Swaragini 21st October 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Gayatri telling Sanskar that Sujata told her everything. She says your wife left you, your elder brother is in jail, younger brother left somewhere. She says even Utara was left in mandap before. She tells you people are lucky that Utara’s marriage is happening in our family. She tells that your mum is good and offered us Koti. Sanskar says you got the papers and payment is done. Gayatri says one more thing, it is sad that you are separated from your wife. She says but don’t think to unite with your bengali wife, else I will send your sister back home with her stuff. She says I can’t bear bengali bahu. Sanskar asks her not to worry and tells that he and his ex wife are like two ends of the rivers which will never meet. Gayatri says okay and tells that she didn’t

call any relatives for the wedding because of this. Sanskar says I hope you don’t talk about this again. He leaves. Ragini and Swara are shocked.

Ragini thinks how can she put forth illegal demand and says why Sanskar agreed? She says this relation is not right, as Sujata is giving koti in dowry. She asks Swara to break promise and returned back to Sanskar. Swara refuses. Ragini asks her to come. Swara asks why you are so interested in taking up the contract. She says are you trying to unite us? Ragini says no, and says just as Sanskar told that you both are two ends of the river. Swara goes to get taxi. Ragini thinks she is helpless to stay away from Laksh, but she will unite them as two ends of river meet at some point. She determines to unite them.

Sanskar tells Sujata that Ragini and Swara will plan Utara’s wedding. Sujata is shocked. Sanskar tells that they are wedding planners. Sujata tells that if Gayatri comes to know about Swara then she will break the marriage. Sanskar asks her to break the relation. Sujata tells that Utara’s marriage have broken once, and is tensed. She says if Gayatri came to know anything about Swara, then what we will say? Sujata says we can’t do anything now, we have named koti on their name. Annapurna tells Sujata that these people are not good who are asking dowry before marriage.

Sujata tells Annapurna that she will get Utara married there and says the more dowry we will give, the more happy they will keep our daughter. She asks her to support her, and come with her to Swara and Ragini’s house. Sanskar tells that he is not convinced with her. Utara comes and asks Sanskar not to take her tension. Sanskar says I am really worried for you. Utara says I didn’t want to marry without Swara and Ragini, but I am happy that they are my wedding planners. Sanskar asks her not to call Swara as her bhabhi and says they will never have any relation with her. He asks her to make the arrangements. Just then they hear some noise, and sees Parineeta caring for her hurt hand.

Ragini tells Sumi that may be Swara and Sumi can forgive each other like this. Swara comes and asks what they were talking? Ragini says I was informing maa about our caterer who went to village. Swara tells that they will hire other caterer. Ragini determines to bring Sanskar back in Swara’s life.

Sujata and Annapurna come to Sumi and Shekhar’s house. Sujata asks Swara and Ragini to behave as strangers with them and tells that she told Gayatri that Sanskar and his wife are separated. Gayatri comes there and asks really. Sanskar and Swara have an argument.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Scooby

    B4 starting ur essay competition enroll your name here swaraginians 😉 😀 😀
    I will announce d winner tmrw by rwading your essays..

  2. Silent_writer

    Thank God atleast ragini thinks to unite swasan n whst does that uttra not to b mil says to sanskar urrghhhh like she is mother of sanskar greedy women n hope soon swasan forget their ego n promises n unite n hope rags play a cupid n she also unite with lakshhhh ??

  3. silent reader

    so boring uff
    u should watch udaan these days

    1. Madhu

      Yes U ghit is coming sooooo good

  4. Manjula20

    Thank thank thank you so much H Hasan mam I couldn’t watched today’s episode actually I was dying to know about it thank you sooooo much

  5. waaaw…two thunbs up for Sujatta the perfect mum first she talked about Swara yo Gayarti second she is selling her daughter and yet not enough she tells swara not to say she is married to Sanskaar…perfect mum no shame at all that swara wjo brought you back to thst house remember that same swara who made all your money back the same money you are buying Uttara husband
    And Gayarto ur no snake snake at least could be helpful u are a disease
    i hate sujjata more than Gayartiii

  6. What is koti?

    1. I think uttara’s husbannd , i mean who will marry uttara

    2. Kothi means house

  7. aliya zain abdullah

    truly terrible

  8. Neera

    Wohaaaaaaaaa ! Finally after a gap of one day !!!! My swasan <3 tat gayatri is really evil !!! N s dis sujatha mad ?? She s ready to give dowry but doesnt care about her daughter's life ??? N i read tat namish is planning to quit swaragini… is tat true ? I hope they dont make laksh as nikhil by way of plastic surgery ! I really have a doubt whether this nikhil is laksh cauz swara definitely knows something abt laksh n moreover laksh's phone was found in nikhil's bag…. but i really get goosebumps seeing my swasan !!!! But how dare u sanskar ??? How can u say to uttara tat u dont have any relation to swara ????? But it was a good episode !!! Was jus googling my swasan scenes n saw each one <3 magical couple…. they make us smile along wth them…. they make us cry along with them…. they make us sad being sad…. they make us happy being happy !! Jus waiting for nikhil entry n my sanskar jealousy !!!!! Love u swasan <3 umaahhh

  9. Scooby

    Wow rags is doing her sis role pefectly aftr long tym… bravo rags…
    thn suji wicked mom spoiling her son lyf.. hate u suji going to rip ur heart.. it sounds good whn swasa address thm as mr and mrs.maheswari ♥
    Waiting for intense argument btwn swasan and love in heart

  10. Think so sujatha will arrange second marriage for sanskar or may be new girl entry during uttara marriage…

  11. I hope people who r saying ragini is selfish might have got the answer …she is determined to bring back swasan together…..
    .waah waah……what a fate we raglak fans have…every time we have to beg cv’s for proper track….first teju decided to quit d show since was made negative……,after raglak actual marriage..they were sidelined……,FP drama…which also resulted as ragini did something wrong…..afetr all d crap……TEJU is getting her SS after d leap But now namish decided to quit d show…….Cv’s had BRUTALLY RUINED raglak’s character…

    1. Mica

      FP drama resulted as Ragini did something wrong ? huh! what is that ?
      Ragini did a good thing, but since it related to MM (as the victim), it’s normal if Maheswary family angry….

      1. Did I type FP drama…sorry ..by mistake…I mean to say the track when ragini knew abt chotu but hid d truth (this is bcz of pari)….this further made a way to adarsh and parineeta’s blackmailing………

    2. Mica

      oohhh.. it’s saving Chotu drama….
      huh! you know what? i almost beat you! you are Ragini’s fans, how dare you insulting your Ragini when she did right thing ! 😀 😀
      it’s my right to bash and insult Ragini,, not yours!! mind that! *blushing

      1. dude…IT WAS A TYPO……I can’t see anyone blaming/ bashing my ragu…..but at times I can’t defend her….So I always pour out my anger on CV’s. for not mending her character properly(smtimes)……And I really hope CV’s won’t give u right to bash my ragu….LOL……

  12. dear Sujata
    what will you do if he marries ur daughter and start hitting her will you give him anothet castle each time he do so??what if his mother asked you to free from jail Adarsh will you do it also???u are really a bad mother u are selling your daughter with no guaranties for her happiness and yet will you remarry your son also to satisfy the sanke uttara sasomum
    Mother should at least think how to make things better and guide her son and daughter should have maturity but dear u lack all of that
    let me remind you that Swara could have been killed to protect ur daughter from Rajed…that same Swara tried to kill herself to prove Sanskar innocence and brought you back all the money you are giving away
    And yet ur lack of motherhood didnt stop here u are going to talk to swara and tell her not to say she is Sanskar wife…lacking is a thing but to have no shame no dignity to forget all the good people do to us is another crime
    As for Gayarti dear snake…soon u will be exposed u and as i guess the other one of your kind Pareneeta
    As for Ragini she is a great sister but does Swara deserve less and didnt all this a little part to give to Swara after all she did?

    1. exactly!!!
      i’m mad at Uttra too, she does’t even try to say a single good word about her Swara bhabi to calm down her brother, it’s incredible to see that Sujatta keep bashing Swara, that Annapurna keep not talking to Sanskar, when Pareenita is living peacefully ther planning God knows other plan and when the so gentle badimaa tried to save adarsh from jail!!!

    2. Mica

      Lounaaaa… she is Sujatha…. chill dear!
      Some mothers in this world behave kinda Sujatha only, with their selfishness and wrong perspective about being a mother…
      for them, the most matter is her own children happiness that lies in money and property, dignity and society judgement, no matter how much other people did for their happiness, no matter how much their children suffering cause of her principal of life.
      sanskar ever said that she is the first mother who happy to her son’s broken heart….
      actually, her weakness is Sanskar only, once Sanskar say that he accepts swara, she will agree. kinda before…..

  13. Firstly.I wounder who is the third entry
    Secondly….I hate u Sujata..I hate ur stupidity…I hate ur selfishness….I hate ur messiest character.
    Thirdly. I Sanskar vivant say (I hate u) …I think u forgot everything that SaWar did to u…and t ur family…how weak ur character is to allow the snake to interfere ur personal life.

    1. hey, he resumed it all to Uttra, he has no right to say anything, he’s a denied married man who’s wife quited 6 months ago, going to her family home and never returning back, this is a shamefull description for the dulhan bhayia, what could he say? he’s surely imagining that it’s the sabse ziada truth in his life, he says like 2 rives of a river, always nearby but never meet… that shows how much he loves her yet even if his anger makes him feel like he’ll never be able to forgive her ever

      1. Thank u H.Hasan…I think watching drama is an interesting thing especially Swaragini..it’s fun,great.enthusiastic.
        YET….watching that huge of mess is somehow unacceptable.
        Sanskar’s stubborn..ego …became over what I mean she did to a lot of favors …she almost committed a suicide to prove ur innocence….and u told her to consider ur relation is over whether u stayed alive or not.
        I hope the writer would find away to get them back together.

  14. FINALY!!!! Welcome Ragini (back!?) i don’t know if she has ever been such a “good” sister, sincere malicious smile, lot of plans but for the first time for the good reasons … and the right way (cause, she tried to be good saving her little bhai Ayush but infortunately, the wrong ways with big lies which made avery one suffer (it was the begining of the Adarsh/Pareenita crap!!! and ends up with the 2 couples separation!
    So, even i am a die hard fan of Swasan, today hats off to Ragini and the writers for that surprising turn, i have start losting hope that they will ever make something credibly good with Ragini character
    And “WHAT THE!!!”… is it confirmed that Laksh will be replaced???? (this is bad, i really appreciate the actor playing Laksh, he’s very good!! and definitely more handsome than this new Nikil!!
    Then, back to my favourites… Swara / Sanskar!
    Swara… bilkul bevkoon larke hai! if only she stopes that stuborness! where is our mad in love Swara begging Sanskar to not let her go and accepting her love …
    Ok, i feel she has some deep secret making her keep this distance from the man she lives for… Swara would never accept that by one decision from her, Maheshwari parivaar is suffering with shattteed ties … if it was about her life with his Sanskar only, ok she has the habit of putting her happiness at the bottom of priorities list… but here, there so many poeple touched
    By the way, she admitted for the 2nd time that he made a wrong decision by quiting Sanskar when she says that she can’t accept that by one wrong decision from her, she will destroy her Uttra’s life.
    On the other hand… we have Sanskar… devkoon larka hai too!!!!! they are made for each other,
    But i felt very bad for him when he explain to his sister that by quiting him, Swara detroyed his image with poeple, it’s true that Gayathri ji was like moking him, that he married a bangali who finaly let him

    can’t imagine all the force our angry Sanskar had to find to keep a smiling face and reply as politely has he could (precising that now they had the dowery, they must shut up and should talk about his life again :p)
    Sujata… uff!! no, i’ll not comment her … she’s aqual to herself … STUPID! Uttra will never be happy in such family,

    Oh… last thing, just a +50 point to laksh for me^^ i just got teary eyes in the last episod when Sanskar found his wallet and opening it, he finds a photo of then both hugging each other… despite having done shradh of their brotherhood, just like Ragini, Laksh didn’t it from his heart, because even considering his brother as a dushman, he kept a proof of their real relation close to his heart in his wallet…. every other man would have his lovely wife there, but Laksh was probably missing his brother too…

    1. Mica

      Mahiraaaa… i dunno why that i feel without Laksh, Ragini is become more wise now 😀 😀
      and about Swara.. what you expected Dear ? She had ever give her love to Kavita who is nothing for her,.. and this time is uttara matter.

      1. couldnt agree more concerning Swara Dear Mica
        and Ragini well how to begin for once she is thinking by hersrelf doing her own plans nothing but to make her sister and Sanskar unite again and to me i like her way way more than old ragini so forgive me all if uts cz of laksh not around than plz laksh always be like that
        As for Sandkaar remarrying another woman no way he wants to ounish Swara not himself and i bet Sanskaar knows lots of way to punish jer just to make her fall into his hands again we are talking about Swara and Sanskaar the big Live with the big L.
        No Laksh isnt quitting i read it yesterday and he will be back near to the show
        why i feel we will have when they found Laksh a flash back where Sanskar and Swara aggree to act like that for exposing Pareeneta or Gayarti

  15. Satie singh jee

    Miss SwaSan togetherness

  16. i am with sanskar.mein chahathi hum sanskar ke zindagi mein koi aavo jo use pyaar karega.swara tho usko miss bhi na karthi.

    1. Mica

      ahaha, yeah, even Swara didn’t beg to him, even she scolded Ragini to try unite her with Sanskar, hmmmm… but what to say, your Sanskar loves my Swara so much, and my Swara love your Sanskar so much.. punish Swara by marry other woman ? hmmm….
      Sanskar ever said that he won’t remarry again …

    2. Even sanskar wasn’t missing swara? Was he ?

      1. Mica

        hahahah, yeah Saumya.. they denied each others, huh! our sweet hypocrite couple.. 😀

  17. You guys guess what???

  18. I think Nikhil will come in Swara’s life to make Sanskar jealous because Ragini will plan to, but he will actually end up falling in love with Ragini.????

    1. as rumors said and cz he is from canada he will know uttara fiancee and doubt him the marriage will not take place and Nikhil will fall for Uttara and yet we have another character entering the show and not Nikhil feeling all India ia involved in the show nowadays.And plz why Parenneta is still there its irritates me for Godness sake when they will accept the fake that she can kill all of them till the point she will blow all the house

    2. I don’t think nikhil will fall for ragini , but lot of suspense that who will be nikhil’s love? Keep thinking….?

  19. Mica

    Thank you H Hasan mam for update..
    uugghh almost crying in morning that i couldn’t access this site due DDOS problem…
    back to episode…
    love the way Sanskar close his eyes when turn aside from Gayatri.. i felt that he want to punch over and over to her face 😀
    hmmm, Swaragini smelt something fishy, wonder what cooking in their mind (mostly Swara) since we knew about ragini’s plan..
    wow Ragini! hatt off you finally! you are wise now.. good luck to unite my swasan and thank you!
    But, uuughhh i heard that Laksh quite the show ? my hotty s*xy Laksh no more ?
    Noooooo….it can’t be happen, The Raglak charm is about the Dedicated love of Ragini to Laksh, if only then Ragini move on to other man ( nikhil ), it will hard for us to digest.

    As Swasan fans, something a doubt on my mind, why sanskar so easily took a promise, even swara didn’t bother about his statement… but then i knew that Sanskar tried to break the alliance and asked Uttara not to call Swara as Bhabhi, meanwhile Swara, her face more bothered in 2 thing, about weird alliance and ragini’s plan to united swasan…
    hmm.. something choking up in my mind too….

    1. well done ragini..keep going…..see mica also praised u….keep going….**Now I am blushing Lol…..
      .It is written in raglak’s fan’s fate that we have to fight every time for something or the other…let it b to make ragini positive….or stop teja from quitting…..or proper raglak track or equal screen space….Now it is about to bring back laksh and stop namish to quit …..

      Even I have d same doubt that u have regarding .sansar taking d promise…..yaar sujatha is sujatha…even ap doesn’t wan this marriage to happen

  20. Very happy to see this page now a days…there is no bashing( here I mean….REAL people not REEL) as it used to be before with 100 of comments which most of them were bashing and hatred comments among two fandoms about their favorites.

    Hats off to everyone those who have contributed to this

    1. Neera

      Exactly dear !!!!!!! Such a good change… so happy to see it !!!

  21. Mahjabeen

    Thank you so mch H.hasan mam fr da updates

  22. This serial makes no sense at all

  23. Sanky I totally agree and support you I know u have unlimited love for swara yet u cannot digest swara priority over you and ragini but still swara must do something now to reunite with sanky ragini is just superb and laksh if he is gone means serial will be like a strange I don’t know how to tell cause I love sanky more than laksh but without laksh the show is incomplete

  24. Thank u writers.because iam happy to see swasam fans praising my ragu.pls keep it up.because teja brilliant in doing wise characters than poor crying doll.love u ragini.and missing my laksh.but nami’s manager confirmed that he will not leave the show??

  25. Swaragini: Nikhil’s (Pratap Hada) entry to create double trouble for Swara-Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash)

    The upcoming episode of Swaragini will show high voltage drama where new entry has taken place in Swara-Ragini’s life.

    This new entry is Swara’s childhood friend Nikhil, who is jovial and fun loving boy who cares for Swara.

    Nikhil has come to help Swara in her wedding planning business, Nikhil and Ragini had sweet nok-jhok in the beginning.

    Where Ragini misunderstands Nikhil to be a chef and makes him cook food for herself.

    Nikhil’s entry in Swara’s life

    Swara comes on time to handle all situation, Swara and Ragini are happy to get Nikhil to help them.

    While Nikhil doesn’t seem to be what he is portraying to be, but has some hidden intentions behind his entry.

    Let’s wait and watch for the upcoming episode to know more, or just stick here to get more inside story.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

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