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Annapurna asks Ragini not to cry. Laksh tells that the man left proof against him and shows the bracelet. Ram says it is the same bracelet which I gave to Sanskar on his birthday. Ragini says Sanskar can’t do this. Laksh asks Ragini, not to become forgiving and says they don’t know how to do conspiracy. He says I won’t leave Sanskar today. Sujata asks Swara to tell something and asks her to say that Sanskar was with her in the room. Swara dials Dida’s call. Dida hears everything on call and thinks to inform Sumi. Sujata then tells Laksh that Sanskar is his brother and he can’t do anything like such. Laksh says I will not forgive him all my life for his doings. Durga Prasad tries stopping Laksh. Laksh says Sanskar has to reply to me today. Laksh comes to Sanskar’s room while he is sleeping

and throws water on his face. Sanskar wakes up and asks if he has gone mad. Laksh asks him to come and accept the crime. Sanskar asks what did I do? Laksh says you people tells a lie always. Sanskar says I am coming with you.

Dida calls Sumi. Sumi picks the call. Dida asks her to come in the lawn. Dadi sees her going and follows her. Dida tells her that there was trouble in Maheshwari house and tells everything. She asks Sumi not to inform anyone at home. Dadi and Shekhar hears everything. Dadi says my lado…..she asks Sumi how can you think to hide this thing from us. Shekhar scolds Sumi and asks Dadi to come with her. Sumi tells Dida that she will also go. Sanskar remembers the recent happenings and confessing love to Swara after exposing Ragini’s true face. Laksh takes Sanskar downstairs. Sanskar asks what did I do? Why you are staring me? He asks Ragini, what happened to you? Durga Prasad slaps him hard. He shows his bracelet and asks if it is yours. Sanskar says yes and asks what did I do?

Laksh says Papa have just slapped you, but I would have taken your life. Sanskar asks what did I do? Laksh says you tried to misbehaved with Ragini, tried to rape her and malign her respect. Sanskar says I didn’t do anything. Ragini asks why did you do this with me. Sujata says Ragini is lying. Sanskar says she is lying and says he can’t think that she can stoop so low. Laksh says they got bracelet in the kitchen. Sanskar says I didn’t know how my bracelet was found in kitchen, and tells I can’t do such a worst thing being son of the house. He asls everyone to believe him. He goes to Annapurna and says can your Sanskar do such a cheap thing and asks her to trust him. Adarsh says proof is against you. Sanskar says it is just a misunderstanding. He says I agreed that I told everything while being in drunkard state, and even told Ragini’s truth. Laksh asks him to stop and says it was a lie. Sanskar turns to Swara and asks why she is silent. He says you know well that Ragini is lying? Laksh asks him to stop his drama and is about to slap him, but Swara holds his hand stopping him from slapping Sanskar.

Laksh says how dare you? You will support him as you are his partner. Swara says I am his partner and I trust him completely. Parineeta says you are Ragini’s sister and saying this. Swara says Ragini is her sister and will always be, and she knows that it is a sensitive matter. She says it is also a matter of trust and says she trusts Sanskar fully. She says I know that Sanskar can’t do anything like that. She tells Durga Prasad that Sanskar accepted his mistakes openly and says why he will malign his reputation. Ragini blames Sanskar. Swara tells Laksh that she don’t believe on the proof and says Ragini is lying. Shekhar comes shouting Sanskar’s name and says I will not leave him. Swara comes infront of Sanskar and asks Shekhar to listen to her once. Shekhar asks her to move from her way. Laksh says I will call the police to deal with him. Dadi says yes. Sujata says no Laksh. Swara says no need to call the Police as I know that he is innocent and I can proof it too.

Laksh says you can’t proof anything as everyone is seeing the truth. Swara says just few months before, you were accused to made the video and everyone blamed you. FB is shown. Sumi says Swara is right. Dadi says Sumi supports Swara as she is her real daughter. Swara tells I am not saying that Ragini is lying, but saying that Ragini is having misunderstanding. She says if I would not have trusted Laksh, then he would have been in jail. Dadi asks her to stop her nonsense. Shekhar says today Sanskar crossed all limits. Swara says whatever happened was in dark, and says may be Ragini was mistaken. She tells nothing is proved with bracelet. She asks Durga Prasad to give her once chance to proof Sanskar innocence. Durga Prasad agrees. Swara turns to Ragini.

Durga Prasad gives her time till morning to proof Sanskar’s innocence. Swara start interogating Ragini and cross questions her.

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  1. Swasan part was fantastic..hope dadi will support swara in later episodes

  2. Hadd h
    Jaruri toh nahi bracelet tabhi gira ho

  3. Wen swara gave the biggest proof of the kidnapping watelse do these stupids need!!!!
    Plz swara prove San innocent

  4. Plz post recent updates
    Is adarsh gf comin as main character??

  5. Kill laksh n rags bull shit both of them!!
    Can’t wait for tommorow
    N make swaragini more interesting plz!!n not senseless

  6. If u make the serial more complicated it will turn bakwas
    Actually it’s already bakwas!!??

  7. Love u shona.. laksh u wil regret very badly

  8. make swara and sanskar together

  9. Swara is very clever. And I hope she proves everyone that raging is a witch!!

  10. I like ragini but now i don`t like the way you are changing ragini`s character

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