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The Episode starts with Annapurna telling everyone about Kavya and her brother. Little Tania and Laksh are playing with the servant, when Kavya hangs servant and says it is real. She is taken into custody and sent to juvenile. She tells Laksh that she hates him and one day she will send him to jail. Annapurna says they have broken relation with us. Swara asks what is her name? Annapurna says Tania. Swara says Tania is Kavya and she sent Laksh to jail the same way, just as she was sent to jail in her childhood. Everyone was shocked. Annapurna says I wish she would have talked to us once. Swara says now we know her past and we will save everyone by bringing her truth infront of all. Ragini says yes Maa. We should forget one thing that black night is over and morning rays have arrived, very soon it will

be morning. Just then Ragini’s phone rings, Parineeta gives her phone. Ragini sees Shekhar’s so many missed calls and says he might be worried about me.

Shekhar calls Ragini and says her call is still not connecting. Just then goldsmith comes and says I came to give 50000 Rs. as Ragini mortgaged the jewellery with me. They are shocked. Ragini comes there and apologizes to them..She says I lied to you all, as Maheshwari family was arrested by the police and I needed this money to freed them. Dadi asks Sumi, if you know about this. Sumi nods no. Ragini says Maa doesn’t know about it. Dadi scolds Ragini. Ragini says she couldn’t see Swara’s condition and tried to help her.

Swara comes to the jail and tries to inquire about Tania Malhotra. Warden says that she is new there, and tells that Tania’s mental condition was not good. She says she can’t give her any details. Swara says I am her guardian Durga Prasad’s bahu and shows her id proof. Warden shows Tania’s childhood pic. Swara matches the pic and says it is same. Warden later shows Tania’s grown up pic, Swara is shocked and thinks she is not Kavya.

Swara asks can I meet her? Warden says she is in Pune jail now and her 6th month jail term is remaining. She asks her to go to Krishnavati jail and enquire about her. Swara wonders how is her face changed after growing up? She thinks she don’t know anyone in Krishnavati and then thinks about Aaradhya. Swara calls Aaradhya and asks for her help. She says I need an important information from Krishnavati police station to save her family.

Swaragini update is continued with Krishnadasi episode from 10:30 pm and it is updated below.

Swara reaches Krishnavati and calls Aaradhya, but her phone is unreachable. She wonders what to do? Constable asks Swara who are you? Swara says she wants to meet Jailer as it is a matter of someone’s life and death. Constable asks her to go? Swara wonders what to do? Dadi locks Ragini in the room. Sumi tells Dadi that Ragini is a small kid and we can’t be strict with her. Shekhar agrees with Sumi and asks her not to be strict. Dadi says Ragini have gone against them and mortgaged her mum’s jewellery for Laksh’s family. She tells Sumi that Ragini have to break relation with that family and promises to get her married within 15 days, and asks Shekhar not to come in Sumi’s talks. Ragini asks Dadi to open the door as Swara needs her.

Swara enters jail but gets caught. Constable asks her to leave. Swara says I want to meet jailer and get an important info. Aaradhya comes and asks what is happening here? Lady constable asks if she came to dance here. Swara asks constable not to forget that she is a govt employee and have no right to talk badly with her. They ask them to get out. Jailer comes hearing the shout and asks what is the matter? Jailer appreciates Aaradhya for her social work, and asks what is the matter? Swara says she wants to know about Tania Malhotra. Jailer says she was here, but was released 2 days before, because of her good conduct. Swara asks where did she go? Jailer says she didn’t inform anyone. One lady conductor tells them that she knows where Tania went? She says Tania went to Kali Baadi in Kolkata. Swara asks Aaradhya to take Aryan’s help, and says she has to leave. Aaradhya says your flight is getting late. They give best wishes to each other.

No Precap for Swaragini.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I just love tejaswi’s acting… She is really talented….

    1. And beautiful too.

      1. tejaswi is the best??

  2. teju i love u dr so much ur acting skill is just amazing.ur eyes ,ur voice,ur attitude , ur dressing style , …….in simple word u r miss perfect ….i luvvvvvvv uuuuuuuu sooooooo muchhhh drrrrrrrrr

    jin logo ne tumhe aaj galiyan di h tumhe twitter pe i think unki family bahut jayda low standard ….tabhi toh unhe reel or real life me diffrence nhi samjhte h dr ….
    jin pagal logo ne teju gali diya ….isliye quiki koi teju ka fan ne helly ko kuch galat baat boli ….omg yaar jisne helly ko galat baat boli yaar usse gali do na meri teju ne thodi na gali diya helly ko so usse kyun bash kar rahe ho

    1. Yes I completely agree with u. Kisi bhi fan ko koi haq nahi hai Helly aur Tejaswi ko gali dena. Tejaswi k fans Helly ko gali de rahe hain aur Helly k fans Tejaswi ko. Dono k fans (exclusively jo log HelTej ko gali de rahe hai) mein koi bhi difference nahi hai. Yeh bohot galat baat hai. Main dono ki hi bohot badi fan hoon, aur mujhe dono k liye hi bohot bura lag raha hai. Bechare Helly aur Tejaswi ko bina kisi reason k hi kuch low standard fans se gali sunni pad rahai hai. Yaar plzz koi bhi Helly aur Tejaswi ko gali mat do. 🙁

  3. Yeah teju is best

  4. Even me big fan of theju. …becoz of her I’m watching the show

  5. toi week spoilers:
    21st march: swara goes to the remand home to find tanya malhotra and learns that she has been moved to pune jail. later, swara calls ardhya for help, will ardhya able to help swara for uncover the mystery?
    22nd mar: dadi comes to know that ragini has stolen and martogged her mom’s jewellary. meanwhile, swara is finding out more about tania and her connection with kavya.
    23rd mar: swara rushes back home when ragini informs her that she bumped into tania. however, she is unable to interact with her as tania leaves to meet kavya. what is kavya’s plan?
    24th mar: tania tells swara the truth. later, ragini and swara make a plan to trap kavya. will the family allow them to go through with their plan?
    25th mar: swara and ragini go to jail to execute their plan. ragini plans to take a big risk so that kavya can be trapped. will swara be able to save her sister and expose kavya at the same time?

  6. Again swara is mahan episodes started. And ragini will be blamed again n again n the maheshwari men will get sade till the time swara brings the clues. I hope that thy give some dialogues to pari, utts, ram, adarsh n dp…

  7. So our detective swara is back to solve the mystery. Love Swasan, Swasan rocks.?

  8. Helly and varun rocks.?

  9. What if this kavya is fraud? Or maybe she went through plastic surgery and the person in jail is someone related to kavya or she probs made false accusations on that person…. I still feel like kavya is fraud if u guys agree please tell me and if I’m wrong tell me what’s ur opinions please I want to know…

  10. Sharon shrivatsav

    Love you teju…..ur awesome…..?????

    Guys got o know a news so, just thought of sharing it….

    Swaragini: Ragini replaces sanskar and spends time with lakshya….

    The upcoming episodes all show that Ragini (teju) will take Sanskar’s (varun) place in jail as he has to go and collect some evidence against kavya…..

    Apparently lakshya (namish) will mistake Ragini as sanskar and talks his heart out about his mistake of ditching Ragini for kavya…..

    However lakshya (namish) will come to know Ragini (teju) has taken Sanskar’s place later…..Ragini (teju) will explain him the reason why she is there nd the up will share some emotional moments in jail together…….

    It would be interesting to see the moment between raglak…..

    For the image you can zoom in my DP and see them Raglak……

    1. yeah…. u have given such an amaze Gud news thanks dear… even I was waiting for this… To see raglak together … swasan and raglak together rockzzz… Yippee swaragini rockzzz…once again a hearty thanks Sharon….

  11. Could be kavya twin sis because they look the same from childhood but different when grown up kavya could have got the plastic surgery done or tania

  12. Again another mystery… Dnt knw wat is gng on in this cvs head and what they r trying to bring out… Just watching all these for Raglak… Hope they come back together again…

  13. no sanskaar’s scenes today.. 🙁
    missed him.

  14. a lot of people r saying bad bout ragini (teju).. I rly felt bad..
    tejaswi is a fab actress nd such a cutiepie.
    love her.

    but yeah, in today episode missed swasan scenes badly.

  15. Epi ws nice..suspense story is gd..
    Bt don’t want to talk more abt epi bt I saw Insta post of one fan don’t want to take name..itna gandha words use kiya helly ke liye..director ke saath kya rln hai,liar,churail,usne jhoot bola koi uske saath rehne nai chahta,dhanya sahi bol rhi thi n all dat..i ws shocked mujhe wo read krke itna bura feel ho raha tha I ws like kisiki soch itni ghatiya kaise ho sakti hai..srsly insaan kisiko itna hate kaise kr sakta hai jbki us insaan ko personally jaanta tk nai..n sorry to say she ws teju fan..uske cmmnt se saaf pata chal raha tha if u lv her n nt liking helly fine bt ye sab..dis is so cheap..aur rahi baat helly ko pasand krneki toh Sb usse pasand krte hai nt nly SR cast..Insta post of Indra Krishna kumudini of kd she posted selfie n said one of my fvt person helly,jigyasa aka thpki also said helly is adorablest cutest girl she ever meet in Mumbai she mentioned Mumbai bcz she is frm Jaipur in her Insta post ..I dnt understand wats d problem of dis people.. Try to make difference in reel n real..itna immaturity..Agr dhnya helly ke saath koi selfie nai leti agr use koi problem hai toh ye unki personal lyf hai n uski choice hai..if u r teju ke fan hai usse appreciate karo bt jisse aap pasand nai krte usse ignore krona..aise words use krne ki kya jarurat hai..agr usse acting nai aati toh RS pagal nai hai Jo itne bade show me as a lead usse liya aur viewers ne usse best actress ke liye vote kiya..dat cmnt ws really disgusting..smone saying swara mahaan yes she is mahaan since beginning apni behen ko kai baar asani se maaf kiya usne..ragu waha isiliye nai thi kyuki wo sanky ka dress me jail me Jane waali hai aur ye problem dono milke solve kr rahe hai as swaragini..n aaj proove ho gaya shekar is biased father hai..sry to say I also lv ragu bt usne swasan glti naa hote hue bhi unhe saja di thi aur aaj ek word nikla uske muh se..wahh..dono uski hi daughters hai bt sumi dono ko equal treatment deti hai jb ki ragu uski beti nai hai bt shekar ki toh dono sagi betiya hai hai toh partiality kyu??I jst dnt like him..
    Plss guyzz try to differentiate betn reel n real.. Don’t bash anyone both of dem r best onscreen sisters n off screen besties..lv heltej????
    Sry fr such long cmnt n sry I hurt anyone

    1. Hi angel
      Wow well executed dear, Well said.

    2. Sorry ,aaj ek word nai bola shekar

    3. U r absolutely right…..
      Reel and real life r different y don’t people understand??

    4. this is a classic example of innocent and sweet looking girl can get away with anything including murder

      1. Sorry I didn’t get u..don’t understand wat do u want to say..

  16. Missing SwaSan and RagLak vry badly…!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Love u my Helly, Tejaswi, Varun, Namish. Love all four of them sooo much!!! <3 <3 <3

  17. It’s good to see swara back doing detective work missed her. Love her acting skills. She is so beautiful and stunning onscreen and offscreen and so is varun, love him an his acting. Swasan rocks.?

      1. Hi nafisa
        Yeah Swasan rocks.?

  18. Lovely episode.

  19. cute episode

  20. hi all gud mrng

  21. swara @ ragini always looking gorgeous

  22. Sassan shaadi se pehle zyaada romance karte the yaar… had hoti h . B4 marriage sanskar toh kahe rha tha ki 5 min mei bahut kuch ho salts h… yahaan toh 5 hafton mei bhi kuch nhi ho rha!!!!!! ;(

    1. Ha ha..is janam me bhi kuchh hoga aisa lg nai raha mujhe..aur sanky ki toh sachme missing report likhwani chahiye kahi gayab hi ho gaya hai..ye RS show he Hume samjhna chahiye tha isme itna romance expect naa karo to hi achha hai..romance dikhane ke liye ekta show nai hai..swasan detectivegiri se fursat mile toh kuchh cute scenes de ye..

  23. Superb i like ragini today more than swara

  24. Why rang de colours me only swara is ragini also lead of the show?

    1. Raagini is also dere

  25. I think d men n swaragini doesnt hav any role except sanskar( rarely)
    Bt still luv swasan

  26. Mysterious Kartik’s truth to get revealed soon

    Swaragini will now showcase an interesting track after Ragini moves on from Lakshya.

    Ragini’s family wants her to get married once again and restart her life.

    On the other hand, there is entry of a new character named Kartik who is mysterious and will soon turn out to be a trouble maker for Ragini.

    Ragini, Swara and Sanskaar will find out that evil Kavya has a connection with Kartik.

    Mysterious Kartik’s truth to get revealed soon

    However, after Kartik’s mystery gets unveiled, it will be seen that he will soon turn into a positive character.

    Kartik will change himself for the better and this will be the beginning of a new romance between Kartik and Ragini.

    Let’s wait and see whether Ragini moves on with Kartik forgetting her past love for Lakshya

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