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Sujata asks Swara to touch Laksh’s feet as part of a ritual. Swara looks on surprisingly. Laksh senses her displeasure and refuses to let her touch his feet. Sujata says it is a custom. Dadi says Swara will touch her husband’s feet. Swara tries touching Laksh’s feet and he stops her. Swara says she is also not interested in doing that. Evil, Psycho and criminal Ragini (she is rather big and evil vamp from other TV vamps) asks Swara to sit. They sit while Parineeta takes their pic. Laksh’s keeps her hand on Swara’s shoulder on Parineeta’s insistence.
Evil Ragini brings drug laddos and asks Swara to feed Laksh (ordinary one). She asks Laksh to make Swara eat the other laddo ( drug is mixed in it). She asks them to enjoy the day and don’t let it waste in fighting. She asks them to accept

her words. They make each other eat the laddoo. Laksh shows Swara that something is put on his lips. Ragini cleans it before Swara does. She says lets start the music. She dances on the song Shehnayi song. Everyone sings and dance as well. Swara feels dizzy and smiles. Sanskar waits for this moment. Sujata tells Sanskar that Swara’s drama will start. Sanskar tells that he is feeling bad for Swara. Sujata looks on shocked.

Sanskar says she has not done anything against me. She was just reacting. Sujata says she is your big enemy. Sanskar says I am making her bad infront of her loved ones. Sujata says Ragini has done everything and now you can’t back off. You haven’t done anything wrong. You just want to ruin Laksh and Durga Prasad, it is Ragini who is spoiling Swara’s image.

Swara starts dancing madly under drug state, on the song Chahe Police Bulale………….Everyone looks on shockingly. Swara tries to make Annapurna drink. Sujata asks Sanskar to enjoy Swara’s tamasha. Sanskar refuses to see. Annapurna fumes while Durga Prasad looks cluelessly. Laksh is shocked with her behavior. Everyone call her shameless and asks Dada what has happened to her. Dada ji tries to cover her act and says she is modern today’s girl. Dadi ji feels disgusted and tells Sumi to take her inside. Annapurna asks the guests to have food. Sujata asks Sanskar to come and enjoy. Annapurna asks Sumi to take Swara inside. Sujata tells Sumi that Swara has insulted them infront of guests. Annapurna tells her family that they were not insulted like this before and questions Durga Prasad about his silence.

Sumi asks Swara to stop and tries to slap her, but evil, fake Ragini stops her. Ragini throws water on her to make her come in senses. Dadi asks what you were doing downstairs? Swara comes to her senses and asks what happened. Dadi tells about her shameless dance infront of guests. Swara thinks she didn’t eat anything till now, then she gets ready and have that laddoo. Ragini gets tensed. She tells that there was something in that laddoo. Ragini gets shell shocked and tensed.

Swara asks Ragini, who gave you laddoo. She comes downstairs and tells that she is searching for that man amongst the guests. She sees Sanskar and recalls seeing his face with beard. She points finger at him, accusing him to have given her drugs. Everyone looks on shockingly. Later, Swara asks Laksh to believe her and says she don’t take drugs.

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  1. This story started with a beautiful note of two sisters. Now where is it going. Too much hatred shown. There is nothing beautiful about musical notes swara and ragini. Writer should b creative now

  2. HAPPY that here are people that like ragini too.
    She performs well and if she is made main protagonist then this would look awesome serial.
    EVEN yesterday swara was just shouting and arguing infront of elders and laksh.disgusting .
    BUT then even we see some unnecessary replies in comment. FOR god’s sake let peole share their views.dont interrupt every comment.

  3. RaginI will marry laksh and sankar will marry? Please do not do this always true love should wi. Why should ragini and sankar get successed

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