Swaragini 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Swara gifting a chocolate to Sanskar. Sanskar asks why did you buy this. Swara says a constable distributed chocolates on his birthday. She says she kept her chocolate for him, but doesn’t know if it is still fresh. Sanskar says we should celebrate with a chocolate.They eat it. Sanskar gets emotional. Ragini thinks Sanskar loves Swara a lot and is happy for her. Ragini comes to her room and thinks to help Swara wear the bridal dress. Swara thanks Laksh for accepting Ragini and says she got her sister back because of his love. She thanks him and says I am very happy. Laksh says even I am happy. Swara says lets focus on our coming life. Laksh says I forgot the past and will focus on my future. Ragini helps Swara wear the dress and asks her to cover her face with ghunghat. Sumi,

Annapurna and Sujata come there. Sumi blesses her swaragini. Annapurna says everything will be fine now. Sujata says Swara isn’t eating fish now, so all will be fine. They leave. Ragini hears noise coming from bathroom and opens the door. A woman wearing bridal clothes hits on her head. Ragini faints. Swara comes back and asks Ragini to come. Same woman who have hit Ragini goes with Swara to marry Laksh.

Dadi asks Ragini to take care of her ghunghat. Laksh says I will handle. He says I thought you will not come. Woman says I have to come. He holds her hands. Sanskar and Swara exchanges garland. Laksh and that woman exchanges garlands. Everyone showers flower petals on them oblivious to the fact. Dadi tells Sumi that Laksh loves Ragini very much and will take pheras holding her hand. She says she is very happy today as Ragini’s dream is fulfilling and getting Laksh’s love. Ragini is seen unconscious. Dadi apologizes to Dada ji. He forgives her. Ragini gains consciousness and comes out of the room. Pandit ji asks them to stand up for the pheras. He recites the mantras . Ragini sees them taking pheras. Sujata tells Annapurna that Laksh is holding Ragini’s hand and is marrying her. Dadi says he is happy. Ragini tries to stop the marriage,but fails. Laksh sees Ragini’s struggling. Pandit ji asks him to make bride wear mangalsutra. Laksh hurries up. Annapurna asks Laksh to let Sanskar do the ritual first. Sanskar fills Swara’s maang and makes her wear mangalsutra. Laksh gets tensed as ragini is coming there. Panditji declares their marriage complete and asks them to take elders blessings.

Laksh asks Annapurna to give mangalsutra. Sujata says he is very eager to marry. Laksh makes her wear mangalsutra. Ragini runs and falls down the stairs, but gets up. Laksh couldn’t fill that woman’s maang. Ragini shouts Laksh. Everyone is shocked to see Ragini standing there. Ragini says that woman is not me, I am here Laksh……Sanskar asks what is happening and who is this girl? Dadi asks how she got wounded. Ragini says someone attacked me when I went to room. Sanskar says I will call Police. Laksh says 1 min, there is no need to call Police. Sujata says she is a fraud, as Ragini is here. Laksh says I know, but I am marrying her as I want to marry her and not Ragini. Everyone is shocked. Dadi says what nonsense? She says you said that you want to marry my lado again. Laksh says I didn’t say that I want to marry Ragini again and asks her to recall. Annapurna says what you are saying? Laksh says just recall what I said? I said that I want to marry again, and had never said that I want to marry Ragini. Ragini is shell shocked. Swara asks Laksh to stop joking and be serious.

Laksh says how can he marry Ragini, who have insulted his parents and married him forcibly. Sumi says Ragini is changed now and have done all for your love. Dadi asks what you were doing with Ragini from many days. Laksh says he was acting and showing his talent to her. Durga Prasad asks Laksh not to behave badly with Ragini. Laksh asks him to stop it and says he got a bad girl like Ragini, following his advice. He asks him to stop treating him as a child and says he has grown up. He asks Pandit ji to give him sindoor bottle and says he wants to complete the marriage. Swara shouts and tells Laksh that he is married to Ragini and can’t marry again. Laksh says he is not fool and have done acting to get Ragini’s signatures on divorce papers. He tells Ragini that they are divorced now and she is now Ragini Gadodia. Ragini is shocked. Swara asks what happened to you? From when you started to hate this much. Laksh says he was forced to become like this, as decisions was slapped on him, and Ragini entered his life forcibly. He says his decision is final and he never liked Ragini. Everyone is shocked.

Laksh goes to the marriage altar, takes sindoor bottle from Pandit ji and fills that woman’s maang shocking everyone. He holds her hand and helps her get up. The woman smiles and looks at everyone.Laksh tells Annapurna and Durga Prasad that she is their choti bahu…Kavya Laksh Maheshwari. Kavya says hello everyone. She apologizes to Ragini and says I had hit you as I want to reach mandap before you, no hard feelings, I hope you understands. She tells Laksh that nobody is interested to bless them. Laksh says he didn’t get anything from their blessings. Durga Prasad and Annapurna look shocked. Laksh says I tried to keep everyone happy, but couldn’t. Kavya says I get happiness staying with you. Everyone looks on ashamed seeing their PDA (Public Display Of Affection). Laksh says anyways we have to do our duty. Durga Prasad refuses to accept Laksh’s marriage with Kavya and refuses to bless him. Laksh goes to Annapurna and tells that he is very happy today. He asks her to bless him. Annapurna refuses to bless him. She says this girl can’t keep you happy. You can’t be happy ruining Ragini’s life. Laksh says great, so you won’t bless me as you think that I have taken a right decision. He says I love Kavya and she is a really nice girl. I couldn’t get a life partner better than her.

Dadi tells Laksh that he can’t do injustice with Ragini, and asks Durga Prasad to speak up. She blames him for giving him enough liberty. Laksh gives an arrogant reply to Dadi. Ragini says Laksh is joking. Kavya says Laksh have married me genuinely. Laksh says I don’t love you. Ragini asks him to stop joking and cries. She says Laksh loves me and asks him to say. Laksh says I don’t love you. Ragini asks why? Don’t I look beautiful to you. I was changed for you, but you said that you like pallu and maang tika. I said that I will do what you ask me to do. She cries miserably. Laksh says I lied to you. Do whatever you want, but I can’t love you. He pushes Ragini. Everyone is shocked. Laksh asks Kavya to come. Shekhar asks how dare you to betray my daughter? Laksh says your daughter deserve this. Shekhar slaps him. Durga Prasad says you deserve this. Laksh slaps Shekhar hard. Swara shouts at Laksh. Sumi says you don’t respect elders. Sanskar asks did you get mad? Laksh says how dare he to slap me?

Durga Prasad says I am ashamed to call you my son. Laksh argues. Annapurna says you did wrong and needs to be slapped. You have insulted Ragini infront of everyone. Laksh says she should be cursed for her doings. He says this is my house and no one has the right to interfere in my life. He tells Shekhar that he slapped him back as he slapped him. He says he was not old Laksh who would get slap on his face, and think about family. He asks him to think many times before raising his hand again. Durga Prasad asks Laksh to stop it and says don’t force me to forget our relation. He apologizes to Shekhar. Shekhar says my daughter thought about house betterment, but you have done this. Sujata says your daughters didn’t give us much happiness and talk about Ragini torturing them. Durga Prasad asks Sujata to stop. Laksh asks him to let Sujata speak. Annapurna blames Laksh for marrying Ragini before in a hurry and now betraying her for Kavya. Laksh says his life will be well now. Durga Prasad says you can’t understand us as you are a cheap man. He says I felt that you are a bad human being and is angry on myself for not killing you after birth. Annapurna blames him. Laksh says I want you all to know how it feels when the decisions are forced on someone. Everyone looks shocked.

Shekhar keeps Swara’s hand on his head and asks her to promise that she will never step her feet in Maheshwari house. Later Laksh asks his family to accept Kavya. Annapurna and Durga Prasad refuses. Kavya tells them that there is no choice for them as everything is on her name now. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Riya

    Just hate Mr and Mrs laksh maheshwari. Sooooooo disgusting. Hateee them .

    Poor ragini.loves her alot:-( 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  2. Omg what an episode.. Laksh u r ridiculous… Mr. Jerk ok ok u did want revenge ragini .. Done dude but u have even become an ill mannered guy .. The way u were talking to ur parents.. Lost all ur adequates or what … Hey guys don’t think that what he did with ragini was correct but at least for ragini he had some motive for revenge but why is he insulting his parents crap

  3. Ragini tries to commit suicide. Swara, Sumi and Shekhar get
    shocked seeing her dead. She hangs herself from the ceiling. Shekhar and other
    take her down. Swara couldn’t stop crying and shows concern for her sister.
    Ragini left a suicide note. Meanwhile at other side, Annapurna gets angry at
    Laksh and his new bride. She says Sanskar and Swara couldn’t unite even after
    marriage, all because of him. Everyone get angry at Laksh for his betrayal.
    It is yet to be seen if Ragini will die or not, but may be she will come back to life
    again because of Swara, and will join hands with her to make Laksh realize his mistake.
    Ragini couldn’t bear Laksh’s biggest betrayal after accepting her as his wife. Ragini’s
    breath have stopped and it is a challenge for Swara to bring her back to life.
    Swara and Sanskaar are away and supporting each other.
    They both meet by hiding from family at night. Sanskaar lessens Swara’s pain.
    They are meeting secretly after marriage, because of ongoing problems at home.
    Swara says I know Kavya has some other motives to marry Laksh, which I will find
    out. Laksh and his wife Kavya have problems on their wedding night. Ragini is the
    reason for their arguments. Kavya says I can’t bear all this, Ragini is still in your heart.
    Laksh gets restless thinking about Ragini’s welfare, after knowing about Ragini’s
    suicide attempt. Kavya will become problem for Laksh’s family. Sanskaar will
    come to save his family.

    Hate this Laksh but Love swaragini n love Swasan

  4. bhagi

    ohhhhj god ye pagal laksh ki vajhe se phir se swasan ko problems face karni padegi aur phir vahi rona dona again a worst drama going to take place…..guys am nt supporting ragini bec she did soooo much bad bt i dnt think laksh ne jo kia vo bilkul bhi sahi nahi vo e sab karne se pehle kabhi ek sec keliye bhi apni family ragini ki family ke baare me bhi nahi socha

  5. anu

    week spoilers:
    22nd feb: swara is proved innocent and the police arrest kavita and kaveri. both the brides are brought to the mandap but something seems a miss. is there another surpraise in store for them?
    23rd feb: lakshya reveals that he has divorced ragini and that she was never his choice. shekar proclaims that his both daughters will not stay in the maheshwari house anymore.
    24th feb: the mm family consoles a shattered ragini. later, sanskar brings lakshya to badi to show him the consequences of his actions but sees that lakshya doesn’t care.
    25th feb: the mm family is about to leave the house when swara arrives. she gets the news that shekar has met with an accident. dadi forces swara to make a difficult choice.
    26th feb: ragini asks swara to go back to the maheshwari house as she is a part of their family now.later, shekar gets very angry with swara and asks everyone to refrain from taking her name in the house.

    • Neha

      Anu I wonder yaar how you get the news first but anyways thanks dear and really sad after knowing swasan condition means I understand Shekhar he his in pain but why he is separating swasan cvs I really wonder why the ultimate victims are swasan only really I hate u and anu pls tell will swara return to MM or not I wish she returns to support sanky he was totally numb in today’s epi like lost his thinking precap is really scary for me pls don’t make swara promise this and ragini pls unite swasan only you can help them uniting really scared and sad with swasan separation and bichadna don’t want this even in my worst nightmare

  6. Sruthi sruthi

    Lucky did this tilo make ragini suffer as when he suffered because of ragini during his marriage with swara now she has been suffering for this s but ragini will TR to divide but does not die I think sanskar helps and swaragaisankar will try to find the truth of kavya and I think ragini should be pregnant to make raglak once again kavya kavita will unite and take revenge from swaragini I hope so but nxt mnth end raglak will unite with swasan

  7. jo

    poor swasan now have shekar as villan in his life he seperate them and now and even kavya is also targetting sanskar and swara… what will swara do now? how swara and sanskar will tackle this situation.

  8. Honey

    OMG.. What a disaster episode.. Even I thought Ragini should deserve a punishment.. But not like this.. Whatever Laksh did its really a very bad unacceptable thing… He became such a Jerk…. I agree Ragini did so much bad things but changing bride at madap it’s really not fair.. Now what else they are going to show in this nonsense… God… ????

  9. noura

    Romba alaga nadichu emaathitta ma laksh….kili kili nu kilichitta ….,
    Ragini deserves a better person…i hope a new guy comes fr her….. Worst episode for all raglak fans….

  10. Pls guys I don’t want swasan to break again.. Cv’s why are you doing at huh??? Why r u deprecating swasan??
    We would have loved it if swasan were together and would have solved the problem .. But no u will do anything viewer’s like or don’t like .. Seriously , we want to see they their true pure bonding ,, their nok jhok.,, their support for each other .. Their understanding ..

  11. Bubbly

    Stupid laksh Plz don’t kill ragini because of that stupid laksh he is brutal and again worse problems in maheshwari house
    Story is becoming worse

  12. swati

    Guys when will ff be uploaded.and read somewhere that kavya will file domestic violence against maheshvari family so swara will be back in mm anyone know what will happen to Ragini after suicide

  13. Poor swasan & ragini….wht was laksh trying to prove b4 his parents…I just hate u laksh for wht u did today…all actors acting was too good…namish just nailed it as a bad boy Laksh…
    Guys y no ff’s today? Missing “all alone ragini”, best friends, the journey

  14. Namish Taneja

    Laksh is an idiot ,it was his decision to marry ragini and now he it taking revenge not from only ragini but also his parents
    Because of laksh my swasan are separated

  15. seriously shekar is always partial towards ragini. He loves ragini more than swara, when ragini is torturing laksh family where are dadi upbrings, how can she question others upbrinigs….

  16. radz

    How dare this shekhar stop swara from meeting sanskar……Every1 knws sanskar is like d best guy ny girl cud get still dey r showing shekar against swasan ‘ s relationship. N y shud swara suffer bcos of ragini misdeeds n laksh’s doings. This is so unfair!!!

  17. Neha

    Cvs what have you planned for my swasan only tyaag and separation pls unite them whats your problem epi was nice starting was superb with swasan scenes then marriage and again drama pity upon ragini really laksh u turned insane today insulted your own parents atleast ragini didn’t insult her parents but you stoop more low than her and became the reason for swasan separation till now I didn’t liked you but from today I hate you hate cvs hate you lucky I hope you pay for your deeds and this kavya how dramatic babe and all swasan love you and want you together its my dearest desire I’m obsessed with you swasan

      • Neha

        Hey jolly bembi yeah dear this laksh is really kabab me haddi but u know what dear this title is worth for him he is useless I never liked his character that’s why I never watched swaragini before but after sanky’s entry the story took a suitable turn and then I started watching and yup dear Shekhar is very bad and partial towards just for ragini he separated swasan fathers are not like this for their one child they don’t snatch happiness of their other child how could he ask such promise also really very disappointed with cvs and Shekhar

    • radhika

      plz neha if u r d one writer of true love never dies and endless love then plz update the next part or plz give me d link so i can read u know i am so restless as i am nt able to read dem 4 last few days
      this is a humble request from my side

  18. Anjali

    Why should Swasan always suffer?? I am really angry with Laksh! And we didn’t get a proper wedding of Swasan as well…Really disappointed..Ragini, find another man!
    Laksh doesn’t deserve anyone cos he can’t trust anyone…First Swara, now Ragini!
    And slapping Shekar?? 😮
    That was the limit

  19. Shivani

    From the name kavya, I think she will be from the gang of Kaveri and kavitha… Anyway it’s ridiculous.. Idiot laksh.

  20. bhagi

    ohhhh god really i want to kill that laksh…… he dnt even how to respect elders nd his parents he is such a crap……nd shekar wow wt a father i mean seriously swara ki life me ithna sab kuch huva aur abhi abhi tho usko uska pyaar aur happiness mila shekar ne kya bakwaas diologues bol diya coice is urs etc etc jab ragini ne swara ke saath ithna sab kuch bura kiya tab kya huva…..tab tho ye papa apni beti ko bachane ek baar bhi nahi aaya……i mean seriously ragini ki vajhe se swara ithni dhuk sehna pada aur jab fainally use kush rehne ka ek mauka mila tho sab log mil ke vo bhi cheen rahe hai sach me mujhe tho esa lag raha hai ki shekar aur dadi ne kabhi bhi swara ko dilse apnaya hi nahi jab bhi koi galath ho tha hai us bechari ko bhugathna padtha hai aur ragini jithni bhi buri kaam kare attempt to murder thak kare phir bhi use support karthe hai sab……wt the hell agar galthi laksh ne kiya hai tho saja sanskaar ko kyom milegi……..show me ek bhi character ko theek se potrait nahi kiys…….

  21. O god dis stupid lucky again destroyd swasan ki suhaagrat by his shameless acts he is really a mannerless n brainless guy
    Mmmm i donno y but i lyk sujju’s charactr vry much dese days n she makes me laugh sumtyms
    Swasan always rock but ryt now m feeling bad fr dem but i wud lyk 2 c deir secret meetings (awwww it sounds cool n awezum)

    • Rakshita

      Ya saipriya tellyupdates is not accepting any written matter till Wednesday morning… I.E. 24 Feb 2016 day after tomorrow….!!

  22. Guys seriously why Shud Swasan always Pay for Others wrongdoing?? I just hate that laksh How Can he be so shameless that he Slaps a man that is like bis father like seriously i mean okay Ragini was also a Villan for Swasan but now she’s changed and i think laksh Schould forgive Ragini and i’m just waiting for Swasan Secret Meeting and there are no ff because tellyupdate is not Submissing Any ff Till wednesday Morning so sorry Guys you Must wait Till day After Tommorow i Hope Swasan will Unite soone?

  23. Ani

    Just felt like killing tat Kavya wen she started talking babe tat this.. She hit Ragini and giving explanation for her..if I was in Ragini’s place I would have killed tat Kavya.. This Laksh has become manner less guy.. He forgot how to treat elders.. How dare he slap Shekar.. Felt really bad for Ragini.. I literally crying wen Ragini begged Laksh to stop his drama.. Hats off to Ragini.. Chanceless acting.. Laksh shld feel for marring tat Kavya.. Just hate Laksh..
    Y no ff were posted today.. Is thr any prob in posting it..

  24. divi

    I like laksh but they made his chacter negative
    1st they made ragini and negative characters and now laksh i think after laksh drama they will make swara as villian

  25. kaynat khan

    what an episode yr lakshs character has ruined in swaragini plz make laksh as before nice and why not posting any ff till wednesday what problem is there

  26. swati

    Ragini is just awesome teji is showing so many shades first innocent then like a victim then arrogant now like a shocked person love Ragini just leave that laksh

  27. Angel

    I couldn’t watch d epi..bt read update..nw m feeling accha hua nai dekha..such a crap..I thought SR is difrnt frm other RS shows bt I ws wrong..drama khatam hi nai hota..even ekta shows has some positivity romance n al..bt here cmmn thing drama drama..n heroine cme fr d rescue fr der fmly..n der familys r never happy..sadadukhi parivaar..nthng dfrnt..
    N..nw cmng to swasan..Here always swasan has to suffer fir chahe duniya me koi bhi golmal ho kuchh reason chahiye separation n rone ka..y dey dnt hav life like a normal married cpl has..dis is bcz trp is flng..Swasan separation koi reason hi nai hai..n dat shekar..isme sanskar kibkya glti usne toh hamesha swara ka saath diya jab ye khud uska father hoke uske saath nai tha..ek ke saath dusre ki life kyu khrab krni hai..
    Sablog inke dushman bnte..hai..har baat kisi na kisiko inke saath rehne se prob hoti hi hai..

  28. Kalika

    I hope there is no pregnancy drama. Ragini deserves someone new. BTW guys Ragini told Swara to go to mm as that is where she belongs. Remember the police said they would assign an officer to Swara till their investigation on Kavitha and Kaveri is done… maybe this is how they bring in a new partner for Ragini….m

    • Yeah Kalika I also think so there is no pregnancy drama will occur here because Ragini commits suicide and if she is pregnant so it has a possibility of abortion. So I think no pregnancy drama will takes place…. and I hope your guessing is right. I also want a new hero for our Ragini. I hope it will be Karan Tacker……

      • Nups

        Even harshad chopra and karan wahi can work they are also good looking and harshad chopra in his humsafars wali look?

  29. blush

    Guys i thnk raglak separation is not gonna b dat bad… i mean evn RAGLAK R IN LEAD ROLEn v havnt seen laksh’s genuine love n dat tarap 4 rags as in d case of swalak.. i thnk watching it wud b really cooll.. moreover evn swasan SECRET MEETS wud b :*♥ Would love 2 c dem 2gthr romancing but plz no such a separation dat dey cant meet each othr

  30. blush

    Guys i thnk raglak separation is not gonna b dat bad… i mean evn RAGLAK R IN LEAD ROLEn v havnt seen laksh’s genuine love n dat tarap 4 rags as in d case of swalak.. i thnk watching it wud b really cooll.. moreover evn swasan SECRET MEETS wud b :*♥ Would love 2 c dem 2gthr romancing but plz no such a separation dat dey cant meet each othr

    Secondly it wud b grt if rags cum out of d depression n show 2 kavlak dat she doesnt care!!! Late evn lak realises n a HAPPY EVER AFTER!!!

    • Sweety

      Friends i hope ragini should also deserve a better person than laksh.. He should love ragini just like how sanskar loves swara…
      Karan tacker suits good behind tejaswi. Laksh should feel jealous seeing ragini’s happines. And also repent for mistake of marrying kavya.. Eventhough ragini shouldcare him… Everyone do bad thing sanskar also did once upon a time…

  31. Eva

    Oh god…just fed up with this drama…tbh Raglak r not meant for each other ek sudherta hai toh dusra bigar jata hai..i hate both Laksh and Ragini…..this Laksh did all these to take revenge from Ragini..he is no different from Ragini….and because of Ragini Laksh turned into a villain….now because of them swasan r suffering….and yes no one disowned Ragini except dadi when her truth was revealed…and now here everyone disowned him….such ungrateful kids raglak r….ma bap Ko duq ke alava much nehi diya..and yes Swara should tell Kavya and her(kavya) baby was once mad after Swara…har din ish Laksh ka pyar badalta hai…yeh kaisa serial hai ek couple hero and heroin and the other couple is villain….

    • Eva

      And yes i feel that these two chudails Kavita and Kavya r sisters…because their first three letters kav…whatever it is now the game begans between Swaragini and kavitakavya and the tropies r our poor sanlak….btw ladkio Ko Koi option kyu nehi dete yeh…hamesha heros ki ex Ko Lana zaruri hai….kya….

      • Neha

        Eva ur comment made my mood light seriously what a comment but true yaar ladkiyon ko bhi toh options milna chahiye why only boys ex are introduced why not girls

      • Needhi

        Hi eva , actually girls ex will also enter the show but actually they r following descending order . Adarsh, sanskaar , laksh , then ragini and at last swara , so tge countdown has reached upto laksh and now its turn for girls. I wouldn’t be much surprized if girls countdown starts from parineeta , after all she is the eldest daughter in law , so she should get the favour of introducing her ex first.

    • Sree harini

      Oh my god!! Hilarious just….I was drinking water while reading this series of comments and now I spatted in the floor. Seriously, these writers only know about ex’s. It started with shekar then sanskar followed by adadrsh and finally laksh. Thank god that CVS didn’t introduce any ex for ram and dp. Otherwise I might be rolling on the floor laughing madly by imagining how their love story could be..one with a serious,emotional less face( dp) and the other being a puppet( RP).

  32. Lila

    Yaar it would have been a great twist if laksh got married to swara and ragini to sanskaar. I love ragsan and swalak. I HATE SWASAN AND RAGLAK. EWWWWW

  33. I’m so fuming right now. Now bcoz of that Laksh and that ragini drama Swasan will suffer now. And how can that shekar tell swara not to go mm house anymore, I mean Swasan they’re married now so why do that. What did sanskar do, it’s not his fault that Laksh acted like a brat. I was so happy and exited that finally Swasan will unit but no everything went down the drain. Now we will have to wait ano ther 3 months for everything to be normal. I’m really hating shekar and raglak right now bcoz of them Swasan will separate.

  34. sweety

    Omg!!! Don’t know what CVS are up to……but today tejaswi was awesome as an actress yaar!!!! Tejaswi rocks both in negative as well as positive roles… Though I am a swasan fan….but really I admire tejaswi for her acting…..
    And laksh(character) was so ridiculous…. Though he want to take revenge but that doesn’t mean u should insult ur elders for that purpose….but namish can’t see u in negative shade yaar….. CVS we really want our bindass and hilarious namish(laksh) back like he was in the beginning of the serial….

  35. harshvardhan

    lakshay is amazing. one more thing swara was also involved in ruining his life. I hope swasan never unite. lakshay rock it. love it whatever he said.

  36. amy

    oh my f*****g daise because of mrs and mr laksh maheshwari (b*t*hes) ragini is going to commit suicide by a rope and they sre gonner kick their family out of the house and i swear laksh divorced ragini because she been bad to his parents and now look what he is doing but luckly sanskar is going to save his family and that b*t*h kavya will do something even stupied she will tell the police that the maheshwari ladies are beating her so again luckly our main heroine swara will come and save them woohoo sorry if i spoiled your plan


    Poor Ragin sory for what happend to you. Poor Laksh Kavya is not good to you and your Family.

  38. Sanaiya sagar

    Now i think sanskar will do something big and very smartly to control the sitution and bought swara home.don’t forget sansker was who start the game and was guru of ragini are you agree with me or not?

    • Ani

      I agree with u sanaiya.. Y cnt Laksh forgive Ragini.. She is changed now… Wen Sanskar is given second chance then even Ragini shld be given second chance..

      • Eva

        I know ki Ragini ko Sanksar neh hi burai ka rasta dikhaya tha but Ragini ke samne Sanskar neh toh kuch bhi nehi kiya….Sanskar had a reason for all these and as soon as he realized his mistake he helped Swara….but Ragini she had no reasons to separate the lovers Swalak…..cause love is never selfish….she she truly loved Laksh then she would have supported Swalak marriage and not conspire against them….

  39. sasha

    Firstly Swara looked so gorgeous as a bride and shanky u always look handsome…Feel sad for ragini that even after she changed laksh treated her this way but I guess bore ke saath bora hi hota hai…Dadu face reaction was hilarious and Shekhar y u r being unfair now…always swasan has to suffer for everything…plz unite swasan!!!It will interesting to see the new twist and drama but I hope they don’t drag it too much.

  40. shivani

    Ragini deserves this now she will feel the same pain as swara when ragini pushes her in river to marry lakshya she married laksh by betrayal she became gud but past can never be changed n Ragini n dadi were illtreating with lakshya parents on property then shekhar didnt stop Ragini so he deserved a gud answer but yes lakshya shd hv give him respect now again they wil show swara mahaan sometimes i feel in real life can so many problems occurs in a family ragini sanskar kavita kaveri n now lakshya and kavya omg everytime one person saves family swara ha ha todays generation serials

  41. Hrithika

    Omg what a idiotic precap shekhar asks swara not to step in maheshwari house forever which means swara is gonna listen to him and again swara and sanskar apart cant see this writters plss make swara be in maheshwari house …

  42. ishita

    Ragini ne laksh k parents ki insult ki to laksh ko gussa aya aur usne badla lene k liye ragini k papa ko thapad jad diya ragini ne laksh se shadi krne k liye swara ko dhakka de diya aur laksh ne kavya se shadi krne k liye ragini k sir pr danda de maara .. waoo .. laksh ne to bahut sanskari kam kiye .. yhi krte rhenge dono .. dono hi bekaar hai ..na jeeyenge na jeene denge ..

  43. Tooba

    I hate you bl**dy director for making a mess of the show!!!!!! After a lots of hurdles only swaragini United but because of your nonsense twist you separated them again… 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Firstly we are already sad listening that tajeswi aka ragini is leaving the show……why. ….
    That bl**dy r*****l laksh betrayed our sweet little innocent ragini……f**k you…..go to hell! So called Mr and Mrs Laksh Maheshwari….urrgghh……. 🙁 :-* 🙁 ……. And most importantly the heart of Swaragini serial our Swasan…… do you have any problem with their union……..: -( 🙁 🙁 …….. always makes a way to separate them?……. Firstly Ragini…… Then that bl**dy kavita…..urrgghh hate her name even 🙁 🙁 🙁 …….. Then now this Kavya…… and even if not that then you are making shekhar to separate the lovebirds……… hate you, hate you, hate you and a big HATE YOU writer/director from the core of my heart……… 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  44. Tooba

    Really I just love tajeswi in both negative and positive role…..you are just awesome tajeswi love you a lot……. 🙂 🙂 😀 😀 ……. Please don’t leave……For your fans……..We love you a lot……. love you, love you, love you…… 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😛

  45. Nups

    How will harshad chopra or karan wahi or amir ali look with our ragini whom would u liketo see our ragini bcoz i m fed up of this raglak drama and want a new hero for our ragini it would be much better even swara has got two options firstlakh then sanskar now its turn for our ragini

  46. Amanda

    Why can’t ppl leave the past alone!!?? Ragini apologised to Swara, and made sure she will do anything to get Swara out of jail…..and made sure that Sanskaar & Swara get married no matter the circumstances!!
    AND now Ragini herself will tell Swara to go back to her husband and be happy in her marriage with Sanskaar.

    I hope this happens though…..that Ragini tells Swara enough of your sacraficing and being mahaan…its time to think about yourself and be happy. Ragini tells Swara you are not just a Sister, Daughter & Granddaughter….you are a Daughter-in-Law..no a daughter, a Bhabhi and most importantly a Wife…..she tells Swara that Sanskaar has ALWAYS stood beside you in good/bad, so it’s you turn to stand by his….you need to back where your heart is and your real home, that’s where Sanskaar is YOUR HUSBAND……Ragini will also tell her to stop ruining her happiness, marriage & life her (Ragini) She will thank her & tell her that she (Ragini) knows that her Shona will always be there for her…..in her heart

  47. pallavi

    wat d hell !!!!! . I dnt cre wat laksh did wid ragini, bt y d hell shekhar wanna seperat swasan, is hhe out of his mind or wat??

  48. A new lead cn cm fr ragini and ya I’m wid laksh dis time at he did us true bt slapping shekhar is nt true n laksh gt angry bcz ragini did a lot in the past n DAT doesn’t mean I don’t like ragini am nt able to c her in dis situation a male lead shld cm fr her n laksh shld bcm jealous and kavya and laksh nt happy dis will b good

  49. Divya

    Awesome Laksh, it did sound rude, but someone had to stop being mahaan and show everyone the truth. Had Sekhar given this slap to Ragini when she was misbehaving with Laksh’s parents, he would not have got this slap today. His characterless is useless, wakes up at his wish and will. Only hope Kavya is the right girl for him, but the writers will bring in a twist making Kavya the villain so he realises psycho Ragini’s love and get back to her.

  50. Priya

    Frm all these comments v can tel…some r watching tis show for swasan,raglak,and s some wants ragsan nd swalak even if ter s no loop of that…and for swaragini bonding,varun nd teju…………………me watching for teju and swaragini bonding…….and u???

  51. Swasan ragini

    Whatever happened with ragini is right in a way…….but not to forget guys…..it all happened bcz of laksh nly it was his decision to marry ragini no one forced him….as Annapurna said….situation was so agreed…… But if wld have used 1%of his brain n waited for swara all this would have not happened ……n most important after cossumating their marriage he shouldn’t have done dis……… N his behaviour was like a loser…..



      he not once but thrice has betrayed rags and rags twice betrayed him………..

      1st time when laksh was so naughty and spoiled he broke alliance with rags then again after falling in love with swara he proposed to rags for sans sake who was actually was bad that time……….. then now rags pushed swara in river and cheated laksh….. then acted like she lost memory and made Ap n suj to doubt swara’s character………… now again laksh cheated rags after intimating with her TWICE…….. crap………… AND DADI ALWAYS GIVING TOUGH TIME TO SWARA………. HIGHLIGHT IS NOW ONLY THEY ARE FOCUSING ON RAGINI………….

      • Well said wellwisher I totally agree with you. And now again becoz of raglak situation Swasan will suffer. And what kind of father is shekar, how can he say that swara shouldn’t go to mm house ever. Swasan they are married now so why shekar is doing this. I’m just hating the current track it’s boring now.

  52. Vins

    Good job laksh… how dare sekar slap laksh… He didn’t slap his daughter at least once… For her wrong doings…. He deserved it…. swasan separation is utterly nonsense and illogical.. He want to ruin her second daughter’s life too for the sake of first daughter who is the most cunning girl… how mean he is…. making kavya as vamp is so natural and expected… laksh can justify his act in a better way… He has to remind everyone abt rags past doings…. y writers r framing him like a emotionless villain… anyways we can expect the further story also.. nothing new…


      no dear swara is 1st daughter then only shekar married janki who gave birth to rags…….

      but u r correct. boys always gets more than girls for slaps……….

    • Divya

      You are right Vins, the writers could have written better dialogues for Laksh to justify his actions, sad that Kavya is negative too. How can Swara force Ragini on Laksh, would she have accepted Sanskar if she didn’t love him. Finally they will bring Laksh and Ragini together after all this drama, ridiculous. Ragini never apologised for her behaviour with Maheswari family, not sure how they forgave her.

  53. Amy

    22 Feb
    Swara is proved innocent and police arrests kavita and kaveri. Both the brides are bought to the mandap but something seems amiss. Is there another surprise is in store for them?
    23 feb
    Lakshya reveals that he has divorced ragini and that she was never his choice. Shekhar proclaims that both his daughters will never stay in MM anymore.
    23 Feb
    Maheshwari family consoles the shattered ragini. Later sanskar brings Lakshya to ‘badi’ to show him the consequences of his actions but sees that Lakshya doesn’t care.
    24 Feb
    Maheshwari family is about to leave the house when Swara arrives. She gets the news that shekhar has met with an accident. Dadi forces Swara to make a difficult choice.
    25 Feb
    Ragini asks Swara to go back to Maheshwari hous as she is the part of the family now. Later, Shekhar gets very angry with Swara and asks everyone to refrain from taking her name in the house.

  54. jo

    domestic violence case against maheshwari family!!
    swara to once again emerge as a rescuer for maheshwari family! read on to know how…
    with the new entry of kavya in the show , everyone seems to be in distress, including swara , sanskar and the entire mm clan.
    being the darling sister that she is, swara will once again save ragini’s life, who attempts sucide being betrayed by lakshya. shekar on seeing his daughter condition will command swara to leave mm family and stay with them.
    poor swara will have to once again sacrifice her love for sanskar for ragini. however, sanskar on the other hand, will be unable to keep away from her and will sneak into her house to meet his love swara. the newly wed will heardly be able to spend some heart-stirring moments together before a new shocker unravels.
    lakshya and kavya ask everyone in the maheshwari house to vacate the place as they forged the property papers on their name. however, sanskar will handles the situation smartly no one leaves the house.
    but this doesn’t stop kavya, who goes on to register a police complain against all the ladies of the mm family on the charges of domestic violence. soon swara will make re-entry in the mm house and will release the ladies from the wrong charges.
    indeed, lot more coming up for the sr viewers!
    are you guys enjoying the track? do comment below.

  55. manu

    swara-ragini jointly avenge lakshya, kavya and kavita.
    it seems the huge drama releated to 4leads.
    as seen till now laksh betrayed ragini and marries kavya. later shekar take ragini with him and and swara will leave mm to look after ragini. shattered rags commite sucide but swara saves her at nick of time.
    on the other hand laksh will get the job of troubling maheshwari family. kavya will put domestic violence against maheshwari ladies and have them arrested. meanwhile, swara will support ragini and she will give courage to ragini.
    apparently kavita too will join the hands with lakshya and kavya to make havoc in maheshwari house.
    seeing all this, ragini and swara will gear up to save maheshwari family and to claim their right.
    ragini and swara will return soon maheshwari house to avenge lakshya , kavya and kavita

  56. ZAHNA


  57. manu

    guys acrding to metro masti article they said that soon kavita make an entry to avenge swara sankar and ragini shw joins hands with kvya and lakshya and make troubles for swasan and ragini.. she want to take revenge from them..

  58. arch

    now because of lakshya swasan have to seperated.. but articles saying that soon swara will make re-entry in mm house. and saves family from getting arrested.. hope its true… and other side shekar says to know one will refrain swara name in house.. now what will swara do? is she stay back in mm or go to gm after releasing them… waiting to see.. hoping she stays back in mm only… hating shekar for ragini he is seperating swasan… but when swara in trouble why he didnt asked raglak to seperate.. he loves only ragini and dadi also.. hate both dadi and shekar.. dadi is happy for rags but not swara marriage when she told sumi she is happy for raglak marriage.. sumi is litterely geting crying and hurt by dadi words in tdy episode but she controls… hope swasan live happily in mm and join hands to teach laksh lesson..

  59. shanaya

    Bullshit! shekhar nw is out of his mind and this damn laksh …i hate them to core for giving pain to swasan and our darling ragini

  60. mk

    Whatever Laksh did was a befitting reply to ragini. But what the hell did shekhar do? Why to separate swasan? I hate shekhar!

  61. L Khan

    From today after 12 they will start accepting the ffs or not………can anyone tell plzzz becz now I have lost my patience

  62. Sree harini

    Seriously yaar..I don’t know why but inspite of everyone commenting seriously here about SWASAN and raglak, I am just laughing like a mad girl. I guess you all need time to get out of this. Anyways in yesterday’s episode, what I have observed was
    1. Ragini was looking too good in that lehenga and the gold color veil increased her beauty.
    2. Swara too looked good and I loved her earrings.
    3. Sanskar is asual cute but his beard became thick..lol how can hairs grow that fast within two hours as per the serial?
    4: laksh looked a bit fat in Royal blue sherwani but was good.
    5. They didn’t have a good make up for kavya
    6. The set of SWARAGINI is just awesome. The theme they took for marriage design is really good.
    7. Expressions of dadaji are too hilarious and even kavya addressing laksh’ baby’
    These are the only things I saw. I am not at all bothered about drama and I advise you all to just enjoy the lead roles acting. That’s it.
    I know I am crazy so please pardon me for this comment.

    • Anjali

      you know when Laksh lifted Kavya’s ghunghat, and she turned smiling and said hi, I started laughing like hell….I mean it was so out of context!! Yeah, the set was too good…..

    • Sahima

      U r absolutely right. I agree with u. Both swaragini were looking so beautiful that I couldn’t take my eyes off them. And my sanskaar as usual was looking so cute. I’m watching this serial still because of the lead roles except laksh as I love the three swara sanskar and ragini too much. In the whole episode I was watching them only.

      Swasan the best jodi ever I saw??

    • aashi

      same with me…….me and my mother we both were laughing by seeing it……….n specially when ragini was coming down coz it could never happen like that!!! i was waiting for that slap scene……..coz they are the mst dramatic and funniest…..and most funny thing was all were standing quite over their…….and only swara laksh dadi dumi n rags were talking…….n sujatha she was the best………!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. litty

    kavya would seduce laksh but he would hesitate.yyyyyyyyy..coz I think he has strtd liking ragini after all too much hatred doesn’t require much time to convrt to too much love…..nice track at least v can see sisters bonding in upcoming episodes

  64. Shirin

    I don’t get the brain out of it if laksh is doing all these to Ragini what the hell is he doing himself.trying to vacate his members and putting domestic violence case

  65. mona (ash)

    What laksh have done is really disgusting. i hope that now they will not show ragini going behind laksh’s love. Show her as strong person (please don”t make take revenge as last time)
    please please please writers don”t seperate swasan again…………….

  66. laksh hates rags as she tortured his family, but even this kavya is doing the same thing to his family right. then what about her??????

  67. alenamoses

    I dont think so laks are being betrayed raginj…it is good twist…maybe phyicaly laks not well just whybhe doing.these drama…maybe kavya helping him….do know…only director will answer this puzzle

  68. mona (ash)

    I think the writers will be satisfied only if one of the four(swara sanaskar laksh ragini) is negative. First it was sanskar , then Ragini and now Laksh.
    If it is going like this one day we will see swara also as negative.

  69. And that laksh I hate him now. I can’t bear him in this serial anymore. Because of him swasan separated. How can shekhar tell swara to not enter the maheshwari mansion. Why can’t he let swasan stay in peace. Now wat will happen . Again swasan separated.???

  70. nazia

    Superb twist i want to see laksh and Swara again togeter.. swara laksh ka pehla pya h laksh ny ragini sy kbhi pyar nhe kia nd laksh ny ye sari bdtmezi swara ko sanskar sy alag krny k liye hee ki h taky shekhar swara ko bhi apny sath lejaye mjhy yaqeen nhe ata k swara apna pehla pyar kesy bhul skti h i wish is story m cute sa laksh phir sy happy nazar aye baqi sb bhar m jaen qk sbse galat usi k sath hua h us p rishta zabrdasti thopy gaye hn

  71. unknown


    I love reading and at the page of swaragini best writer award goes to vini roy and megha.i am not fan of swasan raglak,ragsan ya swalak.i read all ff here.i know here swasan’s fan r more than swalak but if u want to read a perfect story,read megha’s ff. I know shree harini’s ff is most popular but sorry shree from bottom of my heart.megha’s and vini’s writing is marvellous and perfect than you.no any singal mistek

  72. r

    laksh s disgusting…even ragini s bad..but laksh s irritating…he have to take revenge ragini…but y he spoil whole family…how dare he to slap shekhar,who s dumb…but ds s not fair…hate laksh…ragini s cute while he smile…

  73. I have Heard that Swara will stay in mm House After realising all the womens from mm House and that kavita will join Hand with laksh and kavya and Sanskar Swara and Ragini will join Hand against laksh kavita and kavya

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.