Swaragini 21st December 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 21st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Swara coming downstairs to get water and is about to fall, but Sanskar holds her and asks her to be careful. Swara gets Sumi’s call. Sumi asks about her relation with Sanskar. Swara tells her that distance is widening between her and Sanskar, and he is not hearing anything. Sumi says she is with her in her fight.

Ragini applies moisturizing cream on her hands. Laksh laughs. Ragini asks why you are laughing? Laksh says on you, owner of the house. He says oh..owner got angry and might take the keys….then says keys is already with you. Ragini asks why you are laughing? Laksh says I am showing sympathy on your foolishness. Ragini asks him to tell what he thinks is her stupidity. Laksh says that you can defeat Swara….He falls down on bed and sleep. Ragini

promises that she will make Swara lose.

Sanskar reads Swara’s note left by her…for him asking him to let her stay in the house, and reminds him to take vitamins. He takes the tablets and reads her other notes. Swara comes to his room with a new note for him. Sanskar says I don’t want….Swara asks what? Don’t you love me now. Sanskar says no…She asks him to keep his hand on her head and says….She says I know you still love me and hugs him saying I love you too. Sanskar is shocked and says you don’t love me. Swara says do you know my feelings more than myself. Sanskar doesn’t believe her and says you are trying to make our relation better to make everything fine. Sanskar says I doesn’t believe you. Swara says I really love you. She says you really want to end relation with me and want me to go from your heart.

Sanskar says yes….and says we don’t have any relation between us. Swara says truly…..Sanskar looks at her and asks her to go, saying there is nothing left between us. He says you can’t love me…Swara says fine and says congratulates for your life. She runs cryingly. Sanskar says I love you too Swara……He says this is my heart, not a toy….whom you throw according to your wish. I couldn’t bear to be separated again from you. Swara cries in her room. Chalte Chalte song plays……………..Sanskar also cries. She tells herself that she can’t accept defeat so easily and says you both love each other. You have to make him realize your love.

Next morning, Swara comes to Durga Prasad and asks did you called me. Durga Prasad says yes, and says I don’t know how to say….He tells her that he have to forward his hand infront of Ragini for Annapurna’s medicine etc. Swara hesitantly tells him that she has some money and asks him to take it. Durga Prasad tells her that he brought some property/share on her name and asks her to sign. Swara signs without reading the papers. Durga Prasad apologizes to her. Swara asks him not to ask for forgiveness from her. She gets a call. She asks him if she needs to sign on any more papers. Durga Prasad nods no. Swara gets photographer’s call, and he tells that he has blurred photo of the woman. Sujata is taking a heavy bucket of clothes. Swara says I will help you and take the bucket with much difficulty, leaving her phone on the table. Ragini comes and asks Sujata to give her tea within 10 mins. Sujata goes unwillingly. Just then Swara’s phone rings. Ragini sees studio number flashing and picks the call. Photographer asks her to come and take the blurred photo. Ragini panics and thinks she can’t let Swara stay in the house.

Ragini accuses Swara for demanding 10 crore alimony from Sanskar. Swara cries and tells Sanskar that she promises that she will never doubt on him. Sanskar refuses to believe her. Swara promises to return home to make everything fine.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Honey

    Awww… Swasan moments I was literally crying. Sanskar please accept swara soon… But I can’t tolerate this Ragini track..

    • wellwisher

      hope so it is not that.
      but the full update is not over here.
      at the starting we have ragini pinning SWARA photo near sanskar’s photo in that revenge list and telling dadi that she will take revenge from swara also.
      the next scene shifts to badi where dadi warning sumi and shekar to bring swara back home as she has only 5 more days…………..
      and laksh was actually drunken and he passes out………..

  2. simi

    swraginis current track is so borring yr.or swsan is divorce.agr swsan alg ho jayge to ye serial dumb ho jayga.please dont do this.

  3. Akshatha

    Plzzzzzzz yar dnt separate swasan plzzz I usd 2 watch nly 4 thm plzzz I thnk durgprasad jo paper swara ko diya may b vo dvrc paper ti plzzz swasan I thnk it’s bttr 2 read ff instead of real srl..???swasan no ek karo

  4. Tara

    Yippiiieeee superbbbbbbb episode after a veryyyyyy long time. Loved swasan scenes toooo much. Awesomeeeee epi. I wish sanskar overcomes from his depression and fear. Swara should make him trust her and assure that she will never leave. He is not ready for another heart break. Loveddddd 2day’s toooo much. RagLak scenes also tooo good

  5. sanju

    spoiler: ragini is having rest while making others work. ragini’s misbehavior is getting high. she has thrown water on annapurna’s face and also dusting cloth. she insults annapurna. ragini says im bad and i will insult them. sanlak gets angry and insult ragini. sanskaar says it was getting worse, she can’t insult his family. sanskaar throws water on raginis face. she says she will give him an answer. she throws the things and spoil the floor, asking ap to clean it. sanlak got together to stand against ragini.

  6. Seeba

    Sanskarrrr….u r rocking…swasan scenes r awesome…..CVS know how to make us stick to this show…sanskar is having some plan ..it seems…anyways…
    today I am really happy….swasan soooooooooo cute together…

  7. z

    sanskaar and lakshya join hands against ragini:
    the upcoming episodes of swaragini will show that ragini is ruling on maheshwari’s life making them dance on her tune.
    she insults annapurna by throwing water and dusting cloths on her face.
    sanlak gets angry and insults her. sanskaar tells it geting worse can’t insult his family and throws water on her face. she says she will give him answer, asks annapurna to clean it. sanlak join hands to end ragini’s evil plans.

  8. kirti

    Arre yaar aaj toh swara n sans dono ne mujhe maar hi dala or rula hi diya
    N guyz i think k sans dont wanna see swara to be hurt anymore as he knows k ab rags swara ko puri tarah se todd degi

    • Kaira

      Yea,even I think so,but not getting a clue how Swara will come back but signing papers alone won’t grant divorce,na?

  9. Really swara sanskr scene was sooooo good even sad…y the hell sansker is doing like this..y he is hurtng swara…….??….hope sanskr will soon accpt swara….

  10. sanju

    laksh humiolate ragini: ragini will call girls from beauty parlour for manicure and pedicure. she will also ask her dadi to get it done. lakshya will come home drunk and vent his anger over ragini. she will ask lakshya to stop wasting money. he will throw coins away and on her head to ragini and humilate her saying she only thinks about money.

  11. angel

    I awanna kill ragini…its enough yar…I never thought bthat the simple innocent ragini will stoop so low….she is just becoming disgusting vamp day by day….now swara is gone to and sanskar is not trusting her…wt is happeming…th cvs are testing our patience….oh GOD!!!!

    hope sanlak do sth gainst this villain…..hate this dragging……..nonsense

  12. Ritzi

    The papers signed by swara were divorce papers!!!!! But at other way it is good as when everything will be fine definitely sanskar would propose swara and they both will get marry willingly

  13. N ya aaj lucky ne bhi thoda sa stomachache de diya coz he madd me laugh hahahaha
    Aaj swasanlak ki performance dhamaakedaar thi

  14. K.praveena

    Today i really don’t accepted dp doing. Swara unknowlnly signs the divorce paper bcos she trust dp blindly. Swara open ur eyes.

  15. Riha

    No they won’t separate ragini aka Tejaswini will quit the show and the writers will make swasan reunite they do not have any option because if they will separate then we swasan fans will not watch it and already yaar their trps dropped so they will reunite swasan

  16. Mithu

    Best Swasan scene till date,if Varun was not cast opposite Swara then would have never never got to watch this magic,Swasan is the best.

  17. shravya

    swasan scene super and now i think he is not pretending.. how many of you think he is pretending..?? he is really hurt and now he cant see her again close to him and he is really hurt and if again she leaves he cant digest so he is letting her go awy from her.. why sanskaar telling her to go away… ???? as dp only loves both swara and sanskaar in the house but he took sign so there must be some reason and big thing dp has about his past ok but is sanskaar really want her to go away from him??

    • Shwetha

      Even I have same doubts dear, Sanskar loves her and is afraid for losing her after going closer to her but his nature is not stubborn so may be he is making Swara stay away from the problems in Mm out of his love for her,but no clue about DP’s past and its connection with Dadi and Rags,and how will Swara come bk,wat reason,God knows,what these writers are up to,please don’t separate Swasan and yesterday Swasan rocked but made me cry.Both Helly and Varun acted perfectly.

  18. bhuvi

    Swasan scene is really hurtful for us… But varun.. He is Juz an amazing actor… His expression n dialogue delive…everything beyond the level of act… He said I love you too swara when she left the room.. That scene was amazing with his extraordinary expression … Omg plz unite them soon… Plz…

  19. Hey rashmi evn i feel d same
    Me also think dat its good fr swara to stay out as sanlak may hav a plan to destroy rags n o fr god sake sans shud trust swara

  20. rosy

    I heart dat whole scene of swara back hugging sanskar and sanskar closing his eyes and swara telling i love u too and sanskar’s face with a single reaction of shock….sanskar yaar i undrstnd ur fear dat swara might leave u…neways i hope we get to see more SwaSan scenes ahead..

  21. rosy

    If for sure swara is leaving da house for a couple of days i feel she shd becum a dormant volcano and remain calm 4 some days to plan huge against rags….
    Bt bt bt bt i knw directors wont think with logic n brain they wl drag n swara wl remain active n say i wl do this n dat n wen tym comes rags wl win….
    There wl b endless miseries n hardshps n evil wl win everytym n swara wl becum SIMAR(THE CRYING QUEEN 1) WITHOUT PROPER MAKEUP ND KAJAL….y only evil does heavy makeup???
    Pure characters can actually dressup n do makeup dat looks aesthetic with kajal and little lipstick….n swara stop wearing those 5inch heels inside ur house…

    • Shwetha

      Exactly…at least during sleep..not that there should not be make up,but sensible costumes and makeup and yesterday Swara’s hair during love confession scene was not good,tied hair gives her a natural look ,the other one gives a wig feel from the front.

  22. Y dnt lucky act like he is loving ragini. …nd thn he can slowly overpowr ragini….and he can make her positive…by this even raglak wil also get together…..

  23. mahi

    guys today episode analysis
    guys today episode was very emotional ….but let me start the other way
    dp how could you be so selfish just to hide your truth you took swara sign on divorce paper you were only one one who wanted swasan 2gather when even sanskar and swara were ready to divorce you remembered sanskar love confession,,,but where ol those thing went when you were fooling swara and took her signature ..now whatever ragini will do to you and your family you yourself will b responsible
    and sumi i love you yaar the way you always support swara is simply marvellous you show what a true mother is love you
    and now i come to raglak yaar in dono ko dekh kar aisa lagta hai jaise HATE SToRY 4 is in making but guys teju rocks in that red nighty and laksh you i din’t know but i feel that know you will become strongeri don’t know whether any1 notice or not but when laksh picked up the glass then apple fizz bottle was kept instead of wine or alchole bottle which clearly indicates that lucky was drinking apple fizz and not alchole lol
    now i come to my lovly swasan
    swara girl you got the way to make sanskar hear you but dude you have hurt him a lot you lost your first love but he saw his love dying in his hand that too on marrige day but then too he had the guts too love some1 even though at that time you call his love dhokha …at that time he too felt the same pain but he smiled becoz he want you too smile…
    sanky baby i luv you i know you feel pain when you see her cry the pain you got is way more greater then that

  24. AD Musica

    Gud episode … loved the swasan scene hope sanky realizes shona’s love soon ……
    And what the hell is rong wid the writers why just can’t dey let Swara n sanskaar be 1….

  25. mahi

    GUYS REMEMBER WHEN RAGINI TRUTH CAME OUT WE CONDUCTED VARIOUS POLL..WROTE LETTERS ON FB WROTE ON TWITTER TO SHOW CVS THAT WE WANT SWASAN SAME WAY WE CAN DO WITH TEJU WE CAN CONDUCT VARIOUS POLL AND AND WRTIE EVERYWHERE THAT WE WANT TEJU AS RAGINI AND THAT TOO +ve Guys we can really stop teju from quiting write on her twitter account wrute on fb guys when first time our voice was heard then this time also it will happen becoz guys i can’t see swaragini without ragini and i cant see ragini with out teju

  26. K.praveena

    Today i don’t accepted dp doings. He is selfish na. And dp only wants him respect and doe’t consider swara life. And also dp bcoms rag puppet inderiectly. And he gets swara sign on divorce papers. And swara open ur eyes and don’t trust any1 blindly. And today i feel like so innocent swara.

  27. sethooty

    Loved today’s episode.. Wow..swasan scene was extraordinary… Varun kapoor is a wonderful actor amazing..and his expression was awesome. Sanskar still love swara..but he really hurt wen she doubted on him, now he can’t tolerate another heart break due to swara.

      • radhi

        Hey guys …watsup… Is there any hope to watch this seria without hyper tensio?? I mean they ll unite swasan before this new year… ?? Or they drag to next newyear ???

    • Rids

      I hope they unite soon.. But serials always drag… M thinking is there any chance tat they might show ragini s doing all this to protect her family in someway…. Please…. M not able to watch this serial…. So tat they can turn her into positive…

  28. Eynah

    Sanky trust swara thats y he said i love you too swara after swara confess her love and leave ,he trust her but also fear ,i think he has some reason behind this behavior

  29. Appu

    After a long time such a good episode.it was sad but luvd swasan scene.varun u r just an amazing actor.u showed that frustration after swara left his room wow super.swasan u r the best jodi .super chemistry.excepting many more episodes like this

  30. Mein pagaal Ho jayongi agaar yeh chalta raha toh. Why they r dragging this serial. Now they make swasan divorced. Oh my swasan. Plz writers unite them plz. I can’t wait more. And this ragini is getting on my nerves. Hate her from core. Love swasan

  31. Wwwoooowww…. romba naal kalichu swasan amazing scene…. nenja touch pannite sanskar unnoda awesome nadipala……. chance less acting both by swasan…….. intha scene Ku I would like to dedicate Thodu vaanam song from anegan…. wow simply loved those scenes……

  32. ishu

    wow….ty is the best epi of swaragini….i feel so cry for our swasan moments….
    hi…mahi….i like your analysis….i like ur cmd….i m also feel like that…..i m also support u to for stooping teju….its true without ragini(teju) is not swaragini….i cant imaginie anyone else of teju in ragini role…..shevis so cute and also very good actress too
    hi nuszoya….i m also tamil….u dedicate the song thodumanam for swasan…..wow…its so amaxiing song ya….i love this song…..i also dedicated this song for my fav couple swasan….

    actresss too…
    hi nuszoya

  33. Saranya

    Hi, Today Varun & Helly both rocked. And Namish also superb. Total episode was good. May be laksh got any feelings about Ragini? So that he said her as fool. And any reasons behind Ragini,Sanskar & DP’s act.

    But writers Pl change the track yar. Day by day its getting bore. Pls change Ragini as positive and keep teju. And unite Swasan, Raglak & Swaragini as well.

    • Shwetha

      Agree with u totally yaar,same doubts n same request to keep Teju.Laksh and Ragini would make a good pair,yesterday for the first time,me too felt so,Teju ,make over superb,looking young bold and beautiful…

  34. Viswa

    Instead of main updates of serial other stories are morewiah could have seperate folder for those imiganary stories asits beein diffult to follow the main update.:(

  35. shravya

    ragini increases her torture level:
    sr is making the audience hooked to it’s show with it’s intresting twist and turns in every episode. ragini knows she wouldn’t succeed in her mission to humilate her in laws as long as swara stay under same roof. swara wants to apolize sanskaar and clear misunderstandings between them. but ragini’s well hatched plan may ruin swara’s efforts. ragini who decides to throw swara out of the house by getting her signature on the divorce papers with out her knowledge.
    she will be shocked with this development and try to tell sanskaar that she didnt sign the papers but her efforts will be in vein. she leaves the house.
    in upcoming ragini will increase her torture level on maheshwari family. she makes them work as servants.
    acc to source, “ragini throws water on annapurna’s face and which makes lakshya angry and he holds her neck. later angry sanskaar throws water on her face and tells her that she can take their property but not their self respect and decide to leave the house with his family. but as we know she has a secret of durga prasad and some how stops the family”.
    later both sanskaar and lakshya join hands to give back ragini.
    we will also witness a scene where laksh comes home drunk and throws money on ragini’s face and humilates her.
    will swara able to solve the mystery of durga prasad? keep reading more updates of swaragini.

  36. aathira

    Guys…I had stopped watching dis show past few weeks…..is dere any hope of swasan track and ending up of RAGINI track…???

    • Shwetha

      Swasan track will be there but God knows wen,watching only to see them,yesterday’s swasan scene was the best but painful,we want some happiness writers,this is like increasing our mental stress.

  37. anu

    swaragini: sanskaar rajects swara’s love, does not love her anymore.
    tables have turned between swara and sanskaar as swara tries desperately to make sanskaar accept her love in the current track of the show.
    it is seen that swara has decide to prove her love to sanskaar in the next 5days otherwise she will be seperated from him forever.
    swara hugs sanskaar expressing her love for him and knows that he too loves her.
    however, sanskaar tells swara that he does not love her anymore.
    sanskaar is still hurt about swara not trusting him earlier and he doesnot want to go through heartbreak once again.
    sanskaar deeply loves swara but is still not able to trust her.
    it will now be seen that ragini will accuse swara of demanding 10crore rupees aluminy from sanskaar and this will create a wider rift between the two lovers. how will swara deal with this prblem? let’s wait and watch.

  38. nsb

    enuf of ragini n dadi’s negativity n revenge.. cant digest ragini anymore..stopped watching, reading is better..

  39. Hi guys,
    Hi nik, rids, neha, sunshine, kirti n everyone. What’s up, how are you guys. All I’m gonna say is that Swasan forever and ever and they rock baby.?

  40. Rids

    Hi shuva nik prena ishu sanky mithu hari nd all swaragini fans…. M jus hoping like how pragya did all drama for benefit of her family.. Ragini also does something like that and becomes positive….

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