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Swara asks Dadi that you people have decided everything and just doing formality by informing me. Dadi asks her to listen to her once. She says true relations are the ones which stand during tough times and says your and Sanskar’s relation are like that. She says you and Sanskar got together when no one was believing you. She says when I saw you both together then I thought that you relation is blessed by God. Shekhar says some relations are made by us, and some relations are made by God. Swara recalls Sanskar confessing love and Laksh asking her to marry him. She apologizes and says I can’t hear anymore. I can’t do what you all want to me do and goes. Dadi asks what happened? Why she is worried?

Sanskar tells Laksh that Swara don’t love me. Laksh says I know about

her feelings, and want to know about your feelings. He says you said that you loves Swara in drunkard state. Sanskar says yes, and says I was drunk at that time. It is a lie so that we can bring Ragini’s truth infront of all. Laksh asks did you really lie? Sanskar says yes. Laksh gets happy and says no one can stop us from uniting. Sanskar says Swara said otherwise. Laksh says Swara still loves him and whatever she said was in anger. We are destined to be together and unite..He hugs him and says he is very happy. Sanskar gets teary eyed and recalls Swara. Parineeta calls them and says lawyer came. Laksh says everything will be fine now.

Lawyer gives the papers to Laksh. Laksh signs on the papers. Sanskar asks lawyer about the divorce papers. sujata is happy. Lawyer gives him papers and pen asking him to sign. Sanskar is about to sign, but Durga Prasad stops him shockingly Laksh. Sujata says Sanskar wants to divorce Swara and asked for papers himself. Durga Prasad says I said that I will talk to him. Sanskar asks what happened?

Swara asks Sumi, what happened to her and why she wants her to continue her marriage with Sanskar. Sumi says we want to know about your heart talk. Swara says I don’t want this marriage. Sumi asks her to think about Sanskar once. Swara says i don’t know him and that’s why don’t want to keep marriage with him.

Annapurna tells Sanskar that Ragini and Laksh will be divorced, but you shall give chance to your marriage with Swara. Sanskar looks at Laksh and refuses. Sujata says matter is end, and we shall not force him. Annapurna says you said that you loves Swara. Laksh says he don’t mean that and was drunk. Durga Prasad says they are talking to Sanskar. Sanskar says I need divorce. He asks if Swara want to stay in this marriage.

Sumi tells Swara that there will be many people will be break relation with the accusations, but there will only be few people who lives upto expectation. Swara accepts that Sanskar is ideal husband, but says she needs divorce asking her not to talk about this again. Sumi says okay and says this relation will not continue until you both agree. Durga Prasad asks Sanskar, if Swara says yes, then if he will also say yes. Sanskar is silent and tries to leave. Laksh stops him. Sanskar asks him to let him be alone for sometime. Sujata asks why did you do this? You have confused him. Durga Prasad says his decision matters to us. Sujata says we are not doing wrong and says ragini has spoiled everything. She says we shall get Laksh and Swara married. Durga Prasad gets angry and says marriage is not a game. He asks her not to tell this again. Laksh stands shockingly.

Swara thinks about Dadi and Sumi’s words. just then her phone rings and it is Laksh on the other side. She disconnects the call, but he calls again. Swara picks the call. Laksh says he need to talk to her about divorce. Swara says I don’t want to talk and disconnects the call. Ragini hears them. She comes inside Swara’s room and takes her phone. She calls on Laksh’s number. laksh picks the call and says I know that you loves me even now, but is angry. he thanks her and says I knew that you will call me. Ragini says I am Ragini….Laksh asks how dare you call me from her phone. Ragini says I want to do penance. Laksh says I will not fall in your trap, and will bring Swara in my life. He says Swara is mine and will always be. ragini gets teary eyed.

Durga Prasad asks Swara, how can they accept ragini. Annapurna says Laksh will never accept Ragini. Ragini pushes Swara and holds open electricity wire in her hand.

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  1. I didn’t understand you tornado, sorry. Can you please translate in English please. Did you said something bad about swara, about her being too mahan. At the end of the day swara is not a psycopath like that ragini.

  2. Hei Torandu,super comment.I don’t know to speak Tamil but I understand .M a Swasan fan but I like Tejaswi .She was good as Dhara in Darohar apnon ki.They are giving too much importance to one of the leads now.They should bring some positivity to Ragini and show sisters’ bond and if enemy is required then they should bring some other character.Give importance to both the leads .It is SWARAGINI after all.Dilo mein hai pyaar bhara,Suro se saji hai Swara,ragon se rachi hei Ragini…. swaragini… Swaragini… Miss this title track.

    1. They will do that only after Swasan unite… till then there should be someone who will bring these two mahan people together… Swara thinks she don’t want to be a burden on Sanskar with a loveless marriage and Sanskar thinks he should not force Swara to accept the marriage..

      1. No ragini s bcm positive. Are u ppl watching the serial o oly waiting for ppl to unite. .. She s faking memory loss to bring about change I’m her mistakes. Either she ll try to unite lakshya nd swara though I doubt tat she ll be successful given hw much swara s against t . but m sure in tat process swasan might happen. So t s a good sign. Please ppl enjoy the show. Stop losing patience ..

  3. Ragini ki drama part 2 shuruu…now guyz brace urselves for anada looong booooring track…fed up….unless swasan unite…love them

    1. Hey u don’t knw tat. Wat if ragini s faking memory loss to get swara nd lakshya close. But m sure tat once ragini nd swara enter maheshwari house swara vil get a chance to fall in love wth sanskar.. Everyone gets a chance to correct their mistakes. This s ragini s now.

  4. Hi guys. I’m waiting for the day when sanskar and swara becomes 1, so that way Laksh and ragini can become1. But I am a swasan fan and can’t wait till the day when they be together.

    1. Patience u ll spon see them together. By next week m guessing. So patience. Swara nd sanskar vil start staying together to take care of ragini who s with lakshya faking memory loss

  5. What’s wrong with laksh?
    He is acting like psyco ragini. Why is he forcing swara to forgive him and take him back? To be honest swasan will make a good couple and raglak will make a good psyco couple. Ha ha just jocking. But it’s true though, swara and sanskar should be together and Laksh and ragini should be together.

  6. Swasan waiting for ur scenes …. laksh nek thikka kudrindhi… swara ni anumaninchav ga ipud nek atu ragini ledhu itu swara ledhu me bathuku busstand e

  7. Swalak is best

  8. Nope, it’s swasan.

  9. What if Kavita is not really dead. What if she comes back. And if she is dead then who was responsible for her death?? What if its sankar’s mother, I mean she is always saying that she doesn’t want a Bengali bow. I don’t know, I could be wrong. But I am a bit suspicious of sanskar’s mother though. you might not know she could be negative in the future once swasan will be together.

  10. Happy seeing soo many SwaSan fans here….:-)….plss start shwng more swasan soon….I think ragini’s new drama wil lead her to more trouble even if she want to make evry thng ryt….And laksh I hate him more …cnt explain how much…..SwaSan is alwys bst….I lykd hw DP made sujata n laksh chup..he is soo vry ryt tudy….even dadi said smthng nyc …aftr all dis drama if swalak hpns I wil stop watchng d shw..:/Its alwys SwaSan for me

    1. It’s oly been a week since ragini s truth has cm out. Don’t u think before swasan starts they hv to bring a twist for the grls to enter maheshwari house again. Tat twist s memory loss which they ll show this week. So wait ppl… This time we ll see good ragini for sure …

  11. M realising many ppl hv very less patience. From the time ragini s truth has cm out u ppl are jumping swasan swalak etc etc. Can I please knw y?? Don’t u think they need at least 1 week to bring a new twist. Plus ragini s a main lead too… They ll need to put her in right direction… U ppl r talkin as though they shud unite everyone nd end the serial in a mnth. Nd trust me t s rashmi SHARMA telefilms. She vil never let TRPs go down

    1. Thanks Cherry..

  12. Again Ragini and swara starts the game. Is dp s house is a football ground. Only One ball for swara(sanskar). But ragini have so many balls to play except laksh. Because he is the trophy.Always Swara pretend the ball or leave the ball to goal. Match mudinnchu pochu. Swara thothachu. Ragini jeyicha santhosham swaravukku. Thiyagingra cup swaravukku. Laksh cup raginikku. Game is over. Tamil la solramadhiri pongaiya neengalum unga attamum. Vaanga poi thoongalam.kanavulayavadhu nalla match varuthannu paakkalam. Buy…

  13. according to my thought swara should be with sanskar because he stands with her at her tough times but laksh didn’t so I wish to see swasan jodi

  14. Why people always ask romantic scenes of swasan. Now it is not possible. Why they dont ask humer. Humer is best to dilute serious scenes. It gives audience little smile and tension free scenes. See swara always angry face. Sanskar always sad face. Ragini always teary face. Laksh always surprise looking face. There is no humer atall. Thapki also sad to watch. But bihan and thapki gave some humerus scenes. And also that two bahus. It is Interesting to watch. My humble request please put some humerus scenes. In this serial no one is humerus. Writer please do something.

  15. Why cant they give some good clothes to swara?see other serials thapki,ishani,ishita they wear such nice clothes.swara is young & beutiful but the clothes & jwellary they give her is a disaster.swaragini is currently no 1 shw & swara is main lead of the show they should give her some desent clothes yar.

  16. Happy durgapuja 2 all swasan fans. Hope that swasan n raglak will unite soon. Luv u varun,helly,tejaswi n namish

  17. swara and sanskar looking soo cute when seeing both of them together………I want that swaragini serial should bring the new interesting and romantic track soon instead of taking revenge, fighting and making ragini’s character more negative…..so please just stop this track and start some interesting track……expecting the best and romantic episode soon……..

  18. ishani(radhika)

    Please unite swalak….plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  19. swasan is cute couple. .they are looking beautiful and cute couple in onscreen

  20. ymk tanish lori

    nice episode

  21. Plz don’t say laksh is wrong
    ..he loves swara…swara plz accept laksh plz………
    Sanskar is the cause of all problem

  22. hi frnds yesterday episode very good ofcourse swara still loveing lakhs but she never acpt becoz of Ragini……. lakshswara very very nice n swarasan also very nice jode….I love dis serial very much plz keep rocking love u swara n laksh

  23. Swara and sanskar is a perfect jori

  24. Plz swalak forever their love is true
    Sanskar n tahini
    But no one can seperately swalak

    1. They will separate soon. And swara will start have feelings for sanskar.

  25. It should be swara and sanskar. coz trust is the thing that matters most in a relationship.

    1. Exactly that is my point.

  26. If sanskar would have not intervened then swara would b in Mumbai and every one still believing her to b culprit.

  27. Exactly I agree. Swara used to love Laksh but not any more. He married her sister ragini and she knows that ragini loves Laksh. So for that reason she won’t think of returning back with Laksh. And also she said her self that she can’t be with someone who has trust issues,Laksh didn’t believed or trusted her. Now he is acting as if everything will be ok again and he thinks that swara will take him back. I just hope that doesn’t happen. Well I know for sure they won’t happen and the mean time I’m just gonna sit and watch.

    1. Abouslately right u r.

  28. I really hates laksh.. sanskar and swara jodi is the best….coz they are made 4 each other.they two are open minded and ragini and laksh is stupid emotionly falling charecters…so plzz unite swasan and raglak ??

  29. Only sanskaar and swara

  30. Yeh laksh apne aap ko samajhta kya hai usse lagta hai k shaadi n pyaar 1 game hai or is liye vo 3 zindagiyaan bahut hi dhumdham se barbaad kr rha hai or sirf apne bare mein sochta hai
    Kya kabhi usne socha hai k uske josh mein liye faisalon se uski aur baakiyon ki lyf pr kya asar padega????
    So i think he is juz a SELFISH n SHAMELESS guy in dis world

  31. Also swasan share almost all of their feelings (except luv) wid each other n also have da most important thing “trust” betvin dem n dats y i juz luv deir jodi da most

  32. People those who r liking sanskar and ragini their heart is thinking worst.bcz of sanskar all these prblm creat….

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