Swaragini 21st September 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 21st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Swara slapping Ragini. Ragini gets shocked and slaps Swara back. Swara is shocked now. They look at each other in shock. Shekhar comes home and sees them slapping each other. He asks what is happening? Why you both are fighting and says I need answers. He asks where is Laksh? Ragini cries and tells everything. Shekhar is shocked to know everything. A fb is shown. Ragini tells him that she needs 5 lakhs rupees. Sanskar comes to Maheshwari house. Guard tries to stop him. Sanskar asks him to stop right there itself if he ever respected them. Guard stops. Sanskar calls Adarsh Maheshwari. Adarsh hears him. Parineeta says watchman is there, asks him to drink tea. Sanskar calls him again. Adarsh says it is Sanskar. Sanskar comes inside holding the stick/rod. Parineeta asks what happened?

Adarsh asks what happened Bhai. Sanskar says Bhai…? He says you have crossed all the limits, and says you have broken our relation and I will break your ego. I know that you are a bad guy, but wasn’t aware that you will stoop so low. He says you have proved me guilty infront of Laksh and asks him to come with him and tell truth to Laksh. Adarsh shouts Sanskar. Sanskar says I will kill you. If you care about your life then come with me. Adarsh refuses to come with him. Sanskar starts beating him with rod. Parineeta gets shocked and helps her husband get up.

Parineeta asks Sanskar to stop and says I am your bhabhi. Sanskar says if Bhabhi is like this, and says I can smell bad smell of greed. Adarsh says I am your brother. Sanskar pushes Parineeta and beats Sanskar. He says you have kept your parents as servants. Adarsh asks why you are put your hands in dirt being a good man. Sanskar says I have to put hands in dirt to clean it and will give you wound just like you gave me. Annapurna comes and holds his hand. Sanskar says Maa…..Parineeta helps Adarsh get up. Annapurna slaps Sanskar and looks angrily.

Shekhar says we have two things to do at this moments, one is to get Laksh’s out and to save Ayush. Swara asks what happened to him. Shekhar tells everything. Ragini checks the time and tells Shekhar that she has less time now. Shekhar asks her not to fight with Swara and support each other. They hear Dadi talking to her friend and agreeing to give 10 Lakhs rupees. Actually she is pretending on call, and she is the one who has stolen Laksh’s money and Sumi’s jewellery, and also the root of the problems in their lives. Shekhar and Ragini are about to go to Dadi. Swara stops them. Shekhar says today it is matter of my son’s life and asks her to move from his way. Ragini says Dadi is my last hope. Swara tells them that Dadi is acting and created this situation to called them. Ragini asks her to let them go. They go. Swara recalls Shekhar leaving the house with them.

Annapurna asks Sanskar to leave from home and says Adarsh showed me your black deeds and asks since when you are acting to be sanskari and good. Sanskar is shocked. Annapurna acts mindless and scolds him for duping them. Adarsh and Parineeta smirks. Annapurna says you sold us for 10 crores Rs. Sanskar asks what you are saying? Annapurna says I hate this word Maa and cries. She says I thought Sujata as my sister, who have backstabbed on my chest. She tells that she has no hopes from anyone now. Sanskar says it is Adarsh’s trick and says Sujata is not in the city. Adarsh says 1 min and calls Sujata. Sujata picks the call and asks how are you? Sujata happily picks the call and says I am fine. She thanks him for sending 1 crore and asks why you will send 9 crores. Sanskar is shocked. Parineeta and Adarsh smirks happily. Annapurna looks shattered.

Shekhar and Ragini go. Dadi tells Swara that they will not listen to you, as Swara and Ragini’s sur is separated now. Shekhar blames Sumi and says because of you, I have to deal with Dadi, and breaks relation with her. Sumi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. bharathi

    What is happening in this episode. All relations are breaking down. Day by day serial is going sooo worst. I didn’t like that all are blaming swasan. Soo sad to watch sanskar like this. Sujatha is stupid how can she with her son. Chichi chi

  2. Mahjabeen

    Wat da helll is gng on…such a rubbish…wat r thy thinking about relationship…because of few misunderstnding thy r breaking their relationship with ech other…how mean…again shekar breaks relation wth sumi..nd ap how dare he slap sanskar..y thy all dnt believe in ech othr nd stand fr ech othr on difficult times..nd i hv heard dat ragini will also break relationship wth swara…hahaha…wat a joke..now swaragini wil b separatef..at frst of dis track i thought dat swaragini wil b together nd ws happy to c so deteimined to b wth their family but now c thy r going to b separated…ragini is nt all listening to swasan…how cn thy all believe dat cheap parish nd dadi..whole family scatered..hate dis track…cvs pls end it soon its gtng worse…

  3. myna

    very good the story is going on the right path at this rate its trp will come down to 0 and it will go off air really it is so illogical being a family they don’t have a bit of trust on each other is trust really such a easily breakable and repairable thing

  4. Mahjabeen

    Nd sankys expression nd his anger ws just awesome….nd swaras acting umaah😘😘rlly u both nailed it…love u alot swasan…
    Nd thanks for da fast update h.hasan mam☺☺

  5. Crystal089


    |Registered Member

    All stupid crap i hate cvs they have spoiled the charm of show base less melo drama plsz change the plot or show will end soon😤😣😐😡😈😩

  6. Hetvi-Shreya


    |Registered Member

    Am I the only here who is waiting for good days???? 😓
    This show is jst down grading
    What kind of story line are they having. It started with swara and Ragini as sisters and What S this non sense
    Srsly this is pathetic. Want old days back.. want SwaSanand RagLak together plss😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Change the track plsss

  7. dharani

    full of negetivity.nothing good to watch.a bunch of problems come together.why they torturing viewers.
    missing swasan badly.nw ssk is worth watching than SR.

  8. renju

    now swasan bcm alone.shame on shekar and ragini.what to do they fall on knees of their maa/dadi.na..
    i dnt want to say anything.bcz this show is damn irritating..
    what was sujatha doing???i didnt get it..
    if she gets 1 cr.then why cant she save her jeejii…totally crap..i think cvs is saddist

    today is slap day in sr..
    swara slap ragini
    ragini slap swara
    sanky beat adarsh
    ap slap sanky..

    utter craps

  9. lovely

    i love the reddish face of swara while she crying..its soo cute to see..she looks soo natural..without any make up..her nose bcm red while crying..aww my cute shona i wanna eat u..hehe
    loved her actng..it was awsm asusual..she perfectly showed swaraz helplessness sorrow everything..love swara..

    again shekar broke his relation with sumi for his parents..now ragini too follow his paths..cowardness.
    everyone is wrong at one time but the same time they are right..but cvs failed to justify each and every character..

  10. riya

    what the hell… can’t they show a little positivity….. is relationship a joke or what???? you will break it or join it again whenever u feel like…. earlier I liked the show but now I just hate it.. I continued watching the show till now bearing all the nonsense but I will definitely not watch it from today… this show will definitely go off air if this continues…
    always they repeat d same thing….
    raglak always on negative side…
    no one will trust swasan…
    shekhar will always break ties with sumi for silly reasons….
    come on yaar we need some happy moments always rona dona. ..

  11. gopika

    Poll zone (just for fun😀)

    1. Swaragini famous for _________
    A) kidnaping
    B) slapping each other
    C) good person to turn bad within short period of time

    2. Shekhar and Sumi couples famous for _________
    A) breaking there marriage
    B) fighting each other
    C) changing houses / shifting houses

    3. Dadi famous for ____________
    A) crossing limits of bad doings
    B) hating swara and moving ragini
    C) making shekhar and sumi fight

  12. renju

    now swasan bcm alone.shame on shekar and ragini.what to do they fall on knees of their maa/dadi.na..
    i dnt want to say anything.bcz this show is damn irritating..
    what was sujatha doing???i didnt get it..
    if she gets 1 cr.then why cant she save her jeejii…totally crap..i think cvs is saddist

    today is slap day in sr..
    swara slap ragini
    ragini slap swara
    sanky beat adarsh
    ap slap sanky..

    utter craps..
    please cvs show something good..

    guys recently i reqd an article..it said that..swaragini is a show in most stupid five soaps..hahaha ..really funny
    cvs have 4 talented ppl with them as lead but they never use it..

  13. SHR963


    |Registered Member

    ARGHHH….Heights of stupidity…… God…. Nothing New…. Same Way Swasan wll as always be victims…And Raglak under misunderstandings….Later Everyone will apologize to Swasan…. WOW
    END of Creativity ofthe Creative Writers
    BEST OF LUCK with TRP… U seriously neeed it

  14. louna

    relations are cut…people separated…and where is all the trust???annapurna believed really Adarsh how come and she knows him well???ragini dont believe swara her sister but believe the inspector really???in kavya they made a fake video how come now she doesnt believe it???and Laksh come.on really u are blaming sanskar since when inspector give proof that he has been giving money??people gone insane…and annapurna plz u believe adarsh and parineeta but blamed sujata really???nd human rights saw darga prasad on a store room yet he has done an operation and believed he is happy really why he hate rooms per example or light so he prefers store room???
    Is it only me or the show is based on nonsense nowadays only negative after negative day and what is the reason

  15. lee

    Yr what is this everyone is blaming my swasan hate this srry no offence but sanskaar is doing this for betterment uss bicharene ne kuch ni kiya wo aur swara do hi aise log hai jinko sb ki parrwa hai
    N sb unn ko blame karre …
    N ragini oh my god now mai kya kahu muze bhi ragini bohot pasand hai but kya hai…
    Shekhar aur ragini ne jo bhi kiya shayad ek point of view se shayad sai hai but ek tarf se galat bhi hai….
    Chodo yr pagal ho gaye sb…
    Yrrr n sanky kyu tumne karma n maheswari merge kiya ni kiya hota to aj wo tumhari pass hota n tum kuch kar pate…
    N the great annapurna maheswari tim jaise dump aurat maine aj tk ni dekhi….
    Wo sankaar hai laksh aur aadarsh ni jb ye dono ne sath ni diya to wai tha…Disgusting man…
    N shekhar wow biwi se hi rishta tod diya pathetic…….😣😣😣😣😣😣

    N my swasan ohhh😘😘😘😘😘
    Yr sanky kisi ko koi parva ni hai yr ek kam karo swara ko n sumi ko leke chale jao sb se sur chid do unki halat pe jb sach aye ga tb sb sb ki akal ji ghass charne gai wapas ayegi….
    Aj sanky ke pass uski karma company hoti to mai to ye sb dekh ke yai suggest karti ki apani swara aur sumi ko leke chale jao……
    Bichare kuch ni karte phir saja n iljam unpe hi ata hate all thissss
    Luv u swasan u guy are alway rocked no dout ….
    Swasan forever😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😙😙😙😚😚😆😆😆😆😆😙😙😙😙😚😚😚😗😗😗😗😗😗😄😄😄😄😄😄

  16. Sanaya

    Plz end this track asap and make everything normal and show some romance rather than this stupidity love swasan 😍😍😍😍😍 very very much CVS plz show some swasan raglak romance instead.

  17. Mica


    |Registered Member

    Ty for update H Hasan mam, but there is something wrong in update, it’s TU or the post…
    hmm.. i smell something fishy here! maybe they are just act in this separation to trap those cruel satans….
    but i’m waiting Swasan together for sure.. ahemm aheem

  18. piyali

    Really after all this for sometime send swasan out and after some leap they should return and for god sake rashmi mam this time raglak should realize their mistake and try to unite family it’s not only swasan responsibility to unite family again and again this time as raglak misunderstanding and not trusting swasan break relations so they should unite family……I can’t see swasan always regretting for unity…..
    And sorry raginis when Laksh did wrong for saving his parents and you support him then why you saying that you leave Kolkata now you don’t want to free his parents wants to run to save Laksh….
    I hate Annapurna as you have not right to say ki jiski had hi Jamie ho to kya kahe
    Bec this drama start only Bec of your son’s and slap your both son for choosing or doing wrong not sanskaar
    And may be that 10crore which offers to Sujatha is of selling rams land to Adarsh … ….and as she not there so don’t know about what is going on….so she can give them money. ….may be adarsh buy today itself so they can do this all drama…..
    All the best for new problem swasan

    • Naina

      Yes yar u said r8 sujatha is of selling rams land to adarsh or anp to pagal ho gyi h ye log kbhi apne bete pe tu haath udaate nhi h or bechare sanskar ko hi mar te rhte h.

  19. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    I still think it’s all just a lie all are doing acting to trap Adarsh n Pari… hope everything goes well… waiting for happy happy scenes… n i know i’ll get it soo soon…thnk u..

  20. Sherin


    |Registered Member

    seriously the writers have gone out of their mind i think so….serial name is swaragini…..but there is really no emotional bond between the sisters….take serials like ek hazaroon mein meri behna hai….or even ssk showed great sister bond….but here the bond is fake…..and the writers are really going away from the track….far away from reality….

    • Iramya

      I absolutely agree with you. It was a fantastic serial compared to this . This Is worst and can’t be comparable.

  21. seebu

    Sanskar😍😍😍today u rocked man…love u so much…n cvs pls dont give stupid dialogues to ragini like we r swaragini.. blablabla….i dont want swasan to proove their innocence..n how ap believed adarsh that much easily😠😠😠😠n hope after truth coming out swasan should not forgive anyone of mm people…n sujju😱😱😱how can u do this to sanky😭😭😭my swasan r heartbroken….i’m liking this track…it is interesting…n shekar what a father n husband u r😠😠😠😠n if ragini again said that we r swaragini dialogue i will kill cvs

  22. shalini

    Har ek relation ko majaak bana k rakha hua h iss show m or plzzz show ka naam change kr do swaragini SE Swara v/s Ragini kr doo kyuki JB SE show shuru hua h TB SE aab tk bs ye dono ne ek saath mill k kabhi koi problem solve ki sirg rajat k case ko chod k humesha Ragini ne Swara ko blame kiya sirf Ragini ne hini SB ne swasan ki so called family ne or humesha swasan apnr aap ko innocent prove krte rahate h pr aab bs bhut ho gya yr iss k writer ka dimag khrab h humesha har ek rishte ka majaak bana k rakh deta h PR Dada g kaha h usse dikhte hinahi h vo apni sarfiri biwi ko rok nahi skta kya Maine ye show KB ka dekhna chod diya h PR swasan ka pyar h k main khud ko update padhne SE rok hi nahi pati kyuki family k relations ko itni buri tarha bigadte main nahi dekh skti agar writer g aap ko story likhna ni aata to plzz swaragini k ff’s padh liya kroo tab aap ko pata lagega k viewers kya cahte h or aap kya dikha rahe ho

  23. Saumya

    WOWWWWWWWW HATS OFF well I can say only 1 thing ragini laksh Annapurna shekhar sujata u all r really gonna regret badly when the truth will be out! Tab jaake swasan ke saamne girgirana ……N PLS DONT MAKE SWASAN FORGIVE THEM THIS EASILY DONT EVEN WANT THEM THIS GUD now rag has no right to say them swaragini after herself breaking the relation

  24. ayana

    cvs baba ki jai ho.swasan ko sahi sabith karne ke liye kis kis ko galath dikhaoge aap.annapoornaji jaise sensible aurat ko hi galath kar diya.poori duniya mein swasan ke alawa ek bhi insan sahi nahi hai.really!!!raglak ki baath hi mat karo.lead hote hue bhi pehele din se galath dikhaya hai.phir pari jaise sweet ladki galath.teek hai.adarsh jaise adarshwadi galath.phir bhi teek hai.par annapoornaji…seriously!!!use tho baksh dethe…koi bhi sahi nahi,sirf swasan?haan ek insan baki hai.”bhagwan”.usse bhi dikhado ki “bagwan bhi galth ho saktha hai,par swasan nahi”.i think cvs ka nxt mission yahi hai.all the best.
    i was watching tz serial to see sisters bond,the theme with which serial started,bt uski ek glimps bhi dekne ko nahi miltha.hamesha swara vs ragini hoti rehthi hai.no wonder y tz serial z worst.

  25. aru

    i still dont understand y ppl r blaming ragini when her anger and madness is justified.jz cz she dint trust SWASAN?acha tel me,wen ua beloved one is in jail and is brutually beaten up.added to that the inspector says if u dont get money within 1 hour,chargesheet will be filed n ul b nt able to save ua beloved.wat will u do?
    -ignore him and sit back to think who is right and who is wrong?
    -sit back and think if the video is true or not?
    -sit back and think if this is someone’s trap?
    -sit back and think if the police is right or wrong??!!!!
    at that moment will ua beloved one’s safety not be ua priority?
    will u not go blank by seeing ua beloved in such worst condition?
    will u not tend to believe wat is in front of ua eyes?
    and wat wrong is ragini doing?struggling to bring her husband out.wat is wrong in asking money from her dadi?she dint steel smone or she dint do nything wrong.so ragini is right as much as swasan.

    • Saumya

      saying for the last time 1ST lucky has done mistake so he shud be punished whatever the reason is n if ragini cannot think who is ri8 n wrong in that condition then how come she has brain to blame sanskar?

    • Mica


      |Registered Member

      Agree with you as my comment in prev episodes..
      just wait, after all of laksh problem shorted out, will Raglak have trust on Swasan or not ?
      since, there are so much time to think about that….
      but, somehow i have feeling that it was a plan to trap those shameless fellows .

  26. Meghan

    History repeats again ….they same way swara sankar and shomi are in right path and others are in opposite side….what the hell?again they have to prove their innonce and the truth is out they are all ask forgiveness, and shekar what kind of human being he is … Dadi is better than shekar he is the worst man in this world and Ragini and laksh repeating the same for their mistakes they blaming others totally full of nonsense and illogical day by day …

    • Saumya

      U r ri8 this is 3rd time laksh is misunderstanding swasan….1st when rag pushed swara in river then at the kavya track n now agn

  27. Saumya

    VAISE ACCHA HI HAI RAGLAK GHAR CHOD KE CHALE JAYENGE TO SWASAN KO CHAIN SE TO REHENE DENGE!(it is gud only raglak will leave the house n will let swasan live in peace!)SHEKHAR N DADI STILL DO PARTIALITY BETWEEN THEIR DAUGHTER GRAND DAUGHTER RESPECTIVELY??? shame on them they can never change

  28. piyali

    Raginis anger and hurry is right and as she is not in senses so for saving Laksh she regret to dad is right as there is no other option but when she free Laksh then she can think and believe swasan but instead of this she is leaving house……..
    From starting swasan not do wrong thing and that thing she knows better then anyone as she trapped them so I think she should trust ….
    And why this people can’t be smart
    1st of all when Pari give Annapurna money and fulfil payment she can refuse to go with her as payment done and now she can’t do anything if she call police she has no written later or anything that prove that she buy Annapurna
    And shekher when you get money and your.son.fine then why you leave Saumi dadi also not have any prof and above all if they cheat them why then they not ……
    Mahabharata. Me bhi to panduo ko Rhoda chit kerne para tha or Shri Krishna be bhi support Kiya tha then why not you….
    Satyavadi herishchandra banana ki jarur at is vaqt …..I really not understanding..
    I am saying this as that money which Pari offer is. Of Dp mehnat and which dadi offer is shekher kami when he did job in there shop……god use some brain and smartness……

  29. myna

    they have made a joke of the words sister and trust saw the new spoilers horrible raglak are gonna leave house if cvs really want to show something they must show swasan leaving house bz nobody ever trusted them shekar is so stupid he never supported sumi or swara if this all is a fake drama then very good i hope it is a fake drama
    and gopika/di i think all the options are correct

  30. Hellyholic

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh hellu u r such a sweetheart ‘My Candy.’ How come u r such a beauty yaaaaaar??? I srsly wanna know……….

  31. Heltej


    |Registered Member

    After a long time! Im seeing 50+ comments in back to back WU… That too people… Blaming each other! It just a serial…. Where anything happen… Be practical…!
    Cvs are trying to make track interesting… Here fans are reacting as if cvs are ruining their character (fan’s character).
    Cvs are trying to end this track!
    This track started when rajat entered into show..then sahil came… Now they really wanted to end it!

  32. Mica


    |Registered Member

    whooaaaaa.. serial will be more interesting, Laksh somehow still believe Sanskar!
    and he back to the show by his investigation!!!!
    Love you Laksh ! remind me to Laksh’s drama to revealed Ragini’s truth those ages when Sanskar busy confessed his love to Swara! 😀 😀 😀

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