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The Episode starts with Swara and Sanskar returning home. He asks if something had happened to me really then what you would have done. Swara says I will kill you. Laksh pats on Sanskar’s face and smiles broadly. Sanskar asks Swara, what happened to him. Sujata asks them to go to their room. Sanskar says he is hungry. Sujata says I didn’t make food. Swara says I will make something. Sujata says no, and asks them to eat in the morning. They come to their room and find it locked with a message asking them to go and have fresh air on terrace. They go to terrace and find a beautiful floral decorations. Swara steps on the flowers and asks Sanskar, if you have done this. Sanskar says I wish….I could have done this. Swara hugs him and says you always make me happy without even trying. Sanskar says I raised

my hand on you. Swara asks him to forget it. Sanskar says lets start our new life and shows the bangles. Swara is surprised and says Sanskar…..Sanskar says if something is very precious then it won’t let you go far. Swara gets happy as he makes her wear bangles. A song plays………Tere Naam Se…..

Swara gets teary eyes. Sanskar asks her not to cry and says I have one more gift for you. He shows pepper spray, and says it is for self defence and protection. Swara says if I forget it at home some day. He says I have a perfect space to keep it and hangs it on her waist. Swara says lets have food. Sanskar removes her suit. He makes her wear chain pendant. Saiyya song plays………..Sanskar says I am hungry, lets see what is in food. He says pulao. They feed each other. After dinner, they dance romantically. Swara keeps her head on his shoulder……..Saiyya song plays again. Sanskar tries to get romantic and kiss her, but she moves away shyly. He holds her and kisses on her shoulder. He lifts her in his embrace. He takes her to bed……..and gets closer. They consummate their marriage. Next morning, Swara wakes up in his embrace, and sees terrace. She says oh God, and tries to go. Sanskar holds her closer and asks who gave you bangles. Swara says the person who loves me, and will come with me downstairs.

Parineeta does aarti while Ragini, Laksh, Sujata and Annapurna stand behind. Ragini signs Laksh that Sanskar and Swara are late and smiles. Sujata tells annapurna that Parineeta is acting to be adarsh bahu. Swara and Sanskar come running there, and stands beside Ragini. Parineeta asks Swara not to sleep till late and says Ragini will also do the same thing. Everyone looks on. Laksh says it is okay Bhabhi, this is first time, nobody will come late from tomorrow. Swara and Ragini take aarti. Annapurna says I was thinking to make some sweets today. Ragini says they are happy because of your suhaagraat. Annapurna tells about the contract with foreign clients and says our name will reached foreign. Sanskar says I am so proud of lucky, as he brought the clients. Laksh gives credit to him for convincing charles. Ragini holds Laksh’s hand.

Annapurna says what shall we make? Swara says Mysore pak and says she saw recipe on net. Parineeta says you will not make mysore pak as I will make it. She says you both can’t make it like me. Sujata says I don’t think it will suit you. Annapurna says okay, Swara and Ragini will help you. Parineeta says I don’t need anyone’s help. Sujata asks her to keep keys aside before making mysore pak.

Sumi tells Dadi that they have to get some test for insurance policy. Dadi asks her to get her stomach tested. Sumi says okay. Dadi asks Shekhar to come early as some tenant will be coming to see Dida’s room. Shekhar says okay. They leave. Parineeta makes mysore pak and the key falls down in the sweets as she lifts her pallu. Suddenly mysore pak falls on her hand. ragini and Swara asks her to take care.

Parineeta serves mysore pak to the guests. Mr. Charles gets the keys and asks about their hospitality. He says you people want me to choke and die. Everyone looks on shockingly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hey guys.. I jst read tht sharmishta is actually pregnant wid shekars baby.. N dadi is very unhappy abt d happening n is goinna try to kill d baby n shomi.. N I guess this twist wud b a treat fr all d swalak fans cuz.. Uttaras bf dosent like swaragini.. N is going to push swara off a cliff.. N swara wud suffer frm memory loss.. So am assuming (I might b wrong) tht swara wid go to d time where she liked laksh..

    1. It’s true? Very shocking news ma, I am really hurt, don’t know what will happen next

      1. Hay varsha u r from tamilnadu …

    2. I think that upcoming story to focus raglak

      1. Hopefully man.. Cuz am srsly tired of raglak being neglected.. Evn on Twitter I saw a post saying except fr swasan which other side pair do u like n it had raglak.. I mean like srsly :/

      2. I m not a man I m a girl

      3. Hey sorry I dint mean to call u a guy!! Thts how I talk.. In casual.. Call ppl bro man n stuff like tht.. 😛

      4. Ya ya its k that I just telling like that…

      5. Lol xD

  2. Pari image will now get damaged…

  3. njoyed a lottt…awsome..the chemistry between swasan is unimaginable….

  4. Today no raglak sence but every day swasan have a sence I m really hate the writers and her prclty we want raglak love and sences pls

  5. okay now pls don’t bring memory loss track

  6. Good so far. Swasan rocks.
    How can shsrmishtha b pregnant??? That would be very sick.

  7. Okay soo mow parineeta is d new upcoming vamp.

  8. I missed this episode…?

  9. Wow so more importance to swasan again and just like 5 secs for raglak wow great job!!!???I feel like this director has some crush on swara always showing swara or swasan even through the show is swaragini. Never really showing ragini in anything than why not just name the show “swasan ki zindagi” goshhh??

    Another shocking news for swaragini is shramishta will get pregnant and dadi will get irked by this and try to kill shramishta. On the other hand Rakesh (new entry) uttara’s boyfriend will not at all like swaragini because swara will try to explain to uttara that he is not the right guy for her and she thinks something is fishy so he will push swara off the cliff and she will survive but suffer from memory loss


    1. Dear pihu..raglak trk chal raha tha tb Swasan ek scene vi mushkil se milta tha..scene toh dur ki baat Sanskar ko dialogue bhi nai milte the..n raglak ko aise type k scenes kitni baar mil chuke hai..first tym in ragz dream den sanky kavity engagement time pe ussi trk me morning me vi..kavity trk me toh the hi unke scenes.. Ab Swasan ko first tym itna intense romantic scene mila Jo fans kbse demand kr rahe the..jbki Swasan ki mrg kbki ho chuki bt unhe aise scenes diye hi nai Jo Raglak unke recent mrg k waqt vi mila..n rahi baat memory loss trk wali den its truly best trk isse Swasan raglak dono ko story milegi..bcz swara sb kuchh bhul gayi hogi bt raglak love each other n shayad swara ko pata nai hoga..n Sanskar also loves swara so take it positively.. Best trk hoga yeh..n agr full memory loss hua toh aur vi achha new fresh love story milegi sbki..bcz swara k liye ragz may b unmarried hogi so raglak scenes n story vi milegi along wid Swasan..so enjoy d show..
      Bt shomi pregnant wo bohot weird h iski koi jarurat nai thi..iss umar me..?bt like memory loss trk..if its full memory loss..swaragini music school der music career I wan dat bcz dono typical bahu bangayi h..so we will get new love story of Swasan n raglak..

      1. But before raglak track also there were thousands of scenes like the helicopter one etc. Raglak never got so many scenes??

      2. Swasan have got many scenes but raglak rarely get any. Show’s name should be swasan not swaragini

      3. Look wen swasan track was going on there was no raglak.. N wen raglak track was going on no swasan.. So isn’t d score equal.. N raglak track barely last fr a week or so.. Jst a jail sequence.. A night wen he took care of her n then their marriage.. BT swasan story lasted fr really long.. N now tht both raglak n swasan r on track shudnt both of em get good scenes..

  10. I’m da first reader?… so happy abt da writer. this is not enough! GI’ve more beautiful scenes of swasan ???

  11. Still in SWASAN world..awwwwwwwww..??????jalnewalo jalte raho..????????????

  12. Raglak scene was just 7 second ???

  13. Writer shudnt do that stupid work.. Ragini is fr Laksh and Swara for Sanskar…. Hw can he mak it mixed? Writer plsss gv happy twist surprises nt shocks.plssssssssssssss* if u can’t continue da show giv amyone???????????????

  14. Minha (die hard fan of swalak)

    Varsha thank you for ur comment….I have doubt that if there happen a memory loss and swara starts loving laksh again….then what about ragini and sanskaar??

    1. Mayb this twist is fr all d swalak n ragsan fans who always post stuff like they wnt these 2 pairs in d show.. So I gues, GUESS, it wid go like wen swara enters d maheshwari house she wud c ragini there wearing mangalsutra n sindhoor n all tht jazz.. So she wud assume ragini got married to sanskar..

      1. No we want only RAGLAK…raglak pair look like cute couples …

      2. On d show**
        It wud go like**

  15. dont do memmory loss drama…iam a swalakian…and i know swalak never happen.pls dont give a fall hope for swalakian…already they give pain to swalak fan by seperating them…again they show swalak moments and…then going hurt swalak.dont do any drama…pls….we cant suffer another seperation

  16. If they r gng to make swara memory loss then she should oly or atlest remember sanskar……oly then the story would be nyc…….

  17. Adorable swasan scenes… It was awesomeeee.. Swasan u r the bestest???.. I was falling in love again and again wen i saw Swasan romance ystrdy..
    But the thing is it was very short.. Hoped for more..one full episode of swasan date.. Also missed a kiss from sanskar to swara.. All was cut and edited.. Don’t do this to
    us.. Waiting for more and more Swasan dates.. Love them to the core..

  18. Why this stupid track CVs ko pata hona chahiye that we will not bear separation of swasan or raglak so plźzzzzzzzzzzz stop doing that and this will decrease your so called ‘ TRP ‘

  19. Awesome episode yaaar..loved swasan scenes..

  20. Ohh..God Swasan?fire on screen?kya chemistry hai yr fab???the way dey lost in each other oh gosh..??m speechless right now.. Still in Swasan land not in my senses. Don’t know wat m writing???truly dey deserve best Jodi award koi kuchh bhi bole dey r the best..love u Swasan??n Jo bol rahe h raglak ki imp nai milta let me tell u Guyz jb raglak trk chal raha tha tb Swasan k scenes vi nai the..der r four leads dey have to manage wid romance n drama..n first of aise scenes lyk Swasan even though dhoka n dreams me the bt 3 times intense scenes mile ab finally jakar swasan ek scene mila toh problem..?koi kuchh bhi samjhe m happy for Swasan?
    Memory loss trk I always wanted dis kind of trk bt wan full memory loss not partial lux time wala..I can’t bear swa—lux now..full hoga toh ragz vi swara k liye unmarried hogi so story Swasan raglak dono ko milegi..I wan Full memory loss of Swara.. Bt wats dat shomi pregnant hw weird..?

    1. Sorry-raglak got intense scenes even though dhoka n dreams me the bt mile toh the na..bt Swasan ko first time mila..

  21. Not right isse pehle bhi un dono ko date mile thi gehrua song remember ol of u n now on terrace koi mujhe bataiga raglak ko kbhi aisa scene mila koi date mile nhi balki 1 din me pyar 1 din me shaadi…aur phir bhi swasan fans ko prblm hai yaar plzzz raglak ke scenes dekhao….

  22. Hi guyz i m a new one.im a big fan of swasan…….. ♥ them bth

  23. The pepper spray was posted at the right place but too short sequence and sharmishtha 50 saal ki to hogi iss umr me jab uski betiyo ki umr hai had hai cvs ki

  24. if swara’s memoryloss track is true.. then by the gifts sanskar giving her bangles and the locket only she will get her memorie back …….. but dont by watching episode i can get if ml track true there is behind again locket and angles connection was there… and want swara again all over fall in love with sanskar and wants to see swasaan story agin dont want swalak story because both ragya and swasan are madly in love with each other.. i think swalak track wont happen she forgets all what i want… sanky tadpaoing for her try all his best ways to bring her memory back and raglak helps him…..it would be good to see what sanskar will do bring his princess memory back.. but dont want swara to go the phase of db track in ml track….

  25. Plzz don’t do this stupid track by making Shomi pregnant!! I mean nani banne k time pe mummy banna??!! And what the hell yaar?? Swara’s memory loss and again she will start to love Laksh instead of Sanskar??!! Then what about Sanskar and Ragini?? I’m a SwaSanian but I also like RagLak. Bohot mushkilo k baad dono couples mile hai. So CV’s Plzz don’t do this stupid track!! Coz SwaSan and RagLak r made for each other so plzz don’t start this SwaLak track!! Plzz Plzz Plzz. 🙁

  26. I hate swaragini….what a pakawas show…
    I hate swara acting, no sorry overacting….especially swara call sanskar, sanskar….l heard that ,so much irritated..
    …in this serial show that everyone is evil at any point eg :ragini,sujatha,sanskar,bhabi,lasksh etc…but except this mahan swara will never evil in the show… What a conning story line…that’s why I hate this stupid, nonsense story line….all time swara is exposing evil of others…..this serial show that swara treated like a perfect,god ,etc…l hate such things…. I saw this pakawas serial like a old sasural simar ka story…. why this old story repeated by new sets actor…any use…I hate swara……..plz stops this nonsense show….

  27. nthng can b mr ridiculous than this…..consumation raglak n swasan ka hua n good news uski maa de rhi hai…n uper se swara ko bula do sab kuch memory loss mein…wah wah writers kya dimag paya hai….bech do us dimaag ko market mein sasti mein bik jayengi….i mean how can they show such lame things…sumi n pregnant..at this age…it will b heights of stupidity..

  28. dont want shomi pregnat track and swara ml and if memory loss happen dont want swalak track as nw both are devar.. babi now… show the memoryloss is like she is acting to bring rajat//rakesh evil intensions brings out…. dont show swa..lak nly show she didnt remember anyone except dida and maa.. and after that.. want full memory loss not partial..or show how ishani fake ml to bring truth of vamp i dont remember name… show like swara have full ml or she is acting… to bring the rajat true face……

  29. pregnancy, memory loss, attempt to murder more in swaragini..
    dear readers, if you are already bored with the excessive lovey-dovey moments in colors drama swaragini, then get gearedup for some spicy new twist in the show.
    yes the makers of the popular daily are all set to churn out some unexpected twist and turns in the series, we hear.
    hold your horses as we are all ready to reveal it.
    we hear that in coming days, sharmishtha will become pregnant with shekar’s child. unfortunately, dadi will be get irked by this development and she will try to kill sharmishtha and her unborn baby.
    if this is not enough for you readers, then we have some more in our store,.
    another source shares., “uttara’s boyfriend rakesh/rajat will not be much fond of swara and ragini. while swara will try to reveal to uttara that rakesh/rajat is not an apt choice for her, rakesh in fit of rage will push swara from cliff, with the intention of killing her.”
    oh no! will swara survive?
    well the answer is yes, but she will suffer from memory loss.
    kahani mein naya twist!!
    it seems that things wont be too good for swara and sharmishtha in coming days..
    when we called parineeta borthukar she refused to talk on the developments..

  30. in sbas miss mohini gossip it is showed that shomi will be pregnant, rajat will try to kill swara.. and she loose her memory… in telly top up showed, rajat family coming to mm to ask uttaar’s hands for marriage. uttara will be happy and there will be marriage preparations.

  31. Please memory loss waala scene nhi chahiye……… saara maza kharab ho jaayega….. aaj ka episode bhut romaantic tha….. i love swasan …… just amazing

  32. in telly guru they gave title as swara suffers from memory loss, and forgets sanskar and loves laksh.. buyt the matter is same given as tc article new.. and at last they gave is after this incident, she will suffer from memory loss which will be a shock in sanskar’s life. will she forget her mariage with sanskar? will she only remember her love laksh? this is just they gave question what happen next in swaragini but seeing title all get confused and thinks she loves laksh noow… this is just their question in article what happen to her after memory loss?

  33. Memory loss is good but swara treat Laksh as friend try bring raglak, sanskar should impress swara, please don’t spoil the relationship of bhabi n devar by making again swalak as lead pair,

  34. CVC do what ever you want but don’t separate swasan and raglak as both love each other so much and laksh bhiab ragini se pyar karta hhai to dekhne bahut weird lagega ki swara live laksh and laksh love ragini so don’t make it weird plccc don’t separate swasan

  35. After some much romance please don’t link swara with Laksh, this is stupidity please don’t separate swasan n raglak

  36. sorry but it will be a treat for swalak fans if memory loss track unite swalak.. ..we can see some lovey dove moments…..when the show began we had seen some swalak moments n every one liked swalak on screen….before the love can begun of swalak ragini crashed everything……swalak fans r still waiting ….

  37. How can they forget when the show begun .swaras first birthday on show….. ragini fake kidnap…. n sanskar united swara n laksh cutting cake and mad them dance.. the eye lock …n the chemistry I’d just awesome.. that’s the first time when swara huged laksh n said I love u laksh……….its more than swasan…..I think those who watched the show from 1 episode never forget swalak.. they just awesome….. they r trulely swaragini fans

  38. Plcc dint separate the couple show will get boring buy this plcc don’t sepratec swasan and raglak guys plcc it’s a requestplcc ddon’t dothis

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