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The Episode starts with Swara coming back from photographer’s shop. Ragini asks from where she is coming and irritates her. Swara says you are not my owner. Ragini asks why did you go there, and says you brought one photo frame from there. Swara asks why I show my bag to you. Sanskar asks Ragini to stop her drama. Ragini opens the cover and looks at the photo frame. She shows it to Sanskar and everyone. They see Swara and Sanskar’s photo. Laksh says you both looks good. Swara says I will try to intact my relation. Ragini throws the frame and says your relation is broken from this house. Ragini asks why you are lying to stay in this house. She says truth is that, you are doing this for money. You can’t digest the fact that I have become rich and have gone far from you. Swara asks have you gone

mad? Ragini says I am telling truth and that’s why I am mad. You have asked for 10 crores alimony inexchange of divorce. Swara says I didn’t sign. Ragini says you have signed and asks Dadi to give papers. Swara is shocked. Ragini shows her divorce papers and says it is your sign. Swara looks at her sign and is shocked. Swara says I didn’t sign and don’t want this divorce. I want to continue my marriage. She recalls Durga Prasad taking her signatures on the papers and is shocked. Ragini asks her to go now itself as society people might come at any time. She says she has sent the papers in court for divorce and asks her to tear/burn the divorce papers. Swara asks Sanskar to come with her.

She takes him to inhouse temple and says she didn’t sign intentional and signed mistakenly. Ragini asks why she is making up stories. Sanskar reminds her of yesterday’s words. He asks her to accept the divorce, and says I bear you doubt, but can’t any longer. Swara promises that she will never doubt on him and asks him to stop her. Sanskar says sorry and says this story ends here. Swara cries and falls down. Ragini says I can help in your packing. Swara thanks her and refuses to take her help. She looks at Durga Prasad, picks the broken photo frame and goes to her room.

She says I have to talk to Durga Prasad and shall know why did he do this? FB is shown, Ragini and Dadi come to Durga Prasad and asks him to get Swara’s signatures on the divorce papers right today. Durga Prasad refuses and says it will be Swara’s decision and I won’t force her. Dadi asks him to rethink and threaten him while playing the song of the dancer. She says we have to tell everyone about this woman, if you refuses. Ragini asks Durga Prasad if he will take her signatures. Durga Prasad looks on tensed.

Swara comes to Durga Prasad and sees his wiping his tears. She asks why did you do this with me? You got my signatures by tricking. She says you never lies, I have learnt goodness and honesty from you and asks why did he do this? She asks him to say as he thinks of her as his daughter. She says I know that you are not doing this with your wish and says there is some woman behind your decision. She asks him to tell….Durga Prasad says I can’t tell you anything, just understand that it is your betterment if you go from here. Leave all of us alone here. He says I was helpless to do this. He asks her to go. Swara says I know that Ragini and Dadi are behind this, and asks him to say. She asks him to say as he regards her as his daughter, and says you can share anything with me. She asks why did you take this step. Durga Prasad says your divorce is done with Sanskar and I can’t do anything now. Community people will not let you stay here, and asks her to go. Swara says did you think about me even once. She says I have started loving Sanskar, cries and goes from the room.

Ragini insults Annapurna and throws water on her face. Laksh gets angry and holds her neck.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hey.. Nik , rids , sandy … Wats up ?? I agree with sandy.. Swara shud start her new life n leave those unfaithful ppl in tat hell mansion itself…even san is thinking swara want to becom Mahan infornt everyone that’s y she acting like she is loving him… Y don’t he feel her true love n care for him???he feels its all fake…how com he think like that?? Indirectly he think she is using him like ragini ap n sujata accused her before..its better he woud have said I hate you to her…leave that mm.. After all its yor self respect issue…

    1. No no no… Sanskaar s sweet heart.. He s faking it ..

      1. No rids… I don’t feel that san loves swara like before…. Before n all he don’t even think to hurt her intentionally or unintentionally…but now???s he is hurt so much coz of her..but how can he give pain to his love…its not love dear… Its called revenge..

      2. Even am very very big fan of swasan … I can’t bear their separation..n can’t see them with som one else…cmon swara leave that house n live your liFe independenly…

      3. I love swasan so so so so somuch… But I can’t digest san behaviour towards swara.. He is hurt it does mean he mystery give same pain to swara..he knows losing of second love v well.. He is giving same pain to swara… If he understand her love then y he is hurting her…or if he thinks she acting in the name of lov then he also thinking as ragini that swara using san… In these both case swara is getting hurt… So better she shud leave that house… Even he want the same…I repeat it I love swasan… Bu swara start her new start

      4. After all san too wanna separate from swa.. So some gap is necessary now…

      5. 🙁 🙁 …

    2. Who was there for swara when she was in tough situation. It was sanskar, he was her shoulder to cry on. The reason why sanskar is behaving that way cause swara doubted him and she thought that he was behind ragini’s kidnapping. He got hurt because he was always there for her even believed her blindly without asking questions. And you call yourself a Swasan fan then how can you just give up on them.

  2. No sanskar got hurted seriously so he s really not believing and hurting swara he s not faking or acting

  3. That laksh said all directly but sanskar is accusing her indirectly, and taunting her for all his pain, what about him he did all, swara forgave him with out thinking once, but this sanskar is proving her characterless, laksh just said it but sanskar is proving it you are saying he is protecting her wow, what a explanation scarlet he just blindly believed that swara signed papers by listening ragini even though he knows ragini well, if sanskar could have stopped it by telling I believe her, but no he asked how could he believe her, swara should leave all maheswari’s to the hell, and go to her house and make her future

    1. Sandy you are totally wrong sanskar is protecting swara by sending her away And what u are saying about sanskar is wrong when we say about laksh you guys are furious what I said is fact laksh said her characterless and sanskar is deeply hurt but he did not insult swara

    2. And if sanskar would had stopped swara that was of no use bcz that idiot Dadi and ragini will be calling samaj people and that will be risky for Swara so he is protecting swara and its my point of view no offence
      And if you don’t bash sanskar I will not bash laksh

    3. I am sorry sandy if my comment hurts you I have no intention of hurting you what I felt I said
      I am really sorry if I hurted u

      1. Ni fighting… Swasan rockss.. Now lakshh has changed too..

  4. You people like swasan, that’s OK you want them to unite that’s nice but u people can’t insult laksh by asking like this, very disgusting, how can u be like this if u want swasan its OK laksh ko chain she jeene do plz… Don’t do this kind of nonsense again you ppl want laksh to dance on a kya jodi banaye ramji pe plz we request all swasanians plz don’t hurt others if u want swasan that’s OK but this kind of nonsense, plz stop it, don’t ask all this

  5. Swara to save dP’s secret from exposing:

  6. Guys i read all your comments and i thought to give my opinion as well.a person who has always denied your love infact has insulted your love every time and even dishonoured the most poius feeling love by calling it a cheating.suddenly that person comes to u and says i love u.will u guys believe him or her??? Ofcorse not.the same is with our sanky.he even did not say anything bad about her.the thing is he just want swara to leave the house thats why he did not support her.guys when swara has not proposed sanky that party incident he supported her fully.but after her confession he thinks that she is playing with his feeling and infront of swara trying to be harsh but guys did u noticed when ragini was insultig swara how sanky was controlling his emotions and finally spoke.the thing is he love her truly but is not able to believe her love and doesnot want her to waste time on him .he even said sorry .he was not angry rather he was in grief when he asked swara to end all this.

    1. Hi
      Well said dear, I totally agree with you. You said what I was going to say. And yeah sandy I’ll give my piece of mind to you later cause I’m blo*dy sick and tired of some people comparing sanskar with laksh.

    2. well said needhi sanskar will surely take time but for that they have to be together I wonder how will they because after yesterday’s epi how will swara enter or how will she talk with sanky I am just wondering about that finger crossed for their FUSION ‘SWASAN FUSION

      1. Hi neha
        How are you? Thanks for supporting me up there. And yeah I just hope soon Swasan gets together cause they rock baby.?

    3. Well said needhi, this was in my mind.. Swara hurts sanskar many times , ..then how could she win him easily ?. But he still love swara.. If he forgive her easily,then we people defintely blame him..he such a dumbo or ‘chori ke gulam’.
      I think writer should unite swasan soon.ithnaa drama thoo hogayaa , don’t dragged so much..bz.swara realized her mistake .and confessed her love to sanskar.

  7. Aww…swara was crying so badly?
    Hope swasan reunite Soon
    Swasan rocks#

  8. This serial is now getting boring day by day I am tolerating it only for swasan… I remember someone once commented that is serial ka naam swaragini se bakwaasgini hojana chahiye? that was true

  9. The show is getting disgusting day by day.

  10. Oh god…I don’t know when can I stop myself from peeping into the written updates. Just read the last few lines and the precap, and I’m done with this dumb serial. I cannot bear it anymore, threshold level overdone. This is probably the worst serial I have ever known. From a wonderful one to a disgusting, this serial has taught us not to expect much from anything thing, no matter how good it is, cause one day it’ll shatter all your expectations.

    1. Hi sunshine,
      Yeah I know what you mean. I’m getting fed up with this drama now. And that ragini and her dadi, I really want to kill them both.

  11. poor swara….. laksh love karidiya useka bada sansker shadi karan pada…? use pyr nayi milarahey so so bad yar.. aha serial dekeni badh I m not stop crying seriously…love u swara acting superb n sansker also good… love u guys… keep rocking guys

  12. Hi shuba,
    Thaks for supporting me.
    Swasan always rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Hi Needhi
      Yeah Swasan forever and ever and they rock.?

  13. Hi shuba,
    Thaks for supporting me.
    Loved varun kapoor and his expressions.

    1. Yeah his a great actor, a good one.

    2. Ys needhi..sanky expression was awesome, I started watching this show bz of him..initially i only read written updates…varun kapoor such a wonderful actor.Lakshya is also nice

  14. Hey sandy
    What’s up. What Laksh did was far worse. He believed that psyco ragini over swara and went ahead and married her. What makes you think that sanskar believed that ragini over swara and I’m sure that there’s more to it. Sanskar got hurt by swara cause she doubted him and that’s why he’s upset. And he thinks that swara didn’t came for him but she came for his family. And at the end of the day he didn’t insulted swara and called her characterless. I also remember that when Laksh found out that Swasan weren’t sharing bed in the tent, he started to insult swara more. So please before you start writing something get your facts right. And stop blo*dy comparing sanskar with laksh. And you know what I really don’t want to say this about Laksh but you’re making me cause Laksh is a change man now. I know what he did was wrong but it was all because of that ragini. And yeah I got the feeling that he will unite Swasan again. Look sandy I didn’t meant to be offend you but yeah if I did then I’m sorry.

    1. Woops I meant that I didn’t meant to offend you.

      1. And yeah 1 more thing at the end of the day sanskar didn’t insulted her or called her characterless or went and married some psycopath the way Laksh did.

  15. swara sanskar is best

  16. Hi shuva I agree wid u n u r rite swasan forever n ever?

    1. Hi cherry
      How are you? Yeah thanks for your support. And yeah Swasan forever and ever Cause they rock.?

  17. I have stopped watching this serial which has so much of negativity . It has become boring and disappointing also . There is nothing nice to see in it, it is impractical thing also to acceot and see a wealthy rich family to become so helpless…I don’t understand why the makers give so much importance to a filthy psycho useless character. In the begging it was worth to see but now become a Kachara . So pity . I thought this would become a nice piece to watch and feel entertained. ….but not so. …very disappointing….!


  19. U can click on the option written episode only

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