Swaragini 21st August 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 21st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sanskar tells Swara that he will go and talk to Sujata. Ragini tells Swara, your planning went in water. You thought you will expose me, but no one wants to see your face. No one will believe you. She asks her to accept that she can’t snatched Laksh from her, and he will never be hers. She asks her to go from this house, and stay with Sanskar in his other house. She tells if you stay tonight, then see how you will be caught in your own planning. Swara says 1 min, I don’t think I shall tell you how to speak with elders especially when you are a sanskari girl. She says I didn’t come here to snatch Laksh from you, as it is you who knows snatching. She says her mission is to unite her parents. We were Swaragini once, but now we are against each other. I am with my truth and you are with your

lie, you might know well who wins in truth-lie game. Ragini thinks I accept this challenge and I will expose your fake marriage truth infront of all. Later she comes to Swara and Sanskar’s room and hides mobile camera after switching it on.

Laksh is in his room and cries thinking about Swara and Sanskar’s marriage. Ragini comes and sees him crying. She asks him not to hide anything from him. Laksh says I don’t hide the fact from you. He says truth is that I saw my life’s dreams with her, but she has broken my dreams in one go. I want to forget her, but can’t forget her. Ragini asks if you really want to forget her, then I have a way. Laksh asks her to say being his best friend and wife. She asks him to take a step forward towards her ( She asks him for consummation being clever and evil and wants to just get him being desperate soul). Laksh looks on uncomfortable. Ragini says I can understand that you need time. She says until you keeps her memory far from you, your pain will not get less. She asks him to remove Swara’s memory from his mind. Laksh is looking at Swara’s pic. She instigates him to damage it. Laksh burns the pic, Ragini feels good and gives a evil smile.

Swara talks to Dida and tells her that she is waiting for Ragini to do any mistake. Dida blesses her and disconnects the call. Swara and Sanskar feel uncomfortable. Sanskar asks if she is having problem with AC. Swara says it is okay. She tells she will sleep on sofa, Sanskar asks her to sleep on bed and takes pillow from her hand. He asks what you was saying? Swara asks Dida called and is about to say, just then she sees a burnt photo.

Sanskar picks the burnt photo and goes out to see. He sees Ragini there. She lies to him saying she want to throw it outside. It is burnt by Laksh as he wants to move on in his life. Swara looks at the pic and says it is her engagement pic. Evil Ragini threw burnt photo in Swara’s room to spoil her mood and know about her marriage reality. Swara tells Sanskar that she can’t distract from her motive and came here for her parents and not for Laksh. Everything gets recorded in the mobile camera. Sanskar asks are you fine? Swara says yes. Sanskar says he knows the pain of love and he will not let her bear alone being her friend. Swara thanks him. Sanskar tells her good night and sleeps on sofa. Swara sleeps on bed.

Laksh recalls his romantic moments with Swara and cries. Swara too cries while being on bed. She recalls her love confession and romantic moments. Shekhar and Sumi look at each other, while the song plays Kitni Baatein………She recalls taking off mangalsutra and the happenings. Evil Ragini recalls her marriage.

Dadi asks Ragini to act to be Adarsh bahu. Sanskar tells that Swara is eldest bahu of the house than Ragini, and have the right to do puja first. Ragini tells everyone that she has a doubt on Swara and Sanskar’s marriage to be fake and she kept secret camera in their room. Swara asks what are you saying? Ragini says she has proof and goes to bring her mobile.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Honey

    By today’s episode one thing is clear that only due to Ragini’s mistake 6 of them are suffering. Still I loved swasan..

    • Honest

      Swara, sanskar, shekhar, sharmishta, laksh, & herself too.. I mean she’s married to a guy that loves her sister!!!!


      Honestly!wonder why they r prolonging Ragini’s real serpentine nature!she’s a snake.Tired of trying to kp up with the series here in Nigeria especially whenever there isn’t any power source…I hv to put on the generating machine for power source!

  2. Lucky

    Will the family will find about Swara & Sanskar fake marriage? i am so tensed bcz everything recorded in the camera :-\

  3. Himani

    I think Sanskar’s mother will help swara to reveal Ragini’s truth. In today’s scene, Sanskar tells Swara that he needs to talk to her mother but their convo wasn’t shown. She’ll pretend to hate Swara abd help Ragini but actually she’ll help them.It’ll be shown at the tym when Ragini’s truth will b4 everyone. It seems to be a potential plot.

  4. Paru

    I think ragini does not find any camera in the room.rocks Swara…feeling bad for laksh bt u deserve it

  5. ABG

    Ragini I love ur acting. Swara to cold for my lacking. Infact ragini giv swasank more Tof time, swara had time to expose rag but kept mute till wen? Just like ishaani & rv . ragini go on girl ur the best.

  6. dhanu

    Prads sis and shifa di plz send me a massage from my g+ account. Bcs i don’t have ur mail id. Bcs i brought a new phone so that’s .I’m really felt bad when laksh was crying but what to do laksh this ur own dicsion .so u have to bear all this.bcs i think sanskar will falling love with swara very soon. I think when rags true face come out san and swara will falling love each other. Swara was loved rags more than laksh. It we clearly saw. But evil rags what’s she did. When laksh realize hos mistake sanra will falling love each other. Or rags will trown out mm.

    • Kat

      Ya Aboli I also want Swalak to be back together!!!! That shitty and jerk Ragini should be thrown out of the house!!!!!!!!

  7. jyoti rawat

    I think sanskar and swara love story is comming soon in serial…. I love so sweet couple swarasnskar

  8. Radhika Shrikant

    Crap drama going on… Does this happen in real world.. Ragini does all the things to get married to laksh but no one even ask y is swara injured and why there is a bandage on her head and when she can prove where she is.. She s nt opening her mouth.. Just to stretch the plot soo long.. N ragini keeping camera in a room is not noticed with the blinking green color light in dark.. Which is hard like a stone to digest.. Request writer to write a sensible episodes.

  9. Zara

    I think in few tyms sanskar will fall in love with swara…I wish swara n sanskar will be together forever.. I ? their pair…
    But maybe the director n producer won’t do that.. They will make swaralaksh together?

  10. ci

    don’t bring the same track of MATSH.in all fight first evil win.then only truth come.i want ragini being hating by everyone and thrown out of maheshwari kaandan and baadi.

  11. anwesha

    swara n sanskar rocks…. swara plz find out ragini’s evil face soon… n laksh m flng pity 4 u…bcz of ur foolishnss u lost a grt lyf prtnr lyk Swara… i lyk both swara-laksh n swara-sanskar…#swaragini.. my fav serial..

  12. Amlan

    I seriously despise Ragini.. her one-sided desperation to get Lakshya has destroyed 3 lives..

    her, swara, Lakshya

    Hope she is exposed.. and Swara and Sanskar fall in love

  13. I thnk that swara and sanskar r going to find the camera and turn it in their favour….. Sanskar and swara make a dashing couple…. Now that sanskar is good he is kinda growing on me…. That b*t*h ragini shld die….

  14. Sonya

    Ragani is a physico. Who ever gives her the right to keep a camera in a newly weds room. the elders of the house should ask her that and from that they should realize that she is the evil one.

  15. Till the time will over for swara to xpose ragini, swara nd sanskar will grow attached and they would fall in love and then they will be married… I dont thnk ragini will be thrown out of the house bcz unlike ragini swara is very goodand she will never break her sisters home so i thnk swalak will never get back and i really hope they dont get bck and wwara bcomes swara sanskar maheshwari……. I am desperately waiting for swasanskar to fall in love…..

    • ?minnie?

      Nope maybe swara not let that happen but laksh dp n other family members will throw her out of house n even swara will not do anything cuz she had already many times told her to accept her dirty sins but rags always tried to double cross shona…..

      And it is already decided that swalak will b couple………

      • shanaya

        u know minee if that happens then I will be the happiest person in the…..though I like swasan…and am angry on laksh for his stupid decision of marrying rags….but still am not able to forget swalak….so I want them back….and there should be another gud girl for sanskar….

      • Kat

        I think sanskaar will fall in love with Swara. But I’m not sure abt Swara. Though she will never interfer between that dirty Ragini and Laksh it is totally evident from her crying that she still loves Laksh a lot and it hurts her to see him with Ragini.

  16. Honest

    Swarasanskar falling in love will be super cute & refreshing honestly! This serial needs some positivity ASAP!!!! Enough of evil winning. Let some good, cute stuff happen!!! Like swara-sanskar fall in love.. & actually get married!

  17. kiya purohit

    awesm job sanskar………..jo true luv krta h oe uska meaning smjta h
    n swara n sanskar ne true luv kiya h………so bad 4 lakshya……..
    nd from my side worst daughter,sister n luver’s award goes 2 ragini…………..jisse luv krti ho usi ki happiness usse dur kr diya……….so mean……….hate u rags

  18. shuvi

    from the beginning I wanted Lakshni.. only.. but when the writers made swara fall for laksha I left watching it… and when they made new entry of sanskar.. I was just praying, not praying , was hoping for swara and sanskar.. so now I’m soooo happy .. 🙂 sanswara….

  19. Guys if u watched dan I can say dat sanskar was thinking abt him n swara 2gather !!

    I think someone is in d starting stage of love with swara guess who ??
    Of course sanskar !! Love u swasan !!!

  20. ADELE( Anu)

    Juz a sec! Swara saw a burnt pic n sanskar went to see ri8??? N ragini came there n told sarcastically that she wanted to throw it out…….n she spoke some more words………………

    So does it mean that whatever ragini spoke, also got recorded???????
    Plz guyz!! If anyone saw the episode….. Plz tell me???

  21. hey guys don’t u think that swara is more cute and mature than ragini
    I don’t mean to say that ragini is not cute infact she is beautiful and sanskaar to obviously more handsome than lakshya

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Yes,swara is obviously more cute n mature than ragini!
      But I think laksh is more handsome than sanskar…………

    • ?minnie?

      Of course shona is more cute n more mature than despo rags…… hand even varun is more cute than laksh…….. both of them are cute but varun is more…….

      But honestly for me n few of my frnds rags looks Like an 35/40 yrs aunty seriously she is damm ugly….. and now a days in saree n that too with her stupid hairstyle makes me laugh like anything

      • Kat

        Agree with u minnie. To me, with her heavy and multicolored sarees Ragini really looks like an aunty ji!!!!!!????

    • ?minnie?

      I kno that there will b mu dekhai n they will have a competition b/w swaragini and swara will let rags win…. and later there will a first cooking sum thing in that swara will cook food learning from internet while sujata n annapoorna will make faces seeing it n cheapo rags will add something in her own food do that everyone will suspect shona….

  22. I with all the people who loves swasan…. I liked swalak but trust is the roots of a relationship and if laksh cant trust swara then he nwver really loved her like she did….i mean if laksh would have done the same thing then swara would have stood up for him until hell broke….we all love someone truly so we know the feeling when they dont trust us.. Sanskar was evil but he changed and stood there with swara when laksh shld have been the one standing next to her….. Laksh shld have atleaat bot married rags he could just wait around a little for swara to xplain…. He could have done that right? Sanskar stood by swara so i thnk swara will start liking him for all that….

    • ?minnie?

      Agree with each words of u……. laksh would have least should have gave her a chance to explain….. but no
      He was blind folded with rags fake being good side n her melo drama ……before I also said it many times that when everyone looked at him with a suspension even his family his so called wife ragini even turned their back that time only and only shona stood up for him…. day night she did everything to make him free from false accusations…….. but what he did… he broken her completely…… he killed her

  23. Is it really true that swalak will be together,minnie? I hope that not going to happen bcz i really want swasan to happen!!!!!!

  24. ☺dhanu☺

    Sanra rock I think final couple is Sanra and raglak.hi prads sis plz send me a massage fromy g+ account.

  25. riya

    i really dnt care wheter swara ends up with laksh or sanskar.the main thing is that ragini needs to b thrown out of the house nd nevr should laksh love her.she really needs to suffer. such a despo.

  26. i thnk they drag to expose pschyo rags…bcz dat time swasan fall in lv…nd after xpose rags swara leaves frm maheswari house…then sanskar realizes his feelings for swara nd may be swara too…..
    its clear that swara dosent want to get back laksh…after exposing rags everyone hates dat evil nd also laksh too….nd laksh realizes his mistake nd try to get swara…bt swara wont..nd swara help rags to enter maheswari house nd rags- laksh ko ek kar denge…nd swasan fallin love(i wish this will happen)…….anywayzzz lv u swara lv u soooo much..ummahhh…lv swaragini
    hope both sisters unite soon

    • Yup…. I hope so too….swara n sanskar and laksh nd ragini…..rags hurt many pple so she will also get her bit frm laksh when he will bhave all badly with her…i pity rags bcoz i liked her a long time ago but she did bad…. I hope u r right…

  27. I think Sonya is right. Really! I never thght it that way… How can the elders even watch the tape… I mean what if swasan was making out or something which in this case is not going to happen… But it could have, you know what i mean right? I thnk no 1 shld watch it….. I mean really i thing swasan will find the tape and will chnge it…. I mean they can just talk abt their mrrge and hug. I m sure the elders will stp watching after the hug coz they will be embarrsed and surely laksh will break down and ragini will get a gud scolding….. Reply ASAP…..

  28. U R right Percy…
    What if Sanskaar and swara were involved in some private moments
    ..v. Shameful act to keep a hidden camera in newly wedded couples bedroom….god it’s a crime
    V. Embarrassing ?
    Anyway I am a swasan 🙂

    • So true…. How can even ragini keep camera!! Shes changed too much.. Dadi told her to act gud but she is soooo evil that she cant even act gud…. I hpe every1 strt liking swara and scold rags if jennifer is right….. I cant wait to see what will hppen monday………….

  29. shanaya

    Guys I saw in YouTube…there r going to be some cute movements between swasan…..sanskar will get hurt after his fight with laksh… and swara will do the first aid…..very Happy to see this news…but still can’t get over swalak…. wht say guys…who should be the final couple…. swalak or swasan…

    • Kat

      Swalak!!!! Like minnie said, still can’t get over them!!! Any way, Shanaya, why Sanskaar is gonna fight with Laksh????????

  30. rosy

    Swara wl fall 4 sanskar seeing his goodness nd da way he wud b always beside swara in evry situatn….whereas laksh wud b insultng swara evrytym….so in dat case wl it be justifiable to show swara nd laksh together????
    Is a girl so helpless n alone dat she wud nt get another guy or wl it b good to show 2 sisters running aftr 1 guy..??

  31. Guys I don’t intend to hurt any1 but see my text 1nce
    …actually laksh never loved swara he just loved her way of style ,fashionable ,and he gave name of love to his attraction towards swara …and swara too was forced to b close 2 laksh during DAT kidnapping drama so its obvious DAT swara get attracted towards laksh as he as a gentleman kissed swara on her forehead
    ….anD whereas sanskaar respects swara and he will love her soul not her physical beauty…they look damn cute together..

    And sanskaar cares 4 her….
    I want dem 2 get married..
    SWASAN 4eva
    Do U agree guys…sorry if I said anything wrong.

  32. Guys I don’t intend to hurt any1 but see my text 1nce
    …actually laksh never loved swara he just loved her way of style ,fashionable ,and he gave name of love to his attraction towards swara …and swara too was forced to b close 2 laksh during DAT kidnapping drama so its obvious DAT swara get attracted towards laksh as he as a gentleman kissed swara on her forehead
    ….anD whereas sanskaar respects swara and he will love her soul not her physical beauty…they look damn cute together..

    And sanskaar cares 4 her….and will never make her cry unlike laksh who hurts her again n again

    • ?minnie?

      Nope….. he loved her truly he never loved her by dressing sense…… he loved her by her nice thoughts her pure thinking her selflessness her bubbly ness her way of handling issuses ……and swara fell in love with him by seeing the tlc (tender, love n care) in his eyes his innocent heart…….

      Ik u love swasan more but swalak are truly in love with each other ik sanskaar cares for her but v can’t forget how badly he has hurted her though it was a mistake but same like sanskaar laksh also did a big mistake……..so dear u can’t blame swalak love as physical attraction…..

      PS: no offence

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Agree wid u Minnie!(prads)

      Sorry Jennifer, but I don’t agree…….
      Laksh always loved swara truely n from the bottom of his heart! He never went on wat swara wore or how fashionable she is……..he always loved the kind of nature she had, her sense of humour n as told by Minnie above; her way of handling things, her sweetness_, her presence of mind n so many such things to whuch anyone wud get attracted to!

    • ADELE( Anu)

      N sanskar had also equally hurted her b4…………n now laksh is too doing the same by not trusting her!
      I agree that sanskar has changed and has trusted swara n given his support to her wen she needed it the .most; but in the past he too has done many mistakes wid rags……
      N v can’t fget that besides laksh hurting swara………he has also supported her many tyms……..b4 wen ragini had tried to create misunderstandings between swalak, laksh always preferred to ask swara e
      Whether it’s true or not n he always believed in what swara told……….!
      Itz juz coz of that ragini’s plans n her so called innocent face,to which laksh is believing………..n m sure that he will regret n try to gain swara’s trust once he knows the truth………

      N once again sorry if I hurt u…….I jyz wanted to tell my opinion……

    • ?minnie?

      And if there is misunderstanding s b/w two lovers then v can’t say that they are bit in love right….. and if its true love then if will face obstacles…….. if its first time then it’s obvious that they will b torn apart then that doesn’t meant that second tm also they will do that…….

      Cuz in true love storys obstacles are always there!! And when it comes for d first time many couple gets apart or I can say one leaves other but for the second time they will face that prob toghter and after that their love will become more strong their trust will go out more deep right………

      And everyone deserves second chance so y bit laksh ……m not saying that shona should forget what all happened n forgive him…….. he should kno his mistake then she should forgive him………. N in love v should learn for each others mistake not by repeating same thing……..

      Ik i said too much……. hope u don’t feel ofeneded……

      PS it was just my pov

  33. Its OK dear Minnie and Anu 🙂
    We live in democracy so ebry1 has their own different opinion…
    Ya u both are right …
    But it was my personal opinion only…
    It is not necessary DAT ebry1 have to agree to my thoughtss

    Anyway I am happy whether it is swalak or swasan coz both r my fav

    And sorry 4ns if I hurted u #minnie & Anu ??

    • ?minnie?

      Nope u haven’t hurted both of us….. even I m happy if it swalak or swasan but I will b a bit hurt…….

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Nope Jennifer, dear v r not at all hurt……this is a comment page n all have their ryt to comment here n discuss about the serial……….☺☺☺

    • I think u r ri8 jennifer….. Laksh was swaras love not sanskar…. Sanskar hurt her but he was a strnger but whn laksh hurt her swara felt 100 times more pain then whn sanskaar hurt her…… Laksh may seek her forgveness later but is laksh her lst choice I mean swara can choose and she shld choose the one who was a strnger, hayed her and wanted to destroy her but chnged for best and stood there beside her and bcame her backbne- sanskaar…… Laksh knew her better if he truly loved her heart not her physical forn then he shld hve at least knwn that heart…. Dont thnk swasan or swalak but thnk of whom u would hve chosen if u were swara….. Forget the names of the chracters just remember their characteristics……
      So I m with jennifer……
      P.S.- no offence but this is just my opinion…. Nd every1 has freedom of speech…. I will nt say sorry bcoz this is my opinion and every1 has their own…..
      I m with u jennifer..SWASAN 4rever…

  34. rosy

    No u hav nt said nethng wrong.. i agree wid u…yes its true dat swara didnt truly fell in love she was a bit influenced n its quiet a matter of fact dat she got flowed/carried away n too sum xtent misundrstood da feelngs of respect n lykng as da feelng of love…even its true dat laksh was also respnsible for rags’ revenge ful behavior..he even did late to undrstnd dat he hav an infatuatn over swara…
    Moreovr its true dat swara’s maturity level doesnt match laksh’s….whereas sanskar is mature enuf bcoz he hav experienced many thngs to teach him how to live alone n hav done da plottng alone…nw if we cmpare laksh he is nothng widout his dad….

  35. yuva

    I think oly school going gals r watching dis serial . I got to know dis by d way u gals ve commented. Ve sum maturity tat dis is just serial n stop commenting abt Ragini n Hw she looks .It nt oly affects character called ragini bt tejsawi also. so better use ua brains especially u minnie, kat n anu .

    • ADELE( Anu)

      N Jennifer, plz dear don’t tell sorry for such things! At least to me…………u can tell anything about my comments……but juz widout any abusive language ………n I know u won’t!?
      N again sorry if u r hurted by my comment ……I juz wanted to share my opinion……….

      • Sorry kat, minnie, anu if u minded me….. The comment was not intented to hurt any1 so sorry and 4give me if i hurt u…. I respect ur views just that i wanted to present mine in frnt of u…… SORRY…

      • ?minnie?

        Hey percy pls don’t say sorry….. old dear….. u didn’t did anything wrong nor u have hurted us least me…… so chillax….. and everyone has their own opinion……. so was urs……….. ?

  36. ADELE( Anu)

    @ yuva, plz!! Its our wish wat we want to comment………n in this page all have an equal ryt to comment ANYTHING about the serial okay?? So plz, stop telling us school galz n all; n stop interfering in our chatz! We will comment whatever we want to…..
    N TU had clearly told that ANYTHING about the serial can be discussed here, widout any criticism!!
    N u r no one to decide whether we r matured or immatured!!! Coz U JUZ DON’T KNOW WHO WE R!!!! SO BETTER STAY OUT OF IT!!!!!!


    • ?minnie?

      Agreed anu!!!
      O guess yuva mam don’t kno us and yuva mam doesn’t even knows what a school going girls can do and how much maturity v have……..

      yuva mam don’t know that everyone has right to comment about serial…..

      P’s: no abuse!

  37. Kat

    We just expressed our ideas. It os our right to express what we feel. So I don’t think we did anything wrong!!!!

  38. ammu karithik

    wow finally dis serial going to tooo good… swarsansker is best Jodi… laks n San dono fighting kare swara key liya…. nice.. San ur great… ur supporting abt truth… laks tum swara sey pyr karete but tum swara se trust nayi karer…. its too bad laks. pyr ko tum ne pani keliya ragini etana karere…but laks tumare pyr ko Kay hogaya toda dil dingo to socho lakshy……San and swara fake marriage real marriage karete toda aha Renata…. eto acha hai.. enakil Shadi kab tak ragini sach sameni ageni next swara n San fall in love I m sure..

  39. ?minnie?

    @yuva mam

    Pls mam pls give me some more lectures on what to do and not it will pleasure mam if u will teach me ……..though that are damm weird but it’s OK I won’t break ur heart so from when we’ll start MAM!???

    AND U thought right from my side it was not only for ragini but also for ur dearest tejaswi…….I hate both of dem from starting even in looks n character both reel n real mam….. so I just expressed my view to which they argreed….. and don’t u kno yuva mam that india is democratic country v have right to express our views whether it’s serial or anything else whether v are scl gng or working…….. i hope mam u understood what I Meant to say……

    Loads of love minnie

    Ps: no abuse

  40. ?minnie?

    And yuva mam if u have maturity u should have known how to speak……no wonder that in age maybe u are adult but in terms of BrianS u are even smaller than a puppy……..

    So mam maybe its just a serial for u but bit for us….. maybe u don’t kno what type of ur comment was……so mam u need some classes for ur iq then u pls continue with ur lectures in what to do and what not……

    And who are u to say v don’t have enough maturity….. just tell me who the —-
    Are u to say that to us …….!!!!!

    This time may I forgive u but but next time yuva MAM


  41. ?minnie?

    AND I kno mam u will give some shitty speech on my character so I tell u first that whatever u said to us….. have hurted me the most so u are just repaying for ur sins….

    It was kinda immature but v say that tit for tat….

  42. Minnie u were ri8 abt the rituals of the kitchen… Rags mixes salt in her food and blames swara….. I jst saw it in the promos on youtube….

  43. Safna

    So boring the serial is. God I hate ragini. She does so much acting being good . and how much tantrums .god seriously .

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