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The Episode starts with Dadi informing Annapurna and Sujata that Ragini have mortgaged her dead mum’s jewellery to freed them from jail. Sujata says we didn’t know that she had arranged money this money. Annapurna also says the same and says we didn’t know. Dadi says you have taken her advantage and says she will try not to let Ragini come inside their house, and says she will get her married soon. Sujata asks Annapurna not to feel bad. Swara calls Ragini and tells her about Tania. She asks if she is locked still. Ragini says okay and says I will keep eye on the persons coming to Kali Badi. Swara tells her that she came to Malhotra’s house Plot no 211, and feels that she will get some proofs. Ragini says okay. Swara sees Karthik outside the house, calling Jailer and asking about Tania. He is informed

that Tania is freed from jail 2 days before. He seems to be surprised. Swara wonders if Tania is Karthik’s sister then who is Kavya to him. She thinks to find out about Tania first.

Sumi asks Dadi to open the lock of Ragini’s room. Dadi says okay, I will open the door, and says she will get her married in 15 days. Ragini says I am not having objection to your decision, but 15 days time is not right. Swara comes home and shows the photo of small Tania and grown up Tania. She asks Annapurna and Sujata to recollect, if Karthik and Tania have any sister. Annapurna says no. Sujata says I don’t understand. Swara says if Kavya is Tania, then why she has changed her name. Karthik tells Kavya that Tania is freed from jail. Kavya says we have to search her, she has done so much for me. We have to find her somehow, she has done so much for me. Karthik says we will find her.

Dadi asks Sumi to not let Ragini go out. Sumi hears the cooker whistle and goes to kitchen. Ragini comes out through the window and thinks she have to talk to Swara and feels apologetic to Dadi. She thinks to find out if they found any proofs against Kavya. She collides with a woman and says sorry. Just then she collides with real Tania and she introduces herself as Tania Malhotra. Ragini is shocked. Ragini thinks about Swara’s words that Tania will be coming to Kali Baadi. Ragini asks her if you are from Kolkata. Tania says yes. Just then Dadi shouts at Ragini and takes her inside the house. Ragini says I will come soon. Annapurna and Sujata come there, and greet Dadi. Sumi asks them to come inside. Dadi stops Sumi. Sumi says it is our family matter. Ragini asks Annapurna and Sujata to come inside the house. Dadi asks if they come to take Ragini. Annapurna says no, and says they have come to give the jewellery. She gives the jewellery and says it is a big thing that Ragini mortgaged her mum’s jewellery for us. We will not forget her favor. Dadi asks Ragini to go to her room.

Ragini goes to her room. Sumi asks them to sit and says she will bring tea. Dadi asks her to make tea for her only and says they are getting late. Annapurna and Sujata looks on. Annapurna asks Sujata to come and they leave. Sumi looks at Dadi. Dadi asks what happened? Sumi says nothing and goes. Dadi gets Mathur’s call and he tells that his son is coming to see Ragini. Ragini calls Swara and tells her that new girl came to stay in Baadi and introduced herself as Tania Malhotra. Swara is shocked and sends Tania’s pic to Ragini on her phone. Ragini sees her pic and says she is same. Swara asks her to keep an eye on Tania. Ragini says I can keep an eye on her through my window. Swara says I will come there. Tania calls Kavya and says I am freed two days back. Kavya asks where was you? Tania says she went to banaras to fulfilled her mannat and asks her to meet in plot no 211. She thinks my plan stage 2 will begin now and smirks.

Swara and Ragini enter the police station as they make it smoky. Later Laksh tells Sanskar that he want to apologize to Ragini. Ragini is shown taking Sanskar’s place in jail and looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Yeh Kavya Kavitha sae bhi bohath chalak hae… Cnt even find out Wat she is up to… Really very confusing… But waiting for the precap… Raglak scenes ???

  2. Thanks fr fast update Hasan

  3. Yeah me too waiting 4 raglak scenes badly

  4. Waiting for raglak scenes I think dadi will kill Ragini if she knows about this

  5. I think this kavya wo servant ki beti hogi Jo revenge lene aai hai..
    Bt precap omg sanky in ragu dressss lolzzzz..sanskriti..?itni jaldi kaise change kr liya bt bohot beautiful lagega srsly..unko pata hai ye inspector toh ek number ka lalleshwar hai toh usse bewakoof banana mushkil nai hai..luxji aise kyu chipak rahe the sanky se luxji apne emotion ko thoda control kijiye wo sanky hai baby nai??aakhirkar sanky maharaj ke darshan mile..aaj ragu yummy mango lg rahi thi?
    Baby toh sbke jaan ke pichhe naha-dhoke pad gayi..badi jaan hai isme luxji ko uthake sidha deewar me..swasanrag band bajane ke liye aaying don’t worry..

    1. u r soooo funny angel….but I agree with ur each n every word…

  6. I really get scared of the background music when they show kavya planning smethng.
    that ‘tu ru ru ru’ …
    scaring enough.

    1. Yeeess..dats horror track BG for bhootni lolzzzz?? tu ru tu ru..?? n luxji Dewar me anarkali ki tarah lock..she is bahubali srsly..itne bade luxji ko uthaya? bt don’t worry bangali baba ka churan khake swasanrag will complete d mission..n the 3 jagga jasus ke haath se kavya baby gayi kaamse..

      1. Angel u r really toooo much…

  7. The story is getting interesting bcos of this kavya tania n karthik thing….so unpredictable….i like it!!

  8. I think Kavya is Kavita sister and she met taniya while she was visiting Kavita and Kaveri in jail. Then they all plot against maheswari and I think Kavya marrying Lakshya was a part of their plan.

    1. Even I thought dis aaradhy

  9. nai ita dimag nai hai kavita n Kaveri main.. I think so jail mai hi Tania ne uski jaan bachaya hoga r smethin …

  10. Dnt knw y Kavya is gonna murder taniya…

  11. Shraddha Sharma

    I am confused…
    According to maheshwarie’s story tanya bachpan se aggresive thi, gusse wali thi to badi ho kr itni shant kaise ho gyi jbki usko badla lena tha laksh se???
    I think kavya is tanya and kartik is misguided by kavya/tanya… and this new girl tanya (may be her name is kavya) is servant’s daughter who helped kavya/tanya from escaping from jail…

  12. swaragini were looking so pretty today in rang de colors….n I m solo happy that now we will get to see some raglak n SWASAN scenes not romantic but happy that they will be together at least….

  13. n ragini u r soo intelligent smoke in police station n she changed her clothes soo fast….well done….n laksh what was he trying to do I didn’t understand… sanskar already forgive him soo why was he saying that…

  14. O god becoz of dis stupid kavya there r no swasan scenes at all plssss end dis track of kavya soon..

  15. but ragini search nai kar sakti kya jo sansakar ko bhar nikala?

  16. hehe well said angel.

  17. Its not fair that Lakshys want to say sorry to Ragini after all he should not forget what Ragini did to Swara and with his family because of her Swara and Lakshya seperated forever .Now Ragini is acting good but she eqal to both Kavita and Kavya.

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      She did all this as she loved laksh… but her intensions were not wrong, i know she did all the things wrong but when laksh faked her love towards her; she started to change and after what laksh did with her, she is helping his family; going against her family….

  18. Ragini’s love was onesided and she knew that Lakhshya didnot love her but Swara still she forced him 2 love her this is not done and now when lakshya want to change himself is good but again thinking of marring the same girl is not fair and why Sanskar has to go with Swara ?Ragini and Swara can also sort out all the things.Sanaskar running up from jail and Ragini in his place ye bat kuch samj nahi ayi.

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