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Shekhar gives a night’s time to Sanskar and says he will take him to Police station in the morning. Dadi requests Annapurna to let her stay with Ragini for tonight. Annapurna nods. Shekhar leaves. Swara asks Sujata not to worry and says nothing will happen to Sanskar. Annapurna asks Dadi to take Ragini inside. Dadi takes Ragini inside. Swara hugs Sumi. Laksh looks on. Swara comes out to drop Sumi. Sumi says she came to know about it through Dida and tells about the call getting connected mistakenly. She tells how can I be so selfish and says you are doing this for me. She says your maang was filled with sindoor helplessly. Swara says she is supporting truth and says Sanskar did wrong in the past, but he is a changed man now. She says Sanskar was trapped and she can’t let anyone play with her

family’s respect. Sanskar and Sujata hear her and are touched by her words.

Dadi asks Ragini if she is fine? Ragini says she is fine and tells that Sanskar didn’t do anything. She tells she acted as Swara sweared to separate Laksh and her. Dadi closes the door and slaps Ragini hard. Dadi says respect is not a game and says being a girl, how can you play with your own respect. Ragini says she didn’t have the option. Dadi says I told you already that I will break relation with you, if you does anything wrong. Ragini cries and tells her that Swara promised to snatch Laksh from her. Dadi says you have put my head down with shame. Ragini says Swara and Sanskar are troubling her since they come home. She acts and says she will inform everyone. Dadi stops her and asks her to promise that she won’t do anything wrong in future. Ragini promises by keeping her hand on her head. Dadi asks her to stay silent as everyone will misunderstand her. Ragini asks Dadi, if you are with me. Dadi says I am with you always, as I know you are always right. You did one mistake, but don’t do it in future. It was wrong.

Swara promises Sumi that she will make everything fine. Sanskar calls Sumi and tells her that he heard their conversation. He says he is ashamed of sindoor incident and he filled her maang being helpless. He says I will never let her life ruined. He thanks Swara for trusting him and hopes Ragini’s misunderstanding gets cleared. Swara says not misunderstanding, but acting. She tells Sumi that Ragini is lying and acting. Sujata says Swara is right and tells about Ragini’s threat. She folds her hand and apologizes for thinking them wrong. She says I raised doubt on Sumi’s upbringing and apologizes for her heart. She says everyone should give same upbringing like you. Swara asks her not to apologize. Sujata hugs her and cries. Swara asks her not to apologize. Sujata jokes that she will not have fish made by her. Sumi says I will leave now. Sujata asks Swara, how will you prove Sanskar innocent in such a less time as it is going to be morning soon.

Later Laksh comes and asks Swara, why did you call us to kitchen. Swara says so Ragini came to kitchen and that man attacked her from back. She says that man’s shoes mark should be outside the window. Laksh says that man was Sanskar and that’s why there are no footprints of him. Swara asks why did you come to kitchen. Ragini hesitantly says to drink water. Swara asks did you drink in darkness. Dadi interferes and asks why are you making her remember that painful night. She says Ragini will not be part of your query and asks her to come. Sujata stops her and says Ragini have to be part of the query. She says both of them have to answer. Swara repeats if you had drank water in darkness. Ragini says she switched on the light. Swara says did you see him them. Ragini says no and says he was waiting for her in the kitchen. Swara says anybody can go to kitchen to drink water, then how can Sanskar be sure that you will only come. Ragini says she didn’t know. Swara says what did you do when Sanskar attacked you. Ragini says she shouted being a girl. Swara asks Durga Prasad to start the timer and says she want to know about the distance from kitchen to Laksh’s room. Durga Prasad says 40’ sec. Swara goes to Laksh’s room and asks what is the timer now. Durga Prasad says 50 sec. Laksh asks what she wants to prove. Annapurna asks what she wants to say? Durga Prasad asks Swara to continue and says she is right. Swara says when you were coming down, Sanskar would have gone upstairs. No one saw him. When Laksh went to his room, he was sleeping.

Swara gives a live demo and asks Sanskar to go to kitchen while it is too dark. She asks Ragini to identify him while it is dark. Later Swara proves Ragini wrong and asks why did she come with Sanskar thinking him to be Laksh. Ragini looks on tensedly.

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  1. Has anyone seen the new promo??????? In that Ragini is removing Swara’s mangal sutra.!!!!!!???

    1. Really????!!!!!! If this happens then……………………..???????????????

      Not againnnnnnn!

  2. i saw a new promo of swaragini 28th 29th september special promo in that video voice over saying that “sachayi ki rahath par chali gayi swara apni hi jhooti (nakili) shaadi ke jaal mein”… whats this promo regarding … is ragini tellsall that there marriage truth?? or any other?

  3. After long time good episode, but now the promo is show swara ans sanskar marriage secret will out by this rangini and swar Thrown out by thi. Devil ragini writeres please do not spoil this show by making evil to win

  4. hope swara will smash ragini agn n win d chunoti….n won’t get trapped

  5. Nice episode good swara ..I like the idea of swara

  6. it’s a fact that truth always wins….so Ragini be careful

  7. rag should exposed very soon.otherwise the show become more disgusting

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