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Dada ji warns Daadimaa not to go to Dida’s house and fix the alliance. She goes and closes the door. Dida tells Daadimaa, how can you oversee Dada ji’s words. Daadimaa asks her to let her do the ritual first. She makes Sumi sit and covers her head with shagun dupatta. Sumi gets happy and cries emotionally. She takes Daadi maa’s blessings. Ragini, Laksh, Swara and Shekhar are happy. Daadimaa asks Shekhar to make Sumi wear the family’s bangles. She asks everyone to wait here and goes to talk to Dada ji. Everyone sees her going. She turns and sees Shekhar making Sumi wear the bangles. Swara hugs Shekhar while Ragini hugs Sumi. Daadimaa goes inside. Swara thinks why she was looking like this. Laksh says my plan worked. Swara thanks him and keeps her hand on his shoulder. Ragini sees them shaking hands.

Laksh says you can shout and say the world that you are sisters now. He congrats her. She goes without saying anything. Swara asks him to come with her.

Daadi maa comes to her house and says Om Namashiva. Dada ji says we are living herre like an orphan and people are badmouthing about us. How can you forget the insult? You used to hate bengalis, and now you started loving them. Daadimaa falls on his feet and apologizes. He asks her not to act infront of him. She folds her hands and says she was acting infront of bengalis. Dada ji is surprised.

Swara brings Laksh to Ragini and asks him to apologize to Ragini holding his ears and do sit ups. Laksh agrees and do sit ups. Swara counts. Dida calls, so Swara leaving after Ragini to continue counting. Ragini nods. Laksh do the sit ups while Ragini counts. Laksh asks do you really want me to do sit ups. Ragini says I felt bad and says sorry. Laksh says he should be sorry instead. He says he can do anything for her. Ragini asks her to complete elephant and ant story. Laksh laughs.

Sujata cries holding her son’s photo. Annapurna comes and calls her. Sujata says she won’t listen to her and says you are also standing on the same place where I was in the past. She says I won’t listen to you. Annapurna asks are you done? Sujata asks what do you want to do? Will you complain to Durga Prasad. Annapurna holds her and says she came to call her for having food. Sujata is angry. Annapurna says she can feel her pain being a mother. Sujata says you can’t understand my pain. Annapurna says even Sanskar used to call me maa. I was his mum too. He was life of this house, was my son like Adarsh and Laksh. Sujata cries. Annapurna says they have gone. We have to live for the remaining breaths and asks her to take care of herself. She says Sanskar would be hurt to see her condition.

Dida gives the sweets to Laksh, Swara, and Ragini. Laksh asks for the party. Dida says whenever Parvati says. She says she can’t sell the house now. Swara says you have to return the token money now. Laksh says you have to give double now. Dida agrees. Swara laughs and tells her that it was Laksh’s plan. Shekhar says he will go and check if Dada ji’s agree or not. Swara says she will enquire and goes.

Dada ji asks what you are saying? Daadimaa says she knows what they will do. I knew their entire plan. Whatever I did was in my consciousness. Dada ji asks why did you agree for Shekhar and Sumi’s alliance. Daadimaa says she will not let that happen even after her death. Ragini falls on Laksh and looks at him. Daadimaa says she agreed to end the relation for forever. Dada ji asks how you will do this? Daadi maa tells something. Dada ji asks how can you do this? Daadi maa says she can do anything for Ragini. She says she will target two things with one arrow. She says she will get Laksh marry Ragini and will end Shekhar and Sumi’s relation forever.

Sumi shows her bangles to Dida. Dida sees and makes her wear her bangles. Daadi maa says she will break Sumi’s dreams and will not spare her. She will get Ragini marry and asks her to support her in acting. Dada ji looks on. Swara comes and knocks on the door. Daadimaa opens the door and looks at her.

Sumi gets hurt while wearing bangles. Ragini cares for her wound and cleans the hand. Sumi says it is a small wound. Ragini sits to pick the bangles. Laksh picks it up. Sumi says only you can feel my happiness. Ragini says this is real identity of mother and daughter’s relation. Sumi hugs her and prays for her happiness.

Daadi maa asks what are you doing here? Swara says I came to call you. Everyone is waiting for you. She says Dada ji. Daadi maa says Dada ji has agreed and I was bringing him there. Swara gets happy and hugs him happily. Dada ji controls his anger. Swara sees Daadimaa signing Dada ji to bless Swara. Dada ji keeps his hand on her head. Swara gets surprised to see Dadimaa’s evil face.

Swara tells Laksh that Daadi maa didn’t agree from heart and is just acting. Laksh asks what did she do. Daadi comes to Durga Prasad and asks him to agree for Laksh and Ragini’s alliance else he will have to lose one more son.

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