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The Episode starts with Ragini meeting the community people and says she can’t give time to Swara and she have to go. The community men says that Swara is your sister and asks why she is hurrying up to throw her out. Ragini says Swara is wrong and she can do injustice to other because of Swara. She agrees to give some time to Swara. Swara packs her stuff cryingly. Sanskar turns his face from her. Agar Tum Saath Ho plays………….Swara cries and recalls their sweet and happy moments. She walks towards hall with her stuff…She drops her luggage on floor and runs to hug him. She says I love you Sanskar……..and cries. She says I don’t want to go far from you, please stop me…….Sanskar remains unaffected. Her mangalsutra gets stuck on his suit. Swara tries to takes it out. Sanskar goes to

room. Swara fills her maang with the tear which had fallen on floor from Sanskar’s eye. She tells him that she will return and he will bring her. She says she can see her name in his eyes and vice versa. She says I am not going alone, but you are with me. Sanskar recalls Ragini’s words that Swara asked alimony from him. Swara comes to hall…where everyone is standing and waiting for her. She folds her hand and greets everyone. Uttara hugs her and asks her not to go. Sujata apologizes to her. She bends down to take Durga Prasad’s blessings, but didn’t keep his hand on her head. Swara is shocked. Annapurna blesses her. Dadi tells Swara that this is right for you. Swara says no, this is wrong and you know very well that it is wrong, and sadly you are letting it happen knowingly. Laksh tells Swara that he will take care of Sanskar. Swara asks him to take care as well.

Ragini comes with community men, and asks Swara to stop for 1 min. She asks what is in the bag? Show me….Durga Prasad asks Ragini to stop her drama and says it is too much now. Ragini says no, I am owner of this house. If anyone is leaving the house, then I have full right what they are taking. She says Swara asked for 10 crore alimony. Swara says I messaged Lawyer that I don’t need money. Ragini asks if you have stolen from locker. Sujata gets angry. Dadi asks Ragini to let her go. Ragini says may be she has stolen something from my house. She checks her bag and finds photo. Ragini says what is the use of it. Swara says it is your habit to weigh the use or advantage and not mine. Ragini asks her to leave from her house. Swara keeps her clothes back in suitcase. Her mangalsutra gets stuck and breaks. Ragini says it is good that this mangalsultra has broken. Everyone is shocked. Sanskar looks on helplessly.

Swara says that a relation doesn’t break if mangalsutra breaks or if anyone signs on divorce papers. She says you tried to make relations with everyone, but is alone today. Dadi says I am with my laddo always. Swara says one day you will repent for this. Ragini looks angrily. Swara picks her luggage and is stepping out of house. She recalls their marriage and the happenings. She looks at Sanskar and recalls Ragini saying that she signed on the divorce papers. She recalls her grah pravesh and turns to look at family her for last time. She says I am going and you all can’t stop me as you all are helpless. She says our relation is not helpless to die, and says this is my family and will always be. She says I will return again on this door step to make everything right, and her marriage with Sanskar too. She promise to make Sanskar realize his love for her. She goes.

Swara comes to Sumi’s house. Sumi asks what happened? Swara hugs her and cries. Shekhar comes and asks what happened? He sees her stuff and asks what happened? Shekhar asks Swara to separate herself from Sanskar and says it will be good for you both. Sumi says there is a misunderstanding between them and it is good that they move on in their lives. Swara asks if you could forget maa after you was separated from her. She says I have hurt him and his anger is justified. She says when I was leaving the house, his one tear gave hope in my heart. She says I will win his heart and will remain his wife always. Sumi nods.

Ragini insults Annapurna and asks her to work if she don’t want Sujata and Uttara to work. She throws water on her face. Laksh gest angry and holds her neck. Swara happens to see that dancer somewhere.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Guys i just want to say its a serial so dont get too emotiomal if they unite swasan and punish ragini for her doings now then the serial will come to end in just one week .dont u want te see more of swasan???
    From the separation track only we got such beautiful and mesmerizing scenes so let them continue this and after all this swasan bond will become more strong and they will never commit the ‘sin’ of leaving each other.one more thing guys dont u feel that it never feels as if swasan is acting .it feels everything is happening in real.i feel that varun and helly were meant to be swara and sanskaar.one more thing guys i really love sankaar(varun) so dont badmouth him .if u dont like him just leave it dont comment.swasan stole the show by their expressions.swasan as always rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hey needhi too correct yaar I too love varun he is really a expression king in yesterday’s epi he didn’t have any dialogue but still he owed the whole screen varun and helly really make a wonderful pair but I hope the mu get cleared soon atleast sanskar’s motives should be revealed

      1. Hi neha
        How are you?

    2. Hey needhi too correct yaar varun is a great actor he is really an expression king herun make wonderful pair but I wish their mu get cleared soon atleast sanskar’s motives get revealed

    3. Hey Needhi
      Well said. I totally agree with you. Sanskar aka varun is a amazing and talented actor. His expressions is awesome. And yeah varun and helly aka Swasan rocks baby.?

  2. Padu mokai serial,ragini track ipo nallaruku,no one is perfect,I think durga Prasad flash back revenge dhan ragini New track,analum konjam bore dhan,I want more emotion ……

  3. Revenge dhan rmba childish huh get up revenge style set agala,swara comedy huh iruku,konjam laksh kum ragini kum scene vainga pa

  4. Writers suck!!!! Atleast use some common sense nah how can sanskars dream come in swaras memories its complete bullshit

  5. Very emotional ,heart touching separation,hate ragini how can u do dis to swara? Ab next kya hoga?

  6. Actually am surprised that there are so many fan fiction series written everyday. Come on guys..this is so stupid. this serial has really gone from bad to worse. I remember uttaran had just as this crazy fan following, and even I was one of them. Then the show started going bad and finally nobody even used to watch. This serial is going to go same way. Makers of this serial are writing such stupid story lines coz they know everyone will watch this crap no matter what!!

    I already quit watching this serial. just reading updates and will soon stop reading if this crap doesn’t stop.

  7. I luv u sanskar…..swasan always rocks ..but there r no conversation btn parineeti, aadarsh ,laksh ….they shud make team and fight against ragini…swara ko chod k Baki k characters v ragini k against clue dhund sakte h

  8. shayad writers may forgot the serial name it was swaragini that means swara aur ragini both were lead roles aap ragini ko ithna bura kyse kar sathe ho, hame hamaari puraani ragini waapas chahiye hi chaahiye

  9. I think that the show is going on the nice track but……u should make swasan unite first. Then u can show all the family left that horrible house and came to swra house and swra and saskaar become closer or they are unite and they beat ragini but laksh is taking revenge for taking swra back in his life

  10. I want swasan unite first. Please please please!!!! I request the written please…. I started seeing the because of swasan love scens but now…. Do u want me to stop seeing swragini if no….then…..please make swasan unite

  11. Am watching swaragini from day one sab ne ragini ki feelings ke saath kelaa especially laksh ab ragini laksh ke saath aisa karna justified hein par puraa parivaar ke saath nayi ragini sab ko bahuth respect karthi thi wahi achha hein please ragini ko iss se jaada bura math keejiye we want our old ragini back plzzzzz

  12. Grrr ye ragini …. God kitna bura chal raha hai ye serial……

    Ragini hate u….

  13. Galat hai ragini …. Usney jab swara ki jaan lene ki koshish ki … Usko dhoka diya … Tab to kisi ne use saza na di … To vo kyo pure mm family ko torcher kar rahi hai….

    Or vo dadi …. Vo to galat ka sath nai deti thi ab kya hua use

    1. Well said maansee I totally agree with you.

  14. Pehle laksh kudh ragini ko love karne ki natak kiyaa per ragini nahi jaanthi na voh sencerely love kiyaa engagement hogayaa phir break up ragini tooth gayi, phir laksh ne sanskar ke liye voh kudh sabke saamne aakar mein laksh maheshwari abi bi ragini ki mangethar hoon uss se shaadhi karna chahtha hu karke bolaa ragini phir se bahuth kush thi per voh jyada din nayi raha phir ye bahar aayi ki laksh ne swara se pyar kiyaa aapi sochiye ragini ko kyse lagi hogi voh chaahtha hein laksh ko per puraa parivar ne laksh se nafarath karke ragini pe symapthy dikaaya per koyi use nahi poocha,koyi nahi samjaa ki voh ab bi uss laksh se pyaar karraye ha yeh swara madam bahuth nafrath karthi thi na laksh se uss ke bahan ka life barbaath karne ke liye phir pyar kab hogayi voh jaanthi thi uska bahan abi bi laksh se jaan se zyaada pyaar karthi phir pyaar kyse ki voh tho mahaan hein na ragini ne sanskar se milkar voh sab drama iss liye ki thaaki swara ka nafrath badaa saku aur laksh ko uss ki pyar ka aisaas dila saku voh ithna hi jaanthi thi ki swara ne laksh se nafrath karthi par mahaan swara madam ne pyaar karne lagi aur ragini ko kyse lagi hogi uske dil mein swara ke liye kuch nahi bachi,aur parissparv ne kyaa vaalekiyaa ragini ko book kar swara ka shaadhi pakki ki koyi nahi socha unhe lagthi hein ki ragini achhi ladki hein sab samjogi kyo achhi hein tho unhe koyi feelings nahi hogi ye kyaa ek achha insaan hura ban ne se kyaa hotha ab sab ko samaj ayi,yeh bade papa b ek baar nahi socha shadi ke liye ha kardi aur sab happy ragini ko bool gayaa isee liye voh ithni buri bangayi kuch zyada hi bangayi per uski point of view mein b sochiye

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