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The Episode starts with Dadi pretending to talk to Sumitra and tells that she has much money with her. Shekhar and Ragini try to speak to her, but she ignores them. Shekhar begs infront of her and says he needs money for Ayush’s treatment. Dadi smirks. Swara cries. Sanskar takes the call. Sujata asks him to take 9 crores from Adarsh and come to her, says she can’t live in poverty anymore. She says we will start afresh and asks him to come. Sanskar shouts mom. Annapurna says we have heard and asks him to go now. Durga Prasad hears them too and is shocked. Adarsh asks Sanskar, why did you stop? Will you take 9 crores rs. with you or shall I sent it in your greedy mom’s account. Sanskar gets angry. He reminds him about pandit ji’s words and says one day your truth will come out and you will be

out of house. Adarsh says your relations are broken. Sanskar determines to unite with everyone and promises him. Parineeta and Adarsh smirks as he leaves.

Dadi brings money and asks Ragini why she is in hurry. She asks what you will mortgage for the loan. Ragini is shocked and says Dadi maa. Dadi says what did you say? You left me four days back, you both left showing me ego. She acts and says I didn’t think that my kids will leave me at this age. She says you must not have time to talk now and asks them to take money. She says you both have to do as I said, else go to hell. Shekhar agrees to do as she says. Swara calls Sanskar and asks where are you? Sanskar says I am outside. Swara tells him everything and asks him to come fast. Dadi says once you both promise me then can’t back off. She tells something which is muted, and shatters Shekhar. She then tells Ragini something. Ragini is equally shock. Dadi says I think you both don’t agree to my condition. She says if you don’t agree then your life will be ruined in 10 mins.

Swara tells Sanskar that everything is against them now. Sanskar asks her to come with him. He holds her hand and goes to Dadi’s house. They see Ragini and Shekhar holding money. Ragini and Shekhar touch Dadi’s feet. Swara says Baba. Shekhar says not now and asks Ragini to come. Swara tries to stop them, but in vain. Dadi says they will not listen to you now as their life motive is changed. She says Swara and Ragini’s tune will be played separately. She asks her to ask them after they come back, and boasts about her plan and says I have changed everything upside down. She tells I am Rani, and says shows hatred towards her. She says check and mate. Swara and Sanskar are shocked. Dadi closes the door on their face.

Ragini gets Laksh’s freed from jail and cries looking at his condition. She tells him that she can’t let anything happened to him and have fulfilled the promise. She asks him to come. Inspector tells him that destiny don’t support him always, and says I hope you learnt a lesson. He provokes them against Sanskar and says he has proved that he preferred money over relations. Ragini asks Laksh to come.

Doctor comes out and says your son is out of danger now and will be fine soon. Sumi thanks God and tells Shekhar that if he failed to bring money on time then they would have lost Ayush. She asks who gave you money? Shekhar says Maa. Sumi says I know, Maa would helps us and praises her. Shekhar blames her for doing deal with Dadi, and says she gave money on a condition that we will not be in a relation from now. Sumi is shocked and shattered. Sanskar tells Swara about his conversation with Sujata and says I lost trust. He says how to make Laksh believe on my innocence now. They see Laksh coming home with Ragini. Ragini is about to go. Laksh is about to fall, Swara and Sanskar about to help him but Ragini stops them and says you have already done enough for us. Laksh recalls corrupt Inspector words about Sanskar. Ragini asks are you fine. Laksh asks her to go. Swara asks Ragini to listen to her. Laksh looks at Sanskar and recalls his words that he will prove himself innocent. Swara goes behind Ragini and asks her to give her a chance to speak once. Laksh feels difficulty in walking. Sanskar looks on helplessly. Ragini tells Swara that they are leaving for Kolkata and says from today I have no relation with you. Our relation is over. Swara is shocked.

Ragini tells Swara that she has done deal with Dadi to save Laksh’s life and ends relation with her. Swara is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. wat a serial ! all relation r broken

  2. I think changed title name pls swara vs ragini perfectly suitable for this story I thought CVs showing sis bond that’s y I saw this serial but showing full of negativity go to hell CVs beginning to till now showing only how to separate sisters , family big clap for CVs no positivity only negativity gud bye for this stupid serial

  3. Koi toh rok lo iss ghatiya story line ko…. Just fed up with all this drama….

    Serial kya tha n inn logo ne kya bana diya hai….

  4. WTF is arong with u ppl simply breaking all d relations so easily it is a very nad message 2 d society

  5. Hahaha ragini wat u hv done…u broked da relation frm swara..huu..aftr knwng da truth u will again cum bck to her..my swara cutie pie flng bad fr her..nd swasan ur expression, crying,shocked faces nd all i rlly loved it…pls end dizs drama soon cvs..pls unite da family nd lt dadi b dead nd parish behind da bars…hate dem to da core….

  6. I love swasan bonding as it is unconditional. I hope raglak to apologise to swasan very soon.

  7. Hence proved that swara and sanskar r the main characters of this serial and ragini and laksh r side characters

    1. Very well said ..

    2. SHR963

      It was Proved Long Before …….
      Such a waste of talents
      Took Up an amazing concept and destroyed it.
      Well done Cvs… You jinxed even the basic characters and identities of the main leads….. I cant even understand what is the real character of Swara and Ragini which they tried to highlight.
      Swara was totally bubbly ….who used to fight against all odds…now she is always victimized and Ragini was the one supposed to be submissive,Silent and soft natured, Now her her character is like a pendulum…Sometimes Vamp….Sometimes Jhansi Rani and Sometimes Abala Naari
      Most Confusing Serial…..Stupid Cvs …who cant even maintain a proper balace between leads

    3. Mica

      Don’t be upset, the serial itself is about business, it related to profit and public demand plus the extension of the story.
      we can’t say that positive character will become main character than the negative one..
      don’t you notice it ? even when ragini/Teju played as negative role, she has equal importance as swara, her appearance is same as swara.
      ops, another one, there was Dida and Dadi once upon a time…
      but looks….. become a good person made Dida threw away from the serial instead of the dadi who played as negative character in this serial.
      and you know what!!! playing a negative character in a serial will more unforgettable than the positive one, since they eat our brain every day.. 😀 😀

    4. Mica

      oh Hi… sorry, from wich angle you have conclusion that Raglak are side character ? since in this situation.. THEY ALL 4 ARE RIGHT …

  8. Oh please stop all this. Writers please stop showing so much evil. You have a moral duty in society to show and encourage good. I understand that in a family ups and downs happen but this is too much. You’re sending the wrong message to people

  9. THIS IS SO TERRIBLE! PLEASE STOP THIS dont ruin this serial! Tbh Saraswatichandra was the only serial i enjoyed till the end, swaragini started off good till now……Kyun???

  10. Mica

    Oh God!!!!! damn..damn..why Swara is sooo cute..cute..cute ????????? aaarrggghh!!!!
    poor Shekar and Ragini, the situation made them to hurt their beloved one.
    we could see the guilty face in Shekar and Ragini when they hold the money facing Swasan.
    Become victim, Swasan’s face soo worth to watch, their confusion about the recent happen,helpless, guilty yet hurt,..uuuuhhh! just LOVE IT!
    in other hand, raglak’s face to show their hatred yet hurt, nailed it !
    even Shekar and ragini DIDN”T want to break the relationship…. but the circumstance made them so helpless and desperate.

    1. Heltej

      Im back mica! MICAholics ????

  11. Mica

    oooh, ty so much H Hasan mam for update….
    btw, congo for Raglak fans, you got hug moment ! YAY!
    but somehow, i got an awkward thing, Ragini seem lil bit difficult to bend her body to get right position to put her head in Laksh’s embrace… 🙂 🙂
    please Ragini, better you wear flat shoes than wedges to get suit position in front of Laksh.
    and for my Swasan, they were hand in hand when go to Dadi. YAY!
    but i hate when they release their hand to heard the bad news, they should tighten the hold to give each other strengthen instead of released it.. aarrghh!

  12. I just want to understand really does t he CVS read the update, so much negativeness before going to bed is not good for human being, CVS u have social responsibility just learn from shows which r on top always celebration lot of positive energy u r spoiling the character also, after swara, sanskar n sumi should not accept the family at all what is need of doing all this, no dadi can do this her grandchildren, this too much please end this negativeness n show some positive bonding r end this show at least good actor can act hood drama

  13. don’t know what happened to sujata this dadi is a real vamp
    and truly the name of the serial should be swara vs ragini

  14. http://tellyreviews.com/2016/09/22/ragini-laksh-conduct-shraddh-puja/
    this is the new spoiler link raglak are doing shradh of all relations laksh is gonna find the truth

    1. Mica

      that why yesterday i said that Laksh still have some faith toward Sanskar…

  15. Heltej

    Four leads getting equal importance! Four of them right in their situation!
    It just like misunderstanding track… Not swasan vs raglak!
    I agree cvs are giving wrong messages to society!
    I dont know… Is there any person who got inspired from movies n serials! Be it positive or negative… Max we will think for 1.5 months!
    Ty H Hasan!

    1. Mica

      weee… we got wise comment here…love you babe!!!
      Ha! why they didn’t blame Sujata mom who sold family for her greediness instead of blaming Shekar and Ragini for their helplessness state…aaarrgghhh!!!!!
      but somehow i like this track… it shown that everything are not just about rite or wrong, black or white, sometime it become grey…
      are you vomit yet today to be micaholic ??? grrrrrrrrr…

      1. Heltej

        Lets see what’s in the mind of cvs! Why they separation btw sisters n brothers!
        Love you too babby!
        I was waiting for ayush scenes… My aforable boyfriend scene???

  16. Swara done the mistake by untie their parents shomi has suffer a lot after the marriage , what kind of character is shekar in every suitation he blaming shomi there is no trust and love and easily break the marriage is it a toy game what kind of relationship well going Keep it up

  17. Kakali

    God ji still waiting for happy scenes…. SWASAN are together ,, hand in hand then no hurdles can separate them… infect they both r going to settle all in rit place..RAGLAK good acting..i know u both will trust SWASAN…i have full faith on u both.. m just waiting for dat… after seeing yesterday’s chappy m damn sure dat Swara uses BABY CREAM… shee is chooooo cute ** awwwwww ** …. “”fingers croosed””….

    1. Heltej

      After seeing helly i felt like she is apple!

  18. how cuttie helly, UR BEAUTIFUL EYES KILLS ME BUT THOSE EYES DONT KNOW ME YET I WISH I COULD MEET U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!feeling so bad for swara poor girl! but hellu you nailed it U R MY HEARTBEAT LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE UUUUUUUUUUUU AND ONLY U ………………..now I wish I was a boy *kidding*u r my girl crush, I sometimes doubt if I m a girl I mean how can I love another girl so MUCH?

  19. some ragini fans were saying that she is not in senses to think what is ri8 or wrong n did it for her love??THEN WHAT BOUT NOW ? Laksh is out of jail but now also she cant think what is right or wrong n doing shrad now if after truth will come out and she will apologize then give her a tight slap swara ! AFTER DOING SHRAD ASKING FORGIVNESS F**K RAGINI…..

    1. me 2 helly holic!

    2. lets jz wait for few more days to see if ragini is wrong or right!!!!!

  20. I’m forced to watch this drama because my mom doesn’t know Hindi (I’m not from India) How disgusting… At the beginning, I’m the only one who wanted to watch this, now I’m the only one who can’t help it… Still I like to see some positive things, but no. This is just a business, and not anything. Dragging… Dragging… Dragging…

  21. Is dadi a real mum or was Shekar adopted?? A mother will sacrifice her own happiness for her offsprings but this one will demand blood from them. I really find it hard to believe that a mother in whatever situation will never stoop this low. Anyway, the writers have to make the story spicy.

  22. Mica

    omg…… people here busy to blaming Shekar and Ragini..
    but didn’t notice the greedy Sujata, who sold her family..
    who caused Sanskar got slap from Anandpura…. hmmmmm

    1. Heltej

      Ok… Mica dont worry.. I noticed! Nezt week half of the truth will come out! ???

      1. Mica

        nooo.. tell me now.. tell me now !!!!! what happen to Dadi!!! *missinglink

    2. Heltej

      Aaa who knows!! ????dadi is dadi

  23. if im not wrong its dadi who forced raglak to leave swasan n do shrad in return fo money.n also forced shekar to leave sumi.

  24. Is swaragini going off air….I saw some videos on YouTube

  25. tats a great news.swaragini shud go off air veryy soon.

  26. Plzzzzz plzzzz stop this nonsense…the show will drop its trp if it continues like thus n no one will be intereste d in the serial anymore..if swaragini separat ed

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