swasan s seperated nd actualy wat u said u hate ragini bcoz she insulted ur parents seriously wen compared wit u ragini s 10000 tyms better bcoz she never used to tell to leave the house realy dp s absolutely crt u dn’t deserve anyone luv u ly deserve ur cute baby perfect match fr insulting elders i realy feel soo irrating to c dis kavya i thnk cavity s better than u … plz writers bring nw one fr ragini … nd rashmi sharma u r realy grt yaar i wonder hw u can think these type of stories nd especialy dn’t u take tym fr sleep eat etc.. y u always thnk about to bring villain fr swasan unite 1st ragini thn cavity nw laksh nd shekar if they realized their mistake means again u bring some nw villain fr swasan unite ah discursting yaar plzz learn some frm ff writers they r realy awesome hatss of u guys..

  4. Ragini apna din kyu bhool gyi usne to annpurna ka muh kala karne tak ki soch li aur writers jababardasti use achha banane me jute hue hai bewkuf sale

  5. Sanaiya sagar

    I think sanskar will do something big to control the situation Are you agree with me?

    1. Yeaa..aakhir pati kiska hai..hmri James Bond swara ka..n olv me bhi herun IV me dey said ki sans kuchh toh krke he will save everyone.. N I think swara is back to mm..she saves maheshwari ladies frm police..

    2. i think sanskaar wont do coz great swara is der to solve they r just focussing on swara…poor ragini…swara will save ap n sujatha from domestic case they showed in sbs..n new spioler tells that ragini will be pregnant…i hope this is not true…i want new entry for her…

  6. I hate shekhar just because ragini didn’t get married he wants to break swasan what of father is he

  7. Sad episode.

  8. Sb aaj ragiNi ko acha kyo bol rhe h usne laksh or uski family k saath jo kiya wo bhul gye kya annpurana ka muh kala krne ja rhi thi or b pata nhi kya kya kiya or swara k saath kya kya kiya tha bt wo ab achi kaise ho gai sb k lye ragini k saath jo hua acha hua use ab swara ki feeling ka pata chala hoga jb usne swara k saath aisa hi kiya tha uski shadi me
    Bt haa laksh ko apni family k saath ache se pesh aana chaiye

  9. What is the role of UTTARA, PARINEETA, ADARSH n Sanskaar’s father only to give crying n shocking expression. KAVITA was much more better than this Kavya. I miss Kavita, i met her in person she is very warm n very beautiful.

  10. Please show the repentance of ragini at least now… till now she feels like she fought for her love and won it… she didn’t realise her mistakes… y everyone support ragini I don’t understand… she has to repent her wrong doings…. she has to ask forgiveness from everyone specially from laksh and swara… then she should leave laksh by giving the msg like if we force any one to love it will not give peace and happiness. Agree with me?


      yes agree…….

  11. new promo: its combo of swaragini and krishnadasi..
    vo says aaj saath hogi do betiyaan furz ki kasauti per..
    daadi saying to swara: you have to pick any one mayka (showed shekar taking kasam) or sasural (smiling sanskar face) swara is shocked face.
    in krishnadasi: aradya telling vapas dilakar rahungi mai aaji aur aur aayi ka koya hua samman
    my swara aur my aaradhya saabith karengi kudko furz ki kasauti per..
    25th-26th february 9:30 pm to 11pm

  12. new olv domestic violence drama.. police arrest ap and sujju laksh is just seeing them all try to stop them.. swara came and said her family didnt do anything like this.. she said sanskar maheshwari is her pati and uss ghar ki dusri bahu … media asks her about murder and jail.. adarsh said she proven innocent sanskar said main culprit in jail.. and police said next time anything happens he will arrest all including swara if mistake is kavya he have to arrest her also media people leaves.. mm family ko bachate hai swara.. police said one constable with them any keep eye on them… in iv varun said problems are increasing.. swasan are aparted… baba and swara ke beech problems ho raha hai.. and sanlak bhai ke beech proble.. family may problems ho raha hai… he said problems are increasing they are trying to make solutions… have to see how they find solutions for this problems..

  13. I want to kill this new laksh .and missing a lot that old laksh

  14. can anyone translate the promo in english pls

  15. laksh is doing good…sab ne fool banaya laksh KO..agar pehle swalak KO miladete tho aj wo sanskar ki tarahaa sanskarii beta hota..aisa na karta ragini ke saath….bahut se dramas kiya ragini ne pehele bi…suicide…blackmailing,current shock.. forcibly ayii life maii tab biii kuch naii kaha…but property lekar ragini ne torcher kiya laksh n family ko….frustated ho kar isliyee usne shadi ki kavya…let ragini suffer pain for sometime… pyar dhoke se nai milta….forcibly kisiki life mai wife banjaoo tho yahi hota haii…acha hua ragini gadodia… but apart from this ab laksh KO zada dikha rahe hai….we got to know different shade of acting in laksh… All the best laksh …..kuch din ragini KO aur sataoo aur jalaooo kavya ke saath rehkar… jaisa ragini jalaya laksh n swara ko

  16. I agree vines with ur words

  17. I agree with you rach

  18. I have stopped watching and reading this serial for quite some time now. I just happened to watch a promo and came her to comment. I cant believe that many people here are supporting Ragini after the crimes she did to Laksh. Just coz he consummated the marriage, Laksh is not wrong. Ragini was desperate to consummate. She always pressured him to take the relation to next level in the beginning even before her crimes was reveled. Ragini is a psycho and despo. Laksh made it clear to everyone that he never loved Ragini and never will love her especially after he cam to know that she was one who separated him and Swara. But no one listened to him. I will always support Laksh for this. Just coz Ragini loved him doesn’t mean Laksh HAS to love Ragini. Ragini forced him. Imagine if it was the other way round, Laksh was obsessive about Ragini and Rags was not interested?? This is clearly a case where men like Laskh are being trapped by cunning women like Ragini with woman-female trump card. Disgusting show!! Am glad I quit this show and watching KrishnaDasi…that serial aweosmeeeeeeee…..

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