Swaragini 21st July 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Swara asking Dadi why she tried to kill her mum’s baby. Dadi says you will not understand and asks her to keep quiet. Annapurna says I can’t forgive Ragini, but whatever you have done is very shameful thing. How can you think of killing your own heir, he is your own blood. Durga Prasad says I am feeling ashamed on myself as we have made relations with you, who is stone hearted and tried to kill an innocent life. He asks her to get out from his house. Dadi leaves. Sumi folds her hands. She comforts Ragini and hugs Swara. Shekhar and Sumi leave from there. Parineeta tells did you see? I care for this family even now. I have brought their double face infront of you all. They have just acted to care about our family. Annapurna says you don’t care about our family, else wouldn’t

have done this infront of all. She says you didn’t come to tell truth, but to insult us. She says I don’t want to see your face, just get out. Parineeta says I tried to tell your truth before, you didn’t listen, I don’t have any other way. Adarsh asks Parineeta to leave.

Swara holds Parineeta’s hand asking her to leave. Parineeta says you people aren’t doing right. She says okay, listen to me. She says this house will never get heir. Everyone is shocked. She says when I couldn’t give you heir then your other bahus only will not give. She says Maheshwari family will not go forward, and children voice will never be heard in this house. Jai Kali Maa plays………….She says this is my shrap/curse. Everyone is shocked. Ragini cries and is shattered. Everyone looks at her. Dadi recalls Shekhar holding her responsible and Durga Prasad asking her to get out, Swara asking her why did she try to kill her mum’s baby. She falls down. Sumi and Shekhar try to hold her, but she brushes off their hands. She opens the lock and gets inside. Sumi and Shekhar also get in.

Ragini apologizes to Annapurna and says I have done this to protect my mum’s baby. I didn’t mean to hurt you all. Annapurna says I don’t want to see your face and there is nothing left to hear now. Ragini says Maa. Annapurna says family…you called this as family. If anyone do this with their family. You didn’t try to talk to me even once. She says if you would have told me then I would have supported you. You didn’t say anything when I kept the puja, and even today you have kept pillow on your tummy and sat for the godh bharayi rasam. She says you have forgotten the duties of a bahu and don’t value us. She says if you really care for us, then you wouldn’t have done this. Durga Prasad asks her to stop it.

Annapurna says it is between saas and bahu. She says she did a mistake by getting her son married to her. Ragini cries. Laksh is shocked. Annapurna tells laksh, you have hidden this big truth from your mom and supporting her even now. She says I can’t bear this anymore. She asks Durga Prasad to come. Durga Prasad goes with her. Sujata asks Swara not to become like her sister Ragini. She says we can forgive Laksh, but not Ragini as she has not done this for first time. She says Ragini have done this intentionally. Sujata and Ram also leave. Swara is about to leave. Ragini holds her hand and asks do you think that I am wrong. You are also leaving me. Swara says you are wrong and brushes her hand. She says why you take wrong path to make everything right. She asks why don’t you have strength and prove your point rightly. Swaragini plays…………….

Dadi determines to take revenge on Sumi for the insult. Ragini and Swara talk to Sumi on phone and asks her not to do heavy work. Just then they hear her scream and shout Maa.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I am leaving this show ryt now .
    Fed up with this Bl**dy f**king partiality of this crap serial.
    Let this show go to hell or wherever I don’t care. The CVS has proved itself worthless today.
    Getting pissed of with this.
    Its better for me to leave this show & concentrate on my studies rather than watching it and becoming a pshyco.
    This Show is a b***h.
    Good news that this show is falling out of TRPS.

  2. Hey.. Till godh barai function epi Ragini looks more pretty than anyone.. Also Tejaswi.. Wow.. Such a good expressions.. She did lot of crying scenes before.. But today what she did was something out of the world.. I loved it..
    About the track it’s good.. I think it’s gonna be alright soon..

  3. what what what ragini is pregnent !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Aila

    yar!!! kya musibat hai is pari ko???????now ragini will get pregnant,,,,dont know wt will happen to the child?????

  5. It good for Rags…Everyone should treat her like an outcast..Ap get what she deserve ,she never liked swara for laksh she over love Rags that cheater liar,betrayer and selfish b*t*h….Pari is a million times better than Rags but yet they will forgive rags and keep her in house..

    1. What is wrong with you all. You all have such a narrow mind. You are saying that its good for Ragini, just don’t forget that she is doing everything for your so called Mahaan Swara’s mother. And Ragini got the punishment for everything she did. Her husband himself ditched her and married someone else to make her realize her mistakes. She payed for her sins and still you all can’t get over it. All you know is to come here and talk rubbish. Shame on you really

    2. Dear u shouldn’t say like thz


    Vaise to main yahan comment krna or iss show ko dekhna ab kuch khass pasand nhi krti; but SBS me dekha tha shocking rocking news me to ek to din se dekh rehi thi show. But aaj ke episode ke baad main comment krnw pr majbur ho gyi hun.

    And main jannti hun mera comment padh kr kuch ko bhut gussa aayega or kuch ko thik lagega but main kisi ke sentiments hurt nhi kr rehi hun; sirf main views likh rehi hun.

    Aaj ke episode ko dekh kr ek baat to pakki ho gyi hai that 80% cases me sawra hi hai jo prblm ko badati hai or fir solve kr k mahan bann jaati hai. Ab iss drame ko hi dekh ko; ragini and laksh ne apne mummy papa ki help hi kr rehe the; but nhi sawra ko half sach pta chala and she reacted without thinking and ab bhi blame ragini pr hi daal rehi hai ki galti uski thi jbki jis bacche ke baare me vo keh rehi usko to dadi ne kab ka maar diya hota; agr ragini and laksh ne apne papa mummy ka sath nhi diya hota; I Know ragini ke jhut ki wajha se sabke sentiments hurt hue hai but itni badi uski koi galti bhi nhi thi jitna bada usko sawra ne banna diya hai. Or sabki ankhone me mahan bann gyi hai ki uski wajha se sach sabke samne aaya; balki usko phele puri sach jann lena chiye tha… hmesha sawra kud incomplete sach ke sath dhamaka krti hai fir sabko manati hai or fir jb pura sach janti hai tb bhi dhamka krti hai or mahan ban jati hai.

    I am sorry agr sawara ke fans ko baat buri lgi ho… but its truth if u think deeply.

    1. Excuse me…I don’t want to hurt u..but u mistaken..it was not swara who told the truth to everyone…parineeta told swara the truth but still she doesn’t believe it and didn’t told anybody the truth…parineeta pushed Ragini so the pillow tied to her tummy fell down and then everyone got to know the truth..but still swara kept quite..it was rather AP and Sujata who reacted..so don’t say unncesaaey things..


        I do not get that why all sawra fans are in perception that rest who do not like her much as her fans like insulting her…
        And i was not talking about only this incident rather for maximum times that happen prblm is due to sawra create; try to solve and that finally again solve, getting full credit…

        And yes; even after knowing the truth she is blaming ragini for all this. She should have supported her but no she is blaming..


        And yes, if the same drama would have been done by sawara; she would have become mahan; only ragini did; so she become punishbale..

    2. Yes ri8 swara ko zyada hi mahan bna diya ha …….ragini ko punish Q kr rhy hn??ragini is moree good than swara

  7. Moni

    Ragini was superb today..teju nailed it and this dadi will never change..loved the way laksh held her hand when everyone were pointing fingers on her

  8. Shareable mind your tongue and don’t dare to take word against ragini and don’t know why you doing such crap talking about ragini and one thing you think you like swara but I think your obsessed with swara and that’s why u cant bare if someone praises ragini and pls this a serial don’t take personal and next don’t bash ragini because ragini fans not going to spare u

  9. First shernallee mind your tongue and today I want to slap that swara becoz rag did all these to save swara mother’s child and instead of thanking ragini swara just scold her and one thing swara if ragini doesn’t done this drama in a wrong way u wont see your brother alive

  10. Yaar ragini acting is brilliant and cvs are going so much partial between actress and that why trp falling and onething if swara has done what ragini done then cvs make swara mahaan and it’s ragini that’s why they blaming her today Iam done with serial and Iam not going to watch to this serial

  11. Lila

    Yh yh again the mahan Swara…. that’s never gonna change.. she can never understand her own sister. Ragini didn’t di anything bad…Swara should of understood that and took Ragini’s side but instead she sides with the rest. What kind of a sister is she? Seriously! And before anyone says stop bashing Swara let me be clear this isn’t bashing it’s the truth. And U guyz should stop watching this crap becoming like ssk without ghosts that’s all.

    1. Varsha

      Y I totally agree with you dear, and all swara fans are bashing ragini even now. She did it for her step mom not for her mom. At least swara should have supported her, why on the hell rags should do like this

    2. nd pls tell me if swara is mahan wht abt ur ragini..she isn’t mahan..if we startd to say truth u guys always tell na we bash ur sooo called ragini…

  12. I am tired of goodie two shoes Swara, she must always be better than everyone else. It’s time for Swara to die. Swara sickens me. Helly is a big fat fake, she refused for her character to get its turn to be negative. The only way for Swara to disappear is for Helly to get run over by a train. Die Helly DIE

    1. Hello,Why should helly will die why are you bringing helly in this.what she did to you she is doing her job

      1. She should die along with her friends, she is an insecure cow there is nothing cute about her and her big fish eyes. Everyone had a chance to go negative Helly refused cause she knows she lacks the talent to be a multi dimensional character. That and its fun to rile all you dumb desi up. India the land of Idiots hahahahaha

    2. u stupid shut ur bldy mouth..why r u bring my cutie hellu here..its a fictional shw abt swara nd ragini..not abt heltej…so stp bashng hellu…why you jealous of helly??
      nd d only way to get rid of swara is stp watchng the show..cant resist swara na????poor girl

      1. Awww look its a fanpire, how about you learn how to spell and construct proper sentences rather than watch soapies all day, your life has no purpose please find the nearest exit.

  13. M going to stop watching swaragini..i loved swasan and raglak equally. .. Sick of this fans fighting… All are fighting for fictional character… My mood is gonna worsen… Nothing else! Bubye!
    Bashers and haters fight! Continue ur world war 3!l

    1. This fans wars never stop I am quitting swaragini for reel characters they are praying for a real person death

  14. Swara behaved too much. Why did she do marriage act with Sanskar

  15. Hency

    Seriously again the mahan drama is started. ..swara tries to prove herself as a great mahan and others can only do wrong things. ..stupid swara…go to the hell ???

  16. guys don’t bash others ragini fans only concentrate on our princess teju
    . its not swara mistake its CVS mistake always doing partiality

  17. Again this Swara drama started… Ragini did everything for Swara’s mother the one who never showed any kind of love towards Ragini… who even slapped her for calling her shona a body… now she was doing for her so called mother but they also have problem with it… Now sujata is asking her not to be like Ragini… Great!!! Who does that in todays world… I know she hurted the sentiments but whatever she did was just for the welfare of Sumi.. And now dadi wants to take revenge from Sumi… She will definitely do something for which Swaragini will repent… Sick of this shit!

  18. teju was awesome as usual..love u teju.teju rocks

  19. teju is awesome as usual..love u teju.teju rocks

  20. dis shw bcm boring nd boring..always drama rona dona..why dey always shw dis type of craps…only toleratng dis crap show for my cutie pie hellu…swara is d jaan of d shw..if she not i defenitely stop watch that crap show..why cant dey shw happiness nd romance btw swasan…

    bt why ragini can’t tell dis big matter to ap???ap love nd belive ragini mote dan swara…instead wht she got??always betrays and lies from ragini even ragini tries to blacken d face of ap by her own hands..so der is no fault in ap’s reaction…

    d same questn is asked by swara whch i want to ask akways…..why ragini cant follow the path of truth..why she cant face a problem in strongrst way??????ragini always takes the path of lie nd cowardness nd stupidity..really swara is beauty with brain but ragini is beauty with dumbo…..plz cvs show strong ragini..not dis type of dumbo

    cvs change dese rona dona track..tolerating only for my cutie pie hellu..LOVE U HELLU…MY CUTIE PIE LOVE U SOO MUCH..ND ALL THE BEST FOR JDJ..WE R ALWAYS WITH U AND SUPPORT U..LOVE U PRINCESS…

    guyz did u see the cham cham video of hellu.she posted in insta..she dances soo good..

    1. let me remind you sarika during uttara marriage swara also behaved as an coward not dare to tell reality to ragini or sanskar or any of other family members, what it is not her mistake to behave as foolish. when ragini as noticed tenssion and stress feelings in her face she forced her to tell what problem she is facing then only she spoke out the truth and planned against rajat (“you may say that pari is in his captivity so she have not inform anybody in home and played according to rajat words, when she fear for that pari who is mature and pratect herself from his cluches”) then here matter is very sensitive to save baby who is unborn till now,to protect a life she have done all this what was wrong in that (“you may say atleast she should say to ap according to your opinion now let me clear onething when society,pari and sujatha accused her child and said to do obortion she nethier supported them or nor favoured to sumi she just said that is there personal matter they will solve it”) , so here ragini as feared to say to ap about it if anything get wrong means she can’t protect a masoom child and her family rescept so what the wrong she have done.
      (“note: how many times ragini tried to tell swara about her mother condition and her fp did she pay attention to her words no she was busy in her own world by abusing sahill or trusting and reptance of sankar what she have done during memory loss” or busy in household work or romancing with sanskar”……..)
      (“you may say when she listening to ragini everone as disturbed by somework or the other during the day time only but what happen during night or early morning when they wokeup they are living in same house not far away from miles”)
      so say me she what done wrong then (” you may say that whey she have sit in godbari by fp let me remind you she have not said any one to celebrate function to her it is swara suprise to her with out informing her before function going to start also she tried so many times did she listened to her no at all”)
      then what wrong ragini had done “to save a life and protecting her family recept and adopting of somi child and try to give a name and respect to child in society is this is wrong” and fulling responsibility of a daugther and as daugther in law giving happiens of grandson/daugther is this wrong eventhough by adopting sumi child then what wrong she have done.

      1. rekha vaghela

        A fit reply…
        And u forgot to mention swara’s fake marriage which she did to bring out ragini’s truth and unite her ma and baba.. Ragini was just trying to save an innocent life.. And she knew that only Laksh swara and Sanskar would help her in this.. But swara had her own busy life going on.. And Sanskar was also busy.. So she did whatever she could. I know swara will u derstand that whatever ragini did was good for the baby when the baby dies.. ( as till then no one will believe why ragini had to go to that extent)

        And the fine thing about or comment is u didn’t create a picture of bad swara, rather u justified our ragini. Love that…

  21. what is ragini fans problem always want achance to bash othrs..mainly swara..u stupid ppls first read aby article. or st den come and bash swara..some time u ppl bash swara den sanskar even u ppl didnt left sumi..shame on u…u ppl call swara as mahan naa den what is ragini she is over mahann..yeah THR GREAT STUPID MAHTHMA MAHAN RAGINI who loves her step mother who ready to sacrifice her life for step sis nd do fake ptegnancy…..nd for ur kind info swara is a girl who always follow the path of truth not like ragini always betray othrrs…

    u ragini fans even question mothrts love..dat day sumi slap bcz she said swara is dead..u ppl which ma should bear???its naturaal dey slap..bcz dey cant digest the fact..if it is swara also she will slap…but dat time ur dumbo ragini is two stand one side she tell swara is alive othrside she tell swara dead..tell which ma bear dis…
    nd sumi also love ragini equally..even she stp ap to slap ragini nd tell d truth evryone..she always support ragini..she loved her like her own daughtr bt u ppl hav problem with dat….its ragini who forced to agrer for fp…its a stupid desicion of ur dumbo ragini..

    nd coming to swara she always the right path not like ragini..she evn slapped sanskar for lieng abt kissan..so wt swara doo now she do aarthy for ragini?????swara hate lies ..nd ahe get to knw dis fact from othrs.nd ragini played witjbeveryones feelings…bcz of raginis stupid drama pari curses eveyone…swara in a shock of dat..she is totally broke now how can ahe stood beside ragini…we have full faith on swara dat she will support ragini bt she need some time..swara is a understanding girl..soo she always with right path she even support ragini..but u ragini fans can’t bear any single word aginst ragini like we can’t bear any single word aginst swara..first plz understand the aituation nd bark…nd in alwaus most shw heroibs are mahan in dis shw swaragini also mahan..but now over stupid mahan ia ragini..

    itz 21st centuary…plz dnt bw sooo coward..why ragini can’t fight for her moter in strongest way…she is a coward dats all i want to say

    1. Yaarrr Simi understand ,I will tell u one situation based on that u tell me whether Swara is right or wrong.
      Swara’s fake marriage with Sanskaar to expose Ragini’s truth.
      If u say Swara is Right then now Ragini is Right.If u say Swara is Wrong Ragini is also wrong.
      I have nothing against Swara…
      Why cant Swara fight for herself,why she needs to take sanskaar’s help…..
      Infact she no need to get married to him at all she can do it by herself…If u say wat Ragini did is cowardness
      I call wat swara did in the past as complete foolishness & acted liked an insane.
      Please no offence…

  22. rekha vaghela

    Pari is stupid and selfish.. Her curse can never affect maheshwari.. As they didn’t do anything bad to her. But this is serial they would show anything..

    Everyone blaming ragini okay… Understood… But Laksh was with her the whole time.. Still he could b forgiven. And swara should try to understand rags.. As if she hadnt done the acting, sumi’s baby would b dead by now… Swara would realize this once sumi looses her child.
    And love u ragini… Wat some raglak moment, now, as to how Laksh attempt to restore rags lost respect in his house and also to show how much rags got attached to sumi’s unborn baby and the baby’s loss has affected her..

  23. blo*dy hell with dis swara.ragini ko galat sabit karne k liye a maharani khud fake marriage ka drama kar sakti hai.if other person did this,that person is wrong.i hate dis swara’s character from bottom of heart.

  24. Prateeksha

    Loved teja acting today. In twitter also Salil praised her acting skills today. Atlast the Cv’s gave some proper track for teja to prove her acting skills and our teja nailed it. LOVE YOU A LOT MY BARBIE DOLL. MY PRINCESS TEJASSWI. During the jail sequence namish proved his acting skills and even got a standing ovation for his acting skills from his Co actors. Now teja proved her ability. PROUD TO BE A TEMISHIAN. LOVE RAGLAK. LOVE TEMISH. They deserve more and more than this. LOVE YOU A LOT NAMISH. TEMISH ROCKS… PROUD TO BE THEIR FAN..

  25. AnuAnn

    Till now I read all the comments .. Wt is the prlm with u guys.. Y u r overreacting.. All r calling swara mahaan… Wt she did in fake pregnancy case.. She didn’t even tell anything against ragini. But all r blaming swara.. All r trying to call swara mahaan and saying she has done some great mistake against ragini.. From 2 3 episodes she don’t get any dialogues..and in yesterdays episode ap and suj speak against ragini not swara.. And you can blame her y she didn’t support ragini.. Only reason she too didn’t know abt it only becoz of parineeta she too get to know it. And the last part of swaras dialogue is complete .. Before blaming her just watch today’s episode

    1. Dear both the fans are equally mad n both cant bear single scratch against their fav!

  26. rekha vaghela

    And moreover since sumi got pregnant swara had no time for her. Getting her nanad married, then finding that the man was not good, then losing her memory, and making Sanskar run for her, and more kidnapping and drama stuff and making entire family run behind her..

    While ragini was with the family the whole time. She told swara initially that rajat is not a good guy, but then Accepted. When swara was supposed to b dead, she managed the whole family, and was with them all the time. Even when swara got back, it was due to ragini that she started to come to maheshwari mansion. Or she was not ready to see maheshwari’s face. She helped her during her time of amnesia (though swara didn’t tell her problem to ragini, when. Rajat was blackmailing her, ragini attempted to tell her everything.) But everyone kept godh bharai for sick ragini, before even informing to her. If she was sick then they could have let her rest instead of arranging for a function, by the time she would have told swara. And she got attached to sumi’s baby( scene when she saw sumi’s baby in USG) her concern was genuine.. No one can question that…

    Still ragini is bad??? If swara is good then ragini is also good. As going to extreme for one u love doesn’t make u coward or fool, or dumb,

  27. Ifrah Maqsood

    I don’t understand why can’t Swara not overreact? I am a Swara fan but this was a bit too much…I won’t watch the show too…I can understand that the Maheshwari family is hurt and stuff n their reaction is genuine but Swara? Isn’t she her own sister? Couldn’t she just for once ask her?

  28. Stopped watching it long back

  29. Helloooo guyz just lisnt, there is a gd news for teja and raglak fans, in an interview temish tells that now they are giving us raglak track bcz raglak fans requestd in twitter. And they also tells that its only bcz they are getting raglak fans support. And ragini is not getting pregnant. So chill guyz now we get what we want. And if u ppl want more raglak scenes not fight here. Its vast. So go and join twitter and support raglak. Dnt react to teja bashers they doesn’t had any other works so they are bashing actors. And plssss u ppl dnt bash helly. Dnt sloop to their stage.so encourage ur faveriets. Dnt bash others. Anyways raglak rocks. I wont hate swasans.

  30. That will be nice… I wish ragini get pregnant..so that pari’s curse will get flopd… ..swara too shud bcom preg

  31. Zuha Fatima

    I don’t understand why you guys are fighting! I also didn’t like when Swara didn’t support Ragini but insiulting Teja and Helly is nonsense! Come on! And why are you talking such about real person…you are praying of her death so be aware that sometimes prayers back off…Stop fighting like Kindergarten stundents! Indeed I like Tejaswi more than Helly but both are wonderful acteresses…Yes I am a Raglak Fan but I like Swasan at the same time! I also feel a bit sad when we don’t get RAGLAK scenes but that doesn’t means to fight ..Be patient! As Sabar ka phal meetha hota hai! But plz don’t insult Ragini nor Teja! It is a humble request! I also don’t like when some fan insult Teja and at the same time I support Helly when she is insulted on this page! But those who are saying Ragini is stupid Mahan so listen which Lie we say with good and correct intention is not a LIE! I am a Muslim and in Islam such condition is called “Tauria” and to save an innocent life is a great thing! And till it is Swara I understand that she hates lie but few days back she was mourning that her sibling has been aborted and now when she comes to know that her sissy saved the child she should be proud on her sis.
    Swara was wrong today! But still I am a Swasanian and Raglakian! Will support Teja and Helly always! Love Swaragini! No offense!


    1. Agreeing with u… Darling ???

  32. Hahahahahahahahahahaha..serilously these all comments made me laugh out bad… m shocked to see the madness of fans on this page..they are behaving as child…I wonder if helly or tejaswi will give a damn to their nonsense..and the fans will kill each other for bashing their fav and the actors will enjoy together having fun..lol.. ?

  33. I dntwnt this pregnancy track so soon. Frst they have to show us some raglak and swasan sweet moments. But this rs shows only gives darama. If they want gd trp stop this family drama.

  34. And about paris curse she is not a devi to become her curse true. She is a devil. She even tried to kill a unborn baby.

  35. Swara is in shock she believe his mother and sister so only she didn’t believe pari truth so don’t bash the characters and stop fighting pls about the epi there are few comments only but fans bashing comments are more than that…..

  36. Reallyyyyy ragini was superb in da episode ….I’m new here commenting……ya ever time they show sawar as mahaan,….love u ragini u rocksss…..love u raglak

  37. I left seeing this show long back but im just reading written updates ….i guess now i should quit reading also….every time this swara is getting mahaan and ragini is getting insulted…..they r forgetting ragini is also the lead of the show…….

  38. Mica

    what swara done in this episode ? why almost all of you blame her due to ragini , parineetha or even ap and sujata have done?
    she just questioning what ragini did, and you’ll blame her.. ciihhh
    injustice ppl, no wonder, if it’s ragini, you all will praising her like hell,
    ragini killed her sister, she got the compliment as a faithfull girl
    ragini kidnapped her mom, and got slapped, still you blame the mom who slapped her.
    i can’t understand this fanfreaks…sooooo horrible

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