Swaragini 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dida tells Daadi that she scolded and badmouthed about Sumi. Daadi says she even scolded Shekhar for loving a bengali girl even after knowing he cannot marry a Bengali. Dida says because of Shekhar, Sumi is suffering since 20 years. Swara says they both are worried about society who just need free entertainment and asks Daadi why should they change for society. Daadi says she will not understand it. Ragini says she does not want to understand and says she understands a family where elders think good about their children and asks her to look at Dida who even after her angst want her to love Sumi. Dida says she does not. Daadi hugs her. Swara says Dida she cannot even lie. Ragini asks Daadi if she does not love Shekhar and cannot see him sad and alone. Swara asks if she wants baba to be alone

his whole life.

Annapurna comes home back. Her neice tries to console her and says Laksh will come back. Annapura sees Maheshwari and other family members waiting for her. Her devrani asks why did she go out when she knows Laksh is alive, Maheshwar is angry now.

Laksh asks Dida to forget this hatred. Dida says Daadi always badmouthed Sumi. Daadi hugs her and says she did not mean to hurt Sumi. Daada comes and splashes water on Daadi.

Annapurna’s neice asks her mother she herself sent Annapura out, then why is she lying. Maheshwari says when he told Annapurna not to go out and if she goes behind her motherhood, she has to forget her husband, a wife lost against mother. He asks Ram and Adarash to accompany him to office and leaves.

Daada angrily asks Daadi how dare she is to talk to this woman/dida when she knows because of these bengali they were kicked out of their society. He asks why did she take such a big step without informing. A neighour says it does not make difference now as he is already out society, let aunt make relationship with bengalis. Daada gets more irked and tries to slap daadi. Dida holds his hand and says he cannot do this as it is not Parvathi/daadi’s mistake. She says Daadi always obeyed him throughout her life, but he insulted her. He shouts that it is his family’s issue and he does not want her interfere, asks Shekhar and daadi to come inside house right now. They both walk in sadly with Ragini.

Daadi comes out washing her face with Shekhar and Ragini and calls Dida. Dida comes out with Sumi. Daadi asks Shobha/Dida if she will give Sumi’s hand in Shekar’s hand. Swara/Ragini get happy hearing that. Daadi further asks if she will help her in uniting their relationshiop. Dadi is surprised to hear that and looks at Sumi. Daada says he will never let this relationship happen. Daadi says she will let this relationship happen at any cost. Dida gets happy. Daadi goes inside house, brings shagun thali, gives it to Dida and says she wants to correct the mistake she made 20 years ago. She announces that Sharmista will be her bahu and will give her respect which she was deserving since 20 years. She asks Dida if she will give her daughter. Dida emotionally hugs her. Shekhar and Sumi look at each other. Daada asks daadi to come back, else he will do what she cannot even think. Daadi holds dida’s hand and tries to walk into Dida’s house. Daada says if she ever steps into Dida’s house, she should think she became widow.

Precap: Dida asks Daadi how she ignored warning from Daada. Later, Daadi tells Daada she is just acting. This time she will hit 2 targets at a same time, get Lakshya and Ragini married and throw out Sumi from Shekhar’s life.

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  1. Its all dadis plan fot taking sumis property

  2. laksh ll never marry ragini.coz he doesn’t luv her.

  3. oh god this daadi is disgusting.swara and lakshya are good 4 eachother.

  4. Booooooring epi…….
    I am just waiting 2 c swara & laksh romance.!

  5. Slv dis mathmtcly
    given…ragini luvs laksh
    let us spse dt there is a guy nmd’???’
    cnstrctn…lksh luvs ragini, swra luvs ‘???’ nd ‘???’ luvs swra bt its all unsaid
    acc. to cnditn i.e. its a rashmi sharma serial so gud wl nvr hpn…swra wl mry lksh nd rgni wl mry ‘???’

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