Swaragini 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swara comes back to her house and is in shock to see Dadi maa’s signing Dada ji to bless her. She gets hurt. Dida calls her. Swara tells her that Dada ji has agreed. Dida asks her to give good news to all. Durga Prasad talks to his brother. His brother says Shekhar is getting married to bengalan. Durga Prasad says Laksh is behind their marriage. Ram says it will affect us. Annapurna asks them to have food. Durga Prasad says he has enough and taunts her talking Laksh’s name. He gets a phone call and is shocked. Laksh speaks to Omi and disconnects the call. Sumi thanks Laksh. Laksh says my papa insulted you, and I have done this to bridge the gap. Sumi gets emotional. Laksh says why you are crying. Sumi says it is happy tears. Shekhar comes and says he will tell. Laksh says he understood. Shekhar keeps

his hand on Laksh’s shoulder. Everyone laugh. Sumi asks Shekhar to stop teasing him. Swara thinks everyone is happy here, but she can’t ignore what she had seen. She collides with Dida. Dida asks any problem. Swara hugs her. Dida says everything is perfect.

Dida says she is very proud of her friend Parvati. Swara says whether it will be like this forever. Dida smiles. Swara says she always wanted to stay with her entire family and don’t want any evil eye fall on their happiness. She says we won’t be separated now. Dida says she will go and meet her Dadi maa. Swara goes behind her. Dida steps inside. Dadi maa is irked seeing her stepping inside the house. Dida invites her for dinner. Dadi maa looks tensed. Dida says as Bhai Saheb has agreed, it will be good. Dadi maa says we can’t eat at your house. Dida says ok. She says I will come with Sumi to your house. Parvati says she is thinking what to cook for her daughter in law and grand daughter. Dida asks her to add ghee in non veg food. Dadi maa says she will take care of them and says she will make kheer for Sumi. Dida leaves. Swara hides.

Later she plays the guitar and sings Oh Re Mannwa…………Ragini comes and sings the song. Ragini says I was thinking to take your help. She says Uttara called her and said Laksh’s mum is very sad and worried. Ragini asks her to talk to Laksh and convince him to return to his house. She says if he returns home, then we can get back together again. Swara is shocked.

Ragini says she can’t forget Laksh. She says Dadimaa and Dada ji have agreed, so she can tell them that her happiness lies with Laksh. She hugs Swara. Swara wants to tell her that Laksh doesn’t love her. Just then Shekhar calls her, so she leaves. Swara calls Laksh and asks him to meet her urgently. Dadi maa comes to meet Durga Prasad. She greets him and thanks him for agreeing to meet her. Durga Prasad says you are lucky to meet me. She says you will agree for the relation after hearing me. Laksh is shocked. He says he will tell the truth to Ragini. Swara says this is not the right time, Ragini will break down. Laksh asks why you are stopping me. This is my tension. Swara says my sister is also involved in this. I don’t want her to get hurt. Swara says I don’t know whether Maa and Papa will marry, because Dadi. Laksh asks what? What did she do? Swara tells I thinks Dadi is just pretending to agree and hasn’t accept it by heart. Dadi maa tells Durga Prasad that she is just acting to accept Sumi for Ragini’s happiness. She wants to end bengalan story. Durga Prasad asks what are you saying? He praises her strength and says Ragini and Laksh’s alliance can’t happen. He says I hope your plan will work. He turns to go. Dadi maa calls him Durga Prasad. He turns and looks angrily.

Laksh asks Swara to relax. Swara says she don’t want to recall it. She says she don’t know what will happen if she refuses. She hugs him. Laksh assures to make everything fine. Swara gets conscious and says she will leave. She turns to go and asks Laksh to leave her saree. Laksh says I can’t. She turns and sees her saree stuck to the chair. Laksh teases her. Swara beats him. Laksh asks her to relax and says your hands will be pain. Swara laughs. Laksh stares her. Swara asks what are you seeing? Laksh says your saree, bindi and your smile. You smiles good. Swara smiles and says we shall leave. Laksh says he is feeling good today. He asks her to praise him. Swara says you are very good, very helpful, but you shall tell the truth to Ragini. She says you are betraying Ragini. Laksh gets upset and leaves.

Dadi maa tells Durga Prasad that Laksh is staying with them and she can get Ragini marry him anytime. She says you can’t do anything. If I do this, then you will be barred from the community. Durga Prasad asks how dare you? Dadi maa says you had three sons. She says if Laksh’s truth comes out then people will smear your face black. She asks him to agree, else you have to lose one more son. Durga Prasad looks shocked. Dadi maa thanks him for agreeing. Durga Prasad goes in his car. Dadi maa looks on.

Dadi maa makes kheer and says she will feed burnt kheer to Sumi.

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