Swaragini 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dadi asks Ragini, why you did this. I never taught you this. If you walk on wrong path once, then you have to continue walking on it. She says we can’t get happiness from wrong things. Ragini says I love Laksh very much. Dadi says I would have bring more good guy than Laksh. Ragini acts madly and says she accepted him as her husband and no one can enter her life. She says she has right on Laksh and reminds Dadi of her promise. She asks why I didn’t get my right always? Why I have to go through many troubles? I can’t accept defeat so easily, I want my love at any cost. Dadi asks her to stop and says she can’t let her do this bad work. She says she is still alive and will do everything. Ragini hugs her and asks her to let her do what she is doing. She asks her to let her get Laksh through wrong doings.

Dadi asks her not to worry and says she is with her.

Sumi calls Swara and asks her to open the photo frame. Swara looks at her parents’ photo and smiles. Sumi hangs their photo frame on the wall. She asks why you wants to prove Laksh’s innocence. Swara thinks of an answer. Sumi says you have started loving him. Swara is silent. Sumi says truth can’t be change. Swara says I didn’t know what is love? I never felt what is shown in films or books, but I was affected by his talks. I like to stare him and his habits look cute to me. I felt bad, whenever he is upset. She says if this is love then she is in love. She apologizes and says she didn’t want to hurt Ragini. Sumi says they don’t have any problem. Swara says she can’t tell about her love to Laksh. Sumi asks why? She says I am with you. Your sister Ragini loves you very much and is happy for you. Swara says she can’t tell Laksh as he might leave his family. She says Durga Prasad has started trusting him and she can’t keep me away from his family. She says we are good as friends. She gets teary eyed and hugs Sumi.

Swara says she will manage and it is not necessary that every love story have a happy ending. She says her love will not end if they are not together. Sanskar tells Sujata that he will take revenge with swara also for messing with her. Sujata asks did you tell anything to anyone. Sanskar says he is worried about Ragini. Sujata says Ragini looks simpleton, but did this. Sanskar says she has started walking on this path, but is blinded in Laksh’s love. She hurt herself to save me. Swara is very clever and might know about her. I can’t let it happen, and have to change my plan. Swara wants to know the truth and I will show her somewhat. He recalls his girlfriend’s death and says he can’t forget that. He says he will live his life peacefully after taking revenge. He says he will target Swara first and will break her.

Dadi thinks about Sanskar and Ragini’s words and walk in shock. Swara makes her sit and asks her to sit silently. She asks Sumi to bring water and tells Dadi is feeling dizzy. Sumi says she will call doctor. Dadi says she is fine and will rest. Ragini comes. Dadi looks at her and is tensed. Swara tells Ragini that dadi isn’t listening to her. Ragini says Dadi is like this only. Swara says Dadi seems to be in tension and something is bothering her. Ragini says she came to know about a big truth. Swara asks what? Ragini says Laksh’s truth. Swara says she was confident about her theory, but….Annapurna suspects Swara’s intentions. Laksh asks her to end this topic and says Swara didn’t love me. Annapurna says she has some motive. Swara gets a phone call, asking her to reach Kali mandir if she want to know the truth.

Dida comes to know about Sanskar and Ragini’s conspiracy. She questions Ragini. Ragini accepts to her crime and asks her not to tell anyone. Dida says she will tell everyone.

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  1. ?pradishma?

    M worried for dida what if rags do anything to her…… if she does it na then she can surely leave the show it will be good stop showing her like this ….. its swaragini its about sis bond pls don’t ruin it….

  2. Dreamer ?

    Thanks for the update MA ? OMG Ragini!!! What happened to you ? What happened to the beautiful bond between the sisters ? What happened to the essence of the show ? Oh Ragini why did you have to turn negative ? I really really hope Ragini realises her mistake soon and rectifies it ?

    – Dreamer ?

  3. Rajkumari Irina

    tody episode was good to watch n m worried wht sanskar do to swara but v4 his plan its gud dat dida came to know sanskar reality n plan with ragini if dida tell everythng true infrnt of everyone dat will be gud b4 bad thng hpn!!

  4. Ahana

    dadi always says that swara is a problem in ragini’s life but actualy ragini is the big problem in swara’s life….
    swara’s character is 100%better than ragini’s character…….. she think 4 everyone bt ragini think 4herself….
    Iam so scarred 4dida…pata nehi ragini kiya karegi dida k sath???

  5. annah? (anu)

    Everyone wants to bcum frnz wid Pradishma coz she is very cute,caring n loving! She is a verry gooodddd frnd indeed d best frnd I have n many others…….n u fakerrr Ann athu get lost from here coz v can make out that u r a fake….. So none of ur creeping business will b allowed here!! Hehehe

  6. annah? (anu)

    The precap is awsmeee!!! Dida came to know bout rag’s truth!! Woww! But……….

    Swara………..I think it is sanskar’s plan. Coz he told that he will show swara d truth but somewhat! So…………hope she returns alright!!

  7. Ragini u r so bad……how can u
    be so mean,………..mujhe to pahle he Ragini pasand nahi thi ab iske bad to kabhi bhi pasand nahi aayegi

  8. aradhya

    Hey guyzz u cant say ragini wrong coz…..we expected swara laksh to be together……but actually ragini loved him first so. ..shes just trying to get it backk. ….bt yaa she is really ruining her life

  9. shabbu

    Wow ragini’s truth out in front of dida… But!!!! Question is will ragini do something to dida???????

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