Swaragini 23rd December 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 23rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ragini meeting the community people and says she can’t give time to Swara and she have to go. The community men says that Swara is your sister and asks why she is hurrying up to throw her out. Ragini says Swara is wrong and she can do injustice to other because of Swara. She agrees to give some time to Swara. Swara packs her stuff cryingly. Sanskar turns his face from her. Agar Tum Saath Ho plays………….Swara cries and recalls their sweet and happy moments. She walks towards hall with her stuff…She drops her luggage on floor and runs to hug him. She says I love you Sanskar……..and cries. She says I don’t want to go far from you, please stop me…….Sanskar remains unaffected. Her mangalsutra gets stuck on his suit. Swara tries to takes it out. Sanskar goes to

room. Swara fills her maang with the tear which had fallen on floor from Sanskar’s eye. She tells him that she will return and he will bring her. She says she can see her name in his eyes and vice versa. She says I am not going alone, but you are with me. Sanskar recalls Ragini’s words that Swara asked alimony from him. Swara comes to hall…where everyone is standing and waiting for her. She folds her hand and greets everyone. Uttara hugs her and asks her not to go. Sujata apologizes to her. She bends down to take Durga Prasad’s blessings, but didn’t keep his hand on her head. Swara is shocked. Annapurna blesses her. Dadi tells Swara that this is right for you. Swara says no, this is wrong and you know very well that it is wrong, and sadly you are letting it happen knowingly. Laksh tells Swara that he will take care of Sanskar. Swara asks him to take care as well.

Ragini comes with community men, and asks Swara to stop for 1 min. She asks what is in the bag? Show me….Durga Prasad asks Ragini to stop her drama and says it is too much now. Ragini says no, I am owner of this house. If anyone is leaving the house, then I have full right what they are taking. She says Swara asked for 10 crore alimony. Swara says I messaged Lawyer that I don’t need money. Ragini asks if you have stolen from locker. Sujata gets angry. Dadi asks Ragini to let her go. Ragini says may be she has stolen something from my house. She checks her bag and finds photo. Ragini says what is the use of it. Swara says it is your habit to weigh the use or advantage and not mine. Ragini asks her to leave from her house. Swara keeps her clothes back in suitcase. Her mangalsutra gets stuck and breaks. Ragini says it is good that this mangalsultra has broken. Everyone is shocked. Sanskar looks on helplessly.

Swara says that a relation doesn’t break if mangalsutra breaks or if anyone signs on divorce papers. She says you tried to make relations with everyone, but is alone today. Dadi says I am with my laddo always. Swara says one day you will repent for this. Ragini looks angrily. Swara picks her luggage and is stepping out of house. She recalls their marriage and the happenings. She looks at Sanskar and recalls Ragini saying that she signed on the divorce papers. She recalls her grah pravesh and turns to look at family her for last time. She says I am going and you all can’t stop me as you all are helpless. She says our relation is not helpless to die, and says this is my family and will always be. She says I will return again on this door step to make everything right, and her marriage with Sanskar too. She promise to make Sanskar realize his love for her. She goes.

Swara comes to Sumi’s house. Sumi asks what happened? Swara hugs her and cries. Shekhar comes and asks what happened? He sees her stuff and asks what happened? Shekhar asks Swara to separate herself from Sanskar and says it will be good for you both. Sumi says there is a misunderstanding between them and it is good that they move on in their lives. Swara asks if you could forget maa after you was separated from her. She says I have hurt him and his anger is justified. She says when I was leaving the house, his one tear gave hope in my heart. She says I will win his heart and will remain his wife always. Sumi nods.

Ragini insults Annapurna and asks her to work if she don’t want Sujata and Uttara to work. She throws water on her face. Laksh gest angry and holds her neck. Swara happens to see that dancer somewhere.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Adithi

    Oh this writers are so clever. They know how to stick swasan fans to this nonsense. Anyway today swasan moments very very nice. It absolutely translated the pain of love… <3

  2. AD Musica

    Pls I beg d writers now pls this rag’s drama is goin above head pls stop this pls make swasann together once more…… I just can’t see swaraa n sanskar like this Plpls pls

  3. Tara

    I’m very sure sanskar forgave swara and though he is protecting himself from another heart break, he is also protecting swara from ragini’s mistreats. Did you all notice how sanskar smiled when swara promised to save her family and love b4 leaving?? He is compuled to stay quiet to send swara out and join hands with laksh against ragini. According to the spoiler sanskar ask Maheshwari family to leave the house and says he ll take them to new house and manage somehow. Though ragini blackmails and makes dp to stop them leaving, he wants swara not to suffer with them. Loved swasan scenes and loved the precap

    • Tara

      22nd December episode SwaSan pics….
      To know the real meaning of today’s sanskar ‘s dialogues, we will have to read between the lines…
      “Swara behtar toh yahin hoga ki jo kuch bhi hua hai tum usse accept karlo.” ( yup, accept those bad happening, in their lives happened so far.. That he cant change. So he is giving an assurance of a brightfuture..)
      “Shayad bhagwaan bhi yahin chahte hain ki hum alag rahe.” (said alag rahe, not alag hona.,. That meand Live separately for now, temporarily)”
      “Aur haan iss baar toh maine kuch nahinkaha Swara, magar agli baar main tumhare shaq badarshat nahin kar paunga.” (he forgiven her mistake.. And next time he won’t tolerate her MU, which means, trust him.
      That “next time” is her this time) And he is assuring that there is still a next time before them.
      That their life is not ending here..)
      ‘I am sorry Swara, shayad humari yeh kahani aise hi khatam honi thi’ (yup, forced marriage, un chahe Rishta, demanding divorce…
      All these black mark on their relation need to end and we should start a fresh…)
      ‪#‎Credit‬ goes to Manasi..Who wrote this??/ positive Think

      Courtesy : Facebook Page – Swara & Sanskaar-Swaragini
      I copy-pasted it here as i felt it as so cool

  4. maya

    swasan join soon pl Yarr stupid ragini go 2 he ell which s waiting fr u swasan make heaven soon sansker understand swara love plz

  5. Seeba

    I cried a lot….helly as swara…she nailed it…and of course
    sanskarrr no words…he convey his feelings through his each and every expressions….
    awesome….pls unit swasan…

  6. aashi

    its just a bull shit…dragging a boring storyline…really ff writers are far more better than them…..its good I just read only updates over here…n let all leads with positive. …then only I will start watching it…otherwise bbye to this show…..only ff

  7. bhuvi

    Omg… After much difficulty the rain water was drained out in Chennai…now again stagnate of water is increasing day by day by our tears…. Juz ‘coz of swaragini show…

  8. katie

    u know guys,we all are disliking the current track of swaragini but when we think the other way round then we can understand that this serial is very much different from other serial where the makers dared to change the protagonist into main antagonist.this was actually very bold step.
    i was wondering that how will they end this track.because serial is named after ragini and if something happens to her then the serial should end.
    so guys lets add fun to this boring series

    if anyone interested then please post comments by guessing how the writers should end this track and start afresh.do it once and i am sure u guys would definitely enjoy reading others comment??????.plzzz post your creative ideas .THANK YOU?

    • Tara

      They may show some reason for ragini’s act. They may justify her. She may be related to dp’s ex-luvr. But no idea why she is taking revenge from her when all supported her from the beginning even during fake memory loss.

  9. ani

    they should kill this damn ragini.although i love teju ,ragini should be punished for her sin and the writer shud end swaragini lol

  10. Pavithrakrishnan

    WTF swara I jst hate Yu from the core of my heart, ur just Dumbo,useless,u r gone mad at urself being mahaan nd overacting che hate Yu de swara Dumbo, ur disgusting, very insane and annoying….. Leave Ragini nd get lost stupid swara go to hell or hang urself Dumbo,leave others to live happy u Dumbo…. Che get lost plz plz plz better hang urself ur such a idiotic character its very ?

  11. Lhamu

    I just hate to see all this shit drama going arnd with swara and her family. Sanskar dumbass cant realise that the only girl he ever wanted has finally accepted him and is in love with him. And that so called Maheshwari family is so damn selfish that the head of family Mr Durga prasad kept swasans relations in stake to keep his secret hidden…just hate this serial now… not gonna ever watch it and writer of this story seriously needs to work on his writing skill…arghhhhhh !!

  12. Pavithrakrishnan

    Hey neelam ethuku de iruka??? Sethu tholayen de ethuku iPad ellar uyirayum vaangura swara mahaan Devi che, neethaandi first la irunthu problem unnala thaan de Ella problemum, Ragini Una saagadikaama irukurathu thaan thappy ipo, Una apovey saagadichirukanum, che oru sister fiancé ah yaaravathu love pannuvaangala???? Ennamo ne thappe pannatha maathiri iruka????? Pannathellam ne de ipo nalla anupaviiiii unakulam ithu patthathu ithukum mela kodukanum saagu…

  13. Pavithrakrishnan

    Yo director nd writers sathiyama ippadi oru kevalamaana story ithuvaraikum paathathu ila eppapaaru swara swara swara ND swasan swasan che apparam enna —– Ku swaragini. Nu per vacha athuku bathila SWARA MAHAAN DEVI apadinu vachirukalam ilana SWARASANSKAAR NU vachirukalam waste of time kevalamaana story Swaragini….. Che

  14. Harsha

    Jst stp Nagin Dadi-Psycho Poti drama. So sad fr SwaSan. Ragini hd crssd al hr limits. Teju-SwaSan rocks. Ragini shud gt shy and punishmnt one day for whtevr she is doing now. SwaSan made for each othr. Varun-Helly cute pair. Swara shud win in hr chllnge.

  15. joya

    dis show is big joke for me now……
    i mean jab swara ko sanskar k pyar ka ehsaas huaa ya aaj ke episode me jab bhi swara sanskar ke sath apne moment yaad karti hai tab wo scene dikhate hai ki sanskar swara ki maang bhar raha hai aur mangalsutra usko pehna raha hai….
    are yr wo to sanskar ne dekha huya sapna tha….fir swara kaise yaad kar rahi hai wo moment……
    dis is really bad….
    matlb writers se wo bat bahot seriously liyi hai shayad k public ki memory bahot short hoti hai…..bhai yeh sirf kehne k liye hai….
    public ki memory koi short nahi hai kitni bewkoofiyon ko yaad rakhenge yr hum……
    so plz stop it

    • Shraddha

      I totally agree with you!! Main bhi wahi soch rahi thi ki sanskaar ka dream swara ka memory kab bangaya lol,,, ye writers bhi na Hume Tina bhi undrestimate matkijiyega;) aur phir who swara ka photo frame woh kaha se aaya??? Aur woh pose bhi dream sequence ka tha!!! Bass kuch bhi dikhate hai trp badhane keliye

      • joya

        agree wid u yr…..
        silly writers……….
        tumne wo bat suni hai ki io jaisa hota hai unko puri duniya waisi hi najat aati hai….
        yeh swaragini k writers k sath ho raha hai…wo fool hai to unhe puri duniya fool najar aati hai….

  16. ritu

    Plz swara n lakshya ka pair fr se bana do they are looking good together sanskar k sath swara ka jabardasti ka rista Lagta hai

  17. rosy

    Swara u cried very good n both helly n varun rocked those SwaSan scenes….those back hugs were jst heavenly each other feeling the very pain bt cudnt solve the Unrequited Love…
    SwaSan nailed it…

  18. Teju

    Ragini jeisi characterles ladki ko serial se hatta do.,.boaring..swasan scene keliye uski shakal tolarate karna padtha he

  19. Rey

    wow…. today episode was awesome i cried a lot …. swara ur acting nd dialogues r suprb nd sanskar he jst spoke awesome through each nd every expressions both of u hatsss offf nd sanskar plzzzzz i beg u dn’t hurt swara its enough plzz nd dn’t u think she wil get harm by ragini bcoz if u both r together ragini cn’t do anythng plz understand nd forgave swara cn’t see swara like dis… i hate u ragini plzzz stay away frm swasan

  20. Hi nick, rids, neha, sunshine, kirti n everyone. How are you guys? I don’t know where to begin guys, I mean helly shah rocked it today guys. Her acting was awesome today, she did good and it’s a wow factor from me to her. Today’s epi was very emotional and touching. The way swara run to sanskar and hugged him from behind and crying, it was awesome. She got down and touched his tears and put it on her mang it was superb. She also told sankar that she knows that he still loves her cause she can see it in his eyes wow it was epic. And I liked the way swara spoke back to that nagin dadi and that psyco ragini. She told dadi that what’s she’s doing is wrong and and one day she will regret what she did. And I agree with swara she’s right, 1 day that dadi will regret for supporting her laado. And at the end it was epic when swara said that she will be back and fight for everyone especially her marriage with sanskar. I also liked the bit when swara telling her mum that she has hope for hers and sanskar’s marriage because she saw his and felt his tears. And you know what guys I also think that sanskar will go and get swara back just the way swara had told him.

      • Anyways helly did good today and I’m glad that I got to see different side of hers, not too mahan and acting all detective. And with sanskar I still think that there’s more to it then it Because there’s now way that he will believe that psyco ragini over swara. You will see what swara told sanskar it will happen, she told him that he will bring her back. Anyways for now Swasan forever and ever and they rock baby.?

    • Neha

      Wow shuva well I must say that today you nailed the comment box dear I hope sanskar does the same get swara back yeah today’s epi credit goes to our fav swasan
      Swasan rock hope they reunite soon and Tara what a clarification dear

  21. Neha

    Very very heart touching epi seriously made me cry swasan scenes were so pure their expressions were so real nailed it guys but I have a doubt really sanskar believed that swara asked for alimony I didn’t get that if anyone can clear my doubt hearty welcome to them swasan scenes just nailed everything their dialogues each and every thing was superb eyes reflected their pain
    Hey shuva how are you I read ur yesterday’s epi comments it showed ur irritation dear I hope writers unite swasan soon

    • Hi neha
      How are you? Yeah I was getting irritated because some people are still comparing sanskar with laksh’s behavior. I mean at the end of the day sankar didn’t believed a psyco and married her, nor did he insulted swara to the core and stared to call her characterless. He doesn’t think of her that way, he’s just hurt cause swara doubted him. And anyways He’s got every right to be upset cause he was always there for her when she was in tough situation, he believed her blindly without asking any questions. And yeh Swasan forever and ever Cause they rock.?

      • Neha

        Hey today I just want to mention one more thing guys do anyone noticed sujata cared for swara and she was really affected the way ragini was treating swara I felt she cared for her and wanted to stop her

      • Hey neha
        You’re right even I noticed something different about sujata. She showed concerned for swara and also it showed that she really cared for her today. I just hope soon she also accept swara as her daughter in law.

  22. Appu

    Today varun and helly nailed it .just awsme .that back hug was out of the world.super.plz unite swasan .plz plz
    varun u look soooooooo cute.

    • riya

      If director choose ” hain hasi ban gaye ” music of hamari adhuri kahani then it’s much more heart touching

  23. Vaishnavi

    I don’t understand why people get so emotional over a drama. Seriously its just for entertainment guys…

  24. riya

    Main jaan ye vaar doon
    Har jeet bhi haar doon
    Keemat ho koi tujhe,
    Be-intehaan pyaar doon

    Main jaan ye vaar doon
    Har jeet bhi haar doon
    Keemat ho koi tujhe,
    Be-intehaan pyaar doon

    Saari haddein meri,
    Abb maine todd di
    Dekar tujhe pata, awaargi ban gaye

    Haan hasi ban gaye
    Haan nami ban gaye
    Tum mere aasmaan,
    Meri zameen ban gaye

    • Hi cherry,
      I’m good. What about, how are you? Yesterday’s epi was awesome man, it was good and swara aka helly shah nailed it. I’m not sure when the repeat version shows though. Sorry couldn’t be much help. And yeah Swasan forever and ever Cause they rock.?

  25. Helly

    Heyyyy frnds dont u knw,sanskar is guru f ragini he knws her first he is protecting her love life n family so wrkn accordn to ragini s wish n which wl b his nxt war.

  26. Helly

    actually no , ragini is ryt ds tym dat new entry f negatve role i guess she is connectd wd her somehow n might b uska real hak ho durgaprasad ki daulat pe

  27. needhi

    Guys i just want to say its a serial so dont get too emotiomal if they unite swasan and punish ragini for her doings now then the serial will come to end in just one week .dont u want te see more of swasan???
    From the separation track only we got such beautiful and mesmerizing scenes so let them continue this and after all this swasan bond will become more strong and they will never commit the ‘sin’ of leaving each other.one more thing guys dont u feel that it never feels as if swasan is acting .it feels everything is happening in real.i feel that varun and helly were meant to be swara and sanskaar.one more thing guys i really love sankaar(varun) so dont badmouth him .if u dont like him just leave it dont comment.swasan stole the show by their expressions.swasan as always rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Neha

      Hey needhi too correct yaar I too love varun he is really a expression king in yesterday’s epi he didn’t have any dialogue but still he owed the whole screen varun and helly really make a wonderful pair but I hope the mu get cleared soon atleast sanskar’s motives should be revealed

    • Neha

      Hey needhi too correct yaar varun is a great actor he is really an expression king herun make wonderful pair but I wish their mu get cleared soon atleast sanskar’s motives get revealed

    • Hey Needhi
      Well said. I totally agree with you. Sanskar aka varun is a amazing and talented actor. His expressions is awesome. And yeah varun and helly aka Swasan rocks baby.?

  28. chandhu

    Padu mokai serial,ragini track ipo nallaruku,no one is perfect,I think durga Prasad flash back revenge dhan ragini New track,analum konjam bore dhan,I want more emotion ……

  29. chandhu

    Revenge dhan rmba childish huh get up revenge style set agala,swara comedy huh iruku,konjam laksh kum ragini kum scene vainga pa

  30. superman

    Writers suck!!!! Atleast use some common sense nah how can sanskars dream come in swaras memories its complete bullshit

  31. Suni

    Actually am surprised that there are so many fan fiction series written everyday. Come on guys..this is so stupid. this serial has really gone from bad to worse. I remember uttaran had just as this crazy fan following, and even I was one of them. Then the show started going bad and finally nobody even used to watch. This serial is going to go same way. Makers of this serial are writing such stupid story lines coz they know everyone will watch this crap no matter what!!

    I already quit watching this serial. just reading updates and will soon stop reading if this crap doesn’t stop.

  32. Silpa

    I luv u sanskar…..swasan always rocks ..but there r no conversation btn parineeti, aadarsh ,laksh ….they shud make team and fight against ragini…swara ko chod k Baki k characters v ragini k against clue dhund sakte h

  33. SARIKA

    shayad writers may forgot the serial name it was swaragini that means swara aur ragini both were lead roles aap ragini ko ithna bura kyse kar sathe ho, hame hamaari puraani ragini waapas chahiye hi chaahiye

  34. Anisha

    I think that the show is going on the nice track but……u should make swasan unite first. Then u can show all the family left that horrible house and came to swra house and swra and saskaar become closer or they are unite and they beat ragini but laksh is taking revenge for taking swra back in his life

  35. Anisha

    I want swasan unite first. Please please please!!!! I request the written please…. I started seeing the because of swasan love scens but now…. Do u want me to stop seeing swragini if no….then…..please make swasan unite

  36. Sarika

    Am watching swaragini from day one sab ne ragini ki feelings ke saath kelaa especially laksh ab ragini laksh ke saath aisa karna justified hein par puraa parivaar ke saath nayi ragini sab ko bahuth respect karthi thi wahi achha hein please ragini ko iss se jaada bura math keejiye we want our old ragini back plzzzzz

  37. Maansee

    Galat hai ragini …. Usney jab swara ki jaan lene ki koshish ki … Usko dhoka diya … Tab to kisi ne use saza na di … To vo kyo pure mm family ko torcher kar rahi hai….

    Or vo dadi …. Vo to galat ka sath nai deti thi ab kya hua use

  38. Sarika

    Pehle laksh kudh ragini ko love karne ki natak kiyaa per ragini nahi jaanthi na voh sencerely love kiyaa engagement hogayaa phir break up ragini tooth gayi, phir laksh ne sanskar ke liye voh kudh sabke saamne aakar mein laksh maheshwari abi bi ragini ki mangethar hoon uss se shaadhi karna chahtha hu karke bolaa ragini phir se bahuth kush thi per voh jyada din nayi raha phir ye bahar aayi ki laksh ne swara se pyar kiyaa aapi sochiye ragini ko kyse lagi hogi voh chaahtha hein laksh ko per puraa parivar ne laksh se nafarath karke ragini pe symapthy dikaaya per koyi use nahi poocha,koyi nahi samjaa ki voh ab bi uss laksh se pyaar karraye ha yeh swara madam bahuth nafrath karthi thi na laksh se uss ke bahan ka life barbaath karne ke liye phir pyar kab hogayi voh jaanthi thi uska bahan abi bi laksh se jaan se zyaada pyaar karthi phir pyaar kyse ki voh tho mahaan hein na ragini ne sanskar se milkar voh sab drama iss liye ki thaaki swara ka nafrath badaa saku aur laksh ko uss ki pyar ka aisaas dila saku voh ithna hi jaanthi thi ki swara ne laksh se nafrath karthi par mahaan swara madam ne pyaar karne lagi aur ragini ko kyse lagi hogi uske dil mein swara ke liye kuch nahi bachi,aur parissparv ne kyaa vaalekiyaa ragini ko book kar swara ka shaadhi pakki ki koyi nahi socha unhe lagthi hein ki ragini achhi ladki hein sab samjogi kyo achhi hein tho unhe koyi feelings nahi hogi ye kyaa ek achha insaan hura ban ne se kyaa hotha ab sab ko samaj ayi,yeh bade papa b ek baar nahi socha shadi ke liye ha kardi aur sab happy ragini ko bool gayaa isee liye voh ithni buri bangayi kuch zyada hi bangayi per uski point of view mein b sochiye

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