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The Episode starts with Ragini crying and thinking about Laksh. Sanskaar thinks of Swara and his love confession. Khuda jaane……….. yaadon ko teri hum nibha na sakey…………plays……………….Laksh thinks of Swara….. its morning, Dadi asks Shekhar about Swara refusing. Shekhar says we can’t pressurize her. She says but she should have some solid reason to refuse. Sumi says Swara does not love Sanskaar, she does not know him. Dadi says Sanskaar has helped Swara in uniting you and Shekhar, what else we want.

She asks Sumi does Swara love Laksh. Sumi says no, she told me that she does not want to separate Ragini and Laksh. Swara comes and asks them to end this topic. Dadi says you are mistaken. Ragini is bearing this for her sins, I m worried for you, you did so much for your

parents, if you get separated from Sanskaar, think people will know about your fake relation, who will hold your hand. Swara says its fine if no one holds my hand, I can live alone. Dadi asks her about her parents, what when people taunt on their upbringing…. She asks them to decide and leaves.

Sumi and Shekhar ask Swara not to worry, it will be her decision, no need to worry about world, they want Swara to be happy, he will not pressurize Swara for the sake of the world. Sumi says it will happen as you want. Swara says I want to be alone for some time and goes. Ragini looks on. Swara recalls Dadi’s words. Durga Prasad and Annapurna come there… Ragini sees them and rushes out.

Swara is on the way walking on the road thinking….. Ragini sees a car speeding towards Swara. She sees Laksh meeting Swara. Laksh says I want to talk to you. Swara says I m not interested to talk to you, leave my hand. He takes her and makes her sit in his car. He leaves with Swara. Ragini looks on as Laksh takes Swara against her wish. She takes a taxi. Sanskaar says I know Swara, you will never say yes for this relation, I will not pressurize you and not break my promise, I will always be your friend. Sujatha comes and says you are a nice guy.

Sanskaar says I know Swara will not say yes. She says yes, Swara does not love you. He says you will be first mum to be happy seeing a son’s heart break. She says no, I was saying that Swara is… He says she is Bengali, you still care for her culture, no one can take place in my life except Swara, I will never remarry, this is my last decision. She leaves.

Durga Prasad greets Shekhar. Shekhar welcomes him and asks Dadi to come. Durga Prasad says sorry, I have come to give this, Ragini and Laksh’s divorce papers. He says I have spoken to you about Swara and Sanskaar, call her, it will be good to talk infront of her. Shekhar says Swara is not at home. Sumi says she will come in some time. Swara starts going away as Laksh stops the car. He asks her to please listen. She says I have come to be alone for some time. The call unknowingly connects to Sanskaar. Laksh asks Swara to divorce Sanskaar. Swara asks why, to divorce him and marry another. Sanskaar hears them. Laksh says you have to come back to me, I can’t live without you, I m sorry, I love you a lot. She asks will you do anything.

He says yes. She asks him to accept Ragini, she forgot all her relations for her love. He asks what about my and your love. She says correction, I used to love you, I don’t love you now, you are my sister’s husband for me, nothing else. Laksh holds her. Swara says I don’t love you and will never love you. She says whatever you did, after that…. Laksh says I m ready to bear punishment, don’t reject my love, my parents went to your home to talk about your and Sanskaar’s relation, they want to unite you both, but I can’t see this. She says her decision can’t chance. Ragini comes there and says Swara……

Laksh asks Ragini to go away, is she not ashamed to come here. Ragini asks them to give their relation a chance, she can’t see them separating now, she has known the pain of love. Laksh asks Ragini to shut up. Swara asks how are you talking. Laksh says I should talk like this to her, then she will understand. He holds Ragini’s hand with anger. Swara says leave her Laksh. Laksh calls Ragini a cheater, and says Swara will not go from my life, Sanskaar is my brother, he will do as I say him, I will tell the truth to my parents today. Sanskaar hears them. Laksh says our love won’t end if you say Swara, I can’t see you becoming someone else’s, you are mine and will always be mine. Swara says no, you can’t do this, don’t make a scene. He says I will go, I will tell them I will marry you after your divorce with Sanskaar. Swara tries stopping him and falls. Sanskaar worriedly says Swara…… Laksh says Swara….. Swara’s hand gets hurt.

Laksh says sorry Swara, you got hurt by me again, but I will do the aid this time. Swara asks Laksh to agree. Laksh asks Ragini not to talk in his matter. He says Swara I won’t stop today, my love was my weakness, but not now. Swara says you can’t do this. Sanskaar says Laksh can’t do drama there, he is hurting Swara. Ragini says I felt everything will be fine after my truth came out, I wanted you and Laksh to unite, but not this way, people will finger point our parents. Swara says we have to reach home before Laksh, come. They leave. Laksh reaches Swara’s home. Ragini and Swara also reach home and see Laksh. Laksh says I have to say something. Swara calls out Maa to stop him. She says she wants to tell them something. Sumi says yes, we know, we were explaining Durga Prasad…. Swara says I don’t want divorce. They all look on shocked. Swara and Laksh see each other.

Durga Prasad says tell us Swara, how can we accept selfish Ragini. Annapurna says even if we agree, Laksh will not agree. Ragini pushes Swara and says she can’t hurt them more. She holds a live wire to get electrocuted.

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  1. What nonsense….swara forgive everyone xcept laksh..?????…more than laksh ,shekar insulted swara…if swara forgive her baba…why not laksh

  2. I can’t understand what u said…. BT everyone has a difrnt point of view ..u said ur view I said mine….

    I always RESPECT everyone’s view…. Soooo I don’t mind what u said… It’s OK for me if u didn’t agree with me..!!! Soooo ……….

    1. Jhanvi good. But ash s point s baseless. There s no meaning to t. She says to lik a characterless grl u shud hv a great heart. True. But lakshya dint love the characterless swara. He misunderstood tat. Nw after knowing she s good he wants her back. So in short he s SELFISH self centered nd he s not the kind of person who has the heart to love a characterless grl. So ash .. U r not making any point. Leave t

  3. swara’s baba and laksh both are not equal. Swara choose to unite her parents instead of her love. She could have win laksh back if she wanted but she choose her parents and laksh and baba both are not equal to be forgiven..thats my point of view sorry to hurt if anyone doesnt agree with me..

    1. Well I agree with you. I don’t know why some people comparing sheker with that psyco Laksh. I’m not saying that I don’t like Laksh but at the moment he is also acting like that psyco ragini.

  4. I love sanskar swara jodi

  5. It may be Swasaan or Swalak but do something fast… Pls don’t txt dragggg!!!!

  6. blo*dy b*t*h swara… Wanna slap you tightly
    Why you ruinned sanskar life

  7. I have 1 doubt. I missed that episode & written update. Y kavitha & sanskar r separated &wat hpn. Which episode thats was telecast? Any1 tel me plz


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