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The Episode starts with Inspector accusing Sanskar for bribing him. Sanskar grabs his collar and says I will not leave you. Inspector pushes him. Swara holds him and says Sanskar. Inspector says I would have behaved badly with you, worst than I did with Laksh, but I am sparing you. Ragini folds her hands and asks him to leave Laksh, says he did this for his parents. She falls on his feet asking him to free him. Inspector says it is not easy to free him, but if you gives me money then I can help you. He gives her 1 hour time, says Adarsh gave me 2 lakhs rupees for this, you give me 5 lakhs rupees and I will free him. Ragini agrees to bring money and asks him not to do anything to Laksh. Inspector says okay, lets see. Swara tells Ragini that it is their trick to trap Laksh and says someone will help

us, all policemen are not corrupt. Ragini says I don’t want to hear anything, let me go. Inspector says if you hear them then your husband will never be freed, you have just 1 hour time. Swara says no. Inspector says I will file charge sheet at 12 am, and once I file it, don’t know what will be the time period of vanvas. Sanskar says Ragini.

Ragini tells Laksh that she will bring 5 lakhs rupees and get him freed, then they will go far from here. Laksh nods his head. Sanskar asks her to listen to him. Ragini says I will never listen to you, never. I will take my husband out and you can’t do anything to keep him inside. Swara and Sanskar try to stop her, but in vain. Ragini runs out from the police station.

Laksh looks at Sanskar and recalls all the incidents. Sanskar says this is done by adarsh. Laksh asks him not to blame adarsh and says you wanted to come on right track. He says when Inspector was beating me, I couldn’t believe that you are behind it. But when I saw the video, I was shocked. You didn’t do right. Sanskar is shocked too. Ragini is running on road, thinking about Laksh’s condition. Swara runs behind her and asks her to be careful. Ragini is about to get hit by bike, but is saved somehow. She recalls Inspector asking her money and stops on the road. She is about to faint infront of speedy car, but Swara saves her. They both fall on road, and get hurt. Ragini gets up and start walking again. Swara shouts that this is done by Adarsh and asks her to listen. Ragini walks.

Doctor checks Ayush and tells that baby’s condition is critical. He asks them to deposit 2-3 lakhs rupees. Shekhar tells Sumi that he will bring money and goes.

Laksh asks why did you do this, just to make your and Swara’s life better. He says I don’t want to see your face, just leave. Sanskar says I am your brother….Laksh says your brother is dead. He says you are always a betrayal and will always be. He says whenever I will come out of jail, I will punish you so that your soul will be shaken up, then no brother will do this. Sanskar says I didn’t know that our relation was so weak, that it will break with someone’s efforts. He says I have 40 mins to prove my innocence. He says I tried to stop you from walking on wrong path. Laksh asks him to go.

Ragini comes home calling Sumi and Shekhar, but they are not at home. Swara comes there and asks her to listen to her once. Ragini checks the almari and finds Laksh’s money missing. It is shown that Dadi has stolen the money and Sumi’s jewellery, when Sumi left the door unlocked mistakenly. Doctor asks Sumi to deposit money. Sumi says my husband went to get money. Shekhar goes to his friends, but they decline to help him. Shekhar gets Sumi’s call informing him to get money else Doctor will not start treatment. Ragini tells Swara that maa’s jewellery and Laksh’s money is missing. She asks where is Maa and Papa. Swara asks her not to take tension. Ragini says if I don’t go on time, then my Laksh’s life will be ruined.

Swara tells Ragini that it is a major misunderstanding. Ragini tells her that her world starts and ends with Laksh. She says I have crossed all limits to get him and will cross all limits even today to free him. She says what do you want to say that it is done by Adarsh…yes, but Sanskar is also with him. She says Sanskar got 10 crores rupees. She gets an idea and asks her to give 5 lakhs rupees from 10 crores rupees, says she will save Laksh. Swara asks what you are saying? Ragini asks her to save her husband and promises to go far from there with Laksh. Ragini says it is adarsh’s plan to separate us. Ragini says I will not show my face to you, think that I am dead for you. Swara slaps her. Ragini is shocked.

Ragini slaps Swara. Sanskar comes to Maheshwari house and says you have broken our relation, and I will break your ego. He asks Adarsh to tell truth to Laksh. Adarsh refuses to tell anything to Laksh. Sanskar beats him with rod.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Alka r u alka yagnik or wt dat u know everything about voice.dere is no prob. In ragini voice its jst in ur ear.i”ll surely take appoinent from ear specialist for u as i dont want my telly update frnd to feel humiliation in dis world.u know na i care for u so much .
    Yas swaras voice is also good.
    N no baby u dont hurted ny raginiz fan coz v have sympathy on you.dont worry darling just take care of urself.

  2. Darling told you na its cvs who are doing dis

  3. Lisa darling u are saying r8.swra is really popular still i am not her fan..dont know why???many are not her fan.
    I am not supportingnisha.coz she had said wrong thing.
    But lisa darling i love ragini n shez d best for me.i i dont care about others.so for your kind information i am not at all jealous of helly. 🙂

  4. can i know who is that baby i critical condition is it laksh’s daughter

    1. hi i am baby actually its my nick name baby/bebo u can call me anything.
      and i am a common fan of ragini laksh.situations and some comments gave me power to fight against my fav. actresses and so i am here supporting them.
      if u need any further info. about me them just leave a reply.babye

    2. Mica

      nope, it is sumi and shekar son, brother of swaragini

  5. There is no wrong on ra g lak
    It just fai
    T of fate

  6. come on what is happening with the show is there any more catastrophic epic not happened…u guys have crossed all boundaries and i was a big fan of the show not anymore sorry too much really…nothing is logic as if adarsh is a god and why nobody have jailed dadi yet it is not logic…was a great show sorry will not see it anymore…

  7. come on what is happening with the show is there any more catastrophic epic not happened…u guys have crossed all boundaries and i was a big fan of the show not anymore sorry too much really…nothing is logic as if adarsh is a god and why nobody have jailed dadi yet it is not logic…was a great show sorry will not see it anymore…and everything illogic from the inspector to the work to everything…as if all people list their mind except sanskar or swara…And for Dadi comeon really how can anyone believe her she ruined her son but not Lado how come?!?really was a show i waited for but niw enough is enough too much really

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