Swaragini 22nd July 2016 Written Episode Update


Swaragini 22nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ragini asking Swara, what else she would do. She says everyone wanted Maa to abort her baby and she went to abortion, but I stopped her. Swara says if I would have known this, I would have stopped you. Ragini says I tried to tell you truth, but couldn’t tell you truth due to circumstances. Laksh says Ragini is saying truth. I didn’t tell you as she wanted to tell you personally. Swara says don’t know what to tell. You have lied, and everything is ruined because of a lie. She says you act have made fun of everyone’s emotions. Sanskar tells Swara that Ragini did right and if was on her place then. Ragini says we both have different perspective, I think about society. She says may be I am weak and don’t have the strength….Swara hugs her and says I am sorry. She says whatever

you have done, needs much strength. I couldn’t understand you. Ragini cries and says my family went far from me….Swaragini plays……….Swara says I will never leave you..promise. Laksh wipes his tears and hugs Sanskar. Ragini tells Swara that Maa is very upset, and asks how I will eye contact her again.

Dadi blames Shekhar and Sumi for her insult. Shekhar accuses her for trying to kill their baby and says Ragini is insulted because of her. Dadi blames them for ruining Ragini’s life for Swara. Shekhar says I love both my daughters and will support them all their lives. Dadi says Ragini’s family have insulted me. Shekhar asks Sumi to come and not to worry. He tells Dadi that he don’t know if he will be able to repay Ragini’s favor. He asks Sumi to take rest and says he will bring her food. Sumi refuses. She gets Swara’s call and she apologizes to her. She says I promise, I will make everything fine. She says I will talk to you later and ends the call. Dadi thinks if Sumi is thinking that everything is over, then it is not. She plans to take revenge for her insult from Sumi. She thinks Ragini and I have suffered a lot because of you, and you have to pay for it.

Annapurna tells that she will never forgive Ragini. Durga Prasad says if we see her from daughter’s perspective then no daughter can do this for her parents. Annapurna says she can understand her perspective, but who will understand her pain. She asks them to leave her alone for sometime. She cries. Ragini thinks about Annapurna and Sujata’s happiness for her baby. She thinks about Parineeta’s curse that Ragini and Swara will never give them heir. Swara comes there. Ragini shows Sumi’s reports and says everything is normal. Swara says I will give it to baba and keeps the pillow. Ragini asks her to keep the pillow with her. Swara hugs her. Ragini cries hugging pillow. Swara comes back to Sanskar. Sanskar asks if everything alright. Swara says I hope so. Sanskar says time heals every wound. Swara comes to Ragini and sits with her.

Days passes by. Sumi is seen heavily pregnant. She recalls Ragini decision to adopt her baby and then Annapurna insulting her. Dadi calls her and asks her to bring clothes from terrace. Sumi says okay and goes to get clothes. She gets Ragini and Swara’s call. Ragini asks did you go to Doctor. Sumi says she will be going today. She says two months have passed and asked about Annapurna and Sujata. Ragini says everything is getting fine slowly and asks her not to worry. Swara asks are you fine? Sumi says I came to get the clothes, and will clean the house now. Swara and ragini ask her not to work in this 7th month of pregnancy. Sumi asks them not to worry. She steps feet on the water and falls down, calling Shekhar. Ragini and Swara are shocked and shouts Maa.

Shekhar, Ragini and Swara take Sumi to hospital. Doctor comes of ICU with his head down. Shekhar asks if Sumi is fine? They are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Today’ s episode is message 2 all those who were bashing swara for not supporting ragini
    If swaragini bonding is strong then why can’t swara &ragini have better understanding

    1. Seriously I didn’t see any real emotions from swara except her fake tears???…for ragini…and don’t judge any one with their past and ragini did so much for her step mom…but swara spoiled everything. ..she thinksaid that no one should be great and good. ..except her…

      1. Mica

        seriously ? why we can’t judge them with their past if you to do so ? look at your own statement, you even judge swara as she spoil everything. what she did ha ? reveal the truth ? is being honest kinda a bad thing for you ?
        you ask ppl not judge them by their past since you can’t bear to face the dark side of ragini… aren’t you ?

      2. I really love you Ishu you’re the only one who sees Swara’s tears to be fake. Swara always wants to be mahaan and stick her stupid nose where it does not belong

      3. Mica

        and i really love ragini’s fans frustation toward swara’s behaviour.
        swara just questioning ragini for she ever done, ragini’s fans blaming swara and accusing her to be maahan.
        swara supporting ragini, ragini’s fans said that swara is fake.
        see, how frustation they are….hahahaha

  2. Thanks for the update H Hasan

  3. ystrdy i saw sm stupid ragini fans barkng on swara without thnkng abt furthur..now u got the answer or not????????hey soo called ragini fans “SWARA IS ALWAYS WITH RAGINI” THEY ARE SWARAGINI..ystrdays ragini fans cmmnts make me to hate ragini more..plz guys thnk smthng before barking..swara is really angry with ragini bcz she hide such a big thing..she need some time..when ragini tell everythng swara stood with ragini..now plz stop barkng on swara..

    1. Excuse me simi and swarna…even season fans r also bashing ragini for stupid reasons. We the fans never bashed swara about her appearance but u people r talking rubbish about the cute doll ragini. ..and seriously I haven’t seen any real true care of swara for ragini. ..the reason for all the problems is only ur so called mahan swara. ..
      And ofcourse ..

      1. swara’s care fake???hahha lol..r u out of nits..if we say ragini is fakr den u guys strtd to bark naa….nd did u see tdys sbs segment where expression baba give prasad to actors whose acting is not upto mark??den listen ur soo called fatty face ragini in dat case too..baba said her to act normal..even channel ppl said her actng is fake..but for u guys she is mahan..ragini is really looking like an aunty…ragini wants to bcm mahan but her plan backfired..dumbo ragini.

    2. Omg heena look at ur face before saying anything about ragini(tejaswi) face. I’m pretty sure that tejaswi face is 100 times better than urs and her heart is 1000 times better than urs. I don’t see anything special in Swara face to make her more beautiful than Ragini. To me both swaragini as equally beautiful. Raginis round face makes her more pretty and ur nasty mind makes u ugly. And yeah to me both Swara and ragini are fantastic.

    3. Don’t worry sumi even ragini fans have the same feelings toward Swara like u have for ragini. We hate it when Swara fans bash ragini and that make us hate Swara even more

    4. Simi should find a bridge to jump of with her beloved Swara, Swara is like a parasite, how many times did they try to kill her 4? 5? but like a parasite she doesn’t die.

  4. loved todays epi bcz of swaragini…after a long time we got to see swaragini scenes more than pairs..dey 2 are adorable.stood with each other in every situation.loved swaragini bond.seriously 2 months leap take???
    bt parvathy dadi evil inyentions not gonna end.bt loved dadi’s acting..miss dida soo much plz dida come back..i thnk cvs forgot abt dida??
    is it true that pari will kidnap sumi’s baby??so sad why cvs why..always u prefer sad waala scene..sooo saddist..
    swara looking soo cute in dat lehenga..soo beautifull..

    swaragini is more adorable and beautiful dan swasan nd raglak..i really loved to see swaragini..i prefer to see more swaragini scenes than swasan and raglak..swaragini is best..eventhough i m a swasan fan bt by seeing todays epi i love swaragini more

    1. I too love swaragini… More than swasan and raglak… But i didnt saw today’s episode 🙁

  5. Thank you H hasan for the update… Thank you 🙂 thank you 🙂 love you

  6. Simmi and swarna you r obsessed with swara so you don’t see any mistake of her anyways guys you think swara is right and you dont see partial done by cvs between them one more think you said yesterday members bashed swara that’s why you hate ragini and do u know this most time done to ragini so I should also start hating swara na but no Iam not like you swara fans onething Iam not swaragini fan but reading all your comments form a month I can tell that ragini is bashed more

    1. Mica

      ragini bash more since did a bad thing dear ( i talk about ragini, not teju),
      being fans , we have different perspective and background:
      -the real fans of the actors (helly fans, teju fans, varun fans, nemish fans etc)
      they are usually praising their fav blindy, no matter what their’ roles done in the serial
      ( i ever found a fans said that ragini gave her inspiration to do something as ragini tried to kill swara for soo called first love)
      -the serial’s fans,
      they are mostly give statement or point of view based on the role only, doesn’t matter who is the actors.
      in swaragini, almost all of us (except fanfreaks ) knew that ragini have done horrible negative thing in the past, and obviously we bashed her for her bad character as humanity value, moral, or logical’s mind’s sake.
      wish you will understand the reason, and become wise to distinguish the differences
      so, be wise to distinguish the differences between them.

  7. i think some people got answer..its swaragini not swara vs ragini.guys see how they look cute together..today cvs shows something good.always want to see swaragini looking like this.stood for each other.i dnt lyk ragini bcz of some ragini fans but today i lyk her..to see swara and ragini together.really love heltej..

  8. Today I can see swara acting was so fake I want to advice raglak fans to stop watching this serial so that we know how swasan fans going to protect from trp falling low then only cvs should understand raglak fan importance today ragini nailed it with her expression

  9. AnuAnn

    Loved today’s episode.. I too loved to see swaragini bonding.. This is for bashers.. This is not a platform for bashing.. Hassan (don’t know she or he )who is doing much hardwork by giving written update.so we should give our reviews abt episode BT nowadays more than review bashing is done … Nowadays other fabdoms r also making fun of SR fandoms due to so called war btwn fans and many people who is not at all related to SR also taking it as a chance to increase drift btwn fans.. So grow up guys.. They r only fictional characters.. If u don’t like swara or ragini ur wish … Bt don’t try to bash their real characters.. Reel character is up to you bt should be in a limit.. Yesterday I feel disgusting .. Felt shame to be a part of SR fandom

  10. Chill guys its just a serial. And they will do wat have written in the script so thande pao. N 4m strating m the big fan of raglak n swasan. Both the pair compliment eachother.

  11. Finally everything is o.k. Well at least swaragini are back together seeing soooo many forums and swaragini sites saying Ragini will actually get pregnant. Excited when or if it comes!!!!! Then new drama for Pari’s curse and stuff lol!!

    One more thing I think we should stop this bashing nonsense. Why don’t we just apologize to each other and actually be Swaragini and not just Swara and Ragini.
    Yes I agree we all have our own opinions but please don’t talk bad about characters or people. We should compliment and praise the people not turn them down.

    Ohh well love teja superb acting
    Waiting for Ragini real pregnant drama, how will the family react to this, and when and how will they forgive her.


  12. N swarna wat is ur real name? Dnt spoil my name . And swara is also a human being and every human being has sum fault so chill. N ragini also in lead n she has a powerful character so let her show it. Koi nhn swaragini tum log acting karo. Both r so pretty n cute.

  13. Guys i thnk v shud all start APPRECIATING instead of alwys bashing.. We ll rise in our own being⭐️ Everyday v cannot get swasan or raglak scenes.. Some drama twists n turns r also necessary for d story to move forward… All d actors including shalini sonica hellu teju varun namish r really doing superb job.. But i really wish dat dey shud soon evn make pari positive n sort out everything.. N show some family time like pari shud adopt d baby n dey go to picnic n hav funn.. Or d 4 main leads shud go for their honeymoon n hav real romance?n prove PARI’S CURSE WRONG?.. Lastly WATCH SWARAGINI n RAISE d TRP?

  14. Btw in d new pics of SONICA’S BdAY BASH d pics in wich temish r dere Helly n Varun r missing.. Agar wo pic mei nhi hai toh akele kya kr rhe h…?? Socho socho? swasanians zyada mat socho aaj bhi dhanya ka hi copywrie h varun pe??.. N agar wo shooting pe h.. Ek saath h dat means w ll get SWASAN romance ..so party time guys?? n in some pics temish r also missing so v may evn get some RAGLAK scene.. Yipeee!! GEAR UP fans.. Lets show our fandom n watch swaragini at 9:30 pm mon – fri?

  15. Hahahahaahahaha..gosh I laughed so bad reading the mad bashings…sometimes I really wonder how much helly and tejaswi used to laugh when they read this stupid mad fights…the fans will kill each other for their fav and actors will definitely have fun together..lol …??

  16. They have ruined sanskar character for that cheating lying b*t*h rags…Why sanskar have to side with ragini who accused him of rape….swara is an arse to listen to sanskar and forgive ragini…Ragini is the fake one who cant act at all ,,all she does is cry like a fool with skin up nose…how i hate ragini….Ragini always does wrong and thinks she did right in her delusional mind

  17. Yaar i cnt able to comment since 2-3 days…bt wen i read dese n previous comments here ..omg i became totallly shocked….i mean how u guyzzz cn fight lyk disss???

    Let me frankly say n many of u already know dat m a big big bigggessttt die heart fan of tejaswi/ragini ..

    N i tooo felt bad wen shez bashed,i always supported her in each n every situation.for me she wl always b ma fav. No matter wt nyone says about her..

    Its good dat all raglak fans stood up for dere fav.. bt guys its wrong dat v bashed swara/helly or swasan fans…

    Guyz i know many people bashed ragini bt dere r some exceptions also..so v have to consider dem also na…if we will also start bashng den wt wl b diff. Btw us n bashers..

    I know many of u r bashng swara bcoz,many swara fans also bashed ragini many times due to some scene of d serial..
    Bt guys plz dnt forget dat its jst a mere serial
    ..i told dis many times to dem who bashed tejaswi for ragini’s misdeeds..guys
    Plz remember dat swara n ragini r fictions n tejas n helly r real personalities.so dnt comments on dere beauty,or personaltity…jst take it as serial..

    So frnds dont bash nyone plz..bcoz as u r attached wid ragini ,in same manner many r attached wid swara ..so plz dnt bash ny of dem..

    N i know dere is partiality btw swasan n raglak bt now a days raglak r also focused n dats jst bcoz v raglakians stood together…
    N do not forget dis frnds dat many swasan fans also supported us…so for few swasan fans who bashed ,v cnt ignore many pure n real swasan fans who supported us…

    N if u dnt wanna b together den it is also okay..u jst support ur fav. Character bt guyz plz dnt bash nyone plz..

    Coz i know how much it affect to a true fan…i m truely sayng wenever i see harsh comments upon tejas i litterely cry..becoz shez someone really special to me no matter what…i jst cant bear nythng against her..

    So lastly i jst request dat if u r a true fan den dont bash, n try to solve out everythng calmly n always support n praise ur fav.. celeb 🙂 🙂 🙂

    N if u feel anger on ny character,jst bash d cvs … hahahhahaa 😀 (sry cvs)…bcoz dey r nly responsible for each n every act of ny character.

    K guyz enough of my lecture..always keep rockng .n Try to spread positivity 🙂

    1. AnuAnn

      Haa haa fairy best comment dear.. Same thoughts dear only difference is helly and instead of tejaswi.. I’m a diehard fan of her bt like and respect tejaswi… I know how it feels when someone bash our favorites… Just like u I’m also alrdy gone through it.. And now going through it

      1. Dear anuann…i m proud of swasan fans lyk u…bcoz i know u love swara instead of dat also u nver bashed ragini.. 🙂 ..dis is wt v cl a true fan 😉 🙂 ….coz a true fan iz one who nver bash others instead support n praise dere fav.. 🙂 …keep rockng anuann dear 🙂 🙂 …

  18. Guys i am requesting to all the fans of swaragini -;please please daily watch swaragini and raiseTRP
    anyways love you swasan /helly and varun so much

  19. i dn understand y some sick swara fans always comment on tejaswis appearance??wt is it with u guys???y dn u let d real persn live in peace!!!praise ua fav n ignore the rest. Love u teju.Teju rocks.

  20. raglak is best..swasan is worst..worst and ever..and fairy we raglak fan dint need the help of dat stupid swasan fans..we can fight for our fandom lonley…raglak fandom is the biggest no:1 fandom in tellywood..nd we raglak nd stupid swasan fans can never ever be together..nd we dnt want anyones help un trendng and all.so stp ur mahatma lyk swara doo..we dnt want any sympathy from stupid freaks..it wil be always swara vs ragini..never ever unite.we r always opposite.raglak is bestest ever.swasan is worst.we r not jealous nor insecure abt u.we just tell d truth

    1. Dear i m nt tellng u to unite wid nyone…i m jst syng dat dnt bash helly or swara…dats it…if u want u cn praise raglak bt dnt bash swasan dear 🙂 🙂 .

      N raglak always rocks yaar 🙂

    2. how rude @raglakian …..first learn how to talk …..its fine to appreciate the couple u like but u should respect other couples too

    3. jo man mein aa raha hai bAKE JA RAHI HO raglak popular nahi hai to apne man ko tasalli dene ke liye bollywood ka no. one fandom bata diya…!!vaah ,vaah,vaah,

      1. I think kuch log bhool gye hai ki colours ki BEST JODI KA AWARD SWSAN KO MILA THA RAGLAK KO NHI

  21. Teja,i am a die hard fan of u….past 3 days u really Rocked……..I am watching this show only and only for you my Doll.
    Today I literally cried when u said “may be i am weak”.
    It is good Focusing on Raglak toooo…
    We wish to have some beautiful moments of Raglak…rather than only Family drama….
    And in todays episode cvs showed only Swara and Sanskaar before they go to sleep….why not laksh and Ragini’s conversation.Please CVS people include atleast some good scenes of Raglak everyday…..and i am not asking for lenthy scenes….like one minute scene of the couple alone….some cute fight or challenge or some coincidence …

  22. Tejaswi is a witch her acting is so fake don’t compare that fatty faced tejaswi with cutie helly because she is nothing in front of helly and all who r bashing helly keep barking I don’t think there is anything in the face of tejaswi that makes her more beautiful than helly…..and ya remember this is a commenting page comments means ur opinion …and it isnt compulsory that comments or opinions will always be positive or praise …helly has appeared on screen without makeup many times this is real beauty…. Can tejaswi shoot without makeup …no ! (I know doing makeup isnt a crime but it isnt real beauty)Cause she knows how ugly she is without makeup. If helly would do as much makeup as her then she will look hundred times better than her…….and helly has won the best actress award not tejaswi this proves she is the best…..all tej fans can’t bear a word against her but don’t mind while bashing helly …mind u before tejaswi fans start barking let me clear ….reply me only if u agree with me….if u disagree then just ignore my comment and read ahead cause it u r a true tejaswi fan than u shouldn’t mind what others think about her

    1. U know what u r sick…even helly looks ugly without makeup. Look at ir face and then compare it to tejaswi. And her inner beauty is 10000 better than urs. Because of people like you we ragini fans hates Swara. Swara is a Mahan because if the writers not because she is great. If ragini was positive then she would’ve got the best actress award so there is no need to show off

    2. swara looking soo cute in dat lehenga..she is soo beautiull.and nira helly is soo beautifull without make up nd she did soo many scenes without make up..nd tejaswini didnt do any scenes without any makeup it doesnt mean dat she is ugly..doing makeup or not its all accrdng the comfortness of actress..why we interfere with them..if u r a true helly fan den dnt bash others..even helly too dnt like if her fans insulting others..instead of bashing others try to appreciate helly..it will make us happy nd othrs too.dnt spread negetivity..heltej r friends but their fans r ready to kill each othrt..soo sad..

      i loved swaragini scenes..whoever said swara’s care towards ragini is fake then please see show properly..try to appreciate others..i really loved swaragini bonding.der care for ea h othr stand with each other everything..swaragini is far better than swasan and raglak..why cvs can’t show more swaragin scenes than pairs..

      nd guys pls support hellu in jdj..she really hardworking guys..she manage her shooting study and pratice..its teally appreciatable thing…pls support and pray for her guys.

    3. Ok I m not a swaragini fan, just popped up here to see the status of bashing. U feel doing make up is wrong then what ll tell about all the actresses around the globe who does makeup and act. They all are then ugly in real life too e.g for u then Deepika, Shradha or tellyuwood actors Divyanka, Sanaya, Drashti…they all are ugly right because they put makeup…Hats off! For ur great thoughts.

      And coming to best actress Helly won GPA, but what about the other award shows where all channels and serials compete, she wasn’t nominated even. I appreciate the fact that at a young age she has achieved a big fandom but tejaswi too has many fans. It is clearly not good to rub it off on others fans faces that their favs didn’t win any award because I bet there a lot many award functions where ur fav might not win too. How ll u feel when someone does that to u?

      And please everyone just stop bickering among urselves who is best or not. They’re actors who do their work and get paid. U r not a critic that ur comments will haunt them. These fights of SR fandom have already been hovering over all social media websites. Kindly don’t spoil TU too. Be happy with IF, Insta, Twitter and FB. Buri nazarwale aage ka raasta napo warna tumhe na Swara na Ragini na SwaSan na RagLak milenge, bas muh chalate rehena or bye bye karte rehna apne fav show ko jab vo band hoga…

      If anyone wants to counter my views, first read each sentence thoroughly then reply because clearly I can’t explain the same thing repeatedly…Have a great day and bashing chodo kuch useful kaam karo:)


  23. MIND UR LANGUAGE ??????????????????????? i dont want to say bad about raglak cause they r also good but if u will talk nonsence about swasan than why we wont And whoever u r raglakian just shut ur mouth …swasan won best jodi award raglak wasn’t even nominated
    …we swasan fans also don’t want to be united with those idiot raglak fans ??????LOVE SWASAN FOREVER

  24. ye ragini accha kam karne me liye jhooth ja rasta kyu chunti hai ?she just wants some extra attention ….jyadaa mahan banti hai ….don’t reply me if its a praise of ragini ! I don’t wanna hear it hate her forever and NIRA whatever u said was right and NIRA baby don’t mind let rag fans bark the more they bark more we like swara and hate ragini ….so bark as much as u can bashers cause no swara holic really cares… Lol??

  25. This is for all the bashers whether of teju or helly.Guys have you gone insane have some sense. I am a big big teju fan n I just love her acting skills,her genuine nature ,her pretty face. N in same way I like helly she is so cute n innocent. Her selfies r too god. Who r u guys to bash these two. Do u know them are u their parents that u speak with such authority.They r normal beings with emotions.Respect them.Like u guys r stooping so low that u bash teju on birthday pathetic. At least have some humanity how she would have felt. And I see people calling her witch having worst acting skills.Dear if she was worst she would not have been nominated in ITA n that too in best actress in negative category. That doesn’t means helly is not a good actress. Her having so many fans at this age proves she is good at her job. And I also see people calling her with names like jelly,belly.Guys please don’t do that.For human sake please be sensible.Then from past few days I see people commenting teja roop rang. I think her face is unique,innocent n lovely.n I love her a lot.N same goes for helly she also has a cute face. I love hejaswi bond. Please guys don’t bash any actor whether teju or helly.Don’t be so nasty. Just love swaragini or ur favorites. I wish we become swaragini fandom. Not swara or Ragini fans. I wish we have bonding like our leads. Then our show will become number 1. Sorry if I hurt anyone.Love u my princess teja n respect n lots of well wishes for helly.

  26. Mind ur language raglaksian ! M a swasan fan but raglak is nice too so I don’t want to say ill about it but if raglak fans will say bad things about swasan then why will we (cause we r not as mahan as ragini devi ) so…..first of all ….u don’t r help nor we r willing to help u..swasan is worst huh? Remember swasan won best jodi and raglak wasn’t even nominated ….so shut up …u r just too small to talk bad about swasan

  27. Sorry for duplicate

  28. This comment is for those bashing each other…. Don’t ruin this page also with nasty comments…. If u want to bash each other… I will make one bashing page for u guys in fb… Where u can continously bash each other without any full stop… I will make some as admin those who can stoop low in front of world!

  29. those who r saying teju is bad at acting,y dnt u ppl go n train her??!! n Ms.NIRA i think ua obsessed with swara that ua nt able to see the world beyond it.ua saying others nt to compare teju with helly tn y au comparing helly with teju???even i find u barking n nt commenting..make up has got nothing to do with a persons real beauty..jz go n see teju’s insta pics,she has uploaded few pics without makeup.jz see how gorgeous she looks..n did teju personally tell u tat she cant shoot withot makeup??!! n abt awards helly won award in GPA, a award function of only colors channel.n teju was nominated in best actress for negative role in ITA,a award function of all channels.helly was nt even nominated tr.wt ave u got to say for tz??!! comeon yaar grow up….i really felt the need to put some sense into u…n ua last line suits better on u.if ua true helly fan u shud nt mind wt others think abt her.ryt??!!
    n yup plz let the real person live in peace.teju n helly both r unique n spcl in their own ways.love tm..


  30. First ill get hurt wen tey bash teju nd bad fr helly…nw I understand tey r nt going to change even v gve so much lectures…nw reading comments fr entertainment really guys u r entertaining us tan our 4 leads…c’om I’m expecting mre frm u…v proud to b a swaragini fan bcoz in no serial page t actors ill get tis much bashed …aren’t v talent??really v r v talented to bash others tan minding our fav actors…

    Cv’s I’m nt yet satisfied wit swaragini bonding I want more….hope in future ill get to c tat…

  31. Ohhhhhhhh no what type of fans u are. Im really tiered reading all these comments. How u can bash any actors like. If teju or helly read these stupid comments they will get heart attack.u ppl dnt have any manners.im a big fan of teja but im not a helly hater. They both of them are talented grls. And coming to the beauty inner beauty is very importent. And doing makeup is imprtnt for their carreir. And u ppl just look at their real life pictures. Teja and helly looks very pretty without makeup to. And heltej are very gd frndz in real life. And they lk like real sisters. Teju and helly very pretty dolls. Who r bashing actors just lk at ur face in mirror. Lve u swaragini and sanlak. And finally ur bashings are not effect any actors. They are doing their proffession very gd and they are getting name fame and money and everything. U ppl are just wasting time. Dnt act like silly fans. Appreciate ur favrt dnt bash others.

  32. First of all… I don’t get this Sumi….Having child at this age?….I mean common are you gonna run behind that child when you are too old?.. She should have some common sense…. Its not abt society insult but common you are gonna face many complications at this age. The child’s age will be very similar to Her grand children age. She should have done abortion or atleast Shekhar should have used contraceptive methods..
    So inshort its Complete nonsense

    1. Mica

      sometime, somehow everything can be unpredictable, it’s a miracle. even what so called contraception won’t able to stop it.

  33. thursday i saw many ragini fans barking on swara.dey say tjat swara wants to become mahan and swara is doing stupidity by not standing with ragini..i think those ragini fans got answer by seeing fridays chptr.but no dey never.now that soo caleed ragini fans say swara’s concern towards ragini is fake.accet ur defeat that swara is far better than ragini..dnt let ur frustuation on swara..if u ragini fans want strong ragini den tweet to cvs for strong ragini..dnt be jealous of swara bcz she is mote strong courageous intelligent and beautifull than ragini….seriously guys you guys dont have work dan barking on swara.instead try to praise ur soo called ragini devi.we swara fans didnt bear any words against swara like u cant accept ragini
    and raglakian just shut ur bldy mouth..when we swasan fans try to accept raglak u type of raglak fans saying like this..your comment clearly shows that how u insecure and jealous of our cute heavenly couple swasan..if raglak is nbr 1 fandom in telly wood then whats the place of arshi,swàsan,ishra.???dnt be soo stupid yaar.if u love raglak insted of barking nd jealoua of our swasan try to praise ur raglak.dont be jealous of our swasan

  34. I reallyy dnt understand about u stupid fans. Its enough guyz. U ppl says ragini is vamp and swara is selfish. I dnt care about swara or ragini they are just fictional chaectes.but helly and teju are really sweet and adorable. And who the hel are u to compare them. They both have their own identity. But one thing i understd that u bashers doesn’t had any manners and u ppl will kill each other in ur bashing. U do whatever u want to do. Im really fedup with this ragini and swara fandom. I want to tell u one thing that is this is the most negetivity commenting show. Hate u guyz who are bashing.

  35. OMG… two months passed… I missed two episodes… but now what is going to happen…. ????



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