Swaragini 20th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 20th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Inspector accusing Sanskar for bribing him. Sanskar grabs his collar and says I will not leave you. Inspector pushes him. Swara holds him and says Sanskar. Inspector says I would have behaved badly with you, worst than I did with Laksh, but I am sparing you. Ragini folds her hands and asks him to leave Laksh, says he did this for his parents. She falls on his feet asking him to free him. Inspector says it is not easy to free him, but if you gives me money then I can help you. He gives her 1 hour time, says Adarsh gave me 2 lakhs rupees for this, you give me 5 lakhs rupees and I will free him. Ragini agrees to bring money and asks him not to do anything to Laksh. Inspector says okay, lets see. Swara tells Ragini that it is their trick to trap Laksh and says someone will help

us, all policemen are not corrupt. Ragini says I don’t want to hear anything, let me go. Inspector says if you hear them then your husband will never be freed, you have just 1 hour time. Swara says no. Inspector says I will file charge sheet at 12 am, and once I file it, don’t know what will be the time period of vanvas. Sanskar says Ragini.

Ragini tells Laksh that she will bring 5 lakhs rupees and get him freed, then they will go far from here. Laksh nods his head. Sanskar asks her to listen to him. Ragini says I will never listen to you, never. I will take my husband out and you can’t do anything to keep him inside. Swara and Sanskar try to stop her, but in vain. Ragini runs out from the police station.

Laksh looks at Sanskar and recalls all the incidents. Sanskar says this is done by adarsh. Laksh asks him not to blame adarsh and says you wanted to come on right track. He says when Inspector was beating me, I couldn’t believe that you are behind it. But when I saw the video, I was shocked. You didn’t do right. Sanskar is shocked too. Ragini is running on road, thinking about Laksh’s condition. Swara runs behind her and asks her to be careful. Ragini is about to get hit by bike, but is saved somehow. She recalls Inspector asking her money and stops on the road. She is about to faint infront of speedy car, but Swara saves her. They both fall on road, and get hurt. Ragini gets up and start walking again. Swara shouts that this is done by Adarsh and asks her to listen. Ragini walks.

Doctor checks Ayush and tells that baby’s condition is critical. He asks them to deposit 2-3 lakhs rupees. Shekhar tells Sumi that he will bring money and goes.

Laksh asks why did you do this, just to make your and Swara’s life better. He says I don’t want to see your face, just leave. Sanskar says I am your brother….Laksh says your brother is dead. He says you are always a betrayal and will always be. He says whenever I will come out of jail, I will punish you so that your soul will be shaken up, then no brother will do this. Sanskar says I didn’t know that our relation was so weak, that it will break with someone’s efforts. He says I have 40 mins to prove my innocence. He says I tried to stop you from walking on wrong path. Laksh asks him to go.

Ragini comes home calling Sumi and Shekhar, but they are not at home. Swara comes there and asks her to listen to her once. Ragini checks the almari and finds Laksh’s money missing. It is shown that Dadi has stolen the money and Sumi’s jewellery, when Sumi left the door unlocked mistakenly. Doctor asks Sumi to deposit money. Sumi says my husband went to get money. Shekhar goes to his friends, but they decline to help him. Shekhar gets Sumi’s call informing him to get money else Doctor will not start treatment. Ragini tells Swara that maa’s jewellery and Laksh’s money is missing. She asks where is Maa and Papa. Swara asks her not to take tension. Ragini says if I don’t go on time, then my Laksh’s life will be ruined.

Swara tells Ragini that it is a major misunderstanding. Ragini tells her that her world starts and ends with Laksh. She says I have crossed all limits to get him and will cross all limits even today to free him. She says what do you want to say that it is done by Adarsh…yes, but Sanskar is also with him. She says Sanskar got 10 crores rupees. She gets an idea and asks her to give 5 lakhs rupees from 10 crores rupees, says she will save Laksh. Swara asks what you are saying? Ragini asks her to save her husband and promises to go far from there with Laksh. Ragini says it is adarsh’s plan to separate us. Ragini says I will not show my face to you, think that I am dead for you. Swara slaps her. Ragini is shocked.

Ragini slaps Swara. Sanskar comes to Maheshwari house and says you have broken our relation, and I will break your ego. He asks Adarsh to tell truth to Laksh. Adarsh refuses to tell anything to Laksh. Sanskar beats him with rod.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Maryam


    |Registered Member

    Oh my god…what’s happening in the show…I just can’t understand anything…why are raglak behaving like this..they should trust their siblings not that silly inspector…
    I hope this don’t let the drama to a downfall…at least there should be a rise in shows TRP. .

  2. anu

    hasan ji… apne precap wrong diya hai.. ragini slaps swara not sanskar….
    adarsh ka plan bahuth acha tha vo swaragini ko sanlak ko todna chaha…
    but i want to know cvs is he behind swasan or raglak? what will he get.. look like his enimity with swasan only nt with other couple..

  3. lovely

    ragini always take swara for granted..she didnt care about swara..i feel whatever ragini shows the love care everything towards swara was really fake…ragini such a jerk.she teally deserves that slap..vow swara u nailed it today

    • baby

      how easy it is for u na to say a person jerk..i jst want to clear you one thing dat ragini does things which writers told her to do.
      so if u wanna say nythng bad to nyone den d person is cvs.

  4. Moon girl

    Hate this serial!!! I think the cvs is a sadist!!!! Who doesnt like happy stories… Seriously!!

    Goodbye swaragini!! Love u varun, namish, teju and helly!!! But i’m not watching this serial anymore!!!

  5. Moon girl

    This show that shows how not to behave with people!! Always showing wrong things.. Revenge drama, slapping siblings, betraying own people!!!!😠😠😠😠

  6. Moon girl

    And also torturing elders.. I seriously cant believe which hospital asks u money before the treatment!! A patient’s life is more important than money…

    And jus for curing fever of ayush( son of sumi and shekhar) they need 2-3 lakhs… Seriously guys grow up!!!!!

  7. simmi

    full crap show.only watching this crap show only to see swara my hellu.but can’t tolerate this crap track anymore.full of negetivity.and cvs fully ruined raglak character.feeling sad for lakah..really feeling pity for ragini.but i dnt care abt thwm..

    i only watch this for hellu..love you helly..u r queen of hearts.my cutie pie hwllu..love love u love u love u love u love u love u love u lobe u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u sooo much

  8. teja

    raglak are made for each other..criminal hus and dumbo wife..really????they are these much dumbo that thwy blv just a video..
    matha ragini devi u knw how to misuse vdos..and u already did..then u saying like this..dumbheaded girl..

    and the moto of raglak..we can do any wrong deefs for fullfilling good..what a moto irada galak koi farak nahi but their niyak sahi he..wahh wahh..soo u guys doent heaitate to kill anyone..raglak always choose wrong paths and doubting their sibblings..stupid jerks

    swara changed play boy type laksh to matuted laksh..she changed laksh from bad to good
    swara changed sanky from bad to good..
    and what abt ragini..she only spread negetivity..no one bcm good from her..once she changed laksh from good to bad..wah nagini wah..

    wht nonsense she saying.she blindly blvs that policeman and asking 5 laks for swara..she doesnt understand swasan properly..idiot ragini..she deserves that slap

      • Mica


        |Registered Member

        another people who didn’t watch swaragini properly,….she forget that her favorite craved to get touch every night after snatched her sister fiance…

      • Madhu

        You know wat swara never went to any boy from her own wish so don’t abuse her and at least not by the word which you just said. It was all because of conditions and if you don’t like her then no need to bash her with abusive words. And haan

    • baby

      dear frstly start thinking maturely.
      ifs cvs who r doing all dese crap so blame dem n not ny charecter.
      swara sankaar ragini laksh dey all are cupit of cvs.dey do only those things whch writer tell dem to do.
      n for your kind information ragini is not a dumbhead..shez a gorgious diva.

      • Mica


        |Registered Member

        Dear.. even you must thinking maturely..
        we talk about character in reel.. because this is A SERIAL IN TV..
        and you think Ragini is gorgeous diva ? a person who tried to kill her sister is a gorgeous diva ? joke of the year!

      • baby

        hmmm.so tell me what i will say.cvs are only d person who had runied raginis charecter .its easy for u guys coz dey had never shown swara bad.but they had always done partiality with us wid ragini. so thats why i am blaming cvs.atleast i am not that type of girl na who are using bad words against dese actresses.i am just trying to make you all understand that please dont blame any charecter.
        it feels bad yar ..wen somebody accuses your fav.
        n yes mica shez gorgious diva from appearence n what she does is fiction coz writers tel her to do those things.

      • baby

        n mica if she had tried to kil her sister then she had also saved her from getting stabbed right.but you only remember her bad deeds why?? okay no worries. as i said u praise your fav. n i wl praise mine.
        but if dere wl b some bad comments about ragini den remeber one thing her fans are not less.we love her n will always be with her.
        and we are just against cvs and some bad mouthing people of ragini &noone else.

      • Saumya

        Saying bout character isn’t a prob saying about a actress really is…..N WHY DONT U LEARN TO IGNORE IF U R SO HURT

      • baby

        wt u said IGNORE r8 hahaha .that is the only thing i m doing since starting.i was just ignoring dose people everytime but its a high time now . now i regret why i dont took a stand earlier.but its a phrase na that der aaye par durust aaye.so now i am here.

      • Mica


        |Registered Member

        it’s your wish to blaming cvs, here we can blame Ragini, Swara, SanLak…because we talk about serial…and seem you get confused about Ragini or tejaswi, which we didn’t, since we can distinguish them perfectly, we can blame ragini wrong deed.. since AS HUMAN WE KNOW THAT SHE DID WRONG…

  9. Shivi

    i think ssk was better then swaragini
    In ssk they show the true love of two sisters simar and roli jabki show ka naam sasural simar ka tha.
    But in swaragini show ka naam dono sister per hai but they only show swara and swara.

  10. radika

    I kind of understand the situation of ragini but laksh is acting dumb.
    i feel bad for raglak characters, cv’s have completely ruined it…
    All 4 leads are acting great…they are nailing it

  11. Marith Masinas

    It seems i dont like to watch this series, its all hatred from each other, is this really happening in true to life story of indian people? It is all about envy, children must love the parents and not punishing.wow i cant do this to my parent, treating like a slave,! What is the moral lesson we will pick? From the first episode to present, it was all hatred and jealousy.I hope it will end good, so i can still fan of this series

  12. Kritika sharma

    Tejaswi is most beautiful and talented girl on television but why she is in this crap show? They always ruined her character to promote other one.

  13. sahana

    people jz need a chance to blame ragini.this time ragini’s reaction is right.when any wife see her beloved husband in that situation,every wife will react the same except for swara who is extra mahan.no wife will have patience to think who is right and who is wrong.at that very moment her husbands pain matters.wife will go blank when she sees her husband brutually beaten up.sanskar had promised that nothing will happen to laksh but then laksh was beaten up so cruelly,so ragini felt betrayed.its justified.but u ppl r making fuss out of nowhere.
    swara ko hamesha sabko thapad marna hi atha hai bas.
    ragini’s love for her husband is worth watching.teju ua expression queen.what an acting.love u jaan.beauty queen.stay blessed.

    • layana

      we dbt need any chance yaar..we said the truth and truth always bitter..so tough to accept..

      tell me one thing if laksh kill someone for money ragini still support laksh and blame other???
      raglak always do wrong deeds..one time okk..but everytime they wrong..is ot acceptable????

      in real life there are lot of incidents where ppl stand with truth..and give punishment to them..even in one neighour one incident happen..a mother taken her son to policestation bcz he did robbery…that mothr wants his son to go right paths..not like ragini..
      and one said that ragini is insan so its natural..this is bull sht..every person is not wrong like ragini…i didnt do any wrong and never stand with wrong..ther are many ppl who folow good paths in their worst confition

      i saw many ppl have lots of problems in their life.they struggle alot.they didnt have money they didnt have any shelter to live..but stil they blv in destiny..they dont go for bad things..why cant raglak like that..they doing wrong..but raglak fans blindly love them that they cant understand good and bad..this time too ragini is wrong and ragini fans praise her and bash swara.

      why ppl dnt like good souls???if any one see a prsn see any prson good they started to call them MAHAN..mahan isnt a bad thing..itz good to hear..happy that such ppl alive..but ppl support wrong prsons like ragini..really guys???

      i am not a fan of swara or ragini..neither swaragini..but i used to watch it..now i think shakti is worth watching than swaragini

      • sahana

        ok lemme correct u.u’ve misunderstud.lemme explain.my point was on the present scene where sanky has promisd ragini tat laksh will not be hurt bt is found beaten brutually,so ragini feels betrayed,she feels sanky has not kept his promise n has hurt her husband.my point of justification is on this particular part where ppl r blaming ragini and addresseing her as jerk,dumbo,idiot n wat not for not trusting swasan.sanky’s efforts to protect his brother is justified n i dnt ave nythng to say on that.well,raglak fans may b blind in their love for raglak bt defo we r nt soo blind tat we cant think wats ryt n wats wrong.cz as far as my knowledge is concerned none of the raglak fan justified ragini’s act of supporting her husband in wrongs.they r defending her for tz particalar acusation.hope i made it clear..

      • baby

        darlings calm down.just remeber one thing that its just a serial .so try to behave maturely.
        if u want to blame anyone den d main culprit is cvs.please get dis in ur mind.

      • Saumya

        Hey every time u comment the same thing why don’t u act maturely? WE IMAGINE SERIAL AS REELso keep ur maturity with u !every1 has their own views……..according to the show we r saying ragini

    • baby

      darling calm down…breath in n breath out.now relax.haan now i am answering you.see actually you all have same musunderstanding and thats why i am posting same type of comment everytime.so dat u could get it atleast for once.
      and i know everyone has tgere own maturity.i am just telling my views to them. and dear dont be so much of hypered its bad for your health.

  14. sharnellee

    Ragini is the facking cauae of laksh problems.so why she dont shut she mouth..y she slapping sanskar she should slap she sefl for making dumb and illegal decisions

    • Mica


      |Registered Member

      Sharnelle, per you said that Ragini will slap Sanskar, the rite precap is Ragini will slap Swara..hmmmmm..
      i have a doubt that you didn’t watch this serial properly lastnite, that why you can’t see that Teju act soo good, so does Helly….

    • baby

      darling please calm down.n first go and take a cold water bath.den if u feel stressed free den get one thing clear dat dis is jst a show.n everything is done by cvs.understand.

  15. t

    true!!how dare swara slap my angel ragini.if swara had done tz ppl wud ave sed oh wat a perfect wife,how much she loves her sanky blah blah blah.but since its ragini ppl r finding 1000 of reason out of nowhere to blame her.if laksh had promised swara and sanky wud ave been beaten up tn cant imagine how ppl wud be cursing laksh.guys stop behaving like cvs(partiality).ragini is not wrong this time.dont blame her

    • Mica


      |Registered Member

      because swara love ragini soo much T….she didn’t raise her hand when Ragini slapped her those day…but when she heard Ragini talking about her death and Swaragini separation, she can’t tolerate it…. it’s love slap.

    • Mica


      |Registered Member

      look T… you complaining about ppl blaming Ragini, but even you, yourself blame Swara, rite ? so, what the differences ?

  16. t

    what is swara fans problem??they have soo much problem with teju.like she applies makeup,she is ugly,her voice is tat this…what is it guys!!y dont u let her live in peace for heavens sake

    • Pia

      we said bout rag………….. teju is a nice actress no offence with her those who r commenting about teju just ignore them dear they can never change

  17. t

    in the begining days helly used to do so much makeup its nw tat she does minimal makeup.did any1 have problem with tat.no!!why?because she is helly/swara and not teju/ragini so.

  18. Mariyam

    Agree with t and sahana totally people need a single chance to blame ragini, totally her anger and madness is justified, I read one comment ragini insan hai aur swara Mahan so ragini ne wahi kiya jo koi bhi insan karta

    • Pia

      jo koi bhi insan karta zaroori nahi vo sahi hai RAG HAS DONE WRONG SO THATS THE TRUTH ACCEPT IT…………..about swara not doing anything wrong is not mahaanta ;doing ri8 thing can be called that, though ! n even if someone does anything right then whats the prob??????????problem is when wrong thing is done

      • baby

        Darling we dont need a charecter certificate of ragz from u.so stop poking your nose.u love your swara n let us love our ragini.n i am saying it 100th tym dat it is just a serial .and if u wanna blame then blame cvs.
        N yes if anybody do wrong thing den dere is prob. So why cvs always show ragini doing wrong.
        So we are requesting cvs to stop doing dis crap over and over again dats it. But u people are always coming n starts blaming ragini. As u u never do nythng wrong.
        N if u want to b such a mahan person who only support r8 thing den please do something for our country.

      • Saumya

        The characters can’t be compared to real persons!N IF U R SO SORTED THEN GO JUST MEET CVS N TELL THEM TO STOP THIS CRAP!

      • baby

        ah i wished that i could meet dem but my bad luck.n i know real person cant be compared to reel person.but some people are doing dis.so instead of telling me these things ,tell them.

  19. Mica


    |Registered Member

    when i read the spoiler yesterday, i felt lil bit disappointed and curious why Swara slap Ragini, why She didn’t understand her lil sister situation ? Why Swara being immature ?
    but after knowing the whole story.. …
    oohhh God! She is still my old Swara.. A girl who love her sister soo very much until she can’t bear to hear her sister’s rubbish words about death and separation between them.

    Poor Ragini, the situation forced her to have NO TIME to think wisely…She just has 1 hour to save her beloved husband, why she can’t believe swasan ? why she acted like a mad ? there were few thing which set up in her mind in this few time :
    1. Sanskar sent her husband to jail (for her it’s betrayal)
    2.Sanskar promised everything OK, but it’s broken by Laksh worst condition in jail (for her it’s another betrayal)
    3. The video as a proof (to learn about previous betrayals, the video made Ragini convinced about swasan betrayals)
    4. The corrupt police who just give her 1 hour to save her husband made everything became worse, don’t say about being cruel or take wrong path, even if those moron police asked her to give her life, she will shoot herself to save Laksh.
    Did everyone able to think wisely if they are in Ragini’s situation ? I DON”T THINK SO…

    But, there are 2 thing i hate about Raglak, when :
    1. Laksh said that took wrong path will make them to have much money and money are everything (he said Sanskar became rich during revenge time or aadarsh became rich after fooling his parent.)
    2. Ragini said she was crossing limit to get Laksh and will crossing limit to free him.
    IT”S BAD THOUGHT…..and it,s dangerous.
    as my mom said, once your bad thought opens in your mind, it will shut many good thought in your mind automatically, and it will lean you to take wrong path since it’s easier to find than the right one.
    wish everything will short soon…
    SwaSan!!! i count on you guyz to set them rite! please don’t angry at Raglak…..

    and for H. Hasan mam.. ty soo much, ….

  20. hidden

    Hey what the hell is happening yar.Why always ragini and laksh are on the wrong path and why cant the swara and sanskar be.

  21. hidden

    why you people are always making ragini and laksh negative.Please make positive about them.Even they are they lead characters right.Again and again they are going on the wrong line.And how come swara and sanskar always in the right path.

  22. aru

    shivi is right.though ssk was in the name of 1 sis,bth girls were given equal importace.bt here the title has bth sis name bt its all about 1 sis.though ragini is getting importance recently its not worth it.dnt knw wts d prob of cvs with raglak and raglak fans.right frm the start tr was nothing worth to watch for raglak fans.hating cvs

  23. satya

    is this what india really is…openly corrupt… a mother trying to hurt her own son…no matter what, every story is thought and written with someone’s experience in life.or really stupid imagination . this show is borderlining on stupidity what next???

  24. Aasthu


    |Registered Member

    once again the CV’s have come up with the worst track…….worst among all…..what the hell r they showing ????????? siblings fi8, old people treated bad, harassment in a police station 4 wich the police officers cud be sent to jail for, turning all good people bad and so on……..in a nutshell what the cv’s what is every1 shud be fighting against ech other and shud go the extreme end of being a bad person……………..I’m really mad at the cv’s for ruining this show…….they r making the character Ragini a dumb person…….Laksh a criminal and adpadi( Adarsh, Pari and dadi) a bunch of -ve people…..don’t the cv’s have any other job???????? if they don’t know how to move further can’t they ask the opinion of SR fans who I’m sure wud have even better and great ideas for making this show a wonder by making every1 sensible………and good……………I dnt know what pleasure they find in making Raglak into the gang of devils………they(cv’s) always tend to go the wrng way………..and once again the cv’s have bcome successful in making a rift between the swasan nd raglak fans……..good job cv’s….keep it up…….keep showing this stupid drama nd take away the remaining trp’s also……………

  25. Aasthu


    |Registered Member

    I don’t understand y they have to make Ragini’s character bad……….can’t they show sister’s supporting each other and bringing out good???????????

  26. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Ohhhh God there in d serial we get only fights ,,, now also here d same scene blaming each other… ufffff!!!!!

    I think in serial it’s all just an act of swaragini n Sanlak to show dat they r separate to Adarash…don’t know what will happen next?? i just hope everything goes well… Still waiting for happy scenes….

  27. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    I just put myself on swaragini’s shoes n then get to know how it feels… being here n commenting such crapes about both is not gonna work …. they r going through what we cant even imagine… Ragini is behaving mad … but why would she not behave this way??? it’s all rit… her life is at stake her Laksh… in that condition everybody loses their control over their act soo did Ragini ..whats wrong in that?? everyone has not enough patient to see all this specially when it becomes to our loved ones…it’s natural according to me…

    Swara slapped Ragini .. why shouldn’t she slapped her.. she did rit.. Ragini is her sister her soulmate..n she was talking about her death..*hell*. i should also do d same as Swara did… without Ragini swara is incomplete … they both makes swaragini complete….

    About Laksh he has done all d things to save her parents from that blo*dy hell…he just wannna make them free from Parish’s clutch… sooo in that particular situation he did what he could… he was desperate to save his parents… cozz they r PARENTS… well done my boy…*( here m not encouraging this act)* but we can’t understand his pain ,,, seeing their parents in dat hell only he could understand his pain .. so he acted as d situation demanded….

    Sanskar tried to save Laksh from that dark world soo he get him arrested to police..all was planned… but This Adarsh finishs all….he blamed Sanskar n try to put fire in between them…huhhhhhh

    n now Sanlak n swaragini fights….@ still i hope everything is just n act… *fingers croosed*….
    CVs plzzzz end this drama soon…. or m sure d show will going to end soon…

  28. baby

    hahahaha u loved swaraz acting today nly na… 😀 …bt v loved her actng everyday.
    even u also know dat cvs had ruined her charecter but still she had fans lyk us jst coz of her gr8 actng skill & personality..so proud of her.

  29. baby

    u loved d slap part n u r sayng to end dis negativity…for ur kind information slap is a harsh thing.
    i think u r a double face person .one side u r telling to end d negativity n other side lovng d slap part…dats confusing for me…
    n about d trust part dat raglak hve on swasan den plz ask dis from cvs coz raglak r jst doing wt wroters tell dem to do.

  30. baby

    hahahahah dear had dat face in which makeup suits n about puttng it in emotional scene den its her makeup mans choice .
    n yap dey put waterproof makeup in her coz shez an expensive actress. 😉
    wt we wll do if swara put less makeup.v r not here in some reality show in whch we want to see d real face of actress..we r watching serial n we wnt to see dem beautiful n not simple &boaring.

    n dear even my face becomes red while crying.its not a big deal.why u guys always types d same line.its so boring to read it again n again.
    n for ur kind information d redness is a natural phenomena .and it is in every human being.
    n if u dont like arificial beauty den u must also dont like any film actress r8 den u must also dont like sanskaar n laksh also coz dey also put makeup.
    dear its a virtual world and people only see those who looks beautiful .
    if dese actresses havent been beautiful den dey wouldnt b here.
    both of dem r beautiful so stop poking ur nose in others matter.

  31. baby

    aayu are you an indian..
    i mean o doubt.coz we are against violence n u r provoking some people n supporting violence.plz try to be a broad minded person.n one more thing always remember dat writers are behind all dese things .

    • Saumya

      Then why do u watch it writers r behind all story aayu talked about a fictional character not any actress….OK n then also the romance is fictional every show is fictional so we don’t watch it thinking that

    • baby

      i m nt telling u to stop watching ny serial .i am just saying that cvs are behind this plot.so we ragini fans are just requesting ccvs to change this stupid story where always ragini wl act immaturely.
      and u swaras fan(some)will start accusing ragini.
      its senseless yar that one innocent and mature girl could turn that musch negative and immature.

  32. baby

    Alka r u alka yagnik or wt dat u know everything about voice.dere is no prob. In ragini voice its jst in ur ear.i”ll surely take appoinent from ear specialist for u as i dont want my telly update frnd to feel humiliation in dis world.u know na i care for u so much .
    Yas swaras voice is also good.
    N no baby u dont hurted ny raginiz fan coz v have sympathy on you.dont worry darling just take care of urself.

  33. baby

    Lisa darling u are saying r8.swra is really popular still i am not her fan..dont know why???many are not her fan.
    I am not supportingnisha.coz she had said wrong thing.
    But lisa darling i love ragini n shez d best for me.i i dont care about others.so for your kind information i am not at all jealous of helly. 🙂

    • baby

      hi i am baby actually its my nick name baby/bebo u can call me anything.
      and i am a common fan of ragini laksh.situations and some comments gave me power to fight against my fav. actresses and so i am here supporting them.
      if u need any further info. about me them just leave a reply.babye

  34. louna

    come on what is happening with the show is there any more catastrophic epic not happened…u guys have crossed all boundaries and i was a big fan of the show not anymore sorry too much really…nothing is logic as if adarsh is a god and why nobody have jailed dadi yet it is not logic…was a great show sorry will not see it anymore…

  35. louna

    come on what is happening with the show is there any more catastrophic epic not happened…u guys have crossed all boundaries and i was a big fan of the show not anymore sorry too much really…nothing is logic as if adarsh is a god and why nobody have jailed dadi yet it is not logic…was a great show sorry will not see it anymore…and everything illogic from the inspector to the work to everything…as if all people list their mind except sanskar or swara…And for Dadi comeon really how can anyone believe her she ruined her son but not Lado how come?!?really was a show i waited for but niw enough is enough too much really

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.